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Tesicnor is a company dedicated to engineering, technical consulting and inspection services, quality and environment, specializing in product safety and risk prevention in the industrial or public facilities. It has developed a strong training department in order to meet growing business needs with regard to the acquisition of knowledge by workers in the fields of safety, prevention and environment. Tesicnor has a number of classrooms, facilities and simulators that allow the execution of those exercises. In this sense Tesicnor SL has a team that combines the expertise required in prevention as in teaching,

this allows the instructors to convey the various relevant instructional contents to students. This involves the students with the training received. In this regard we'd like to highlight our offer of theoretical and practical courses concerning the problem of electrical hazard, which are explained next in greater depth. Managing Director, Santiago Pangua. Head of Training Department, Juan L贸pez.

In order to meet the training needs in this area, Tesicnor SL has a number of simulators that can recreate the working conditions faced by workers exposed to this risk. Point out; Fuse swith units: INAEL, Ormazabal, Iberian switchgear, ABB and Merlin Guerin, Circuit breaker units: MESA, Feeder metering units: Merlin Gueri, Transformer

Automatic Circuit breaker

Portable Electrical earthing

Electrical earthing


Absence of voltage testing

Verification of high voltage probes

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