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Welcome Christmas is the p e r fe c t time for bringing eve r yone togethe r to e njoy go o d times a nd gre at food. Inside the pages of this Festive Fo o d to O rde r bro chure, we have eve r y thing you ne e d to he lp fe e d your crowd, from tra ditiona l turkey a nd a lte rnative roasting joints, to impre s sive des se r ts a nd de licious pa r t y fo o d. Plus, we have loa ds of exclusive pro duc ts that you won’t find in store. Most come re a dy prepp e d to go straight into the ove n or onto the ta ble, le aving you more time to re la x a nd ma ke the most of the big day.

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Christmas masterplan

Festive co oking do esn’t have to b e stressful. Follow our plan for getting ahea d, so you c an enjoy the celebrations

3-4 weeks ahead Figure out how many people

you’re hosting for Christmas dinner and check the dietary needs of your guests, noting any specific requirements, allergies or intolerances they may have.

Decide on your menu for

the big day, then put together a shopping list. Remember to include everything you need for the main meal, from starter to pud, and any extras you want to buy for a special brunch, nibbles or evening treats. Don’t forget non-perishable items, such as kitchen roll, napkins, Christmas crackers and candles.

Order your shopping online

or in store and book the delivery or collection slot at a time to suit you. Check p3 for full details on dates and timings.

2 weeks to go Shop for your wine and any

other drink you need. Either buy in store or add it to your online Tesco Festive Food order.

Carry out a quick stock check of your cooking kit and serving ware. Do you have all the pans, trays and dishes you need? You may need to buy an extra-large roasting tin and foil if you’re cooking a large, whole turkey.

If you’re lacking enough glasses for parties, pick up some great plastic alternatives in store.

1 week to go Make a timing plan for

Christmas day. Work back from the time you’d like to sit down and eat the main meal. Factor in cooking times for the sides as well as how long it will take to prepare and serve the starter and main course. Also remember that, after cooking your turkey, you’ll also need to cover it with foil and give it at least 30 minutes resting time.

If you have a large group

coming, work out a seating plan. You might want to divide up couples and siblings, so that people have the opportunity to sit next to family and friends they might not have seen or spoken to in a while. You could even ask the kids to help by making place-name cards for the festive table.

Organise your fridge and

freezer so you have enough space to accommodate your Christmas food. If you have lots of beer and wine bottles taking up shelf space in the fridge, keep them in a cupboard and chill them in buckets with ice for a few hours before you need them.

1-2 days to go If you have a frozen turkey, remember to defrost it in the fridge for about 24 hours (don’t forget to bring it up to room temperature before you cook).

The big day is almost here.

Collect your Festive Food order from your nearest Tesco store.

Once you know the size of

your turkey, double check that it will fit in your oven. If you’re worried space might be a problem, see our tips (p13) for ways to work around this.

Christmas Eve  If you have enough cutlery

and crockery, and won’t need to use it in the morning, then lay the table for dinner. Check your Christmas day timing plan and make any last minute changes if you need to.

 Put any prepped food on covered trays in the fridge, ready for cooking. To save even more time, try the Ready to Cook Fresh Vegetable Selection (p27). Pour yourself a glass of something festive and relax, ready to welcome your guests the next day.

The main attraction Howeve r ma ny guests you’re hosting this Christmas, we’ve got a showstopping turkey for your festive ta ble

For larger groups (pages 5-9) 1, 2 finest* British Free Range Heritage Narragansett Whole Turkey British rare-breed Heritage turkeys are raised on East Anglian farms, where they’re free to roam and slow grown to ensure the meat is succulent and tender with a delicious, full flavour. 1 Medium: 4-5.25kg | £36-£47.25 | Serves 10-12 2 Large: 5.26-6.51kg | £47.34-£58.59 | Serves 13-15 per kg



3,4 finest* British Free Range Bronze Whole Turkey

Our bronze turkeys, from Red Tractor assured farms, roam freely and have a varied diet to give them tender meat and an exceptional taste. 3 Medium: 4-5.25kg £28-£36.75 | Serves 10-12 4 Large: 5.26-6.51kg | £36.82£45.57 | Serves 13-15 per kg


5 British Whole Turkey with Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing

Reared on approved British farms and prepared with a classic pork, sage and onion stuffing, then finished with a bay leaf and smoked streaky bacon for extra flavour. 4-7kg | £21.80-£38.15 Serves 10-14 | Contains: Sulphites .45 per kg

£5 6 For the symbol key, see page 3

Turkey 6, 7, 8 Fresh Whole Turkey

Our whole turkeys are full of flavour and reared on approved farms where they’re raised to high welfare standards. Serve with traditional roasties and your favourite root vegetables. 6 Medium: 4.5-5.99kg £18-£23.96 | Serves 11-14 7 Large: 6-7.49kg £24-£29.96 | Serves 15-18 8 Extra Large: 7.5-9kg £30-£36 | Serves 19-22 per kg

9, 10, 11 Basted Whole Turkey

Basted with butteroil and rapeseed oil for a golden skin and juicy, tender meat. Ideal with roasted garlic and shallots. 9 Medium: 4.5-5.99kg | £18-£23.96 | Serves 11-14 10 Large: 6-7.49kg | £24-£29.96 | Serves 15-18 11 Extra Large: 7.5-9kg | £30-£36 | Serves 19-22 Contains: Milk per kg



White wine Limestone Coast Chardonnay

A crisp, perfectly balanced white that has aromas of tropical fruit, melon and peach. Makes a great pairing with turkey and all the trimmings. | 75cl


finest* Soave Superiore Classico

12 Organic British Free Range Whole Turkey

Grown on organic farms in East Anglia, these outstanding-tasting birds enjoy a varied diet that enhances the flavour of their meat. Delicious with seasonal vegetables and roasted squash. 4.5-6kg | £40.50-£54 | Serves 11-14 per kg


Fresh with hints of honeyed peach and ripe lemons, this white is partially aged in oak barrels to give it the perfect depth and balance of flavours. It’s a perfect match with turkey and roast chicken. | 75cl




13, 14 finest* British Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown

Perfect for guests who enjoy tender breast meat, the fantastic flavour of this crown is the result of slow-grown birds. It’s easy to cook and carve, and great served with roasted citrus, shallots and buttered greens. 13 Medium: 1.5-2.25kg £21-£31.50 | Serves 7-10 14 Large: 2.26-3kg | £31.64-£42 Serves 11-14 per kg


15 finest* British Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown, Basted

An ideal choice if you’re serving fewer than 10 people. Our bronze turkey crown is slow grown and basted with turkey stock for an even richer taste. 1.5-2.25kg | £21-£31.50 Serves 7-10 per kg


8 For the symbol key, see page 3


16 finest* British Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown with Pork, Leek and Pancetta Stuffing

17 British Honey Glazed Turkey Crown with Pork, Apple and Chestnut Stuffing



A bronze turkey crown with a pork, leek and pancetta stuffing, topped with bacon and thyme. Ready to roast in a foil tray and oven bag for succulence. 1.80-2.20kg | £30.60-£37.40 Serves 6-8 | Contains: Sulphites per kg

An impressive turkey crown that comes ready prepared with stuffing, finished with smoked bacon and a sticky honey glaze. 2.59-3.39kg | £31.08-£40.68 | Serves 8-11 Contains: Milk, sulphites per kg

20, 21 Fresh Turkey Crown

Our turkey crown with prime wings is simple to cook and easy to carve – meaning plenty of juicy white meat for your guests. Try roasting with red onions and rosemary. 20 Medium: 2.3-3.19kg | £15.99-£22.17 | Serves 8-11 21 Large: 3.2-4.09kg | £22.24-£28.43 | Serves 12-15 .95 per kg


18, 19 Basted Turkey Crown

This easy-to-cook crown with prime wings is basted with butteroil and rapeseed oil for your convenience and extra succulent meat. 18 Medium: 2.3-3.19kg | £15.99-£22.17 | Serves 8-11 19 Large: 3.2-4.09kg | £22.24-£28.43 | Serves 12-15 Contains: Milk .95 per kg



For smaller groups (pages 10-12)

22 British Turkey Breast Joint with Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing

A flavourful boneless joint, wrapped around a traditional pork, sage and onion stuffing, and finished with a lattice of streaky bacon. It comes ready to roast in a convenient foil tray. Serves 5 | Contains: Milk, sulphites | 1.172kg


Turkey 23 finest* British Free Range Bronze Turkey Parcel with Pork, Wild Mushroom and Roasted Chestnut Stuffing

Succulent boneless breast, stuffed with outdoor-bred pork, wild mushroom and chestnut, then topped with pancetta and a wild porcini-mushroom butter. Ready to roast in a foil tray. Serves 5 | Contains: Milk, sulphites | 1.075kg


Turkey know-how Need a helping hand with roasting your joint to perfection? Turn to p13 for our guide on cooking times, basting and carving.


24 British Butter Basted Turkey Joint with a Black Pepper Sprinkle

Basted and topped with cracked black pepper, this boneless joint has loads of flavour. Enjoy it served with hasselback potatoes and roasted garlic. Serves 6 | Contains: Milk | 1.1kg


Cranberry Sauce

finest* Turkey Gravy



Christmas dinner wouldn’t be the same without a generous spoonful of cranberry sauce to go with your turkey. Also try it stirred into your gravy for a rich and fruity finish. | 200g

This ready-to-pour, rich, silky gravy is made from turkey stock, flavourful herbs and a good splash of sauvignon blanc. Contains: Wheat, milk .50 | 350ml



25 Turkey Breast on the Bone with Pork, Smoked Bacon and Herb Stuffing

Sourced from approved Irish farms, this joint is filled with a pork, smoked bacon and herb stuffing, topped with smoked bacon and a bay leaf. Great with sweet carrots and roasted parsnips. 1.5kg-2.5kg | £18-£30 | Serves 5 Contains: Milk per kg


26 Two British Turkey Parcels with a Spiced Cranberry Glaze, with Pork, Leek and Bacon Stuffing

These two turkey breast parcels come oven-ready in a foil tray, with a pork, leek and bacon stuffing, along with a wonderful sweet and fruity festive glaze. Serves 2 | Contains: Milk, sulphites | 410g


12 For the symbol key, see page 3


To check if your turkey is cooked, insert a kitchen thermometer between the breast and the leg, being careful not to touch the bone. If it reads 70°C for two minutes, then it’s done. If it doesn’t reach this temperature, put the bird back in the oven for another 15 minutes and retest; repeat until you have the right temperature. If you don’t have a thermometer, insert a skewer between the breast and the leg and check that the juices run clear, with no signs of pink.

Top turkey tips Follow our guide to prepa ring a nd c a r ving your bird with conf ide nce


What size?

Look for advice on serving sizes on the product pack or follow our quick guide below: Weight kg


2.5-4.49 4.5-5.99 6-7.49 7.5-9

6-10 11-14 15-18 19-22



Bring your turkey up to room temperature by taking it out of the fridge one hour (no more than two) before cooking. If frozen, leave the bird in the fridge overnight to fully defrost, then bring to room temperature. (Check your pack for the defrost time as it will differ depending on the size.)



Prepare your turkey by removing the neck and giblets, if they’re included. You can reserve them for your gravy. Don’t wash the bird under the tap as this can spread harmful bacteria. Rub the outside with butter or oil for a golden skin.



You can make your stuffing ahead of time and it’s a great way to use up stale bread. Add lemon zest and herbs for

a citrus twist. Alternatively, try one of our superb range of ready-made stuffings that come in convenient foil trays.




As a general rule, for birds below 5kg, allow 20 minutes per kg plus 80 minutes at gas 4, 180°C, fan 150°C. For birds over 5kg, allow 20 minutes per kg plus 105 minutes. See realfood or your pack for a timing guide. If you’re planning on stuffing your bird, only stuff the neck, not the cavity, and weigh your turkey after the stuffing has been added to get the right cooking time.


When done


Put the bird on a board, tenting loosely in foil, and leave it to sit for 30 minutes or so. This allows the meat to reabsorb the juices, so you get the tenderest results.

10 Carving


If your turkey is too large for your oven, try removing the legs (see right). If it’s still too big, cut it in half by chopping through the middle of the breast bone, then spread the portions out on a baking tray to roast.


1 Using a sharp knife, carefully remove the legs by carving through the natural joint between the leg and breast.

2 Separate the drumstick from the thigh – feel for the joint, then use the point of the knife to carefully cut through.

3 Cut the turkey thigh in half to serve guests or slice the meat parallel to the bone. Leave the drumsticks whole or carve down the length.

4 Slice the breast meat by holding your knife at a slight angle and carve diagonally downwards. Arrange the slices of turkey on a platter to serve.


Basting helps crisp the skin and ensures the breast doesn’t dry out during cooking. Once the turkey has started giving off its juices, spoon them over the bird, every 40 minutes or so, typically two or four times, depending on your bird’s size. Work quickly, so that the turkey and oven don’t cool down.


Festive feast

Ma ke your ce le brations truly sp e cia l with one of our roast go ose, chicken, duck, or exp e r tly prepa re d combination joints

27 finest* Three-Bird Roast with Pork, Apple, Sage and Honey Stuffing

An exclusive three-bird roast that’s prepared by a small team of expert butchers. British duck, free range turkey and free range goose are wrapped around a sweet, herby stuffing; partly deboned for easy carving and in its own ready-to-roast foil tray. Serves 6 | Contains: Sulphites | 1.75kg


Poultry 28 finest* Free Range British Corn Fed Extra Large Chicken

A special diet of corn gives these chickens their distinctive golden colour and rich, complex taste. Roast with sprigs of fresh rosemary and a garlic bulb for even more flavour. 1.9-2.3kg | Serves 5-6


29 finest* Free Range British Corn Fed Chicken Crown with Pork, Leek and Pancetta Stuffing

This succulent on-the-bone breast meat comes with a gluten-free pork, leek, pancetta and thyme stuffing, and is dressed with crispy dry-cured pancetta that’s smoked over oak and beechwood. 0.9-1.1kg | Serves 4 | Contains: Sulphites


30 Two-Bird Roast

A combination of British-reared duck and turkey breast, surrounding a tasty pork and apple stuffing. This hand-prepared joint is deboned and rolled, then finished with bay leaves. Serves 3 | Contains: Sulphites | 650g


31 British Chicken Crown with Pork, Buttered Shallot and Sage Stuffing

Our Red Tractor assured chicken crown is filled with a savoury, gluten-free pork, buttered shallot and sage stuffing. For added flavour, it’s basted with an aromatic herb butter and finished with streaky bacon. Oven cook in its own foil tray. 0.8-1kg | Serves 4 | Contains: Milk, sulphites



32 finest* Easy Carve Duck with Pork and Pear Stuffing and Port Glaze

This part-boned, easy-to-carve British duck is prepared by butchers and stuffed with pieces of pear, apricot and date. A ruby-coloured port glaze gives an indulgently sweet, sticky finish. Serve with Tenderstem broccoli. Serves 5 | Contains: Sulphites | 1.6kg



Amazing roasties 33, 34 finest* British Free Range Whole Goose

Raised on East Anglian farms in spacious, grassy paddocks, this succulent free range goose is naturally deep in flavour with dark meat. 33 Medium: 3.2-4.99kg | £32-£49.90 | Serves 6-10 34 Large: 5-5.99kg | £50-£59.90 | Serves 10-12 per kg

Save the duck or goose fat from your bird and use to roast your potatoes. It will give them a wonderful taste and crisp texture.


35 Gressingham Whole Duck

The Gressingham breed, a cross between wild Mallard and Pekin, is a succulent bird with more breast meat and less fat than other varieties of duck. It goes well with griddled plums. 1.6-3kg | £8-£15 | Serves 3-6 per kg


36 Gressingham Duck Crown

This easy-cook joint of Norfolk and Suffolk-reared Gressingham duck is the perfect size for two or three people. Serve with crunchy roasties and redcurrant sauce. 1-1.6kg | £7-£11.20 | Serves 2-3 per kg



New tradition

Ring the cha nges this yea r a nd se r ve a de licious joint of age d B ritish b e ef, ga mey venison or succule nt la mb

37 finest* British Sirloin Wing Rib of Beef

This tender 28-day matured British beef is seasoned with bay leaves and rubbed with sea salt and mixed pepper for a rich, deep flavour. Serve as an impressive alternative to turkey or as a Boxing Day hero. 1.5-2.5kg | £37.50-£62.50 | Serves 8-12 per kg


Beef, venison and lamb

38 finest* British Beef Wellington

Made to a traditional recipe, this tender beef fillet is matured for 28 days, then topped with a rich mushroom duxelle and wrapped in all-butter puff pastry. 882g-1027g | £33.52-£39.03 Serves 4 | Contains: Milk, egg, wheat per kg


39 finest* British Beef Chateaubriand

A special, prime cut of British beef fillet that’s aged for 28 days and beautifully soft when cooked. An ideal choice for smaller groups this Christmas. 600g-1kg | £18-£30 Serves 4-6 per kg



Beef, venison and lamb

40 finest* Rack of Venison Rich and full of flavour, this hand-trimmed venison rack is an attractive joint of tender meat for your Christmas table. Carve into cutlets, then arrange on a serving board, garnished with rosemary and redcurrants. 450g-650g | £13.50-£19.50 Serves 2 per kg


41 finest* Venison Haunch with Sloe Gin and Cranberry Sauce

This succulent leg of New Zealand venison has a wonderful rich, gamey flavour. It’s complemented by a deliciously sweet and tangy cranberry and blackberry sauce. 850g-1kg | £21.25-£26.25 Serves 4 per kg

£25 20 For the symbol key, see page 3

Beef, venison and lamb 42 finest* Lamb Guard of Honour with Herb Crust This French-trimmed rack of lamb is coated in a fragrant, herb crust. A blend of bell peppers, shallots, parsley and mixed peppercorns, gives a deliciously sweet, yet mildly spicy crust once roasted. 1-1.3kg | £21.72-£26.12 Serves 4 per kg



Red wine Bordeaux Superieur

An intense and complex French red wine with aromas of plum, blackcurrant and subtle notes of spiced oak. These dark fruit flavours make it an ideal pairing with beef. | 75cl


finest* Viña del Cura Rioja Reserva finest* Onion & Shallot Gravy

finest* British Horseradish Sauce



A rich, deeply flavoured gravy made with merlot. Great with all red meat, especially beef. Contains: Wheat, barley, milk .50 | 350ml

This fiery sauce is made with double cream for a luxurious finish. Lovely served with beef and lamb. Contains: Egg, milk, mustard, sulphites .19 | 170g

This red is produced by the award-winning Baron de Ley winery in the Rioja wine region of Spain. It’s bursting with fruitiness and is aged in oak barrels for 18 months to lend oak and spice notes. Fantastic enjoyed with lamb or beef. .50 | 75cl



Boxing clever

Choose a quality roast pork or gammon joint, finished with a fruity glaze, stuffing or lots of crunchy crackling

43 finest* Pork Crown with Apple and Chestnut Stuffing

This outdoor-reared Hampshire pork loin is French trimmed and makes a great-looking centrepiece. It comes with a delicious pork, Bramley apple and chestnut stuffing, a deeply flavoured Madeira jus and is finished with crackling. 3.1-3.9kg | £26.35-£33.15 | Serves 10 | Contains: Madeira, sulphites .50 per kg


Pork and gammon

44 finest* Crackling Three Pork Roast with Apple, Cranberry and Honey Stuffing

This delicious roasting joint combines pork belly and shoulder, which are rolled and filled with a pork, apple, cranberry and honey stuffing. Plus, there’s crackling on top. 1.5-1.8kg | £10.50-£12.60 Serves 6 | Contains: Sulphites

£7 per kg 45 finest* Hampshire Gammon with Ruby Port and Redcurrant Sauce

A succulent, dry-cured gammon joint that’s hand-decorated with bay leaves, candied orange slices and cranberries. It also comes with a full-bodied, fruity ruby port and redcurrant glaze. Serves 6 | Contains: Sulphites

£12 | 1.14kg 23

Pork and gammon 46 finest* Hampshire Smoked Gammon

Outdoor-reared Hampshire pork, matured in brine before being smoked over oak and beechwood chippings. 1.6kg-3.3kg | Serves 8-14 | £9.60-£19.80 per kg


47 finest* Hampshire Unsmoked Gammon

Cured in salted brine to give it a soft texture and wonderful, rich flavour, this outdoor-reared Hampshire pork is ideal served in thick slices with mustard or fruity chutney. 1.6kg-3.3kg | £9.60-£19.80 | Serves 8-14 per kg


48 Unsmoked Sweetcure Gammon Joint with Orange and Marmalade Glaze

A classic festive treat, this succulent, sweet-cured meat is finished with a sticky marmalade glaze. With flavours of honeyed citrus permeating the meat, it’s brilliant served with carrots and maple-roasted parsnips or Brussels sprouts scattered with almonds. Serves 6 | Contains: Sulphites

£10 | 1.3kg

24 For the symbol key, see page 3

49 Crackling Gammon Joint with Maple and Bourbon Glaze

Serve your crowd this showstopping unsmoked gammon, which has been partially deboned for easy carving. Pop in the oven and, once it begins to crisp, brush the maple and bourbon glaze over the top for sweet and deliciously sticky crackling. Serves 13 | 2.8kg


A great match

When it comes to pairing wines, tr y something new this Christmas. These lesser-known ones have lots of flavour and are fantastic value for money

Serve with turkey

finest* Valpolicella Ripasso This bold, full-bodied red from Italy’s Valpolicella region is bursting with blackberry and plum flavours, and has hints of mocha. Its rich texture and complex, smooth taste is brilliant with beef. Pour a glass and enjoy alongside our tender finest* Beef Wellington (p19). | 75cl


finest* Viré-Clessé Chardonnay

Viré-Clessé is an elegant chardonnay made with grapes harvested from small vineyards in southern Burgundy, France. It has notes of apple and citrus and is perfect paired with lobster (p33), roast turkey or chicken (p5-15). | 75cl

Enjoy with canapés


finest* McLaren Vale/ Adelaide Hills SR

finest* English Sparkling Wine

If you like New Zealand sauvignon blanc, this is a great alternative. SR stands for sauvignon blanc and riesling, and this unusual pairing of grapes works well with salmon or tempura prawns (p41). | 75cl

Produced by the award-winning Hush Heath Estate in Kent, this English sparkling wine is aged for nine months, giving it a well-balanced flavour. You’ll taste wonderful notes of apple, citrus and sweet dough. Serve as an apéritif or with party canapés (p43). .50 | 75cl


Good with red meat


finest* Crémant de Limoux Rosé finest* Hawke’s Bay Syrah

New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay region, on the east coast of the North Island, is home to this elegant red. Its rich, dark fruit and subtle peppery notes are a perfect match with beef or our finest* Lamb Guard of Honour with Herb Crust (p21). | 75cl


A fun and festive French pink fizz from the Languedoc region that’s full of character. Made using the traditional method of secondary fermentation, which takes place in the bottle, it has a fresh, sweet taste with notes of brioche, and aromas of strawberry and raspberry. Try with our finest* Seafood Platter (p33). | 75cl


All the trimmings

S er ve your festive mea l with tra ditiona l sides, but without the fus s

51 finest* Sausage and Stuffing Selection

Cook these treats alongside your roast. There are six pork, apple, honey and cranberry stuffing stars; a pork and chestnut stuffing block; 10 pigs in blankets; 12 pork, sage and onion stuffing balls; and 18 cocktail sausages. Serves 6 | Contains: Milk, sulphites

£10 | 1.5kg 52 Ready to Cook Fresh Vegetable Selection

This peeled and prepared British vegetable selection includes Maris Piper potatoes, carrot batons, parsnip wedges, Brussels sprouts and sliced red cabbage. Serves 6 | Contains: Sulphites | 3.2kg


53 Pigs in Blankets

Our succulent pork sausages are hand-rolled in delicious, beechwood smoked streaky bacon. Serves 12 | Contains: Wheat | 36 pieces


Meat-free marvels

Whethe r you’re c atering for vegeta ria ns or meat love rs, ever yone will enjoy tucking into these sp e cia l de lights

54 finest* Cauliflower Wellington

For this showstopping vegan main, a tumeric-marinated whole cauliflower is surrounded with a mulled-spiced mushroom and butternut-squash duxelle, then hand-wrapped in golden puff pastry and finished with a sprinkling of aromatic nigella seeds. Serves 2 | Contains: Wheat, sulphites | 480g



55 finest* Brie and Cranberry Parcels

Four individually wrapped filo parcels filled with a creamy French Brie and sweet onion and cranberry chutney. Drizzle over the fruity cranberry and port compote and serve as a starter or part of a main course. Serves 4 | Contains: Wheat, milk, celery | 800g


56 finest* Wild Mushroom and Spinach Vol au Vents

Delicate layers of puff pastry surround a rich mix of wild mushrooms layered over buttered spinach. Hand-finished with parsley and breadcrumbs. Serves 4 | Contains: Wheat, milk, sulphites | 800g



Taste of the sea

Rich sa lmon a nd de lic ate ly flavoure d prawns a nd lobste r ma ke de licious festive sta r ters or lighte r main dishes Zingy twist Instead of lemon, you can also serve fish and seafood with orange slices or lime wedges.

57 finest* Scottish Salmon Side with a Mulled Cranberry Glaze

This responsibly sourced side of salmon, infused with thyme and caramelised orange flavours, comes ready to bake. Once cooked, heat the festive mulled ruby port, red wine and cranberry glaze, then drizzle over to serve. Serves 8 | Contains: Fish, sulphites .50 | 1.16kg


Fish and seafood

58 finest* Salmon en Croûte

Responsibly sourced Scottish salmon encased with a delicate, zesty stuffing to keep the fish succulent, and buttery puff pastry. A great alternative festive centrepiece. Serves 4 | Contains: Fish, milk, wheat | 700g


59 finest* Lobster Tail Thermidor

Our sweet, luxurious lobster tails come ready prepared with a rich and creamy sauce, made with white wine and mustard, topped with a cheesy crumb. Serves 2 | Contains: Milk, egg, fish, crustaceans, mustard

£16 | 280g 31

Fish and seafood 60 finest* Coquille St Jacques

Served in the shell, this classic French dish makes a special starter. Velvety scallops and succulent king prawns in a delicious white-wine sauce, with a golden cheese and chive crumb. Serves 4 | Contains: Milk, fish, crustaceans, molluscs

£9 | 520g

61 finest* King Prawn Cocktail

A classic starter is given a luxury twist with cooked and peeled jumbo king prawns, combined with finest* Marie Rose sauce laced with a little sherry and brandy. This dish comes with lemon wedges and parsley to garnish; serve with Little Gem lettuce. Serves 4 | Contains: Milk, egg, crustaceans, mustard | 430g


Sparkling wine finest* Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG

This elegant floral fizz is sourced from some of the best vineyards on the Valdobbiadene Hill, in the Prosecco region of Italy. It has notes of citrus and is lovely partnered with salmon. | 75cl


finest* Champagne Vintage Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs

62 Marinated King Prawn Platter with Lime Crème Fraîche

A prawn platter with lots of flavours: cooked and peeled plain; chilli and coriander; smoky BBQ; and tikka prawns. It comes with a lime and crѐme fraîche dip. Serves 4 | Contains: Milk, egg, crustaceans | 400g


32 For the symbol key, see page 3

Our exceptional blend uses chardonnay grapes from the famous villages of the Côte des Blancs. Extra ageing gives it a rounded, complex and dry taste. Ideal for toasting your festive meal. | 75cl


63 finest* Seafood Platter

This luxury selection includes Scottish lobster, easy-to-peel black tiger prawns, cooked and peeled king prawns, crevettes, Orkney crab claws and light crab-mousse shells. Plus, Scottish smoked salmon and hot smoked-salmon flakes with honey. Comes ready to present with this three-tier slate platter, finest* Marie Rose sauce, lemon wedges and samphire to garnish. Serves 6 | Contains: Milk, egg, fish, crustaceans, mustard, sulphites | 1.383kg


Fish and seafood 65 finest* Scottish Smoked Salmon

Cured with a mixture of salt and sugar, then gently smoked over hickory and oak wood, this responsibly sourced Scottish smoked salmon has a superb texture and well-rounded flavour. Serves 12 | Contains: Fish | 600g


64 finest* Prawn, Lobster and Rocket Verrines

Six ready-to-serve verrines come in neatly styled individual pots. Each contains light and fluffy prawn mousse with a hidden, creamy rocket sauce centre. Hand-garnished with shredded lobster meat. Serves 6 | Contains: Milk, fish, crustaceans | 480g


66 finest* Sashimi-style Smoked Salmon Slices Thickly cut at a 68° angle, this responsibly sourced Scottish smoked salmon has a firm sashimi-like texture that melts in the mouth. The fish comes with a fiery Japanese-style soy, pickled ginger and wasabi dipping sauce. Great served with a little finely sliced chilli and spring onion. There are three packs included in this product, so there’s plenty of salmon for everyone to enjoy. Serves 6 | Contains: Fish, soya, sulphites .50 | 390g


34 For the symbol key, see page 3

Host with the most Whatever kind of par t y you’re planning, these are our top 10 tips for a stress-fre e gathering


The space

Start by working out how many people are attending. Where will they be congregating? Move some furniture from the centre of the room to create space for guests to stand and chat, and arrange two tables at the side – one for plates, cutlery and platters of food, so that guests can help themselves, and another for using as a drinks station.


The essentials

Carry out a stock check of your glassware, crockery and cutlery, and borrow any additional items you may need. Make sure you have a good selection of napkins and dot them around the room in piles, as guests will be eating mostly with their fingers.


The menu

A good, general rule of thumb is to allow five to six bites per person, per hour (although people do tend to slow their consumption after the first hour) and plan your menu accordingly. Also consider what time of day you’re hosting; if it’s over a mealtime, then guests will be expecting to fill up a bit more than at other times.


The right balance Try to serve guests a mix of protein and carbohydrate-based

snacks, lighter and richer food, and vegetarian options. It’s a good idea to include a mix of cold and hot canapés, to save you running to and from the oven all evening. For larger groups, an easy-to-serve centrepiece, such as a ham or side of salmon, with a few more buffet items, is a great way to bump up your menu without too much extra work.



Judge drinks quantities by looking at how many guests are attending and the time of day. As a rough guide, a bottle of wine or Champagne provides about six glasses. A 1.5-litre cocktail jug will serve around eight people and a 330ml bottled beer is equivalent to half a pint.

Feed a crowd

The back-up plan

Have a stash of party products in the freezer that cook straight from frozen, so you can whip out delicious food if unexpected guests arrive; our finest* Prawn Party Food Selection (p41) is ideal. If you don’t need them all, just keep in the freezer until the next party or gathering.


The setting

In addition to the main food table, put out snacks at various points around the room, so you don’t create a bottleneck in just one area and guests always have something to nibble on.


The nibbles

Circulate canapés on a mix of trays, boards and large platters. Solid wood chopping boards are particularly good for adding rustic charm when presenting cold meats, cheeses and breads.

The drinks

For a ready-made party menu with all you need to feed 20 people, plus more festive menu ideas, turn to our special pull-out section.


The spirits

A self-service cocktail bar is fun but can also be expensive. If you want to serve mixed drinks, make up a few jugs of punch, which can be padded out with cheaper mixers but still taste delicious. They can also be made in advance an hour before the guests arrive – just add ice when you’re ready to serve. Try our great jug-cocktail recipes on p46.


The serve

Get creative with how you serve your drinks.

Tea cups or a mix of vintage glasses all look great. You can decorate cocktail glasses with edible glitter – wet the rim with lemon juice, then dip in the glitter. Or try jazzing up your ice cubes by freezing fresh herbs with water in ice-cube trays, or whole grapes in freezer bags. Add them to the cocktail jug when you’re ready to serve your guests.

Sharing plates

S er ve our mouthwatering joint a nd a se le c tion of gourmet platters for a st ylish buf fet sprea d

67 Spanish Serrano Ham

Produced in the foothills of the Pyrenees, this ham is matured for seven months to give it its characteristic rich and deep flavour. It comes with a knife and stand, so you can carve slices at the table. Serves 40 | 2kg


Buffet 69 finest* Continental Platter

A premium Spanish platter of 12-month matured Serrano ham, Manchego cheese, traditional paprika-coated Spanish lomo, garlicky salchichón, chorizo and Gouda rollitos, and pimentón-spiced chorizo. Serves 8 | Contains: Egg, milk | 490g


68 Olive Sharing Platter

Our moreish selection of stone-in olives features a mix of Greek Halkidiki, Greek Kalamata, Peruvian Alfonso, Italian Nocellara and mixed herb-marinated varieties. Serves 10 | 675g


70 Mediterranean Sharing Platter

This ready-to-serve selection of appetising antipasti includes chargrilled vegetables, marinated, slow-roasted sweet tomatoes, Spanish olives with mature Cheddar, Halkidiki olives with a herby lemon and garlic marinade, spicy cherry peppers stuffed with Greek Feta, roasted corn and habas fritas. Serves 10 | Contains: Milk | 580g




71 finest* Festive Cooked Meats Platter

72 finest* Pâté Selection



Our platter features roasted dry-cured ham, charred topside of beef, pork with cranberry and chestnut stuffing, and mulled-spiced cranberry and orange-glazed ham with a plum and balsamic chutney. Serves 6-8 | Contains: Milk, sulphites | 500g

This trio includes duck parfait with candied cherries, venison and blackberry pâté, and a Leicestershire farmhouse pâté with Stilton. Each pâté comes in a beautiful ceramic dish, ready for serving. Serves 9 | Contains: Egg, milk, sulphites | 390g

74 finest* Spiced Rum Cooked Ham Joint

This tender and succulent, classic Wiltshire cured ham is given a tasty twist with a spiced rum coating, and finished with a sweet, fiery apple and ginger glaze. Serves 12 | 1.2kg


73 finest* Sausage Roll Selection

A delectable selection of sausage rolls, with 10 classic pork sausage, five smoked bacon and Long Clawson Stilton, and five hog roast with pulled pork, apple sauce and a parsley crumb. Serve hot or cold. Serves 20 | Contains: Wheat, egg, milk | 20 pieces


38 For the symbol key, see page 3

75 Mulled Cranberry and Plum Topped Sharing Pie Make this mighty pork pie the hero of your festive buffet table. Made with a traditional hot-water crust pastry and an uncured pork filling, it’s topped with a fruity port jelly and hand-finished with spiced-mulled cranberries and plums. Serves 16 | Contains: Wheat | 1.28kg


76 Pork Pie Selection

These mini pork-pie bites are a fantastic addition to any celebration party. The tasty selection includes eight classic Melton Mowbrays, eight Red Leicester and pickle, and eight pork and chilli pies. Serves 24 | Contains: Wheat, barley, egg, milk | 24 pieces


Party pleasers

Rustle up a fus s-fre e menu of tast y sna cks a nd sma ll bites to ke ep your pa r t y going with a swing

Simple to prepare All of the party food in this section cooks at the same oven temperature, so you can feed your crowd with ease.

77 finest* Scottish Smoked Salmon Blini Kit

Make your own delectable festive canapĂŠs with thin pieces of oak-smoked salmon, fluffy blinis, and lemon and black-pepper mayonnaise. Serves 12 | Contains: Wheat, egg, milk, fish | 24 pieces



78 finest* Prawn Party Food Selection

A mixture of succulent king prawns encased in a variety of crispy coatings, which includes 10 tempura king prawns, eight potato wrapped king prawns, five king prawns wrapped in rice pastry and five king prawns wrapped in a Thai basil leaf and filo pastry. Serves 14 | Contains: Wheat, crustaceans | 28 pieces


79 finest* Tartlet Selection

Gourmet puff-pastry canapés with a choice of two toppings; 12 Manchego and chorizo and 12 Welsh rarebit-style mature Cheddar and mustard, finished with a cherry tomato. Serves 12 | Contains: Wheat, egg, milk, mustard, sulphites

£10 | 24 pieces

80 Smoked Salmon Appetisers

Smoked salmon surrounds light mousse and creamy soft cheese, flavoured with salmon and dill; salmon and lemon; salmon, red pepper and paprika. Serves 16 | Contains: Egg, milk, fish | 48 pieces



Party 81 Indian Party Food Selection

Add a little spice to your party celebration with this selection that includes 16 vegetable samosas, 16 vegetable pakoras and 16 onion bhajis. Serves 16 | Contains: Wheat

£8 | 48 pieces

83 Sticky Chicken Skewers

Zingy and sweet, these mini chicken-breast skewers are coated in a soy and chilli glaze. Try serving them with a squeeze of lime to enhance their flavour. Serves 15 | Contains: Wheat, soya. May contain peanuts and other nuts | 30 pieces


82 Chinese Party Food Selection

A banquet of Chinese favourites featuring 13 shredded duck and 13 vegetable spring rolls, 13 prawn sesame toasts and 13 chicken wontons. It comes with hoisin and sweet-chilli dips. Serves 15-17 Contains: Wheat, egg, crustaceans, soya, sesame | 52 pieces


42 For the symbol key, see page 3

84 finest* Vegetarian Party Food Selection

A collection of mini, meat-free bites with 10 Bombay potato curry baskets; nine filo tartlets filled with creamy goat’s cheese and sweet balsamic onions; and nine Brie and cranberry filo-pastry parcels. Serves 14 | Contains: Milk, wheat | 28 pieces


Party 85 British Inspired Party Food Selection

Our deluxe selection has 12 cottage pie tartlets filled with British beef, topped with Cheddar and sweet-potato stars, 12 cheese and pickle bites and 12 delicious Welsh rarebit toasties. Serves 12 Contains: Wheat, egg, milk, barley. May contain sesame | 36 pieces


86 Mini Quiches

These tasty quiches are bite-sized versions of a family favourite and come in a choice of three cheesy flavours: eight mature Cheddar and smoked British bacon; eight mature Cheddar and broccoli; and eight Red Leicester and onion. Serves 8 | Contains: Wheat, egg, milk | 24 pieces


87 Mini Hot Dogs and Cheese Burgers

This crowd-pleasing collection of 12 mini hotdogs and 12 cheese burgers; comes with bread buns, tomato ketchup and mustard. Heat the hotdogs and burgers in the microwave, then assemble. Serves 12 | Contains: Wheat, egg, milk, mustard | 24 pieces


44 For the symbol key, see page 3

Cheese 88 finest* Cheese Selection with Crackers and Chutney

Everything you need for the perfect cheeseboard with a selection of British cheeses, crackers and a sweet, red onion chutney. Cheeses include oak-smoked mature Cheddar, Coastal Bite Cheddar, mature farmhouse Red Leicester, Stilton, Wensleydale with tangy cranberries and blueberries, and St Endellion Cornish Brie. Serves 8-10 | Contains: Wheat, barley, oats, milk, sesame | 1.3kg



89 finest* Cheese Celebration Cake

A fantastic centrepiece, this impressive tower of cheese includes Coastal Bite Cheddar, mature farmhouse Red Leicester, Stilton, Wensleydale with cranberries and blueberries and rich St Endellion Brie made with Cornish double cream. Serves 30 | Contains: Milk | 2.88kg


finest* Cracker Selection For Cheese A selection of rosemary, wholewheat, sweet wheat, multigrain, poppy and pepper crackers. Perfect with your favourite cheese. Serves 10 | Contains: Wheat, barley, rye .49 | 250g


finest* Late Bottled Vintage Port

This ruby-style port has a big, complex fruity flavour with spiced ripe berry notes. It goes well with all types of cheese, particularly Stilton. .50 | 75cl



Celebration cocktails O ur easy-to-ma ke jug cock tails a re full of festive flavour a nd p er fe c t for pa r ties or e nte r taining a crowd

Winter garden punch

Serves 8 In a small bowl, stir 125ml lime juice and 50g sugar together until the sugar dissolves. Put into a large jug, then pour in 250ml vodka, 100ml triple sec, 500ml pink grapefruit juice, and stir gently. Add a handful of thyme and 1 pear, cored and sliced. Top with ice, gently stir again and serve.

Clementine blossom iced tea

Serves 8-10 This citrusy tea is non-alcoholic, but you could also add a splash of whisky, if you prefer. Put 4 Earl Grey tea bags in a large heatproof jug or bowl and pour over 1.2 litres of boiling water. Allow to infuse for 3-5 minutes. Discard the tea bags, then stir in 4 tbsp orange blossom honey and allow to cool. Mix in 350ml clementine juice, then add 1 clementine, sliced into rounds. Chill in the fridge, then serve with ice.

Fragrant flavour For a more intensely flavoured winter garden punch, allow the thyme to infuse into the cocktail in the fridge overnight. Stir occasionally.

Cranberry negroni

Serves 8-10  In a large jug, mix 200ml gin, 220ml Campari, 200ml sweet vermouth and 1 litre chilled cranberry juice. Add a generous handful of cranberries. Chill until ready to serve, then fill some glasses with a few ice cubes. Pour in the cocktail, ensuring there are a few cranberries in each glass. Garnish the drinks with a twist of orange peel.

Winter wonderland

Pour 15-20ml of cherry brandy into a Champagne glass. Take a sprig of rosemary, roll in icing sugar and place in the glass. Top up with chilled Champagne or your favourite fizz. For a bit of extra festive sparkle, add edible silver glitter to your icing sugar.

Products on this page are not included in the Festive Food to Order service, but can be purchased in store or online

ď‚ŤChampagne cocktail

Add a dash of bitters to a sugar cube. Place in a Champagne glass and pour in 15-20ml Cognac. Top up with chilled Champagne or your favourite fizz, then garnish with a twist of orange peel. Alternatively, garnish with a Maraschino cherry and dust with a little icing sugar for a festive touch.

Sweetest things

These impres sive des ser ts a nd c a kes ma ke a ve r y sp e cia l e nd to a ny festive mea l or ce le bration

90 finest* Chocolate and Caramel BĂťche

This decadent dessert combines Belgian chocolate mousse with a delightful hidden caramel centre. It’s topped with a rich chocolate ganache and hand-finished with beautiful chocolate snowflakes and honeycomb. Serves 8 Contains: Wheat, egg, milk, soya. May contain peanuts and nuts | 780g


Desserts and cakes

91 finest* Belgian Chocolate and Caramel Trees

These Belgian chocolate trees are handcrafted by a traditional chocolatier and filled with chocolate mousse, brownie, and caramel with shortcake, honeycomb and fudge pieces. Serves 4 | Contains: Wheat, egg, milk, soya. May contain peanuts and nuts | 4-pack


92 finest* White Chocolate, Raspberry and Prosecco Baubles

Belgian white-chocolate baubles filled with creamy Prosecco mousse and a delicious heritage raspberry compote. Finished with shimmer for extra sparkle. Serves 4 | Contains: Egg, milk, soya. May contain peanuts and nuts | 4-pack



Desserts and cakes 93 finest* Belgian Chocolate Profiterole Dessert

This deliciously indulgent dessert has layers of Belgian chocolate sauce and mousse, topped with cream-filled profiteroles that are covered in a Belgian chocolate ganache and hand-decorated with white chocolate shavings, chocolate stars and edible glitter. Serves 8 | Contains: Wheat, egg, milk, soya. May contain peanuts and nuts | 688g


94 Italian Mini Desserts

Dinky treats in three flavours: 12 dark chocolate mousses with chocolate sauce and chocolate pieces; 12 lemon cream mousses with lemon sauce and candied citrus peel; and 12 tiramisus with coffee and marsala sauce. Spoons included. Contains alcohol. Serves 36 | Contains: Egg, milk, soya, sulphites. May contain wheat, peanuts and nuts | 36-pack


96 finest* Croquembouche

Impress guests with a towering dessert, created with our clever, build-your-own kit. Includes a display stand and base, 60 profiteroles filled with British cream, caramel sauce and an indulgent Belgian-chocolate sauce to pour over. Finish with glittery stars and popping candy to decorate. Serves 20 Contains: Wheat, egg, milk, soya. May contain peanuts and nuts | 1.1kg


95 finest* Heritage Raspberry Panna Cotta

A winning combination of smooth, Madagascan-vanilla panna cotta, made from West Country double cream, and fresh raspberries that are beautifully suspended in a tangy, heritage raspberry jelly. Serves 8 | Contains: Milk. May contain peanuts and nuts | 900g


50 For the symbol key, see page 3

97 French Macaron Tower

Create a stunning dessert display with these French macarons, which come with a silver stand. Flavours include Belgian chocolate, salted caramel, lemon, raspberry, pistachio and Bourbon vanilla. Their delicate almond shells are finished with a festive shimmer. Serves 12 | Contains: Almonds, cashews, pistachios, wheat, barley, milk, soya, egg. May contain sesame seeds, peanuts and nuts | 36-pack


Desserts and cakes

98 Christmas Present Cake

Two tiers of all-butter vanilla sponge, filled with soft buttercream and raspberry jam. This hand-decorated cake features silver shimmer, delicately iced snowflakes, snowballs and a silver bow. Serves 24 | Contains: Wheat, egg, milk. May contain peanuts and nuts | 2.7kg


99 Wreath Fruit Cake

A classic fruit cake with brandy soaked raisins, cherries and almonds covered in marzipan and white icing. The wreath twinkles with edible baubles and frosted holly leaves. Serves 12 Contains: Almonds, wheat, egg, milk, sulphites. May contain peanuts and nuts | 1.4kg

ÂŁ20 52 For the symbol key, see page 3

Desserts and cakes Sides

100 Snowman Cake

Our loveable snowman will make a welcome addition to any festive spread. The all-butter vanilla sponge cake is filled with luscious buttercream and sweet raspberry jam and finished with edible handmade decorations, including scarf and hat. Serves 20 | Contains: Wheat, egg, milk. May contain peanuts and nuts | 2.5Kg


finest* Extra Thick Brandy Cream

Extra Thick Salted Caramel Liqueur Cream



This smooth, thick cream is laced with Courvoisier cognac and perfect served with rich fruit Christmas cake. Contains alcohol. Serves 8 | Contains: Milk | 250ml

Sweet with a moreish savoury, salty edge, this is a deliciously indulgent cream to pour over festive desserts and puddings. Contains alcohol. Serves 8 | Contains: Milk | 250ml

102 Chocolate Log

Cut through the layers of crisp Belgian milk chocolate, chocolate fudge and chocolate shavings on this traditional yule log to find light chocolate sponge rolled with a rich Belgian chocolate sauce and British cream filling. A perfect treat for chocoholics. Serves 10 | Contains: Wheat, egg, milk, soya. May contain peanuts and nuts | 760g


101 Christmas Cupcakes

These all-butter sponge cakes are topped with lovely buttercream and hand-decorated with soft icing as cute snowmen, Christmas presents, puddings, Santas, smiley gingerbread men and festive trees. Serves 12 | Contains: Wheat, egg, milk. May contain peanuts and nuts | 12-pack



Christmas list

Use this handy planner to jot down the festive foo d pro duc ts that you’d like to order online or in store

The main event Page number

Product number

Product name

Festive buffet and party food

Desserts and cheese

How to order

Turn to p3 for more details on ordering your festive food.

Where to order

Visit your nearest participating Tesco to place your order in store by 15 December. You can collect from any Tesco on this list

Aberdare Aberdeen Extra Aberdeen Woodend Abingdon Extra Accrington Extra Addlestone Extra Aldershot Alfreton Allerton Road Altrincham Extra Amersham Amesbury Ammanford 1 Andover Extra Ashby De La Zouch Extra Ashford Crooksfoot Extra Ashford Middlesex Extra Ashford Park Farm Extra Aylesbury 2 Ayr Extra Baguley Extra Baldock Extra Banbury Extra Banchory Bangor Extra Bar Hil Cambridge Extra Barnsley Extra Barnstaple Extra Barrow Extra Barry Basildon 2 Basildon Extra Basingstoke Bathgate Blackburn Rd Beccles Beford 1 Bedford Extra Bellshill Extra Berwick upon Tweed Beverley Bexhill Bidston Moss Extra Bishops Stortford Blackpool Clifton Extra Blandford Forum Bognor Borhamwood Extra Boston Bournemouth Extra Bracknell Bracknell North Bradley Stoke Extra Braintree Great Notley Braintree Marks Farm Bridgend Extra Brighouse Bradford Road Brislington Extra Bristol 2

Broadstairs Extra Brooklands Extra Burgess Hill Burnham-on-Sea Bursledon Towers Extra Bury Bury St Edmunds Caerphilly Crossways Callington Cardiff Extra Carlisle Carluke Carmarthen Extra Castle Douglas Chelmford 1 Chelmsford 2 Cheshunt Extra Chester Broughton Extra Chester Le Street Chesterfield Extra Chichester Extra Chorley Extra Cirencester Extra Clacton Clay Cross Extra Cleethorpes Extra Clevedon Clitheroe Clowne Coatbridge Extra Colchester 2 Colchester Extra Corby Oakley Road Corstorphine Extra Coulby Newham Extra Craigmarloch Crawley Hazelwick Extra Crediton Culverhouse Cross Extra Cumbernauld Extra Dalkeith Hardengreen Dereham Extra Diss Dorchester Dover Extra Downham Market Dudley Extra Dundee Extra Dunfermline Extra Dunfermline Fre Staon Dunstable Extra Durham Extra Eastbourne Extra Ebbw Vale Edinburgh Colinton Elgin Lossie Green Extra Ellon Elmers End

Ely Evesham Worcester Rd Exeter Vale Extra Exmouth Falkirk Grahams Road Falkirk Redding Road Falkirk VF Northern Fareham Faversham Ferndown Flitwick Folkestone Forres Nairn Rd Fratton Park Fulbourn Cherryhinton Galashiels Extra Gatwick Extra Gerrards Cross Gillingham Kent Extra Glasgow Shettleston Extra Glasgow Silverburn Extra Glasgow St Rollox Extra Glossop Gloucester Gloucester Brick Extra Great Dunmow Great Yarmouth Extra Greenock Extra Guildford Handforth Harlow Church Langley Harlow Edinburgh Way Haslemere Hastings Extra Hatfield Extra Havant Extra Haverfordwest Extra Helsby Helston Hemel Hempstead Extra Henley Hertford Heswall High Wycombe Loudwater Holbeach Holyhead Extra Honiton Horsham Extra Horwich Extra Huntingdon Extra Hythe Ilkeston Extra Ingleby Barwick Inverness Extra Inverurie Extra Ipswich Extra Irvine Riverway Extra Kettering Extra

Kidderminster Kings Lynn Hardwick Extra Kingsbridge Lakeside Extra Lanark Gallowhill Road Launceston Leatherhead Lee Mill Extra Leicester Extra Leighton Buzzard Lewes Leyland Extra Linchfield Extra Lincoln 2 Extra Litherland Littlehampton Llandudno Junction Llanelli Extra Loughborough Extra Lowestoft 2 Ludlow Lunsford Park Extra Lydney High Street Macclesfield 2 Maesteg Maidstone Grove Green Maldon Extra Mansfield Jubilee Extra Martlesham Extra Melton Mowbray Merthyrt Stn Yard Extra Midsomer Norton Milngavie Milton Milton Keynes Blth Extra MK Kingston Extra Milton Keynes Wolverton Mold Montrose Musselburgh Extra Nailsea Neath Abbey New Malden Extra New Milton Newbury Extra Newcastle Upon Tyne Extra Newmarket Newport Spytty Extra Newton Abbot Newton Aycliffe Extra Newtown Cattle Market Northampton South Extra Northwich Norwich Extra Norwich Harford Bridge Oldham Huddersfield Extra Orpington Extra Pembroke Dock

Penzance Perth Extra Peterborough Extra Pitsea Extra Plymouth Robgh Extra Plymouth Transit Way Pontardawe Pontarddulais Pontypridd Extra Poole 4 Branksome Poole Extra Poole Fleets Corner Extra Port Glasgow Extra Portsmouth N H Extra Potters Bar Prescot Extra Prestatyn Pulborough Metro Purley Extra Quedgeley Extra Rainham Essex Extra Reading West Redditch Extra Redruth Extra Rochdale Romford Extra Romford Gallws Cnr Extra Royston Extra Ryde Extra Saffron Walden Salisbury 2 Extra Sandhurst Extra Scunthorpe Extra Seaton Sevenoaks Riverhead Shaftesbury Sheerness Sheffield Abbeydale Shepton Mallet 1 Shoreham Extra Shrewsbury Extra Sidcup Skegness Skipton Southampton Southend Extra Southport Extra St Austell 2 St Helens Extra St Mellons St Neots Extra Stafford Extra Stevenage Broadwater Stockport Extra Stow Stowmarket Stranraer Stroud

Sudbury Sunbury Extra Sutton-Cheam Extra Swansea Extra Swansea Llansmlet Extra Swindon Extra Talbot Green Extra Taplow Taunton Thetford Thornbury Tidworth Tiptree Tiverton Blundells Trowbridge Extra Truro Twickenham Extra Wadebridge Walkden Extra Waltham Abbey Warrington Extra Warwick Watford Extra Welling Wellingborough 2 West Durrington Extra Weston Favell Extra Weston Super Mare Whitehaven Whiteley Whitstable Extra Widnes Extra Winchester Extra Windsor Wisbech Extra Wishaw Belhaven Extra Wokingham Workington 2 Worcester 1 Worcester 2 Yate Extra Yeovil Extra Yiewsly York Extra York Tadcaster Road Extra Ystrad Mynach Ystradgynlais Wind Road


On the menu

Whether you’re welcoming one guest or 11, this section has a great meal suggestion, using the best of the Festive Food range

Dinner for 2 50 finest* Christmas Dinner for Two

A no-preparation festive meal for two, comprising British turkey breast wrapped in bacon, goose-fat roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, Yorkshire puddings, carrots, parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, sage and onion stuffing, turkey gravy and cranberry sauce. Comes with Christmas pudding, brandy sauce, Champagne and crackers. Serves 2 | Contains: Almonds, pecans, wheat, egg, milk, sulphites. May contain peanuts and other nuts | 2.4kg


Dinner for 6 Gather your nearest and dearest for a festive meal with a difference – a traditional Christmas menu with a modern twist and lots of wow factor. Starter

Kick off in style with classy and readyto-serve seafood pots, finest* Prawn, Lobster and Rocket Verrines (p34).


Serve up a rich and delicious finest* Three-Bird Roast with Pork, Apple, Sage and Honey Stuffing (p14), which combines duck, turkey and goose.

Pair with the Ready to Cook Fresh Vegetable Selection, (p27), which comes ready prepped, so all you need to do is add your own finishing touches. We’ve grated some Parmesan over the roasties and scattered flaked almonds onto the Brussels sprouts for extra crunch. Include Pigs in Blankets (p27), along with finest* Turkey Gravy and Cranberry Sauce (p11).


Round off the meal with slices of the exquisite finest* Chocolate and Caramel Bûche (p48).

Dinner for 12 Serve your crowd a classic whole turkey with loads of lovely trimmings and an indulgent dessert trolley to make everyone smile. Starter

Make a great start to your festive meal by serving finest* Sashimi-style Smoked Salmon Slices (serves 6, so buy 2 packs; p34). Arrange the elegant slices on a platter, along with the Japanese-style soy, pickled ginger and wasabi dipping sauce provided. Dress with finely sliced spring onion and red chilli, then let everyone help themselves.


A whole turkey is the perfect Christmas centrepiece and large enough to feed a good-sized crowd. Choose a tender Basted Whole Turkey (p7), and give it some extra flavour by adding citrus halves and bay leaves to the cavity of the bird while it roasts. Then serve with the Ready to Cook Fresh Vegetable Selection (p27), and add some extra festive flavour to the red cabbage by cooking it slowly with apples and cranberries, and dress the carrots with an orange glaze. Accompany with the finest* Sausage and Stuffing Selection (serves 6, so buy 2 packs; p27), and classic sides such as finest* Turkey Gravy (p11), and Cranberry Sauce (p11).


For a large group, it’s a great to have not one, but two desserts to ensure everyone is catered for. Choose from the stunning finest* Heritage Raspberry Panna Cotta (p50), with its tangy centre, surrounded by rich, smooth-set cream, and the showstopping finest* Croquembouche (p50), a tower of profiteroles, filled with cream and drizzled with lots of rich chocolate sauce. Or why not try a bit of both?


Cheese is the perfect end to a Christmas feast and the finest* Cheese Selection with Crackers and Chutney (serves 8, so buy 2 packs; p45) comes complete with crackers and chutney. Just add some sliced apple and grapes to the board. To get the best from your cheeses, remove from the fridge around 30 minutes before serving to allow them to reach room temperature – this helps bring out their lovely flavours.

The edit

Create a gourmet feast for eve r y Christmas occ asion with these fa ntastic rea dy-pre pa re d pro duc ts

Vegetarian lunch

Serves 6 Veggie guests will love these meat-free dishes: as a starter, serve two or three pastries per person from the finest* Vegetarian Party Selection with rocket and figs on the side. Then the finest* Cauliflower Wellington as a main with the Ready to Cook Fresh Vegetable Selection, and finest* Heritage Raspberry Panna Cotta for pud.




p50 Boxing Day buffet



Serves 8 These tasty straightto-table products make a fantastic instant feast for guests. Lay out the Mulled Cranberry and Plum Topped Sharing Pie along with our finest* Scottish Salmon Side with a Mulled Cranberry Glaze, the finest* Festive Cooked Meats Platter and finest* Cheese Selection with Crackers and Chutney to finish.



No-stress party

Serves 20 Don’t worry about catering for a crowd – with these party bites, you’ll have everything you need for nibbles for 20 (eight to 10 bites each). Plate up the Indian Party Food Selection, along with the finest* Prawn Party Food Selection and two Mediterranean Sharing Platters, then finish with the stunning French Macaron Tower.





Festive Food to Order Guide 2017  
Festive Food to Order Guide 2017  

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