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Festive Food to Order 2016


Festive Food to Order

Order instore between 6 November and 15 December

M A K E CH R ISTM A S E A SY with a little help from us Welcome to our Festive Food to Order brochure, which highlights the best of Tesco’s Christmas food, including exclusive items that you won’t find instore. Place your order and arrange collection or delivery at a time that suits you. All our food is prepared for cooking or ready to serve, so you can relax with your family and friends, confident that your Christmas will be perfect.

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Order and Collect Instore 1 Browse the brochure and note your products on the shopping list (right). 2 Visit the customer order point at a participating store (page 47) and place your order. 3 Pay a £10 deposit and choose your collection date and time slot. 4 Collect your order instore at the time you’ve arranged and pay the balance: remember to bring your deposit receipt with you. Instore order dates: 6 November to 15 December. Collection dates and time slots: 22 and 23 December, 8am to 8pm; 24 December, 7am to 2pm (two-hour slots). Amending your order: Orders can be changed up to 8pm on 15 December by taking your deposit receipt to the customer order point.

Order Online for Home Delivery Go to to order and arrange a home delivery. For your convenience, you can order your festive food with your weekly online shopping. Online order dates: Delivery Saver customers can order online from 26 November. Other customers can order from 3 December. Online ordering closes at 11.45pm on 14 December. Please make sure you have ‘checked out’ by this time to secure your delivery slot. Delivery dates: 20 to 24 December. Amending your order: Your Festive Food to Order products can be changed until 11.45pm on 14 December. Any other products in your basket can be amended as normal until the time specified, depending on your slot.

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Order Online for Click+Collect Place your order online at and book a date and time to collect your shopping from one of the participating stores. Online order dates: Delivery Saver customers can order online from 26 November. Other customers can order from 3 December. Online ordering closes at 11.45pm on 14 December. Please make sure you have ‘checked out’ by this time to secure your delivery slot. Collection dates: 20 and 23 December. Amending your order: Your Festive Food to Order products can be amended until 11.45pm on 14 December. Any other products in your basket can be amended as normal until the time specified, depending on your slot. For full ingredients and allergen information, please go to from 31 October

TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1 Ordering service only available in participating stores, see page 47 for details. 2 Instore orders can be placed until 8pm on 15 December. 3 Instore orders may be amended until 8pm on 15 December. 4 Instore orders may be cancelled with a full refund, including deposit, until 8pm on 15 December. 5 Delivery and collection slots are subject to availability. 6 Online and Click+Collect orders can be placed until 14 December, see for details. 7 Delivery charges may apply when ordering online. 8 Orders must be collected during the collection slot stated on the receipt. 9 A £10 deposit is required per order and is taken when the instore order is placed. 10 The deposit is deductible at the point of purchase provided a deposit receipt is presented at the checkout instore. 11 Servings are suggestions only. 12 The final price for meat, fish and poultry will be calculated according to the price per kilogramme. 13 Prices are correct at time of going to print and may be subject to change. 14 Garnishes, decorations, serving dishes and utensils are not included unless stated in the product description. 15 Participating stores are subject to change. 16 Alcohol is available to over-18s only. 17 Code life of certain products if collected on 22 December will be out of date by 25 December. You will be advised at the point of ordering should this impact any products you wish to order.

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Exclusive products – only available through the Festive Food to Order service Suitable for freezing Requires heating or cooking Vegetarian Gluten free

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The Main Event Christmas dinner is a highlight of the festive season. Choose the perfect bird from our selection of top-quality turkey, chicken, goose and duck, all prepared and ready to roast

1, 2 finest* British Free-Range Bronze Whole Turkey

Our Bronze turkeys are raised on East Anglian farms. They have plenty of room to roam, and eat a varied diet, giving the meat a fuller flavour and juicy texture. £7 per kg 1 Medium: 4-5·25kg | £28-£36·75 | Serves 10-12 2 Large: 5·26-6·51kg | £36·82-£45·57 | Serves 13-15

Turkey and Other Poultry

3 finest* British Free-Range Heritage Narragansett Whole Turkey This rare breed of heritage turkey is raised in East Anglia, where the birds are slow grown to ensure that the meat is wonderfully tender with an exceptional flavour. £9 per kg | 5·26-6·51kg £47·34-£58·59 | Serves 13-15

4, 5, 6 Fresh Whole Turkey For amazing value, you can’t beat this bird. Just choose the size you’ll need to feed everyone at your Christmas Day feast. Serve with all the traditional trimmings. £4·50 per kg 4 Medium: 4·5-5·99kg £20·25-£26·96 | Serves 11-14 5 Large: 6-7·49kg £27-£33·71 | Serves 15-18 6 Extra Large: 7·5-9kg £33·75-£40·50 | Serves 19-22

Place your order between 6 November and 15 December 5

Want a Stress-Free Christmas Day? Planning ahead and being organised is the key. Here are our top tips for a calm Christmas... Check in advance if any of your guests (or their partners) are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or have an allergy. It’ll save you from any last-minute requests.

7, 8, 9 Basted Whole Turkey Serve with finest* Roast Potatoes, Vegetable Side Selection Box and Cranberry Sauce. £4·50 per kg | Contains: Milk 7 Medium: 4·5-5·99kg | £20·25-£26·96 | Serves 11-14 8 Large: 6-7·49kg | £27-£33·71 | Serves 15-18 9 Extra Large: 7·5-9kg | £33·75-£40·50 | Serves 19-22

If you’re cooking a large turkey, make sure you have a baking tray that’s big enough to fit the turkey but not too big to go in your oven.

Do a stock check of your plates, bowls, glasses, pans, cutlery, serving dishes and spoons. Buy more now, if needed.

Write a menu for Christmas Day and create a shopping list. Make a time plan working back from the time you want to eat. Break it down hour by hour – and factor in time for a shower and a glass of bubbly!

Plan seating arrangements checking you’ll have enough chairs for everyone and how you want the table to look. Perhaps choose a theme or colour.

Keep starters simple. Our smoked salmon (page 28) is perfect because it doesn’t need cooking.

Make sure your carving knife is razor sharp and ready to carve your meat perfectly.

Lay the table on Christmas Eve so that you can get up on Christmas morning knowing one job is already taken care of.

10 Organic British Free-Range Whole Turkey

11 British Whole Turkey with Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing

Grown on organic farms in East Anglia, these turkeys enjoy a diet which enhances the flavour of the meat. Complete your Christmas meal by adding our finest* Pork and Pear Stuffing with Almonds and Seasonal Roasted Vegetables. £9 per kg | 4·5-6kg | £40·50-£54 | Serves 11-14

Reared on approved British farms, prepared with a classic stuffing and topped with smoked streaky bacon and a bay leaf garnish. Serve with potatoes, sprouts, carrots, parsnips and red cabbage from our Fresh Vegetable Selection. £5·45 per kg | 4-7kg | £21·80-£38·15 | Serves 10-14 | Contains: Sulphites

6 For the key to the symbols, see page 3

Turkey and Other Poultry

12 finest* British Free-Range Bronze Easy-Carve Turkey with Pork, Bacon and Caramelised Red Onion Stuffing Ready to roast in a foil tray, this part-boned British turkey is full of flavour and simple to slice. Supplied with maple glaze and black pepper star butter. Just add potatoes, sprouts and parsnips from our ready-to-cook finest* Vegetable Side Selection Box. £40 | 3kg | Serves 12 | Contains: Milk, sulphites

13, 14 Fresh Turkey Crown This turkey crown is ideal for a smaller festive meal. It’s much quicker to cook and easier to carve than a whole bird, and offers plenty of white meat. Serve with seasonal roasted vegetables and a side dish of our ready-to-cook Pigs in Blankets. £7·50 per kg 13 Medium: | 2·3-3·19kg | £17.25-£23·93 | Serves 8-11 14 Large: 3·2-4·09kg | £24-£30·68 | Serves 12-15

How to Carve a Turkey

1 Remove the turkey from the oven, cover and rest it for 20 minutes. Use a sharp knife to remove the legs, by cutting the skin that links them to the breast.

2 Separate the drumstick from the thigh. Feel for the joint with your fingers, then use the point of the knife to cut through it.

3 Cut the thigh in half to serve, or slice the meat parallel to the bone. Leave the drumsticks whole or carve them down their lengths.

4 To slice the breast meat, hold your knife at a slight angle and carve diagonally. Arrange the white and dark slices on a platter to serve.

To order, go to 7

15, 16

finest* British Free-Range Bronze Turkey Crown

An ideal option for those who prefer tender white breast meat. The fine flavour of this crown is the result of slow-grown birds, raised on free-range farms in East Anglia. £14 per kg 15 Medium: 1·5-2·25kg | £21-£31·50 | Serves 7-10 16 Large: 2·26-3kg | £31·64-£42 | Serves 11-14

17 finest* British Free-Range Bronze Turkey Crown with Pork, Spiced Fruit and Brandy Stuffing Tender meat with a rich stuffing, garnished with a lattice of finest* Oak-Smoked Dry-Cured Streaky Bacon, apricot and bay leaves. Ready to roast in its own foil tray. £35 | 2kg | Serves 8 | Contains: Sulphites

Top Sauces and Gravy finest*

Cranberry Sauce 220g £1·49 Top-quality cranberries from Quebec, slowly cooked to bring out a crisp, but intensely fruity, flavour. A traditional accompaniment to turkey.


Horseradish Sauce 170g £1·19 Hot and fiery, this sauce is a perfect match for roast beef.


British Bramley Apple Sauce with Kentish Cider 200g £1·49 Made with tangy British Bramley apples and a splash of Kentish cider. This goes well with pork and goose.

finest* Turkey Gravy 350ml £1·50 This ready-to-pour rich, silky gravy is made from roast turkey stock, herbs and a dash of Sauvignon Blanc.

8 For the key to the symbols, see page 3

Turkey and Other Poultry


finest* British Free-Range Bronze Basted Turkey Crown

We’ve done the hard work for you with this quality British bird, complete with a turkey stock baste for a rich, meaty flavour. Add our finest* Pork, Wild Mushroom and Roasted Chestnut Stuffing plus seasonal roasted vegetables for a fuss-free feast. £14 per kg | 1·5-2·25kg | £21-£31·50 | Serves 7-10

20 Turkey Breast on the Bone with Pork, Smoked Bacon and Herb Stuffing

19 British Honey-Glazed Turkey Crown with Pork, Apple and Chestnut Stuffing A brilliant combination of flavours, topped with caramelised glaze and crispy bacon. Serve with prepared vegetables from our Fresh Vegetable Selection. £12 per kg | 2·59-3·39kg | £31·08-£40·68 | Serves 8-11 Contains: Milk, sulphites

21, 22 Basted Turkey Crown

This deliciously tender turkey breast with tasty smoked bacon stuffing is also garnished with smoked bacon, and is conveniently ready to roast in its own foil tray. £12 per kg | 1·5-2·5kg | £18-£30 | Serves 5 | Contains: Milk

Ready-basted for your convenience, this easy-to-cook turkey crown is moist and tasty. Serve with fresh vegetables from our finest* Vegetable Side Selection Box. £7·50 per kg | Contains: Milk 21 Medium: 2·3-3·19kg | £17·25-£23·93 | Serves 8-11 22 Large: 3·2-4·09kg | £24-£30·68 | Serves 12-15

Place your order between 6 November and 15 December 9

23 British Turkey Breast Joint with Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing

24 British Butter Basted Turkey Joint with a Black Pepper Sprinkle

This boneless joint is wrapped around a traditional tasty stuffing of pork, sage and onion and finished with a lattice of streaky bacon. Ready to roast in its own foil tray. £12 | 1·172kg | Serves 5 | Contains: Milk

Ready basted for convenience and succulence, this boneless joint is really easy to carve, and the cracked black pepper topping adds an extra dimension to the flavour. £10 | 1·1kg | Serves 6 | Contains: Milk

25 British Turkey Breast Roulade with Winter Fruit Stuffing and Brandy Glaze

26 finest* British Free-Range Bronze Turkey Parcel with Pork, Wild Mushroom and Roasted Chestnut Stuffing

A boneless breast joint with a pork-free stuffing, topped with gluten-free spiced crumb and finished with a brandy glaze. Ready to roast, easy to carve and no waste. £20| 1·4kg | Serves 6 | Contains: Milk, sulphites

Boneless meat wrapped around a roasted chestnut and wild mushroom stuffing, with a pancetta lattice and porcini mushroom butter. Includes ready-to-roast tray. £25 | 1·075kg | Serves 5 | Contains: Milk, sulphites

10 For the key to the symbols, see page 3

Turkey and Other Poultry

Christmas Dinner for Two What could be easier? Everything you’ll need for the perfect Christmas dinner in one place. Less cooking... more time together to relax.


finest* Christmas Dinner for Two in a Box

Exclusive to our Festive Food to Order range, this bacon-wrapped turkey breast comes with tasty side dishes, sauces, puddings, half a bottle of Champagne and Christmas crackers. Box includes: British turkey breast, goose fat roasted potatoes, vegetable medley, roasted carrots and parsnips, pigs in blankets, creamy mash, stuffed Yorkshire pudding, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, Free From Christmas pudding, brandy sauce, Champagne and crackers. £30 | 2·525kg | Serves 2 Contains: Almonds, egg, milk, pecans, sulphites, wheat 

To order, go to 11

28, 29

finest* British Free-Range Whole Goose

Our free-range geese are raised in spacious, grassy paddocks in Norfolk and Suffolk, for a naturally deep flavour. Add our oven-ready finest* Pork and Pear Stuffing with Almonds for a delicious taste combination. £10 per kg 28 Medium: 3·2-4·99kg | £32-£49·90 | Serves 6-10 29 Large: 5-5·99kg | £50-£59·90 | Serves 10-12

Turkey and Other Poultry 30 finest* Easy-Carve Duck with Pork and Pear Stuffing and Port Glaze This British part-boned duck has a gorgeous stuffing and is garnished with fruit. Pour the port glaze over the bird for a really rich and tasty festive dish. £18 | 1·60kg | Serves 5 Contains: Sulphites

TOP TIP For best results, use a sharp carving knife not a serrated one as this will tear the meat

31 Gressingham Whole Duck

32 Gressingham Duck Crown

Meaty, succulent and with more breast meat and less fat than other breeds, Gressingham ducks are responsibly reared on family-run East Anglian farms. £5 per kg | 1·6-3kg | £8-£15 | Serves 4-6

Quicker to roast than a whole bird and much easier to carve, this fresh duck crown includes the breast and wings, and is left on the bone for extra flavour. £7 per kg | 1-1·6kg | £7-£11·20 | Serves 2-4

Place your order between 6 November and 15 December 13

33 finest* British Free-Range Corn-Fed Extra Large Chicken This classic whole chicken is ready for roasting and perfect for families who enjoy a familiar flavour at Christmas time. Accompany with our Parmentier Potatoes with Garlic Butter, Roasted Winter Vegetables and finest* Free-Range Chicken Gravy. £9 | 2·2-2·6kg | Serves 6-7

TOP TIP Factor in 20-30 minutes to leave your meat to ‘rest’ before carving – this will make sure it’s tender and moist

34 finest* British Free-Range Corn-Fed Chicken with Pork, Spiced Fruit and Brandy Stuffing Roast chicken dressed with smoked bacon, peppercorn butter and fresh thyme and rosemary garnish. Serve with broccoli florets and our finest* Free-Range Chicken Gravy. £10 | 2-2·2kg | Serves 6 Contains: Milk, sulphites

14 For the key to the symbols, see page 3

Turkey and Other Poultry

35 finest* British Free-Range Corn-Fed Chicken Crown with Pork, Leek, Pancetta and Thyme Stuffing

36 Easy-Carve Chicken Butterfly Breast Joint with Pork and Winter Fruit Stuffing and Mulled Berry Sauce

Succulent chicken breast, hand finished with smoked streaky bacon and parsley. Serve with a range of veg from our Fresh Vegetable Selection. £10 | 1kg | Serves 4 | Contains: Sulphites

This joint is easy to cook, carve and serve. Complete the dish with our finest* Seasonal Roasted Vegetables and finest* Free-Range Chicken Gravy. £8 | 1kg | Serves 4 | Contains: Sulphites

Alcohol-Free Drinks finest*

Sicilian Lemon & Garden Mint Pressé 75cl £1·85 The combination of tangy lemon, fresh mint and sparkling spring water makes this a refreshing tipple.


Raspberry & Pomegranate Pressé 75cl £1·85 Raspberries, pomegranate juice, and sparkling spring water.


Alcohol Free Chenin Blanc Sparkling 75cl £2·75 A refreshing and light white wine with a sparkle.


Alcohol Free Pinotage Blush Sparkling 75cl £2·75 A sparkling rosé bursting with berry flavours.

37 finest* Three-Bird Roast with Pork, Apple, Sage and Honey Stuffing British duck, free-range turkey and free-range goose in a ready-to-roast tray. Simply add our finest* Roast Potatoes, Winter Roasted Vegetables and Cranberry Sauce. £35 | 1·75kg | Serves 6 | Contains: Sulphites

To order, go to 15

Boxing Day Favourites Traditional British beef, sweet and tender lamb or lean, dark venison – take your pick from our range of succulent, ready-to-cook meats and create an indulgent festive feast

38 finest* British Sirloin Wing Rib rubbed with Sea Salt and Black Pepper Rib of beef left on the bone to mature for 28 days creating the perfect tender and flavourful centrepiece for your meal. £25 per kg | 1·5-2·5kg | £37·50-£62·50 | Serves 8-12

Beef, Lamb and Venison 39 finest* British Beef Wellington Fillet of beef, matured for 28 days, topped with a rich mushroom duxelle with hints of truffle, hand-wrapped in all-butter puff pastry. Serve with sautéed green beans and creamy mashed potatoes with a rich beef gravy. £38 per kg | 950g | £36·10 | Serves 4 Contains: Wheat, egg, milk

TOP TIP Cook your Beef Wellington on a heated baking tray to make sure the base is nice and crisp, not soggy

40 finest* British Beef Chateaubriand A hand-trimmed prime cut of beef fillet, that has been matured for 28 days. Simply season with salt and pepper, pan fry and finish in the oven for a texture that will melt in your mouth. Add the traditional roast trimmings. £30 per kg | 600g-1kg | £18-£30 Serves 4-6

Place your order between 6 November and 15 December 17


finest* Lamb Guard of Honour with Herb Crust

This French-trimmed rack of lamb is coated with a blend of sweet bell peppers, shallots, fresh parsley and peppercorns. Roast to create a crunchy and mildly spiced finish. Try with creamy mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts. £20 per kg | 1-1·3kg | £20-£26 | Serves 4 

42 finest* Venison Haunch with Sloe Gin and Cranberry Sauce This succulent leg of venison is perfectly complemented by a deliciously sweet and tangy sauce. Enjoy with a serving of rosemary Parmentier potatoes. £25 per kg | 950g-1kg | £23·75-£25 | Serves 4 

Perfect Wine Matches Tesco Chilean Merlot 75cl £4 Full of dark cherry and plum notes, this is perfect with most dark meats.

finest* Viña del Cura Rioja Reserva 75cl £8 With notes of raspberries and vanilla, this award-winning wine has been aged in oak barrels. Tesco Old Vines Tempranillo 75cl £5 This displays all the dark cherry and vanilla notes that make Tempranillo a good match with lamb.

finest* Chateauneuf du Pape 75cl £13 A full-bodied French classic with lots of dark fruit, spice and herbal notes, wonderful with venison.

18 For the key to the symbols, see page 3


finest* Rack of Venison

This hand-trimmed rack of venison is lean, succulent and full of flavour. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, pan fry and then finish in the oven for a beautifully simple meal. £30 per kg | 450g-650kg | £13·50-£19·50 Serves 2 

Beef, Lamb and Venison 44

finest* Easy-Carve Jewelled Lamb Leg

This easy-carve leg of lamb with a cranberry and apricot filling is topped with a spiced glaze and studded with cloves and decorative dried fruit. Serve with new potatoes tossed in harrisa paste, lemon juice and freshly chopped coriander. £10 per kg | 1·85-2·5kg | £18.50-£25 | Serves 6-8 | Contains: Milk, sulphites 

Supper Specials Go the whole hog this Christmas with our top-quality joints featuring festive stuffings and sticky glazes. Extra crunchy crackling all round‌


Pork and Gammon 45 finest* Hampshire Outdoor Bred Dry-Cured Sloe Gin Gammon Joint (opposite page) A joint of tender meat, dry-cured in the traditional way, perfect for roasting. Great for leftovers in salads or sandwiches. £12 | 1·3kg | Serves 6fi Contains: Sulphites

46 finest* Outdoor Bred Smoked Wiltshire-Cured Gammon Joint Steeped in an aged Wiltshire brine, matured and smoked over oak and beech for a deliciously savoury flavour. £6 per kg | 1·68-3kg | £10·08-£18 Serves 8-14

47 finest* Outdoor Bred Unsmoked Wiltshire-Cured Gammon Joint

48 finest* Hampshire Outdoor Reared Pork Roulade with Winter Fruit Stuffing and Festive Crunchy Crumb

This joint has been steeped in aged Wiltshire brine and cured for a delicately savoury flavour. Serve leftover slices with a dollop of chutney in a crusty roll. £6 per kg | 1·68-3kg | £10·08-£18 | Serves 8-14

Eye of loin is a lean cut that delivers on texture. Serve with buttered new potatoes. £11·99 per kg | 1·1-1·4kg | £13·19-£16·79 | Serves 5-6 Contains: Sulphites

Place your order between 6 November and 15 December 21


finest* Boil, Bake and Glaze Gammon Joint

This dry-cured gammon joint comes with everything you need to prepare it: boil with the sachet of bouquet garni; coat with the zesty orange and lemon seasoning; and finish with the sticky port and redcurrant glaze. Great with chunky chips and sea salt. £15 | 2·1kg | Serves 10

50 finest* Hampshire Outdoor Reared Pork Loin Joint with Pork, Apricot and Cranberry Stuffing Boneless pork joint with a fruity stuffing and a good helping of crackling. £10·99 per kg | 1·4-1·8kg | £15·39-£19·78 | Serves 8-9 Contains: Sulphites

Perfect Wine Matches finest* Limestone Coast Chardonnay 75cl £6 With its tropical fruit aromas, this is an ideal match with the fully flavoured gammon.

finest* Swartland Chenin Blanc 75cl £6 This South African wine is full of apple and pear flavours, making it another great choice for the gammon. Tesco Red Burgundy 75cl £8 This rich Burgundy has lovely, balanced red fruit notes making it a perfect match with pork dishes.

finest* Frappato 51 Unsmoked Sweetcure Gammon Joint with Orange and Marmalade Glaze A sweet dish of cured gammon topped with a marmalade glaze and candied orange slices. Serve hot with braised red cabbage and roast potatoes, or cold with coleslaw. £7 | 1·3kg | Serves 6 | Contains: Sulphites

22 For the key to the symbols, see page 3

75cl £6 A soft and fruity red wine created with a lesser-known grape from Sicily.

Pork and Gammon


finest* French-Trimmed Pork Loin Crown

Hampshire outdoor-reared pork with apple and chestnut stuffing, rich Madeira jus and crunchy crackling. Delicious with our finest* Goose Fat Roast Potatoes and Honey Roasted Chantenay Carrots. £7·99 per kg | 3·1-3·9kg | £24·77-£31·16 | Serves 10 | Contains: Sulphites

Seafood Treats Luxurious lobster, sumptuous salmon and perfect prawns are mouthwatering choices for the best festive food


finest* Lobster Tail Thermidor

These sweet and succulent wild Canadian lobster tails are topped with a rich and creamy Thermidor sauce. Serve with a spritz of lemon and a sprinkling of fresh parsley. £10 | 230g | Serves 2 |£5 per serving Contains: Milk, fish, crustaceans, mustard 

Fish and Seafood 54

finest* Three-Tiered Seafood Platter

This luxury selection of seafood is great value for money and comes ready to serve on the slate tiered platter (included). It features Scottish lobster; 6 mini dressed crab shells; crevettes; cooked king prawns; black tiger prawns; Scottish smoked salmon; hot smoked salmon flakes with honey; and mackerel paté. Served with a finest* Marie Rose sauce, lemon wedges and samphire stems. £32·50 | 1·44kg | Serves 6 | £5·42 per serving Contains: Egg, milk, fish, crustaceans, mustard 


This comes with an eyecatching three-tiered slate stand that you can reuse for future parties

Place your order between 6 November and 15 December 25


finest* Prawn, Lobster and Rocket Verrines

Six fluffy prawn mousses with a creamy rocket centre and a topping of sweet lobster arranged in verrines. They’re great for a buffet or as a luxurious starter. Serve chilled and just add a few fresh salad leaves and a slice of lemon. £9 | 480g | Serves 6 | £1·50 per serving Contains: Egg, milk, fish, crustaceans, celery 

56 finest* Salmon Medallions with Lemon Butter Stuffing and Butter Stars Individually rolled responsibly sourced Scottish salmon fillets with lemon and dill stuffing, king prawns and black pepper butter. Serve as an appetiser or main meal. £20 | 935g | Serves 8 (starter) 4 (main) | £2·50-£5 per serving Contains: Milk, fish, crustaceans 

Perfect Wine Matches Tesco Fiano 75cl £5 Sicilian Fiano grapes produce a white wine full of freshness and fruit salad notes, which complement most salmon dishes.

finest* Marlborough North Row Sauvignon 75cl £13 The tropical flavours of this Sauvignon are a wonderful match for the shellfish. Tesco White Burgundy 75cl £7 Made from Chardonnay grapes, this fruity Burgundy enhances the flavour of salmon.

finest* Soave Classico Superiore 75cl £7 This elegant white wine has all the versitility to partner any salmon dish.

26 For the key to the symbols, see page 3

57 Honey Roast Hot-Smoked Salmon Sweet and succulent, this responsibly sourced salmon side is marinated in honey and dusted with brown sugar before being roasted. Sprinkle with chopped dill to serve. £18 | 1kg | Serves 10 | £1·80 per serving Contains: Fish 

Fish and Seafood

58 Steamed Salmon Side topped with Smoked Salmon and Lemon Slices (above) Brined and gently steamed to ensure it loses none of its juiciness, this salmon is then garnished with oak-smoked salmon and slices of lemon. £25 | 1kg | Serves 10 £2·50 per serving | Contains: Fish 


finest* Salmon en Croûte

Responsibly sourced Scottish salmon with a delicate, zesty stuffing that keeps the fish succulent, all wrapped in buttery flakey pastry. Just add caramelised root vegetables and garlic roast potatoes. £12 | 700g | Serves 4 | £3 per serving Contains: Wheat, milk, fish

To order, go to 27


finest* Smoked Salmon

Cured with a mixture of salt and sugar, and gently smoked over hickory and oak, this Scottish salmon has a superb texture and a well-rounded flavour. Serve on Christmas Day as a festive breakfast. £14 | 600g | Serves 12 £1.17 per serving Contains: Fish 

TOP TIP Try serving smoked salmon with a touch of horseradish sauce, pickled cucumber and rye bread


finest* Prawn Cocktail

Enjoy these peeled and freshly cooked jumbo king prawns that come with a generous helping of rich and creamy finest* Marie Rose sauce. Serve in a glass to create the perfect eyecatching starter to any meal. £7·50 | 600g | Serves 6 | £1·25 per serving Contains: Egg, milk, crustaceans, mustard 

28 For the key to the symbols, see page 3

62 Salmon with Mustard and Cream Cheese Filling A salmon side stuffed and rolled with a smooth cream cheese and mustard filling, and topped with a delicious Grana Padano crust. Serve with a selection of green beans and peas or a green salad. £18 | 800g | Serves 4 | £4·50 per serving Contains: Egg, milk, fish, mustard 


Appetising Alternatives Deliciously different meat-free dishes that make perfect starters, or main courses served with traditional Christmas sides


finest* Brie and Cranberry Parcels

Four individual parcels of creamy French Brie, hand-wrapped in light and crisp filo pastry, topped with a spiced cranberry and port drizzle. £8 | 800g | Serves 4 | £2 per serving Contains: Celery, wheat, milk, sulphites


finest* Wild Mushroom and Spinach Vol-au-Vents

Four large puff pastry vol-au-vents, filled with mushroom and spinach in a creamy white wine sauce, topped with parsley breadcrumbs. £8 | 800g | Serves 4 | £2 per serving Contains: Wheat, milk, soya


Festive Essentials Sides shouldn’t be hard work, so ours are all ready to cook – giving you time to focus on enjoying your time with family and friends


finest* Vegetable Side Selection Box

Box includes: goose fat roasted potatoes; honey roasted parsnips; Brussels sprouts and pancetta with shallot and herb butter; and red cabbage in red wine, port and orange zest sauce, topped with whole cranberries and mulled spice butter. £12 | 2·4kg | Serves 6 | Contains: Milk, wheat, sulphites 

Side Dishes

finest* Pork and Pear Stuffing with Almonds

66 Fresh Vegetable Selection


All the fresh vegetables you need for Christmas dinner, prepared for your convenience. Box includes: halved Maris Piper potatoes; whole Brussels sprouts; carrot batons; parsnip wedges; and sliced red cabbage. £8 | 3·2kg | Serves 6 | Contains: Sulphites 

Prime British pork blended with herbs and spices. Apricots, dates and pears add a sticky sweetness, and there’s a crackling and almond crumb topping. Ceramic dish included, so you can just pop it in the oven and then serve. £10 | 650g | Serves 6 | Contains: Almonds, sulphites 


finest* Pork, Wild Mushroom and Roast Chestnut Stuffing

British pork blended with herbs, spices, roasted chestnuts, wild mushrooms and onion. Topped with dry-cured bacon lardons (to add saltiness) and a gluten-free breadcrumb. Ceramic dish included for oven-to-table presentation. £10 | 650g | Serves 6 | Contains: Sulphites 


finest* British Pork Sausage Selection Pack

18 pork cocktail sausages (270g); 10 pork cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon (210g); 12 pork balls with sage and onion stuffing (350g); 6 pork stars with cranberry and apple stuffing (300g); pork sausagemeat with roast chestnut and onion stuffing (400g). £10 | 1·53kg | Serves 13 | Contains: Milk, sulphites 

To order, go to 31

Put on a Party These nibbles, canapés and meats are easy to prepare and ready in a flash, leaving you time to join in the fun with your guests


To make catering for your guests easy, all these nibbles go in the oven at the same temperature 70

finest* Party Selection

This luxurious party food selection includes: 9 Brie and Cranberry Parcels ; 9 Sundried Tomato and Fire-roasted Pepper Tartlets ; 8 Chicken Katsu Curry Spring Rolls; 10 Lamb and Mint Spiced Pastries; 10 Paneer and Aubergine Open Samosas ; 9 Mini Venison and Rich Red Wine Pies; 9 Mini Scallop Thermidors; 6 Goat’s Cheese and Balsamic Onion Chutney Tarts ; 6 Red Leicester and Tomato Chutney Tarts ; and 6 Smoked Cheddar and Fig Chutney Tarts £40 | 82 pieces | Contains: Celery, wheat, egg, milk, mustard, mollusc, sulphites 


71 Indian Selection*

72 Party Selection

Enjoy mini bites of your favourite Indian snacks. This selection includes: 16 Onion Bhajis; 16 Vegetable Samosas; and 16 Vegetable Pakoras, each with a blend of authentic spices. £9 | 48 pieces | Contains: Wheat

This selection for guests who prefer gluten-free nibbles includes: 30 Crispy Cheese and Garlic Stars; 12 Crispy BBQ Pulled-Pork Triangles; and 12 Chicken Tikka Masala bites. £12 | 54 pieces | Contains: Milk, mustard

73 Sticky Chicken Kebabs*

74 Chinese Selection*

These tastebud-tingling mini chicken skewers will be a great addition to your party spread. They come with a sweet soy sauce and mild chilli glaze. £8 | 30 pieces | Contains: Soya, wheat

Include an Asian twist with 20 Duck Spring Rolls with Hoisin Dip; 12 Chicken Wontons; 8 Prawn Toasts and 12 Vegetable Spring rolls, served with Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce. £10 | 52 pieces | Contains: Crustaceans, egg, fish, sesame, soya, wheat

* Only available for online delivery on 20, 21 and 22 December 2016

Place your order between 6 November and 15 December 33

75 finest* Smoked Salmon Blinis Start the evening in style, with these cocktail blinis topped with Scottish smoked salmon and a tangy lemon and black pepper dressing. £12 | 24 pieces Contains: Egg, fish, milk, wheat

TOP TIP Don’t serve all your party food in one go. Start with cold food and follow with hot, so you can enjoy a drink with your guests


finest* Prawn Selection

A succulent selection of tempura king prawns, cooked in a light, crisp batter, hand-wrapped in delicate rice pastry or crisp filo pastry with a fragrant Thai basil leaf. £12 | 30 pieces | Contains: Crustaceans, wheat

34 For the key to the symbols, see page 3

77 Smoked Salmon Appetisers A selection of smoked salmon rolls with a variety of fillings: 16 with soft cheese and dill, 16 with soft cheese and lemon, and 16 with soft cheese, red pepper and paprika. £8 | 48 pieces | Contains: Fish, milk, egg



finest* Mini Sausage Roll Platter*

Golden puff pastry rolls, 10 filled with tasty British pork, and 10 with smoked dry-cured bacon and mature Davidstow Cheddar. £12 | 20 pieces | Contains: Egg, milk, soya, wheat 

79 Mini Hot Dogs and Burgers* A fun-sized selection of glazed buns: 12 filled with mini frankfurters and 12 with mini burgers topped with Cheddar. Serve with portions of mustard and ketchup. £12 | 24 pieces | Contains: Egg, milk, mustard, wheat


finest* Topped Mini Pork Pie Platter

Mini pork pies with three tempting toppings: 8 cranberry and clementine chutney; 8 Bramley apple and cider chutney; and 4 sweet tomato and chilli chutney. £12 | 20 pieces | Contains: Soya, wheat 

*Only available for online delivery on 20, 21 and 22 December 2016

81 Pork Belly Bites with BBQ Sauce*

82 Pigs in Blankets

Tender bites of pork belly seasoned with a smoked salt rub and slow cooked for perfect flavour and texture. Simply heat and serve with the sweet barbecue sauce. £12 | 36 pieces | Contains: Mustard 

These pork cocktail sausages are baked, not fried, and hand-wrapped in smoked streaky bacon. (Please note: this item is only available for instore ordering.) £10 | 36 pieces | Contains: Wheat

It’s Cocktail Time! Nothing gets a party started better than a homemade cocktail. This one, created by us, is the perfect festive choice… Merry Berry Serves 6 Ice cubes 300ml cranberry juice 150ml finest* sloe gin 150ml finest* French grain vodka ½ sugar rim, zest of an orange and a candy cane, to decorate


finest* Mini Sausages

These crowd-pleasing, oven-baked mini cocktail sausages are made from outdoor-bred British pork. Hot or cold, they’re tasty either way. Serve with a sophisticated caramelised onion chutney or good old-fashioned tomato ketchup. £9 | 60 pieces | Contains: Wheat

36 *Only available for online delivery on 20, 21 and 22 December 2016

1 Put all the ingredients together in a pitcher and muddle (stir) with a wooden spoon. 2 Strain before pouring into a half sugar-rimmed Martini glass. Add a little orange zest and the candy cane to decorate.

Entertaining 84

finest* Celebration Pork Pie

Wow your guests with this amazing pork pie tower. Both tiers are filled with seasoned pork: the base is encased in a rich, hot-water crust pastry with a lattice lid; and the top tier is covered with juicy mulled cranberries in a fruity cranberry and port jelly. ÂŁ60 | 3¡8kg | Serves 30 | Contains: Egg, wheat ďƒŞ

85 finest* William Shaw Ham with Cranberry and Sloe Gin Glaze

86 finest* Roast-at-Home Ham Joint with Orange and Rosemary

This traditionally dry-cured roast ham with a sweet muscavado finish comes with cranberry and sloe gin glaze. Try it with new potatoes and field mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese. Ideal for feeding a crowd on Boxing Day. £20 | 1·65-2·75kg | Serves 18 

This British ham is dry-cured by hand with salt and demerara sugar, then matured for up to three weeks for a deliciously full flavour. It’s topped with tangy orange and lemon slices and sprigs of fragrant rosemary. A fantastic centrepiece for a special lunch. £30 | 2·5kg | Serves 25 | £1·67 per serving 

38 For the key to the symbols, see page 3

Entertaining 87 finest* Prosciutto Whole Leg An impressive centrepiece for any festive table, this dry-cured ham from the Parma region of Italy has a slightly sweet flavour and a delicate texture. Includes specialised carving knife, traditional stand and apron. £75 | 6·5kg | Serves 50 

88 finest* Cooked Meat Platter

Slices of roast beef topside marinated in Marsala wine and balsamic vinegar, turkey basted in butter and herbs, Wiltshire-cured ham marinated in mulled cider, and sweet-cured ham in ginger beer with a Seville orange glaze. Serve with our Ploughman’s Plum Chutney. £10 | Serves 15 | Contains: Milk, sulphites 

89 Christmas Antipasti Selection A wonderful assortment of grilled vegetables, marinated slow-roasted tomatoes, Spanish olives with cheese, pitted Halkidiki olives with lemon and garlic, feta-stuffed peppers, roasted and salted corn and habas fritas (broad beans). £8 | Serves 10 | Contains: Milk 

40 For the key to the symbols, see page 3

Desserts, Cakes and Cheese

For Afters... Showstopping Christmas treats to provide the perfect grand finale for your celebrations

90 finest* Croquembouche This impressive French-style dessert consists of 60 cream-filled choux pastry profiteroles, caramel and Belgian chocolate sauces, and festive edible decorations. There’s a helpful presentation stand in the box, too. (Sauces need heating.) £15 | 1·1kg | Serves 20 Contains: Egg, milk, soya, wheat. May contain nuts 


finest* Belgian Chocolate Profiterole Dessert

91 Limoncello Dessert


An authentic Italian sweet handmade with Sicilian lemon-soaked Savoiardi biscuits, topped with a rich limoncello-inspired cream. Sprinkle with golden stars to serve. £12 | 1·1kg | Serves 12 | Contains: Egg, milk, wheat. May contain nuts 

This Belgian chocolate mousse is topped with cream-filled profiteroles and Belgian chocolate sauce, and decorated with chocolate shavings, stars and silver glitter. Includes the serving bowl. £10 | 690g | Serves 8 | Contains: Egg, milk, soya, wheat. May contain nuts 


finest* Heritage Raspberry Panna Cotta

Rich and creamy Madagascan vanilla panna cotta made with West Country double cream and topped with a tier of heritage raspberry jelly. Delightful on its own, or lovely accompanied by shortbread biscuits. £8 | 900g | Serves 8 | Contains: Milk, sulphur dioxide

42 For the key to the symbols, see page 3

94 Italian Mini Desserts Three delectable dessert varieties: lemon cream, dark chocolate cream and tiramisu with Marsala wine and coffee sauce. 12 of each and mini spoons included. £15 | 1·08kg | Serves 36 | Contains: Milk , egg, soya. May contain nuts and wheat 

Desserts, Cakes and Cheese


finest* Reveal Dessert

Intrigue your dinner guests with this dome of dark Belgian chocolate flecked with gold, which hides a delicious surprise. Pour on hot caramel sauce, and enjoy the big reveal as the chocolate dome melts: chocolate mousse with white chocolate drizzle, popping candy and hazelnuts on a chocolate brownie base. A chocolate lover’s dream. £12 | 580g | Serves 8 Contains: Egg, milk, hazlenuts, soya, wheat. Main contain traces of other nuts.

To order, go to 43

finest* Belgian Chocolate Log

96 Chocolate Reindeer Cake


Delight your younger guests with this loveable character playing in the snow. £30 | 2kg | Serves 25 | Contains: Egg, milk, soya, wheat. May contain nuts

Try a luxurious new twist on a traditional favourite at Christmas time. This chocolate sponge cake is filled with British cream and Belgian chocolate sauce, then topped with Belgian chocolate ganache and decorated with chocolate stars, golden butterscotch pieces and a delicate dusting of gold lustre. £10 | 925g | Serves 10 Contains: Egg, milk, soya, wheat 

97 Gluten-Free Chocolate Reindeer Cake (not shown) A gluten-free version of our adorable red-nosed Rudolf cake. £30 | 2kg | Serves 25 | Contains: Egg, milk, soya. May contain nuts

finest* Brownie Stack

99 Christmas Cupcakes


These all-butter cupcakes are decorated with cute soft icing Christmas characters that are sure to delight the younger guests at your festive get-together – and some of the old ones, too. £20 | 906g | Serves 12 | Contains: Egg, milk, wheat 

Layers of chocolate brownie, dark chocolate mousse and white chocolate drizzle, with nibbed hazelnuts, topped with caramel sauce, bronzed chocolate stars and delicate pieces of white chocolate. An indulgent dessert for a special occasion. £15 | 1·035kg | Serves 8 | Contains: Egg, milk, hazlenuts, soya, wheat. May contain traces of other nuts 

44 For the key to the symbols, see page 3

Desserts, Cakes and Cheese 101 Festive Nordic Town House One layer of this spectacular cake is filled with chocolate ganache, the other with toffee flavour buttercream, and it’s all topped with coloured soft icing decorations. £50 | 3·5kg | Serves 45 Contains: Barley, egg, milk, soya, wheat 

Place your order between 6 November and 15 December 45

Desserts, Cakes and Cheese


finest* British Cheese Board with Chutney and Biscuits

This cheese selection includes: mature Cheddar; Red Leicester; Wensleydale with cranberry and blueberry; goat’s cheese; a mould-ripened cheese and a soft blue-veined cheese; plus West Country biscuits and a jar of our finest fig chutney. £25 | 1·56kg | Serves 12 | Contains: Barley, oats, milk, wheat 


finest* Cheese Celebration Cake

Create a stunning arrangement of British cheeses: mature Cheddar; Double Gloucester; Red Leicester and Lancashire at the base; then a blue and Wensleydale with berries; and St Endellion Brie on top. Display pillars and dowels included. £120 | 9·11kg | Serves 100 | Contains: Milk 

And finally… Caramelised Onion Chutney 280g £1 A deliciously sweet and sticky chutney, the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas cheese board.

Free From Plain Crackers 125g £1.50 Gluten and wheat-free savoury crackers with a crisp bite to enjoy with cheese, chutney and a glass of port.

finest* Late Bottled Vintage Port 75cl £10.50 A rich, fruity port made with Portuguese grapes grown in the Douro Valley. Serve at room temperature.

46 For the key to the symbols, see page 3

Participating Stores

Where to order Place your order at the customer order point at any of the listed stores by 15 December. Alternatively, order your festive food with your weekly online grocery shopping. Aberdeen Woodend s Abingdon e Accrington e Addlestone e Aldershot s Allerton Road s Amersham s Amesbury s Andover e Ashby de la Zouch e Ashford Crooksfoot e Ashford Middlesex e Ashford Park Farm e Aylesbury 2 s Baguley e Baldock e Banbury s Banchory e Bangor e Bar Hill Cambs e Barnsley e Barnstaple e Barrow e Barry s Basildon e Basildon 2 s Basingstoke s Bathgate Blackburn Rd s Beccles s Bedford e Bedford 1 s Bellshill e Bexhill s Bishops Stortford s Blackpool Clifton e Blandford Forum s Bognor s Borehamwood e Boston s Bournemouth e Bracknell s Bracknell North s Bradley Stoke e Braintree Great Notley s Braintree Marks Farm s Bridgend e Brighouse Bradford Rd s Brislington e Bristol 2 s Broadstairs e Broadwater Stevenage s

Brooklands e Burgess Hill s Burnham-on-Sea s Bursledon Towers e Bury s Bury St Edmunds s Caerphilly Crossways s Callington s Cardiff e Carlisle s Carluke s Carmarthen e Chelmsford 1 s Chelmsford 2 s Cheshunt e Chester Broughton e Chester Le Street s Chesterfield e Chichester e Cirencester e Clacton s Cleethorpes e Clevedon s Clitheroe s Clowne s Coatbridge e Colchester e Colchester 2 s Corby Oakley Road s Corstorphine e Coulby Newham e Craigmarloch s Crawley Hazelwick e Crediton s Culverhouse Cross e Cumbernauld e Dalkeith Hardengreen s Dereham e Diss s Dorchester s Dover e Downham Market s Dudley e Dundee e Dunfermline e Dunstable e Durham e Eastbourne e Ebbw Vale s Edinburgh Colinton s Elgin Lossie Green e

Ellon s Elmers End s Ely s Evesham Worcester Rd s Exeter Vale e Exmouth s Falkirk Grahams Road s Falkirk Redding Road s Fareham s Faversham s Ferndown s Flitwick s Folkestone s Forres Nairn Rd s Fratton Park e Fulbourn Cherryhinton s Galashiels e Gatwick e Gerrards Cross s Gillingham e Glasgow Shetleston e Glasgow Silverburn e Glasgow St Rollox e Glossop s Gloucester s Gloucester Brockworth e Great Dunmow s Great Yarmouth e Greenock e Guildford s Handforth s Harlow Church Langley s Harlow Edinburgh Way s Haslemere s Hastings e Hatfield e Havant e Haverford West e Helsby s Helston s Hemel Hempstead e Henley s Hertford s Heswall s High Wyc Loudwater s Holbeach s Honiton s Horsham e Horwich e Huntingdon e Hythe s

Key: e Extra s Superstore *Stores subject to change

Ilkeston e Ingleby Barwick s Inverness e Ipswich e Irvine Riverway e Kettering e Kidderminster s Kingsbridge s Kings Lynn Hrwck e Lakeside e Leatherhead s Lee Mill e Leicester e Leighton Buzzard s Lewes s Leyland e Lincoln 2 e Litherland s Littlehampton s Llanelli e Loughborough e Lowestoft 2 s Ludlow s Lunsford Park e Lydney High Street s Macclesfield 2 s Maesteg s Maidstone Grove Grn s Maldon e Mansfield Jubilee e Martlesham e Melton Mowbray s Merthyr Tydfil Stn Yard e Midsomer Norton s Milngavie s Milton s Milton Keynes Bltchly e Milton Keynes Kgstn e Milton Keynes Wolvert s Mold s Musselburgh e Nailsea s Neath Abbey s Newbury e Newcastle U/T e New Malden e Newmarket s New Milton s Newport Spytty e Newton Aycliffe e Northampton South e

Norwich e Norwich Harford Bri s Oldham Hud’rsfield e Orpington e Pembroke Dock s Perth e Peterborough e Pitsea e Plymouth Robrgh e Pontardawe s Pontarddulais s Pontypridd e Poole e Poole Fleets Centre e Poole 4 Branksome s Port Glasgow e Portsmouth s Portsmouth N H e Potters Bar s Pulborough s Purley e Quedgeley e Rainham e Reading s Reading West s Redditch e Redruth e Rochdale Romford e Romford Gallows Crn e Royston e Ryde e Saffron Walden s Salisbury 2 e Sandhurst e Scunthorpe e Seaton s Sevenoaks Riverhead s Shaftesbury s Sheerness s Sheffield Abbeydale s Shoreham e Shrewsbury e Sidcup s Skegness s Southampton s Southend e Southport e Stafford e St Mellons s St Neots e

Stockport e Stow s Stroud s Sunbury e Sutton-Cheam e Swansea e Swansea Llansamlet e Swindon e Talbot Green e Taplow s Taunton s Thetford s Thornbury s Tidworth s Tiptree s Trowbridge e Truro s Twickenham e Walkden e Waltham Abbey s Warrington e Warwick s Watford e Welling s Wellingborough 2 s West Durrington e Weston Favell e Weston-super-Mare s Whitehaven s Whiteley s Whitstable e Widnes e Winchester e Windsor s Wisbech e Wokingham e Worcester 1 s Worcester 2 s Yate e Yeovil e Yiewsley s York e York Tadcaster Road e Ystrad Mynach s Ystradgynlais Wind Rd s


Order instore between 6 November and 15 December

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