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Tesmec offers new solutions for Fiber Optic market (Las Vegas, Nevada March 23, 2011) Tesmec USA, Inc. (located in Alvarado , Texas), worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and service of high performance trenchers is proud to announce our marketing alliance with Marais Groupe of Durtal, France. Tesmec USA, Inc. will now serve as the exclusive distributor of technical solutions offered by Marais Groupe for the US, Canadian, and Mexican markets. These technical solutions will serve the Fiber Optic market, and are largely but not exclusively limited to the FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) segment. With the alliance, Tesmec has the capability to provide our customers with a wide range of machines and services for every aspect of cable installation, whether it be long distance or FTTH. Tesmec USA, Inc. will work in conjunction with Tesmec TRS-885 Marais Groupe in providing our customers with essential management services for their fiber optic installations by utilizing a full system of capabilities, including but not limited to turn-key project and equipment development as well as offering custom designed equipment and consultation services.

Throughout the past 20 years, Tesmec and Marais have solidified themselves as proven leaders in the cable installation market and in the creation of the European telecommunications network. Marais machines are specifically designed for specialized applications such as: side cut vacuum trenchers for fiber optic installation, micro trenchers for the installation of fiber optic networks, wheel trenchers for system installation, chain trenchers for large diameter system installation, small track trenchers for system installation along railways, and trenchers for underwater system installation. Tesmec specializes in larger trenchers and deploying long distance fiber optic networks in the US and throughout the world. Tesmec USA, Inc. will market the machines in North American by way of our Texas facility. All parts and service support will be provided by the Tesmec USA, Inc. parts and service staff based from our Texas facility located in Alvarado, Texas.

“This alliance between Tesmec USA, Inc. and Marais Groupe brings together two of the leaders in the specialized trenching market and is the next necessary step in preparing both our companies for the final stage of the fiber optic networks in North America. Together we will offer a wider range of products and solutions for the fiber market where there is a large number of very specific applications.� Andrea Zamboni; CEO, Tesmec USA, Inc. Marais SIDE CUT machine

With over 27 years of design, manufacturing and service experience in the United States, Tesmec USA, Inc. has solidified itself as the worldwide leader in the high performance trencher industry. Focused on providing our customers with quality equipment is the cornerstone for success in the trenching/excavating industry.

Trench created by TRS-885

For additional information, sales brochures, technical specifications or general inquiries please contact Keith Bradley, Marketing Manager Tesmec USA, Inc. at or by phone at 817-473-2233.

12520 East F.M. 917 Tel (817) 473-2233

Alvarado, Texas 76009

Fax (817) 473-9742


Tesmec USA, Inc. will now serve as the exclusive distributor of technical solutions offered by Marais Groupe for the US, Canadian, and Mexic...

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