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School of thought constructivism, of all of the schools of thought I like the constructivist more. It is amazing to invent and to create new and exciting ways to learn a second language. What better way to relate prior learning with new ideas than giving students interesting ways of learning.


Although I would like every class to only include constructivism, I have to say that behaviorism is its friend. Each time I invent a different way so they can learn the subject it seem that the students needs a reward so they can do the exercise. They really like games because it helps them be more concentrated in what is being discussed.

I know that each student has the capacity to learn. The students demonstrate that they have understood by giving me anecdotes of their past experience. They think of the subject being studied and they relate it with their previous experiences.

Behaviorism Constructivism Cognitive Psychology

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constructivism, behaviorism, cognitive psychology