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My reflections on the four core areas‌ ‌Based on my students. Teressa Bernard Cruz Practice Teaching

Diversity I constantly advise my students about the importance of acceptance. To accept others just the way they are. Although we are unique in our own way we are also a lot more similar in other ways. I also gave my students a lot of group work where I divided the groups. In my group they were groupies and they didn’t get along with the entire group. What I did was assign them with each other of course with my supervision.

I gave a lot of speeches about how would you feel if you were rejected, and other things. Well I guess that my speeches and the methods I used really worked, I was able to see how new friendships grew and how the group became closer. I am glad to say that they can accept each other’s differences.

I am very happy and nostalgic sometimes because they come up to me and tell me that that was the first time in their school years that somebody gives them the opportunity to give their idea and use it. I am a teacher that thinks that what they say count and that everybody should have an opportunity to demonstrate what they are capable of doing. Also, my opinion is that we can all learn from each other and every day we learn something new.

Leadership I had an activity everyday where I chose somebody to read the quote our anything that I give for the motivational act. The student has to read or perform the activity. Then the other students would follow saying their opinion about the quote our thing that was done for that day I am proud to say that all my students are leaders because after a wile of doing the class that way the students began to volunteer without being point out.

The students really like the motivational act sometimes they even give me suggestion of how I can modify the activity.

Social Transformation I was constantly telling my students the importance of getting a good education, especially when they did not put much effort in their learning. One thing that I always use and it makes an impact on the students is to ask them what would be one of the goals they would like to accomplish. They used to tell me that they would like to pass the grade with outstanding grades. I used to ask them to accomplish your goal what would you do.

When students get down feel that they can’t do it I always tell them remember about your goal and how you would achieve it. You have to remember and always look at the positive side of things. The last day I was with my students they went up to me and thanked me for everything. It was nice to hear that they would miss me. I guess that in many ways we were all socially transformed.

Creativity In my class I integrated a lot of arts. Most of the time, I try to encourage my students to be creative in everything they do. Students are encountered with the simplest things in school like creating your own dog with any type of material, and to invent their own poem. Students have to go through a process till eventually get to the harder things like to solving difficult problems in life.

I have performed games, exercises like poem, adverbs, how to find the parts of the plot diagram in diverse ways. I thought I was a very creative person but I have come to learn that I had to be more creative with my students. I know now a lot more ways to be creative. I know that for them and I it has been a learning experience that they won’t forget. I know that they can be creative as well and that pleases me to that I had some say in their creativity.

reflections on the 4 core areas