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University of Puerto Rico at Humacao English Department

Ram贸n Qui帽ones High School Nucleus Study

Teressa Bernard Cruz EDPE Secondary Practice Teaching January 26, 2012 Dr. Nilsa Lugo Col贸n

Nucleus Study I. Background Information: A. B. C. D. E.

Educational Region: Humacao Regional Supervisor: Luis Eugenio Matta School District: Yabucoa School Superintendent: Norma E. Marrero Costo School: Ramón Quiñónez Medina The school is located in Yabucoa in the urban of Reparto Orizonte and it is next to the vocational high school Teodoro Aguilar Mora and in front the is a cemetery. But it doesn’t affect the students. F. Level: Secondary The students of the Ramon Quiñones are good students they are hardly any problems. The rules are well stipulated and the students respect them. The environment is a good and clean place. Most of the students eat breakfast and luch and most of them use the schools transportation. G. School Director: Efraín Vázquez The director of the Ramon Quiñones is Efrain Vazquez he has been in the school for 5 years and he has a MA on curriculum and teaching, and another in supervision and administration. The director Efrain is well prepared, he is responsible with the school he is always doing something. The director likes to keep a good relationship with all personal and the students. He has a lot of projects in mind to make the school better. He is always trying to cooperate with everyone but he is also demanding when he has to be. The students and all the personal respect and like him. H. Cooperating Teacher & Group: Mrs. Ivette Fernandez 10-1 Mrs. Ivette Fernández has 10-1 for a home room she is in charge of the preparations of the graduation. Also, she gives courses like health and others. These courses would be given online if students from the same high school. She is the second of 3 children and she is the one in charge of her mother. She is a good cooperating teacher she is teaching everything she knows and she gives me suggestions of how to do things better. I feel good with her and the students really respect her. II. Content: A. Introduction: The Ramon Quiñones high school is located in Yabucoa and has students that comes from other cities near that area like: Humacao, Maunabo, etc. The school I am practicing has everything well placed and its facilities are very complete. Up to now the attendace has been high. There are well prepared teachers because they all have a high education and they are well orientated in terms of school organization for example: fire drills, and school fits, orientations, etc. In addition, this nucleus study includes information of

everything that goes on and how the Ramon Qui

high school. The purpose of this

nucleus study is to know what the school system has available for future educators and what future teachers in that school could improve to make the education more effective for the students. My resources of information were mostly, my cooperating teacher and some of the personnel in the school. B. Areas of observation: 1. School Organization:

Ram贸n Qui帽ones H.S. Director Administrative helper/ Secretary

Register Teacher custodian employee

lunch room employee security guard

2. Curriculum Programs: English, Spanish, Visual Arts, Math, Special Education, Domestic Economy, Chemistry, Music, History, Physical Education, Biology, Health, Physics, Library. Extracurricular Programs: Tecopie (Science), Navegando Seguro por la Internet, Courses on Line, Biveca (Library), Cooperativa, School Band, Honors Students. 3. Sports Programs: The teachers of Physical Education have teams of basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Ping-Pong, Tennis and Athlete which goes to competences during the year. 4. Facilities: 31 classrooms, 1 lunchroom, 1 library, 12 bathroom units, 1 cooperative (store), 6 administrative offices and a faculty room.

5. School Diagram: Cancha bajo techo Porfirio G贸mez Rivera

The bleachers

Class room of physical ed.




Where house



6. Supervision: Efraín Vázquez (school director) and Eugenio Matta (department chairperson) 7. Personnel: Teachers Aguayo Colon, Lina Baez Sanchez, Maria Capeles Ramos, Carmen Castro Flores, Lydia Colon Ponce, Rossael Feliciano Sepulveda, Mildred Fernandez Quiñoes, Ivette Figueroa Collazo, Mayra Flores Bermudez, Jeannette Gomes Torres, Maria Gonzalez Caseres, Raul Gonzalez Castro, Dorian Millan Burgos, Lefti Lama Canino, Elias Medina Aponte, Jose R. Medina Aponte, Luis Medina Delgado Jose Mora Aguayo, Aileen Morales Cruz, Aida Morales Pinto, Tula Ortiz Laureano, Edwin Ortiz Marquez, Johana Pinto Melendez, Wanda Reyes Cintron, Wanda Rivera Vega, Carmen Rodriguez Sanchez, Carmen Teitelbaum Martinez, Rebecca Vazquez Alejandro, Veronica

Educational Professionals Claudio Díaz, Ramona Crúz Donato, Arcadia Delgado Roldán, Aida Medina, Eliza Enid Morales Rámos, Ermelinda

English English Spanish Visual Arts English Math English Special Ed Eco. Dom. Chemestry Math Special Ed Music History History Physical Ed Spanish History Biology Math Physical Ed Biology History Spanish Math Spanish Health Physics



12-4 11-4 10-2 --11-1 10-4 10-1 ----11-6 11-2 ----11-3 11-5 ---


11-7 10-7 10-8 12-5 ---


10-5 10-6 11-3 12-1 10-3 --12-2

Navegando seguro por la Internet

Cuadro de Honor Cursos en Linea, Graduacion Paternidad, Cuadro de Honor


Torneo Intramoral

Dia de la Puertoriqueñidad

Navegando Seguro por Internet Feria Cientifica

Special Ed. Helper Special Ed. Helper Counselor Social Worker Librerian (Project Biveca)

Non-educatonal Professionals Maria E. Laboy Laboy custodian employee Jualia Lebrón Ñeco custodian employee Marcelino Rivera Ortíz custodian employee Carmen Sánchez Castro custodian employee Pedro Sánchez De León Security guard Wanda Díaz Cortés Administrative helper Minerva Cuervo Laboy Lunchroom employee María Morales Figueroa Lunchroom employee Felicita Nieves Alvarez Lunchroom employee Luis Pinto Lebrón Lunchroom employee Celia Rodríguez Gómez Lunchroom employee Harol Berríos Charlemagne Lunchroom employee 8. Students: a. Enrrollments M 10th grade 96 11th grade 74 12th grade 68 Special Ed. 3

F 94 111 91 1

Total 190 185 159 4

M F 241 297

Total 538

b. Places of Origin: The majority of the students live in Yabucoa. For example: Bo. Limones, Camino Nuevo, Bo. La Pica, Guayabota, Reparto Horizonte, Playita, Tejas, Urb. Santa Elena, Urb. Santa María, Res. Dr. Víctor Berrios, Calabaza Abajo, Urb. Jardines, Aguacate, Urb. Brisas de Emajagua c. Attendance Summary: The absences from August to December add to 4,205 which is a 7.8 % of a total of 538 students. d. Students Organizations: Sports Teams, Biveca, Honor Students, Cooperativa, Leadership Students, Tecopie, Navegando Seguro por la Internet, School Band

Reaction The teachers are well prepared to deal with a lot of the situations that the school could encounter in the facility. Some of the teachers in this school are involve in extracurricular

activities like tutoring, clubs, etc. I believe, this helps students stay motivated in school. I think that they are a lot of things that are good in the school the only thing that I think that could affect them negatively is that the “glorietas” are not done and they don’t have enough space to sit and relax with now preoccupations. The students are always on the floors they are practically doing nothing just talking and being in the way of other. This creates conflict and sometimes even misunderstanding each other. Another thing that I should mention and of great importance is that the school has a security guard that controls the entrance and the exit in and out of school. This is very important because in the paced students would be out of school doing what they wanted and now they now the rules and they know what to do. The students cannot get out without an adult. The school has two different plans of actions in case of an emergency. These are the plan of action in case of a fire and the plan of action in case of an earthquake, (included in the appendix).

Conclusion I believe that the practice at this school is going to be a great experience for my future career as a teacher or as a facilitator. The information gather through this special assignment will help me in the line of work as a teacher. It is very important to know what goes on in the surroundings of your work place. It will help me to be prepared for future situations and what plan of action I should take. The school has a diverse student enrollment and deals with students with different situations and needs. This will help me to prepare myself and acquire knowledge on how to deal with those needs and situations. As a future teacher, I believe, that it is crucial to attend

students’ needs in order to help them overcome their situations and achieve their goal of getting a good education.

nucleus study of Ramon quinones medina  

Teressa Bernard Cruz Secondary Practice Teaching University of Puerto Rico at Humacao Nucleus Study Dr. Nilsa Lugo Colón January 26, 2012 Nu...