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Preface: …MULTI-VERSE GRID to Universal Grid to Galactic Grid to planetary grid…...............p.


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Preface: …MULTI-VERSE GRID to Universal Grid to Galactic Grid to planetary grid… BEFORE ANY BEGINNING there was Power. Power was Love and Light and Warmth and Electricity and Magnetism and Consciousness… Universe Clusters, Universes, galactic clusters, galaxies, star clusters, stars and planets were connected. The omni-connected ‘Grid of Power’ was Love, Light, Warmth, Electricity, Magnetism and Consciousness. The Super Universe and its Life OMNI-BANGED, Ultra-Popped and mega-crashed into existence! Of course, that was not the case at all. Universal Architecture and the ‘Artists’ that produced it and appreciated it and found themselves within it… …Did not come ‘to be’ because of a ‘Big Blast’ or ‘detonation.’ Explosions (in future) were usually destructive and wiped out life and the material world, like White Atomics. Infinite numbers of ‘Big Vortexes’ were not supernova ‘bangs’ of destruction: they were very slow and very large Fountains of ever-expanded and ever-unfolded LOVE. They were mega-creations, productions, materializations, crystallizations of something from nothing. The Universe was extremely slow, White Magic Art. Life was of the same fine nature: a ‘spring’ of beauty and radiance. Super Life flowed from Universal Births, galactic births and stellar ones. Beautiful Life in its highest forms gently glowed or brightly grew and


thrived around material worlds. Life forms had not had the time to split, specialize, recycle or ever degenerate. Every creature, in the Supreme Beginning, was the most advanced in mentality and spirituality. The Beginning was glorious growth and expansion in a very slow and soft instant, a sweet spark. The Spark was not fire. The Spark was Light and Love and much more… How does something magically appear from a void of nothing and break the laws of Yin physics? The answer was: Everything came first and everything was everywhere. Nothing (black space or voids of nothing) appeared much later and hardly at all. Love was the First Energy. Physical Universes were bubbles of white, electric love that widened and widened more. The magnetic ‘Love Power’ or ‘Life Power’ or ‘Light Power’ was channeled and streamed into Grids from the very ‘Pinnacle’ down to the smallest of wireless, planetary and satellite generators. Electricity was the feeling of DC: ‘Direct Consciousness,’ a oneway Cosmic Current of Love. Electricity was Power. Power was Love and Light, which comprised the real First Universe. The time was before ‘Time’ and everything was ideal. Everything, everywhere, was ultimately perfect. In each slow Big Fountain Cluster, in each Life Fountain, within every star system and on every planet and cosmic body, there were perfection and precision in all things. IT was not simply perfect. ALL was dynamically precise from the farthest extension of the Multi-Universe down to the closest microbe. Nothing was wrong and everything was right. Was the World too new for anything else? Stars were new and blue, born from endless stellar nurseries. There had not been time for age-specialization into a spectrum of various, different, cooler colors.


SPACE WAS NOT BLACK. Space was not empty. Space was full. Space was lit! Space was White and composed of all energies, all spectrums. The energies were positive. The Power was ultimate. The color ‘black’ was not viewed between the universes, between the galaxies and between the stars and planets and later moons. Black was the ‘absence of energy’ and there was no absence of anything in the Beginning. Everything was White Space. Power was everywhere. All vibrations, frequencies and power of every energy-spectrum flowed in one direction. The Universe did not alternate. The Universe did not argue. The World did not change, except for positive advancement. Electricity, light and love were everywhere, outside and inside. Evil had no stellar nurseries, as yet. Evil had not been invented. Darkness did not exist. Night did not exist. Cosmic shadows did not exist. Darkness could be ‘made to exist’ as in the artificial darkness of an enclosed room or unnatural shadows. Cold did not exist. Pain did not exist. Hurting and hatred in the World did not exist. Death and destruction of any kind did not exist. They had not been conceived and experienced. Then over omni-google expanses of Time and omni-google stretches of pure perfection, the Super Universe, unexpectedly…changed~ The World moved or slightly shifted in a different direction. No High-Master understood: ‘WHY’ the change or divergence from omniperfection? Where will it manifest? What will happen? But the slight altercation in the + pattern will definitely occur… The wisest life forms and mega-minds of Universal Masters pinpointed the precise proton body that will, in future, turn into a ‘rogue’


negative electron. All the Worlds now knew of the one microscopic ‘planet’ that will grow and propagate Evil for the very first time. The ‘cosmic cancer’ that will sprout, fester and disease a Universe will never be terminated. The planet, which will have cancelled Universal Utopia or Perfection, infected or influenced everything and caused fantastic numbers of systems to have monitored the enigmatic grounds where wickedness and malevolence first began…was named: Shasheer. Shasheer was a modest-sized, green planet in the blue ‘Ra’ Star System composed of: 1) Delphi. 2) Rael. 3) Tera. 4) Shasheer. 5) Lilith. 6) Nira. 7) Sept. 8) Vara. 9) Elo and Tara. 10) Andes. 11) Illowine. 12) Kapoor. 13) Maraj. 14) Baradoom. Life forms on every Level and in every Dimension and in every Universe trained its monitors and crystal-recorders or ‘listeners’ on: SHASHEER. [Recorders started now]. No consciousness in the entire ‘Multi-Universe’ could have imagined how a planet’s electrical polarity could ever be changed or flipped. The first seed of Evil had not been planted, as yet. Everything in every world remained ideal. But the most


learned and wisest life forms understood what was going to happen to a beautiful green planet, the 4th proton in the Ra System. It would become the first world to not be beautiful and perfect anymore. Shaheerans never suspected that the ‘Eyes of the Universe’ observed their small, moonless paradise and watched every historical event in meticulous detail. Universes studied the question of why and how corruption ‘sparked’ and then viewed what fluid courses Life flowed in the aftermath. Universal Utopia truly existed in ‘the Beginning of Everything.’ The only primordial Life that existed and took shape in the physical Universe was perfect life forms. Brilliant, intelligent, compassionate beings of Love were first. There were no nights or ever a need to sleep or rest. Ra’s fourth planet or proton had a cherished and very special relationship with the fifth planet. Shasheer and Lilith were really a twin planet system or the same realm in separate orbits. Each remained in its perfect orbit from Ra, but perpetually stayed at their closest points to each other. In every other solar system, the outer planet moved slower in the larger orbit. Ra had two anomaly planets that from the start, ‘did not obey the rules.’ Lilith, in the outer orbit, traveled faster and kept pace with its slower twin always at their closest point. The 4th and 5th planets were in sync and could not be separated, not even by a matter of miles. Lilith and Shasheer never varied in orbital speeds and were in constant closeness, forever. There was a natural reason for the phenomenon. Shasheerans, like others, were noble and righteous beings of the highest order. They were unique in the Blue World with souls or spirits or ‘els’ outside of their humanoid (physical) bodies. Shaheeran spirits were the Lilitheans. There was one perfect, spiritual being on Lilith for every material Shasheeran. Each native had


a counterpart on the twin fifth planet. They were symbiotic life forms, wondrous creatures that together…dreamed. Shasheerans viewed, heard, felt and sensed via their counterparts as well as had their own brilliant sensory-powers. Lilitheans and Shasheerans, alone, could not dream. Lilitheans were the spiritual ‘Ghosts’ of the Shasheerans. Shasheerans did not have their ‘spirits’ solely within physical bodies as most creatures did. Their ‘souls’ or ‘els’ were on the next planet out from Ra. They could be two beings, simultaneously. Lilitheans were ghostly ‘containers’ for Shasheerans. Shasheerans ‘poured’ themselves into their Lilithean counterparts. Love held Lilith and Shasheer in constant closeness. Love and Light were in all space and skies with no hint of a ‘cloud’ or a problem glitch in the Power Network. Love that was everywhere was the ‘Electricity and Magnetism of the Universe.’ Power or pure energy was in the air and ground and inside every fresh, blue creature and thing from the Universe of new suns. ‘Solar systems’ were very low levels of (material) life-filled universes in comparison to much larger Dimensions and the fullest extent of Life, higher up the Power Network. Blue was the light at the start of the solar systems. White was the light in-between the worlds. Space was known to be bright blue or the full Spectrum of White. Life forms tended to be colored blue from the blue light of the first stars. The color blue was also extremely spiritual. Bright, azure energyauras surrounded most life forms in Ra’s galaxy, known as ‘Atl’ to Outsiders and a few High Masters of the First Universe.


Chapter One LOVE LOVE and each of its warm components, touched everything and was everything. Love flowed down Halls of Heaven and brightly poured into each outlet in one direction. Love became Electricity inside White Space that gently caressed every solar system and connected everything. Love was woven into the fabric of space and in the blue atmospheres of protons. The feeling within all of the cosmos and material worlds was electric. Love, the feeling and Power, transmuted into pure electricity over quasi-infinite time and later it was electrical power that filtered down the Cosmic Network Grid. Between the Universal clusters and universes and between the heavenly bodies down the line, in one direction, was pure Electricity. The White Space, clean atmospheres and also purified energy through the ground was ‘Super DC Power.’ From the cosmic ‘top’ to the last particles of the cosmic ‘bottom,’ EM energy of warmth and compassion very slowly turned to pure power. The Ultimate Power Grid was a ‘nebulous network’ that held ALL


together in peace and love. Everything was in harmonic space. Every energy spectrum could be tapped into for every need of every individual life form on every world. The whole Universe was a ‘Wheelwork of Nature’ or Supreme Generator where power flowed and its purpose was… To be used, touched and to be the ‘spark’ or power matrix for endless creations… Creatures, blue for the most part, possessed super knowledge right from the very beginning of their cosmic births. Life knew and did not need to ‘learn’ or ‘test’ or ‘question’ information (but only in the Beginning). Infinite variations of life simply had the knowledge for about anything they created or built. Different species tapped ‘the Source’ or a white Center of power that was everywhere. Audible communications did not exist or need to exist. ‘Talking’ was unheard of and completely unnecessary. The only communications between first life forms were via telepathy and the results were pure and perfectly clear understanding. In the First Age of Love, there was no need for physical travel. There were no spaceships. Primarily blue creatures of all shapes and sizes had no need to transport themselves in the material world. Beings of the highest sophistication and complexity moved their consciousness, their els, without limits. They ‘remote-viewed’ or ‘dream-viewed’ to any actual place they desired with a mere thought. The Universe was comprised of ‘doers’ that constructed and expanded the real world with infinite power at their disposal and ‘Watchers’ who ‘conscious-travelled through reality’ and very closely inspected and monitored and appreciated the Great Art that was the Universe. There were also unseen Listeners who heard everything,


everywhere. The Heavenly Power Grid functioned to its optimum efficiency without a glitch, anywhere. Everyone had everything and it was beautiful and bright. It was good.


Chapter Two PERFECTION PERFECT Time had no meaning in a real world by real beings that could stop time with a thought. They turned time around and examined each moment of reality in supreme depth. It took no time to ‘view’ (travel) anywhere in the Universe. The highest creatures could see the past and move to anywhere in the present with their minds, instantly. Their observations of the future were a different matter. The future was unknown. Tomorrow had too many possibilities. Why? Was it one-way clairvoyance? Direct Clairvoyance. Was Life blind to what could come the other way? ‘Perfect’ did not accurately describe the planet Shasheer and its even more exquisite twin, Lilith. Descriptions more fabulous and magnificent would be needed to correctly portray the people on one world and their spiritual counterparts on the other. Fantastic towers stood at amazing heights in clear, white skies over the surface of Shasheer. ‘Buildings’ did not accurately describe the towers or the phenomenal structures on the surface of the planet. Constructions were not made for ‘protection’ from nature since nature only gave and loved and harmed nothing. Structures were extremely artistic in white designs and a few other, extraordinary colors. Buildings


were also open plazas and meeting-areas that swooped, glided and warped in shapes beyond belief. Lilith also had tremendously beautiful towers and mystical architecture in mostly white, elegant shapes under the azure star of Ra. The difference from Lilith’s twin was: Life forms and structures on the real planet (#5) were spiritual and ethereal in nature. Lilitheans were smooth ‘ghosts’ that glowed and so were the ‘buildings’ around the Ghosts. Constructions on Lilith were only partially there. Archways had no support beams. Steps were just the steps and hung in midair without supports. Real structures and support beams were not needed on the surreal planet of Lilith. In a sense, Shasheerans cohabitated both planets: ‘spirit-els’ spilled over and into the counterparts on Lilith. Ghosts on Ra-5 could not ‘possess’ or choose to inhabit Shasheeran counterparts on Ra-4. A spirit (symbiotic) consciousness traveled one way, like the Universe. Lilitheans built a parallel world, then again, it was not ‘constructed’ at all. Lilitheans were extraordinary mirror ‘shell-els’ or ‘vessels’ or energy that originated from perfect, physical twins on Shasheer. Lilith was a real planet but not the phenomenal natives that flew around it, coated the terrain, floated over landscapes and made the surface their home. All life forms could leave their world with a thought in the metaphysical sense, except for Lilitheans. Lilitheans also ‘remotedreamed,’ but only did so in perfect concert with what the physical Shasheerans directed. Ghosts were nearly ‘empty containers’ without users. Actions were paralleled on both planets. The real one, basically, determined the patterns in the spiritual one and not the other way around.


Geographic features on Lilith also paralleled what existed on Shasheer. Real oceans, seas, bays, coves, lagoons, rivers, streams and falls on the 4th orb were mimicked by the 5th. Mountain ranges, plateaus, peaks and hills were replicated in the topography of the twin. Ghost buildings and real nature near the planet’s surface were only partially there. The twin planets were destined to be utilized by parallel-beings, which they were. Everything was in its perfect place and all was in precise order. *** A ‘Council of 3’ had always directed the planet of Shasheer from its first formation at the beginning of Time. Shasheer, one of infinite blue worlds, was counseled by only three highly respected beings: 1) Counselor Bast was the oldest of the elders who had kept the peace, harmony and love since ‘the first dawn.’ Shasheer’s Prime Counselor was always seated in the center while the other two Counselors flanked Bast, one on each side. The PC was known for fairness, steadiness and wise council. 2) Counselor Gan was a female and known for her flare and bold ideas that often offended the Council. Yet she seemed to be a necessary foil that challenged authority in the name of freedom. She was a powerful presence and only partially in white. 3) Counselor El was the youngest and possibly the wisest with a very strong ‘vergence’ (crown-mark) above him. Everyone had the ‘aqua-aura’ brilliance around them, but El was an ultra-example of light. He was considered the most intelligent Shasheeran scientist in the present age. After decisions and ‘judgments’ were deliberated and voted by Gan and Bast, the Council was frequently deadlocked. Young El


resolved the minor issues that arose and was seen as the main ‘director’ or arbitrator on the Council of 3. A Council Meeting was about to be in session inside the Prime Plaza in the ‘floated’ City of Orkhan. The ‘3’ members always sat (not hovered) during the sessions on throne-like devices. Emotions were curbed, but that was not always the case. Blue light and blue energy were everywhere. The universes and life forms within them…felt…a slight change in cosmic winds [At the same moment on Lilith, a gathering of Ghosts took place where three extra smooth and shiny beings of light-energy were center stage]. The population of Shasheerans and the same number of delicate, gentle counterparts on Lilith ‘viewed’ the Council Meeting and also continued ‘dreaming-in’ universes. No beautiful creature on the twin planets had any conception that they were being scrutinized to the maximum by Heaven. The Watchers watched more intensely. The Listeners listened even closer. Counselor Gan started the session. She wore colorful robes and a headdress. The Council Meeting was a 3-way mind-conversation that the whole ‘World’ heard, viewed and felt… Time has come to spread our wings and fly. The Nebulous Network flows with Power and we remain humbly thankful to the Universe itself and to Power itself. We will use the Power as it was meant to be used as our world enlarges to even greater proportions. We thank the Universe for our existence… She closed her radiant eyes. Bast appeared wrinkled, bearded and wore robes of subtle colors. A golden ringlet hovered a short distance over his head. He made his opening statement with his mind…


The Universe gives us joy and love and we are eternally grateful for the Stream of Power from Heaven. Each system thrives and life multiplies and extends as we spiral and ride the White Light in between blue suns. I express for all…thank you, Universal Heaven… El was relatively young, a handsome man with blue skin and long, golden hair. He also had a ringlet or vergence that hovered above his head, only it was a smaller curve of gold. He wore white, stylish clothes of a supreme scientist. El was the only ‘bonded’ member of Council. His wife was the super gorgeous and intelligent Jara (nearly a Council member). El and Jara were considered the ‘perfect bonded’ couple on the planet. El expressed… We thank the Power as it is in Heaven and thank the Universe for its flow of Electricity down cosmic channels. We live in and because of the Light of Power. May the Network forever flow and never be interrupted. For all, thank you, our Heaven… Each statement by the Counselors was a matter of ‘free form’ protocol. Now any matters of planetary concern would be transmitted. Gan wanted clarification. Question to El: The Power interrupted? Was that a…fear? Certainly not, El answered in quick thoughts. Because the logic or…SCIENCE escapes me of how, what you suggest, how that could possibly occur? What you suggest cannot happen and therefore your point is moot, is it not? El defended his statement. Pardon me, but I was not suggesting the impossible. I merely praised the Network stream for its eternal lifeblood of energy and will never again suggest the possibility of a breakage in the Power flow. El did not bow. Gan smiled and took pleasure in a small victory over the ‘wisest’ and newest Council member.


Bast brought up, Why is the question. Gan asked for clarification from Bast. He answered her. Why is the World watching us? She quickly responded. Where did this come from, Bast? Since when are we the theatre for the Universes and why would it be? The elder repeated, Why is the question. There was a moment of silence. [Crystal-Recorders were turned up]. No one needed to be physically within the Prime Plaza of Orkhan floated at a high altitude. Shasheerans did not need to huddle as an audience around the extraordinary, plant-filled courtyard. The Council Meeting was respected and therefore no one was in close proximity. If natives wanted to ‘view’ the proceedings, they could. Everyone experienced the Council Meeting from the comfort of home and with closed eyes. Gan turned to El. El, boy wonder, answer the question for us will you? Are the Universes watching us and WHY is the World watching us? El did not enjoy the mental, ‘playful’ battles with Gan. He understood her wild heart and very free spirit, her lovely anarchy. El was impressed with her challenges; they were usually ‘sharp tease’ or a counterpoint. Lately the El noticed a ‘sharper sting to her bite.’ The El, with golden ‘curve’ overhead, expressed in questions, What could happen here any differently than on any other world? Where are we different? The Lady Counselor did not hesitate with her reply. Are you forgetting Lilith’s wall of protection? Nothing like that exists anywhere. Are you forgetting the unique bond between the twins? Where else does an outer planet accelerate to be near an inner planet? El replied with a wink, Maybe Shasheer slows to maintain the bond?


Bast interjected, Your ‘bond’ may have no meaning. I feel…I feel the gaze of others, not of this world. We do not know why. El added, Yet. The El continued, Yes we are unique, but each system is unique. Gan asked El again. They are watching then? The newest Counselor firmly suggested to her, You answer the question. Gan thought about the response this time, carefully. She enlarged her stunning eyes and transmitted, Perhaps…they are watching…now. *** Earlier on Ra’s fifth planet of Lilith, a surreal meeting had concluded. Lilitheans were 100% unique in the Universe. They were ‘other vessels’ for the ‘souls’ of material humanoids only one proton’s distance away. They were the sweetest of light, vague spirits: individuals of the warmest persuasion. Ghosts flew, danced and sang in the ‘utter joy of simply being.’ Existence was total pleasure for the spirits on Ra-5. The beautiful, odd, partial world on the surface of real Lilith was the perfect homeland for the humanlike Spirits. The planet always had its sweet, innocent inhabitants. Lilith and the Ghosts originated back with the ‘first dawn.’ They had an Agreement: No ‘outsider’ or alien was allowed upon Lilith. No one could enter Lilith. The soft, fragile, azure spirit-natives were protected from harm by Love. An impenetrable Energy Field, the first (P-ray) Force-Field, surrounded Lilith in an enormous sphere of bright ‘protection.’ Shasheeran souls were well guarded. A magnetic, electric ‘bubble’ or invisible shield existed around the fifth planet and safely housed Lilitheans. Lilitheans had their own simple lives and then there were other


times when the Ghosts were completely controlled or ‘taken over’ by the counterparts. Every move and every step was not paralleled on Ra-5. Most were. Many were mimicked echoes. To the sleepless Shasheerans, they had a ‘dream-dimension’ of imagination and wonder to explore with the 5th planet. Physical Shasheerans had a real universe that was mastered. When they ‘poured their souls’ into Ghosts, they experienced the exotic world of fantasies and dreams and surrealism far beyond normal reality. On worlds of no night and no sleep, there were still dreams. Thoughts traveled. Play, love, exploration, the universal intrigue of Creation and flights of sheer magic were the essence of the Lilitheans. *** El and Jara flew to different locations inside the sweet, clean and ‘perfect’ domicile that was their lovely home. The blonde beings moved aboard the suspended City of Orkhan in their special place, a special paradise. They rearranged the assorted walls, sculptures, decorative fixtures, pillars, plants, large vases, giant crystals and other items. The ‘perfect’ couple wanted a different look to the old surroundings. They appeared super strong as they flew across the enormous enclosure and held massive objects in their hands. Both Jara and El manipulated matter easily. A thought and a touch altered an object’s molecular composition and made it as light as air. The ‘artists’ added new frills from a few alien protons (planets). Soon the proper color splashes were set exactly where they should be in the changed arrangement. They were finished. El enjoyed a flight with the wife. He caught her very high and then swooped down to the floor with Jara in his arms. She also had a curved, golden vergence over her head. They laughed and kissed while their feet were firmly planted on the floor.


Stop. You stop. Ha. There was no need for furniture, sitting devices, beds, chairs, etc. They had not been invented. No flying life form (from the Beginning) had any necessity of such appliances. Beings that utilized mega mind-power hovered in midair with no effort. Shasheerans had total control of themselves and most of the material world around them. Shasheeran homes were not really enclosures. These enclosures had tremendous open areas which warmly let in the exquisite ‘outside’ environment of energy. There was no need for steps or doorways or archways or higher floors to flying Angels of Heaven. Natives simply used complete mind-power and flew to any point while being totally relaxed. Any midair position within the atmosphere of the planet could be sustained by Ra-4 natives with no effort. El? Yes? What you expressed at the Meeting? The interruption of Power. Jara wanted to explore the issue. Each ‘sat’ in a very relaxed position in midair only a few feet above the floor. They wore simple, white, casual clothes. They touched each other in an affectionate embrace. I feel what the Prime Council felt and feels…of what is to come. El confessed, I do as well, my love. You do? she asked in surprise. The ‘perfectly bonded’ couple often was not of one mind (the mystery and the attraction). More than that, my love. I’ve seen it, El expressed in fear. (It was fear). The new concept was a ‘concern’ that El absolutely hid from the rest of the Universe. It was the first fear, worry or feeling of paranoia.


El kept his horrible thought in a secret place away from everything. It was his way of how he ‘coped’ with knowledge of the inevitable future. El’s secret place was a dark and dim, stark world of long shadows. Jara moved even closer to him in the air and placed her arm around the back of his neck and through his long hair. Her left-hand touched his chest and compassionate heart. Jara was very serious and transmitted: Show me. In pictures, Jara viewed scenes that were incomprehensible. There were infinite images of something that was a blackness. It was a nothing, an empty coldness, a void and something as unknown as PAIN... They were in shock. They held each other tighter and soon calmed down. Jara believed she had the truth and the reason why the unbelievable ‘fears’ now existed along within the perfect purity… You were dreaming. PC also. Her blues eyes brightened, and then… El gently interrupted his wife with, No…that is not it. She continued and was certain that she was correct. Ghosts, our Spirits were dreaming, imagining possibilities…they drew the images, my love… Jar, please… What? I was not in my Ghost when I received these images. Jara did not know what to express with her heart. *** Counselor Gan, who never used her Ghost, entered her own secret ‘bubble’ away from all monitors of the Universe (she thought). Her


large, powerful, blue eyes closed and the bubble was maintained. She was in her private quarters. The Counselor had many questions for her ‘Master.’ Again you have come, E. I must know the truth. How is this possible? How can the Future be Dark? E...E, this is frightening! Gan took a few seconds and composed her body and mind and nearly broke the ‘bubble.’ It is truth. I know this now, Prime Counselor was indeed sensitive to Heaven’s ‘Eyes’ upon us. I have to know why, E. You tell me. Gan inhaled and exhaled a large breath. She concentrated deeper and took Master E’s thoughts directly out of its consciousness. She broadcasted: Because on Shasheer…here is where darkness will first appear. Much later, it will consume the universe and never be eliminated. The DC World will no longer continue one way, from the cosmic top to the cosmic bottom. The universe will be made to alternate. ALL will change; the world will flip and a wave will feedback to the Source! There will be Cycles and repetition and days and nights and cold pain and…and… DEATH! Huh, she gasped as inside she touched Fear. The thin, fragile silence-bubble burst. *** Time passed on material, physical Shasheer. In the distant past, Time did not move. The extraordinary and newly designed domicile of the Els was vacated for the moment. The Els flew at supersonic speed through the energized atmosphere


of Shasheer. It was a very special occasion. They were on their way over Cydonia. [El did not want to go there. Not because of his troubled visions of the City in the future. Strangely, he was blinded of tomorrow’s distant events at Cydonia]. Luminous, white mists were punctured in the most marvelous and mathematical ways by the flying duo that were incredibly in love. They traced graceful curves and cut amazing streaks in the charged mists. Flight always exhilarated them. They scaled the proton’s upper atmosphere until they reached the electrical ceiling or extent of the planet’s prime charge. They could go further. First life forms were White Space, flying beings that were supercharged when near or upon a planet. Creatures flew through the power in space and visited other planets, although the power in space was less and the physical trip was slower. Why transport one’s material body to other planets when it was easier and much faster to send one’s consciousness? I love you, Jara psychically told her husband while her golden hair and vergence blew through the planet’s magnetic ionosphere. I love me, too. Ha. And you. His long hair did the same. Ha. The Els flew over gigantic Nirva Ocean, which was in the slow and precious process of ‘canyon-making.’ El generally knew that a dry and red world, a very different and frightening world would exist on Shasheer in the far future, long after the horror. A million years later, the special Canyon will be the most phenomenal one in the entire Solar System. Jara knew it also. The Els flew over Nirva Mountain, the highest peak on Shasheer and the largest electro-volcano in the Solar System. El and his wife also


received information on what was going to happen to Nirva peak in the future. Everything negative or any occult fear was concealed in their thoughts to everyone else in the ‘hidden places.’ The present moment was special because the Council voted on a Power Mound in the likeness of the newest Council member and the most popular member under Ra. El voted against the measure and was outvoted 2-1. Gan and Bast thought a tribute to El was in order. Normally the Great Mound would simply be a structure due to be constructed for physical (electrical) expansion purposes as more uses for ‘the Power’ were developed. The mile-long Mound would be an enormous ‘gathering-place’ where natives got ‘Super-Charged’ for all the right reasons: 1) Knowledge. 2) Extended Mind-Travel. 3) Life Expansion (retardation of material aging). 4) Health/Happiness. 5) Enrichment. 6) Stronger Spirit. …And to be near pure bliss and a feeling of Nirvana. The Els saw their ‘home’ or the fantastic City of Orkhan close to the horizon. Two other aerial-Cities were also in view (Spa and Fon). Jara had to see the new Mound and even had to pull her husband in the right direction over the Great City of Cydonia. Below were the Grand Pyramid, Magnetic Tholis, Beamis, QuadMounds, Pendrax and City Square that towered high out of Lilith Lake. Why was the El so ‘spooked’ on the subject of Cydonia? Was it because that was his one blind spot? ‘Cydonia’ meant ‘Celebrate!’ El and Jara left ‘Heaven’s Buildings’ and the ‘ultimate in material engineering’ on Shasheer and the rest of the known universe.


There was El’s face one mile long and it stared straight up into White Space and Heaven. Lilith Lake was crowded with throngs of colorful Shasheerans in the air, who were really too far away to be seen clearly. El wanted to be very distant from the ‘tributes’ and praise or whatever accolades his fellow natives had in mind. No one flew this high and the couple was alone. Looks exactly like you, she teased her husband. Why did they put you in a headdress? They lost the long-hair. El was shy and was not going to make an appearance at his own ‘tribute’ party. It had to be…in a dome shape, for the… Ha, ha. I know. Ha. Where is the vergence? They should add… The embarrassed El confessed. They are going to have an antigrav one, hanging there. Jara laughed louder and circled him a few times in the high, sweet mists. He knew how to make her stop the laughter. I am going to change the Face so it looks like you! El demanded in a playful joke. Do not do that. For a second, Jara thought he was serious. They laughed. It was super. Can we go home? El asked. They softly air-kissed and flew home. *** Gan rested. Then she flew around the planet a few times and remained a worried native of Ra’s 4th proton. She flew to the highest point on the planet, the apex of Nirva Mountain. None of the other 793,999 Shasheerans were atop the prestigious and perfect zenith of their world. She was alone. Gan was tempted to ‘pour into her soul,’ into her Ghost on Lilith for the first time, but she dared not do it. Why had she never experienced


‘dreaming’ and traveled outside of her real universe? The answer was a personal one that the realistic Counselor had not faced. She wondered about her Ghost that she had never touched, ‘driven,’ momentarily ‘possessed’ or ever ‘directed.’ Gan believed her personal Ghost had to be the happiest creature in all of existence. To be absolutely FREE with undisturbed dreaming, without ever playing ‘host’ under the temporary ‘control’ of its twin. Gan convinced herself that her Ghost must feel ‘blessed’ by the fact that the Counselor had never made contact. She was certain she made the right decision over all of these years. Gan was the only native that never Ghost-dreamed in her extremely long existence. She was a pragmatist and firmly dealt with only the real universe and never one of surreal fantasy. Many thought the philosophy clashed with her ‘freedom campaigns.’ To the Lady Counselor of subtle anarchy with personal issues, her only public comment was… It was complicated. The top of Nirva Mountain was a marvelous place to receive clean and clear thoughts from the White Universe. *** On Lilith, unknown to Gan, her sweet Ghost did not feel ‘blessed.’ Gan’s Ghost did not feel free. The blue, smooth, hairless ‘shell’ of a light-creature that composed the soul or ‘other part’ of Gan did not understand. The innocent creature took the ‘non-usage’ as a personal insult. Why would its ‘user’ not touch it? Why was it never filled or motivated? Gan’s Ghost felt shunned, snubbed and ignored, like a great purpose: unfulfilled. How could the beauty of the ‘dream-gifts’ have been completely rejected? Why? Gan’s Ghost knew it could be used at any moment and would be


‘electrically thrilled’ by the thought of Gan poured into it. The Ghost also knew that was not going to happen. The Spirit or GG sealed itself off from the other Lilitheans and became a ‘recluse’ among its silent kind. It was ashamed. It wanted to hide in shame. It wanted to segregate itself from the others who rejoiced in being ‘used’ and sang and were ‘touched’ at any moment in time. Was it possible that a Ghost’s ‘life’ could have an effect on its user? Would anyone ever hear the soft prayers of Gan’s Ghost? Could it ever touch anything or ever be touched? The protective sphere that walled off Lilith in the planetary ‘Agreement’ also masked the emotions or feelings of Gan’s Ghost from other sensitive life forms in the World. No one knew of the sad and sorrowful life-shell, the unused one, it thought. The Universe knew as its ‘Eyes’ and ‘Ears’ remained closely fixed on Ra’s twin planets. *** Gan was in deep meditation on the very pinnacle of Nirva Mountain. Nothing helped her troubled mind. Every place she traveled inside her mind in the real universe did not assist her grave concerns about the future. She opened another silence-bubble and communed with the ‘Master of Truth.’ Under open, white skies of the universe and on this grand stage known as Mount Nirva… A ‘communications-void’ will be created, in a sense, and more secrets of the future will be revealed by the ‘true Source.’ Soon, the ‘bubble’ was formed as if by a type of magic. Gan was forced to ask a question she would not have normally asked:


What happened to Mang? The Master answered her with the truth. Former Counselor Mang is a universal enigma, said the Voice in strong thoughts. Gan was impatient, but also concentrated hard and maintained the bubble’s cohesion. Yes, a mystery in your ‘perfect’ universe. His disappearance opened the Seat for El. Could he have been destroyed? The Master’s Voice uncharacteristically screamed, There is no Destruction! Her eyes sparkled and closed. Gan whispered in a thought, Not yet. Where is Mang? The Voice answered and expressed the truth. His spiritconsciousness was not destroyed. He is no longer inside our universe, no longer within its parameters. Gan commented more than asked a question. The question of ‘Why’ remains. Why El on the Council? I will not inform you of that which you will discover on your own, transmitted the Voice. I have a question for you, dear Gan. Yes? You have seen ‘Things to Come.’ You do NOT know who is to blame for the coming End of the World… Gan only stood there silently as the mists whipped by under the white sky and blue light. Then she expressed her confusion. Blame? There is a single soul who is to blame for the ultimate tragedy of the twin planets? Gan was utterly amazed and she felt close to a big truth. The Voice of Truth replied, Yes. And the end of much, much more… What could have caused the (future) total destruction of Lilith and the ruination of her beloved Shasheer and more? Within the silence-bubble, the Voice conveyed the exact name of the entity that will bring Hell to Heaven, interrupt the Great Power flow


and bring the first Darkness to the World of Light. His name was: El. Gan’s ‘bubble’ popped. She was back on the mountaintop, mystified.


Dedicated to my Father…


About the Author

Tray Caladan was born Doug Yurchey in Pittsburgh, PA. in 1951 to Rose and Stephen Yurchey. A shy, only-child retreated into his own world and drew pictures. He earned a tennis scholarship to Edinboro State as an art major only to quit and begin the ‘Art Trek’ gallery. He married a psychic (Katrina) that would forever change his life and send him on a course to solve great mysteries. In 199091, he worked as a background cleanup artist on the ‘Simpsons.’ Tray’s important articles, books, videos, radio shows, theories, patent, stories, ideas, games and art can be viewed online. His positive message of a hi-tech Human Genesis: Eden as Atlantis, powered by Tesla’s wireless principles, pervades his ‘science-fiction’ and his ‘Science-Faction’ as well~ Author’s note: A recent addition with alternative ending-twist to Book Two “SON of ZOG” (for videos, blu-rays, YTs, Wadlos, i-files and x-books). The following new world was not a dream; it was real. Yet it paralleled the Dream Continuums:


“Citizen Cal: the Darkening” An alarm rang, that was not an alarm! The device only woke Cal and Mary out of a restful and needed sleep. Cal was alive and in the physical world, again. He shut off the alarm. He looked over at the other half of his life, his wonderful wife, Mary. He really loved her after many happy years. They didn’t want to get out of the hover-bed. So they didn’t. The blonde Caladans stretched at the same time and shook their dreams away as the real world formed around them… Their dome-home on Simar was (strangely) not produced by artist and architect, Cal. The round walls and amazing, curved ‘spacial’ areas, which poured into other areas (rooms) under the white dome, were created by one of Cal’s favorite designers and painters in the galaxy: Rog Vean. To own a Vean dome original was a boyhood fantasy of Cal. Rog even signed it. The only part not created by ‘Rog’ was the power-antenna high over center of the dome, which (like all devices) was powered by energy frequencies everywhere. Maybe I’ll build an original of my own in the back…smaller, of course. They recently bought an exquisite ‘township’ called Avalon, which was filled with orchards of purple Yarbello trees. Location of Caladans’ dome-home was slightly off from the purple township’s center and near the base of a pink mesa, Cal called: Pree. They did not own their little, black shat named Eo. It was more like…she owned them. The Caladans’ only child was not a child anymore. Sam was 16 and away at the Priesthood with other scientists at Simar’s Prime Temple of Higher Learning. It was the brilliant boy’s first yarn away from his parents and Home Schooling. He was on his way here. Late this Cycle, a very much anticipated family reunion will occur inside the white dome-home. They were all happy and good. Almost everyone was happy in a universe without night, without knowledge of what night was or anything associated with black space…or pure evil. SPACE WAS WHITE! Space was lit, like all the universes (except one). Space had power, energy and magnetism and full spectrums of such frequencies. Space and atmospheres were filled to capacity…with White Magic or Love. On Simar, like on about every planet and moon, skies were WHITE, like the


space beyond. At times, weather happened in pastel, spectral colors. Light turquoise or orange rain and snow or light green hailstones or even pale, violet fog and clouds appeared on the sacred planet under the usual white skies and White Space. On Simar, it was the Priesthood’s Spirit within gentle, soft, white temples that taught great, natural truths down to microscopic truths, beneath the surface of all things. The pretty purple and sometime pink landscape along with ancient souls of ancestors helped guide scientific minds of the present among the sacred and very beautiful shrines. It was a natural education of peace and love and science and music and art and math and the learning of pure facts. What was truth? Unfiltered, untainted facts and real truths were taught to boy and girl ‘cadets.’ The teachings were not training programs of the ‘Union’ or lame Statesponsored Media programs. The cadets and potential priests were not part of military indoctrination in any way, shape or form. The Simaran Priesthood was not a military academy or trade school. Actually, the curriculum of Truth often blasted / criticized / exposed the evil politics of the Republic and United Federation before it. Cadets were guided by wisdom to Question Everything. Question Authority. Question the State or whomever was in power. Question what the Media broadcasted, incessantly: propaganda and LIES. Students were taught to know and therefore SEE the truth. Son Sam was part of a real, enlightened, education program on Simar that any moral Citizen would be extremely proud of. Cal and Mary made sure their young man truly advanced himself from the Home Schooling that was well provided for Sam’s first fifteen years. Now he learned by light-yarns from wise, reincarnated Masters at the Prime Temple of Higher Learning. Sam’s parents thanked the blessed suns in White Space that their young man did not attend bogus Galactic College or State-sponsored business schools, but instead of most young Citizens… …Chose the Simaran Priesthood as a cadet on the road of pure science and math and was destined to find truth and understanding in time. Cal and Mary were relieved that Sam was in good hands with warm hearts at the Temple. He would not be trained into belief-systems or lies of the State or Union or Party and be one more ‘Citizen for the Republic.’ Cal and Mary Caladan did not ‘support’ the reigning galactic Republic.


GST was 2101.3000000. Time did not matter~ “Mare?” “Yes, my love?” “Did you have a weird dream?” She was stumped for a quarter ya, then answered, “No, um…no, ah…now that I think of it? Well, maybe something, something I remember…” “You do remember it?” Cal asked and then he yawned. “You think we had the same dream?” He replied, “Ulp, ah, well…don’t know. Mine was so…so, so lucid…” Cal had his hands behind his head and he stared up into the curvature of the dome. “What do you recall about yours, Mare?” He listened closely. She spoke up as if flashes of another place and time suddenly appeared. “It concerned a State Trooper, a high-ranking guard…who had a change of heart. Or was it an entire metamorphosis into a Being so…so very different than a Centurion android with blind obedience to the Republic?” “Did he have a name?” Cal had a hidden reason for the question. “What?” Mary snapped away from the images in her mind. “Do you remember his name?” Cal Caladan asked his wife. “Give me a ya. I have to concentrate.” She concentrated. “Ca…LAD…rian. Caladrian Trask, I think was his name…” Cal absolutely froze as if he was immersed under a cold Pool of Zog. Then he acted a part and ‘innocently’ asked, “Like our name? Was he me, Mare?” She was not aware of the pause. For one a bit psychic, she didn’t notice the deception. “Oh, you wouldn’t want to be this Bozzer, darling. He was a Zog-awful killer, my love.” She smiled and was also prone. “I think I know you fairly well over the last twenty yarns. You’re nothing like this terrible, cruel, evil, evil man, Cal.” Mary and Cal were extraordinarily sensitive and occasionally psychic. They were not on the high order of seers and great Mystics in the galaxy, but they knew they could tap into certain odd abilities or possibilities of the senses. They were very aware of how perfectly matched they were. They certainly understood that Sam had special capabilities and phenomenal potential to do amazing things. That’s why he was the ‘sun cadet’ at the Temple, according to last reports.


[It was believed by many on secret State levels, that all three Caladans were incredible people and much more important than anyone knew. The special family was not aware that they were closely watched by the Galactic Union, which had a strong interest in them, especially Sam. Time-Machines once showed the Federation the ancestors of the Caladans and the wars they fought and TimeMachines have shown the current Republic the power inside young Sam]. “I can’t remember much else about the Centurion, Caladrian, other than I think he redeemed himself from…from the fascism of the State called the Order…” “Really?” Mary rubbed her eyes and said, “Yes. I think he was a good guy. Now…now it’s gone.” “Hmm.” “Tell me your dream. You said it was lucid, vivid.” Cal was overwhelmed. “Ha. There was a lot there. It concerned my father, Trey…” “Oh. Tell me. You’ve never spoken much about ‘m ‘cept he was in prison for a long time, innocent of Conspiracy charges.” “Yeah. Well, that was a long time ago. My understanding is…he spoke the truth; corrupt State Police didn’t like it and he disappeared, so the story goes…” She did not notice. “What was the dream that involved him?” “What’s cards?” “Huh?” Mary was mystified at the concept. “Have you ever heard of card games? A deck of cards or how to play?” “Never. Ha. But I’ll bet you can invent new games. You know, from your dreams, Cal?” “Funny.” She returned to ‘serious’ mode. “Go on with your dream. Trey played these games, is it?” “Yeah, sort of. They were kind of important.” Cal paused, then said in a lower voice, “Because our entire galaxy’s existence depended on it.” “Wow. Nice dream. I guess he won?” Mary turned toward her husband and rested her head on her right hand.


“Yeah, Pinwheel was somehow connected and very crucial to higher worlds called Continuums…” “Huh.” “And even lower, much smaller, infinitesimal continuums on megamicroscopic levels.” Cal came down from ‘pastel clouds’ in his mind and turned, looked directly into his wife’s eyes. He changed the subject, but really did not. “Ever hear of planet Earth, Mare?” “Earth? Nope. That’s a new one,” she replied. “How about…Mineer?” “Of course I’ve heard of Mineer: Third planet in the Ra System. I forget what sector. What about it?” “Strange that many Citizens are drawn to its…mystery: like, did it have a phantom moon or not?” Cal made a statement that was little understood by Union Monitors, crystal-recorders, United Watchers and Listeners. “I…I think it was the Beginning, the Center of all things.” Mary let the eccentric, eclectic, philosophic statement roll over her like grease on a Canto Bear. “This is fun…better than exploring. What else have you pulled out of yer dream?” He smiled. He continued with a frown when he remembered, “Ugh. You won’t believe this one, dear.” Cal’s demeanor changed to negative. “Go.” “Black Space.” “Black space?” she echoed in utter wonder. “Waddo you mean, black space?” “Okay, imagine space or area around planets and suns…NOT white.” Mary responded with what Media had accurately broadcasted on the News in the world of Science, recently. “They say it’s not as white as it used to be…” “Mare! Never mind that. Imagine empty space: a complete void, a big, big Nothing!” He was suddenly emotional. She was quick. “Like the absence of color, the absence of frequencies, no magnetic-electrism, no Light, no Power anywhere? Is THAT the nightmare yer talkin’ about?” She shared his paranoia. He held her tight. “Yes, my love. It was a nightmare. I saw fear. I saw doom. I saw our universe dim, dim and darken in the future.” “But Cal, it was a dream. It was only a dream, dear.” She felt his fear. He


was never this worried before. There were slight tremors in their bodies. Was their secure ‘island’ of a home on Simar in jeopardy? There were no great Wars or smaller fayds to be concerned with. Cal, Mary and Sam had no enemies. There were only the unknown ‘Eyes in the Skies’ of the Galactic Union as well as other monitoring means by State Officials and aliens. *** EARLIER… Sam, in a grey robe, was alone within the enormous ‘hidden’ Hall of the Prime Temple. Opulence surrounded the boy soon to be a man, soon to be a Citizen. Radiant gemstones on walls, ancient artifacts, grails, even on covers of sacred Books had holy purposes. Temples of such riches were completely masked from outsiders and also other cadets. Only High Masters entered the Hall or, on very rare occasions, a special guest. Sam knelt at the ‘Altar of Contemplation,’ in the center, and understood that the moment was extremely rare. He was special. He was deeply honored as if his stellar education in the Sciences had been greatly accelerated by simply given the privilege to kneel here... …Where Zog had been known to speak~ Some Masters claimed to have communed with Zog on this very spot, the center of ME vortexes and lines of natural forces, visible and invisible. To the boy in robes, it was virtually impossible to believe where he was in the now. He also could not believe ZOG MIGHT SPEAK~ Sam was given an opportunity that no other ‘cadet’ EVER was given to prove his Mystic strength, will and power. Could he communicate with Zog? It took some time to realize that fact within him. Would nothing happen, as often occurred when potent Masters bowed before Zog when they were given their only chance? Every high-ranking Temple Official or ‘Metrone,’ Union Official as well as alien authorities in multiple galaxies…wanted to know, desperately. Astronomical numbers of eyes were now upon nervous Sam. He knew. Caladan, first in his class, understood that he was no longer a ‘cadet.’ He was a potential Master at a very young age. He felt that the Watchers Watched and Listeners Listened…


“Speak.” “AH! Who, ah…w-who is there?” Sam looked around the massive Hall. Nothing different was seen but minerals of fabulous wealth and beauty inlaid among gold-trimmed walls. Nothing had moved. Radiation lines continued out from the special altar for nearly 1/10 of a fell in every direction. The Voice seemed as if it emanated from within Sam. “You know who is here with you, Sam. I have always been with you.” “Zog.” He was excited. His eyes enlarged and glowed. “Ha. Ha.” “You laugh? Ha. Zog laughs.” The boy was enchanted. “Yes, Sam. One must laugh when faced with the horrific truth.” His expression of awe changed to sad curiosity. “What horrific truth?” The deep, strong, internal Voice only laughed again. Sam sincerely asked from his heart, “Tell me what I should do. What should I do to serve you, great and powerful Zog?” “Did you know, you are not a Citizen?” “I thought I was, sir.” “No. It is one of many errors in the Great Teachings I will show you. But you can become a Citizen…through…sacrifice.” “The Teachings, the Testament…are in error, Zog?” “You will discover: Everything is different at higher levels. Sam, would you like to become leader of the Last Order? With my help, you could rule. We’ve seen it…” The boy was bedazzled and confused inside elite mysticism (and not facts). “What, the Republic?” “The Empire.” *** LATER… After pleasantries, loving vibrations, long hugs and even kisses were exchanged between the Caladans, they had a hearty meal together. Eo was excited to see Sam again. The food was fantastic. They ate rare xils, cut thick with spicy fritters and fancy, colorful side-dishes. Robotic cooks did a splendid job.


Green Meads of different potency were in the Caladans’ hands as they retired to the main living-area. The mechanical help went to work. It was yars since the whole family was under the same dome. The gettogether had been anticipated for a long time. Sam’s parents had a few unexpected surprises for their son. He seemed different, somehow, and much older. He was no longer a boy. Cal and Mary knew to treat Sam as the educated man of the Sciences he had become. After only one yarn, their son was a PRIEST. And not the phony versions of tele-priests viewers saw over Media, but a true one. They were very proud of Sam. He appeared as the ‘Prince of Magraloth,’ from the old stories. The parents smiled and didn’t know how to start the conversation. Small talk was over; now there would be more meaty dialogue. “How much do you sleep?” Sam asked an unusual question. Cal answered, “Oh, I don’t know. I suppose the full yam, like most other Citizens.” “Why do you ask, Sam?” Mother asked. “Was there ever a time when you slept less, like when you were young?” Cal realized, “I think we did sleep and eat less. But we were younger, son. More things to do; we were much more active and less tied down…” Mary responded to her husband with a big smile, “You’re tied down? Are you?” Mr. Caladan had to rephrase. “I mean…we were more free, ah.” Sam cracked a small joke. Small jokes were often tossed about in the family triangle. “That didn’t help, father.” “Ha!” “Great having you home, son.” “Yeah, you said…” Sam had a test in mind. He knew he could hide his real intentions from them. The next question was not ‘out of the blue’ as his parents assumed. “We’ve never really talked about…” Cal sensed what was coming and tensed up while Mary remained clueless. “…Your father, grandfather Trey.” Cal switched to ‘automatic’ and, very deep inside, wondered if his son had learned the truth about Trey? He was sure his son picked up on how uncomfortable the subject was. Cal used a lot of mental strength to act normal. “What, what would you like to know about him, son?”


Why did it seem that Sam understood more than Cal? Sam knew that the next question should spark a reaction on the order of White Atomics. “Was his name ever…Caladrian?” Son looked father directly in the eyes, sternly, with power and confidence. “Is that our original name, father?” The question struck Cal and Mary like blows from mighty pendrilles. She recalled her dream about the Centurion. She gasped at her husband, “Cal. How can that be?” Caladan, senior, finally responded with, “Where did you hear that, Sam?” Sam was undaunted and repeated, “Is that our original name, father?” “Of course not. It’s always been Caladan.” After another awkward pause, “Wait a ya…” Now the lie. Make something up good, father. Cal acted as if he remembered: “There was a court case…” Mary believed every word and listened. Sam did not. “Really?” “It was a long time ago. 2077, maybe? Someone named Caladrian…sued your grandfather. I forget over what invention, maybe all of them? He claimed they were his and because of similarity in names, something like that, son. I think he was trying to steal them.” He looked deeper into Sam in search of a sincere reply. “What did you hear? I’d like to know.” Sam responded to the lie with one of his own. “A rumor, some News item that Trey had a conflict with a guy named Trask. I guess it was about the court case you mentioned.” Sam stared into Mary’s face. She was nearly compelled to ask the next question. She finished her green drink and asked him, “Cal? Earlier…I said Caladrian and you said nothing…” Sam again commented with, “Really?” in a slightly higher pitch. “How about that?” Cal answered his wife. “Forgot the name. Sam jogged it out of me, now.” “Hmm. Here’s a question about the famous prisoner, your father…” “He wasn’t famous, Sam,” Cal replied, calmly. “Did his imprisonment have anything to do with the court case, this Trask guy?” “Of course not. Trey was a political prisoner of the United Federation, way back then, before the Republic.” Mary wanted to clear the air and discover why this was important to her son


or what was really on his mind. “Why are you asking about your grandfather, Sam?” He gently touched her hand. “Mother, recently…I feel closer and closer to grandfather. Ah…like he…” Cal kept calm. Inside he was not and his son knew it. Sam turned back toward Cal. “Can you tell me more of Trey?” “More?” “Yes. What was he like? What do you remember? What exactly was he guilty of? What did the Bozzing feds do to him? I want to know his case! Everything you know about it, father. Wasn’t he a rebel? Wasn’t he of great interest to you? Wasn’t Trey a hero to you?” Mary wanted to hear more since she was also vague on Cal’s unique father and his bizarre history. More lies, dear father? “I don’t know much. He died long ago. He was charged with being a Separatist from the Federation or being its leader? Not sure.” “Leader of the early Separatists? Really?” Sam looked at his mother. Mary shook her head. “I never knew that.” Cal continued. “I think he was in federal prison for 10 yarns and then nothing was ever heard from him again. Possibly, if I knew more facts…your grandfather would be more of a hero to me. Strange that he’s been on your mind, son.” Cal gestured and relaxed. He thought everything was fine. Sam seemed in a daze. “Facts, hmm. Yes, we’d know where we stood if we got the facts right.” He looked up as if he spoke to a higher entity. “Sam? You all right?” Mary inquired. “Of course.” Their pride and joy smiled big and tensions under the dome were gone. Sam sure had grown. Not only was his maturity and level of knowledge boosted by extraordinary methods, so were his 7 senses. He heard a robotic craft land outside of the Vean dome and he should not have heard the sounds. Sam turned and reacted. “What was that?” Cal was shocked. “You heard that?” His father knew that the drone shuttle from Pan docked outside at this precise split-ya. He did not understand how his son was immediately aware of the arrival. “Do you have something planned, people? Maybe an after-dinner


excursion?” Sam smiled and got to his feet as if to lead the way. Cal joked, “Don’t you know?” They all stood up and laughed. Soon they packed what they needed for the short trip. Each dressed in special shuttle-suits that resembled tight, grey pressure-suits. In no time, they had the proper tech and marched toward the Pan shuttle. They were shocked at the monstrously large, crystaline bubble on the top portion of the ship. The curved windows were wonderful viewing-walls that made portals a thing of the past, thanks to force-fields. The central antenna appeared quite powerful. Sam estimated (correctly) that the ship could reach Tauk 9, but was programmed at a cruise-speed of T7 for the transportation of Citizens. The white sky held distant lavender rain clouds over Simar. Sam and Mary went inside the sleek craft. There was plenty of room in the 5-seater. Cal inhaled a big breath of clean air before he ‘clicked’ his suit closed. He stared up and beyond, into White Space, where they would beam astronomical mega-bars in a relatively small period of time. He said goodbye to his home and the Pree mesa and Yarbello trees of Avalon. When everyone was settled into the appropriate reclino-seat and the destination was ready for ‘audio command,’ Sam asked, “Hey, where are we going? Or is that the surprise?” The parents were more excited by the ya. Mary looked at Cal and laughed. “Should we tell him?” Father nodded and also grinned. “Well, mister. We thought it would be a nice treat to vacation on Eldorato,” Mary expressed with warmth and love in her heart. “It is so…beautiful there, as you’ve heard, with the plant life and three suns. Reservations were very hard to get. What d’you say, Sam? How does that sound?” “Eldorato? I sure don’t want to go there. Isn’t it my homecoming party?” Cal replied, “Yes. Sure. We don’t…have to go to El…” “We can go anywhere you want, dear,” Mary interrupted. The parents were a bit mystified. Sam confessed, “I had something different in mind.” He smiled a strange, wide grin.


*** On board the curved 5-seater, the family enjoyed the fantastic journey through White Space (except one). The new Pan design for shuttles with the innovative dome made viewing simply an incredible experience, if you weren’t bored with infinite White everywhere? The view was extraordinary near sun systems, planets and satellites as well as over alien terrains. As far as a trip through highly-charged and energized space, the view was extremely dull. The craft’s power-antenna smoothly received the pure energy in space and converted the vehicle into modes of omni-propulsion. “Where’re we going, Sam?” Mary asked, sweetly. Cal was also curious. “This have anything to do with what you’ve learned at the Priesthood?” “Oh, yes. Remember I asked you about sleep?” “Mm hem.” “I learned our ancestors never slept; they didn’t need to. They were mental giants and didn’t even need to speak! They moved objects. And it’s all connected to the energy in space.” Mary wondered, “We only sleep a yam a Cycle. Connected?” “Yeah, LOOK. Take a good look out the window.” “What do you mean, Sam? Just tell us; teach us.” Cal sensed a twinge of fear, inside. Mary did not see the near future because she would not have believed the vision. Sam relaxed his attitude and happily became a ‘teacher-Priest.’ “It is darker, I’ve learned. Seriously, look again at the white. Don’t you two remember it being a bit brighter when I was very young, and brighter still when you were young?” “I guess it is a shade darker…now that you mention it, Sam.” Cal was concerned. He asked, “All right. Hard to notice the clicks of time, let’s say you are 100% correct. What do scientists think it means, Sam?” His mask was again a smile. “Don’t you see?” The Priest could not have been more serious and somber on the inside of his bright demeanor. “It means…everything…everything, dear parents…is darkening.” “I don’t understand, how can this be?” Mary asked the men. “Tell us what it


means, Sam.” Sam’s face was as a stranger’s face to them: It was wild, like an animal. “It means, mother…times are really going to change…” What had his piercing, blue eyes seen? Cal asked a question without fear in his voice. “The scientists think the…decay, er, drain or LOSS of power will continue without a repeating recharge? But, son…actual darkness might be thousands of yarns from now.” “Is it?” Sam replied with true knowledge of Time and not a question. Mother Mary added, “You mean a complete Power Outage on a universal scale? That can’t happen: Every antenna, dish, pyramid, statue, obelisk and monolith rendered powerless?” Sam laughed. “And that’s not all. Not only the Power Grids. You want to see?” “What?” “What?” Sam casually removed a wristband his parents had not noticed or thought was part of his suit. He tossed it to his father. “Strap it on.” “What is it?” Cal asked as he did what he was ordered to do. He inspected the odd mechanism as if it was from hundreds of yarns in the future. “You will be able to view hundreds of yarns into the future. “Really?” Mary was fascinated and got to her feet. She huddled around Cal in the ‘driver’s seat.’ “The future is fixed, father. Hensi is coming to Nirvana.” His eyes were even wilder. “You can see it right there, looped over and over again.” Black Space and a total Power Outage in the once perfect cosmos was the least of the horrors in the future. The wrist view-screen displayed organized slaughter of life on a universal scale, on an incomprehensible level to any moral and compassionate Citizen or life form. Hatred, killing and WAR were new inventions on such a pristine, galactic landscape! The parents were frozen in disbelief. “These are FACTS, mother and father! They cannot be changed. This will happen to our world, sooner than you think. Use your eyes again.” Now Sam stood behind his father who sat in the main reclino-seat. The Priest’s strong arm moved toward the device and he punched a button on the band. The screen changed and revealed more sick sights.


“You have never heard of Red and White Atomics or nuclear weapons. Why would you ever have heard of such Vidor-Dragmars? Now look.” They cried. The screen showed vast annihilation over the surface of various planets in an instant… The time-viewer was about to demonstrate more unbelievable mega-terrors. “Did you know, planets do not decide to explode? They are made to explode.” Mary cried more. “What are you showing us, son?” “The truth,” Sam said coldly. “Didn’t you know?” The screen gave them a 4HD view of the atomization of the pretty planet of endless dreams called Lilith. Why was Sam so callous? Why did he not react to a galaxy turned into Hensi? What kind of Priest was he? The man of Science and great Teacher, taught a bit more of History. “Lilith did not have the two monitor-moons in this time-line, of course…” “What?” “That destruction you saw will form a lovely ring of asteroids and returning particles called ‘comets’ and ‘shooting stars’ in black night skies of Mineer…” “Huh?” “…And you wouldn’t believe…truly incomprehensible, how wondrously beautiful the creatures once were on Lilith, the sweet and innocent Spirits of Shasheer…the life forms that were blown to pieces.” “Zog.” Sam Caladan appeared to have mellowed. He sincerely told them, “I do apologize, dear family. It’s old News to me. I’m sure the truth is very frightening to you.” “How do you know? How do you know for certain the images weren’t jango punse? You could have been deceived, son.” “By the Temple? No. They told me the truth. But yer right; I could have been deceived. I had to discover and realize and experience for myself…and I did.” “How?” “I went through Time.” This was not part of any Higher Learning program the parents were familiar with.


Before Sam explained… Cal looked beyond, through the shuttle’s dome and saw something ahead of them in the whiteness. “Mare, look. What’s that?” The Priest replied, “Ah. We’re here.” *** “Unbelievable,” was all Cal could say. Mary was about speechless. They parked the shuttle, left it on ‘idle’ and disembarked in the pressuresuits. Under whitish skies, stretched out in a wide and very dark topography was the IMPOSSIBLE. Mary had big eyes. She wondered in utter awe, “Where are we?” Cal’s next words were: “We cannot be here. This is not allowed.” Sam joked a joke they did not understand. “Well, we’re not in Pittsburgh. Ha. Or on Eldorato, obviously. Tell mother where we are, father.” He slowly obeyed. “We’re…ha, ah…” “What, Cal?” she urged. “We’re…at the…Beginning,” he said dazed, as if in a dream. “Where? Wow. Look at that.” She pointed. Sam asked, “So you recognize the special, unknown and now dark and lifeless planet, do you, father?” They continued and walked as if magnetically attracted in a certain direction. Something from the “Ruins” drew them closer. Gargantuan ruins stood in the distance. The mountains weren’t mountains; they were titanic STATUES of the Zogs! Thousands were archived as if Katacombs stood fells high! “How can that be since the Ruins cannot be filmed or ever recorded by any kind of crystal?” Sam asked. He knew the answer. “Paintings. VR representations…in the minds of computer artists,” Cal imagined. “You believe you recall because of remote-teuning on the part of…” “Where are we?!” she yelled. “The Ruins of the Zogs in ONE Sector,” Cal Caladan responded quickly. “Huh.” Then Mary’s reflex-reply kicked-in. “No one’s allowed to be there…”


They trekked onward along natural rock that seemed to form a road. More time passed. Silence. Cal was confused. For the first time since his son came home from the Priesthood, he got angry. “You’re telling me this is not a dream, this is real. And a Pan shuttle just star-skates us into the most guarded, impossible, restricted area of the Pinwheel Galaxy? Really?” Sam laughed a sinister laugh. “Has nothing to do with Pan. It has to do with my…right (not privilege) since I’m a Child of Destiny…like my grandfather before me.” “What?” “Where are we going? Why?” Mary Caladan firmly questioned. Grandfather? Now Cal was very upset. He thought ‘anger’ was a good ploy. “Hold everything. Stop! Explain yourself, mister! What are we doing here?” “Interesting. We’ve come to the exact spot on the Path. Turnaround, people. And look.” A TP materialized in front of the trio. [Not a Tele-Pyramid from a Dream Continuum]. A Time-Pyramid took users into the real past or the real future. Pasts can be changed, futures cannot. Only a few bars from his parents was a 7 and a half-bar high, 4-sided, more like a squared/hyperspace pyramid of Alokin-vision. The curious parents felt no threat from it. It hummed a sweet sound of a serene siren. There was a warm glow and light from the Quad-Energy Pyramid in flux. They moved even closer and slowly circled the Time-Pyramid. “Just tell us what it is, Sam,” his father demanded. His mother chose a calmer approach. “Please, Sam.” “How about you tell ma who Caladrian really was? I know every thought in your head, father. He wasn’t a Separatist, their leader. He was their DESTROYER! War Marshall Trey Caladrian, your father, set fire to how many thousands of Separatists who dared rebel and fight against the United Federation?! Avalon paid for. Nice cozy home for the children of a monster!” Mary cried again and felt that her son spoke the truth. Everything he said was the truth. Cal came close to the particular T-Pyramid side that Sam tried to move him


toward, but he moved away from the side too fast. The son changed his mind and halted his lunge. From behind them, Sam pointed and shouted, “The Temple and the Priesthood are not what you think, father! It IS business; it IS money! You have not seen behind its black curtains.” Cal screamed, “LIES!” “No, father dear. It’s the truth. I’ll show you.” The timing was right, exactly as the band displayed for the new Master… When Cal stepped in front of the pre-programmed TP-side, Sam PUSHED him into it and held onto his father as to also be sucked into the hyperspace vortex~ *** Cal was suddenly in another world, another reality, a VR program, under a Mystic spell or potion or a part of a hallucination? It was not a dream or a fantasy in any way, shape or form. He was inside what appeared as a jail cell but more like a very dark, stone, cold dungeon. One dim light projected his long shadow. Darkness was everywhere except the one dim light. There was also stark silence. Then… Something stirred in the darkness, beyond his shadow. Cal was not alone. A grunt of a sound was made along with a few unheard words. Cal was afraid. He yelled, “Who’s there? Show yourself! Sam?” It was in the now, at this weird and horrible place, that Cal realized he was in a different body. He was younger. He had muscles, bruises and scars from being chained and whipped. Sam emerged from the darkness. The light lit enough of his face that his father recognized him. But the face was a child’s face, half the age of Sam. Sam, 8 yarns old, spoke to the brutalized prisoner. The boy wore one more mask. He appeared in red robes. Cal understood this was a computer-program and the boy-image was Sam’s avatar. Cal was desperate to know what this has been about… Down deep, he knew. This was for his own misdeeds and deceptions. “Sam.” The mad little monster stated with 100% authority and power: “My name is Caladrian! Slayer of all who oppose the Federation!”


“What kind of game is this, Sam? There’s no Federation.” “And there won’t be a Republic after I get done with it. Do you know the Calkan story of Nemesis? She destroyed everything evil, wrong and corrupt. I am Nemesis...” “Why am I so weak?” “Because you’ve been beaten and unfed, of course. You’re a Federal prisoner, remember? I was saying…Temple is not what you think. Truth never is. Now I understand what Power is and the coming Darkness, what it really is.” “What is it, Sam?” The insane boy, drunk on twisted Mystic truths, replied, “Evil. You didn’t tell me, father! You didn’t tell me our family brought Hensi to Nirvana! Our bloodline changed protons to electrons and planted the First Seed of Evil in a Shasheeran Garden. We destroyed our own sweet Spirits and shattered them to the far universe! WE did that and cannot hide the truth anymore, El. We have to take responsibility for our actions, don’t you think so, my father? Or, maybe…they were YOUR actions?” Was he pure evil now? Was there any reasoning with him? Was he right? The child of nightmares, but actually a child of the real world, calmly and coolly pulled out a cutting-tool and sparked a long, red flame. He casually tuned it to an intense setting that could cut through nesium. He looked directly into his father’s eyes. “Trey’s back. A small Temple creature named Mang showed me the truth in a Black Crystal.” Cal saw it in his eye. “Huh. Where’s Mary? Where’s your mother? What are you going to do to your mother?” “Oh Zog, there’s mother. Hm.” He became the Sardon and it smiled, with fangs. “You’re not going to like what I do to…mother.” His eyes were crazed. The child personified Evil. Cal tried to scream and reach his son, but could not. He collapsed on a hard, stone floor. The boy in red left the ‘prison’ via a Side only he accessed. The cutting-tool remained ON. He trapped his father in a dark TP forever. ***


In the great Hidden Hall of the Temple with many gemstones of unholy purposes, a new High Master took center stage and received his reward for the sacrifice and attainment of the next precious Level. He was on his knees. The entity that spoke to the Master was not Zog. It was Mang. “Rise. You are no longer Sam-u-EL. You will be known as Citizen Cal of the Last Order.” The young High Master bowed slowly and reverently and then rose to his feet. “You defeated the Rangers. You once led battalions on the Fields of Fanguard against Separatist armies…and WON! You cremated our enemies, charged our legions in blood and paved the way for the glorious Republic! As Riveror, an entire universe, has turned empty and black, our world will be the second to reach The Darkness. Praise Mang. Praise Mang! We will go Dark and take 100% control. Praise, Mang!” Praise, Mang. “Praise, Mang.” The End…of only one universe of infinite Light Worlds. In a distant future that no life form could comprehend, when high numbers of ‘Big Bang’ (Easy-Flow Fountain) Universes had darkened and Outer Space had become Black…and endless beings in the vastness of space fought… One particular world ‘remembered’ old ways of a Positive Universe and its Direct Current/Consciousness of Love, Light, Magnetism and Beauty. That one positive ray of Hope turned the blackness a shade lighter. More universes tended to do the same~ *** After decades of loving Star Trek and Star Wars, now at a ripe age [after learning] I’ve found out what they have really been about and it’s not good, folks. Nothing can be worse than a FEDERATION, as in Star Trek’s Federation. Do you trust information from the feds? Nothing can be worse than a REPUBLIC, as in Star Wars’ Republic or a New Roman Empire. Look up the definition. ‘Republic’ is a dictatorship, a rule by (secret) Council and not a system ‘of the people.’ There are no real freedoms in any of this! There is New World Order, chaos, confusion, lies and now violence and unceasing war. ‘They’ do not want us to have real


liberties and be free or to rebel and be dissident ‘Separatists’ or ever to question their dictates, the evil Agenda of the Empire. Sad, how things we’ve learned to love in our youth (TV, movies, music, sports…) have all been corrupted over to the Dark Side. And we dystopians haven’t even noticed~ ~TSC PREVIEW OF BOOK 2 “SON of ZOG” [To set-up the ‘clip’ readers are about to view, imagine a very old and frustrated Nikola Tesla (Alokin) and a very young boy-genius, Albert Einstein (Renoux), as they embark on a crucial phase of the Galactic War known as “The Pittsburgh Experiment”]. “Sir!” the boy wonder with wild hair (actually) yelled at Doctor Alokin. The good and very old doctor was in a flabbergasted state at the moment and halted his violent rant, which even included the ‘B-word.’ The super-genius was not known for ever a display of nasty emotions in public. After TS exhaled the last of his blip, he relaxed and returned to his normal character… Jene 5 Renoux (inventor of the new i-File) stated with 99% certainty, “With respect, you are in error about gravity, sir. Mass warps space around it. Bodies must follow the curve of warped space. Mineer merely rolls on a hard, curved track in space created by its sun. Here…bare with me, Alokin.” The ‘kid’ attempted to teach the Master. The old man from ‘parts unknown’ with a little moustache was baffled at the ‘reverse’ view of the world. He exclaimed, “That’s impossible! It would mean…” Alokin was in shock. The two of them were inside a holographic Franc bistro called ‘Café Ali.’ Needless to say, they had the finest food, the finest rine, the best service and the two of them had the whole place to do whatever. Suddenly Alokin looked at Renoux as if the boy came from Zetag. The stubborn youngster once more tried to prove his point. Little Jene gently tossed a holo-chip to the Venusian and Alokin caught it in his right-hand, slightly miffed. “Its path in the artificial air formed an upside-down ‘U’ just as in real air.” “So?” asked TS. Jene again explained his view of gravity. “That chip was pure energy while


moving and arching in the air like that. It rolled along a solid road, a hard and curved space that only for the short time of the movement…was as strong as nesium.” “No, no, no, Renoux! Space IS curved, yes! Yes. I should know, surfed the space-ways plenty. I’m talking about Gravity! You got it all wrong, boy! I need to Center myself.” TS was out of blip, oh no. “Here’s a loop for you, Alokin; excuse the pun: What if I said my math is wrong on purpose? Can you figure that one out, Doctor Al?” (No one ever called the mega-man, human-alien “Doctor Al”). How cheeky. Logical TS did a ‘slow-burn’ as he turned and looked down at the ‘kid.’ “No.” Jene 5 didn’t want to wink, but he did. “You’re the worst,” the ‘master’ ‘tossed’ from Venus [wasn’t smart enough] threw back at the Suruuan apprentice who was absolutely right. Cocky little Jene also knew that his next words would ‘fry’ the super brain of the great and renown scientist. He looked up into Alokin’s face and sincerely said, “Then, if I’m the worst, as you say, sir…” (The boy saw a Romvoid win, 2 moves away). “Yes?” TS wiped his very old eyes and heard: “…Why is it you must have me on the Pittsburgh Project? It’s why you asked me here, is it not, sir?” Jene Renoux pointed up at Alokin and shook his tiny finger. “The Allies won’t win the Second Galactic War without my Field Equations and you know it.” The illogical, mathematical problem got the best of the good doctor. The worn and wrinkled man of Science weakly stated, “But…they’re wrong.” “Not really,” the boy volleyed like a winning Roval shot. Alokin was in limbo. He looked up in final frustration. He turned to the garcon. “Check?” *** Pittsburgh was a cloaked, iron-rich moon of an obscure planet only recently named ‘Vania’ by O scientists. The dull planet and moon were located in a totally ignored ‘area’ beyond the Pinwheel’s disk. They were located in ‘zone #2’ which


was famous for nothing. The moon slowly orbited a boring course no one previously cared about. Zone #2 made Compass Pacto and Bosh Sectors look like Demor and Denaris. Only a few old, red-orange suns once sparked some life in the sparse ‘Outlands’ of Pinwheel, but those civilizations ended long ago. The forgotten Territory, zone #2, more like a ‘territory,’ was hardly worth a mention other than the fact: The results of the Overseers’ (secret) ‘The Pittsburgh Experiment’ ended the ‘War of the Roses’ and cracked reality itself in the future into eleven separate pieces! But who could conceive of such things at the GST of 1943.12? The satellite was given the name ‘Pittsburgh’ and only because of Alokin’s Project. Dr. TS was no longer on the big Project, the one he built. The majors could not generate the Tylars or other mega-trade commodities to “Get the job done as it should be done.” No, there were ‘major’ cut-backs. There were fewer soldiers on board, fewer experiments, less ‘safety’ precautions and no Tylars for the all-important ‘1-Point stabilizers’ Alokin insisted upon. 1-Point stabilizers kept the crew of the test spaceship ‘galacticly grounded’ in their positions with respect to the very center of the Pinwheel. Without stabilizers in the form of wristbands for the ship’s crew, all Hensi could break loose! Doctor Alokin and ‘boy wonder’ Jene 5, who would one day ‘solve the great mysteries in an i-File,’ quit the Pittsburgh Experiment. Van Alfred, super-genius (Rom agent) in his own right, took control of the Pittsburgh Project. T. Thompson Black constructed the prime, electrical tower in the center of the ship. Everything was based on Jene 5 Renoux’s Field Equations. The boy knew his math. To explain the Project: Pittsburgh was merely a base of operations for the launch of the specially-designed, electrically-reinforced, super-charged OGC Destroyer known as ‘Cleaver.’ The Project would be monitored and tech-teuned by the best the Allies had, remotely. The O’s didn’t have much anymore. Their galactic authority was gone. The PE was their last chance to turn everything around. The War went badly for Overseers and the GS. Cleaver’s crew consisted of only 17 brave lads when there should have been at least three times the number on board. Two specialists in the crew were Em


Camero and his brother Mik Camero. Em was the real genius with ‘field equations’ that rivaled Renoux’s. (If given time, Em may have worked out different temporal numbers which might have prevented the…). GST was 1943.128 and Destroyer Cleaver was launched from Pittsburgh. A ‘target’ asteroid with colored stripes was a short mega-bar away. Hopes of Overseers and positive Citizens throughout the galaxy rested on what happened here, today. Few knew that the ‘War of the Roses’ would end because of the covert Pittsburgh Experiment. But not in the way those in-the-know ever imagined. The White Heart knew. White Magicians’ prayers truly influenced the universe and N-rays were changed over to P-rays…but only for a ‘flap of a buttermoth’s wing.’ At this ya, the Cleaver approached the Spacial position for optimum offense and fired-up the Alokin-designed ‘condenser-capacitor.’ The initial ME charge of the covenant jolted all 17 on board, violently. Louder and louder raged the frequencies as more and more energy juiced through the c-capacitor. The Experiment had, so far, gone exactly as planned because in the next instant… The OGC Destroyer Cleaver disappeared… The objective now was to ‘thin’ the electrical (temporal) field of invisibility (plus FF) and make it possible for the destroyer’s front Howzar Cannon to shoot through its protective barrier. Could it really be done? If so, Overseer forces could destroy the V-Enemy as easy as ‘swatting flying flugs’ and be protected. In the control room were Em Camero and his brother, Mik. They were frantic. Their hands turned big, round, black knobs on wall panels. They’d pull a large lever to relieve the electrical pressure here and there and almost got the balance right. Something had to be wrong. “Are, are you sure this is right?” Mik shouted. “Damn Renoux! The boy screwed up! He’s not that smart, you know?” jettisoned out of the mouth of Em. Mik had his hands on the bulky levers. He corrected his older brother. “You mean DAMN Alokin…for leaving the Project!” ***


Doctor Alokin was inside his Beam Ship and he had an unlikely passenger in the passenger seat. The very old-looking doctor puffed and puffed on his blip pipe and shook slightly. Jene 5 Renoux, boy-genius, was on his right side. Jene’s hair was worn up and out. They were alone in the ‘Vadio Ship’ as startled eyes viewed what was left of the Pittsburgh Experiment in space. The Pittsburgh satellite was in the background. There was a lot of smoke and debris in the immediate area. The striped ‘target’ asteroid was hit by the O’s Howzar Cannon by a good guess on the part of mathematician, Em Camero. The OGC Destroyer Cleaver, cut like a cleaver, but was ‘off’ as ‘temporal friction’ burned it into a crisp, misshapen cinder block in black space. A few crewmen, other than the Cameros, also launched escape pods and left the ship. Their ‘bounce’ was into oblivion. The ‘tidal wave’ of hyperspace was so extreme that the ride was not to an angle of safety. They were flung to certain death. About half of the crew died or completely disappeared, instantly. The remaining ‘living’ crew existed in a fantastic ‘limbo’ of reality-morphs. The ‘shaved Cantos’ suffered numerous and unbelievable symptoms: 1. A few could not hold onto this reality for long and slipped in and out of physical existence. 2. Some who disappeared came back, but in different locations. 3. Some went to different times and one never knew if they were coming back. 4. A few bodies were here, but their consciousness was gone and ‘not locked in-phase’ or in proper alignment with a 1-Point or stable reality. In Alokin’s silver Pleiadian saucer (not Venusian) called a ‘Beam Ship’ or ‘Vadio Ship,’ the old doctor tried to relax with more blip. He filled another load into his neat pipe. He was intensely engrossed at the ‘Pittsburgh Disaster in space’ that he didn’t even think to offer blip to young Jene. Doctor Alokin rarely ever ‘blew his cool.’ “So, I’m WRONG about gravity?! That too, eh?” TS yelled in very un-cool frustration. “Looks like,” Jene 5 was quick with the reply. He didn’t want to smile slightly as he viewed the Cleaver Disaster, but the ‘kid’ did. Whose fault was it or was it a grand mistake?


Alokin stared ahead. TS said with emotion, “You know, this could have been prevented if they had the Tylars for the 1-P bands! Then the crew would have bent with the waves instead have been thrown off by them. They would have stayed on the ‘lathe’ and not been burned by it…” The good doctor was sad, distraught and smoked more blip below his little moustache. “I know.” TSA was not amused by the little one in the passenger seat. He joked to push the seat ‘ejector’ in his mind, but was never going to really do it. “Jene?” Alokin asked politely as he let go of a big cloud of blip and coughed. The blue smoke interested Renoux. “Yes, doctor?” Jene smiled more. “History will blame YOUR mistake, boy, on why Pittsburgh Bozed up, not me, for sure.” “So sure about that?” the small and overconfident physicist asked the master. “Wot?” “Maybe I didn’t make a mistake, sir?” Jene responded with 100% certainty. “Whatchu mean? Explain yourself. I’m sorry.” Emotions ruled him for the moment. They overwhelmed Alokin and that was a sight never seen. When he stopped the display, TS was perfectly normal and not the emotional man he just was. “Don’t know what came over me.” “Hmmm.” “You were saying, Mr. Renoux, you did not make a mistake in your mathematical, Field Equations, calculations, sir?” “Oh, I most definitely did.” The brilliant boy confessed. “Indeed I did, sir.” “You DID!” Doctor Alokin pointed down at him and thought he understood. He did not. Jene replied with the truth. “Yes, but I was supposed to make the mistake.” “Aaaugh!” “Let’s leave it for now, sir. I’ve had this…question that I’ve always wanted to ask you, Doctor. May I?” “Augh. Sure. What the…” Alokin took another hit on the special pipe. “Question, question!” The great human-thinker was still a tad emotional. “Like the Mythic Question or the Great Question or the Black Heart’s Question? Bet you don’t know anything about that do you, Gravity Boy? Did you know they’re the same, eh? I knew you didn’t know…” The ‘great one’ babbled. “What Bozing


question?” JR5 was cool. The Doctor put down the blip pipe. “Why do you look so old, Alokin?” the boy asked a bizarre question that was not as bad as it sounded. TS was in a withered state. His cheeks were gaunt and he hardly ate. The super-genius’ response was, “I’ll be 88 yarns old soon.” Jene was smart and said, “No, no, Alokin. That’s not it. You appear much worse than your 88 yarns. I thought it was all the hard work; took its toll. But that’s not it.” “Thanks. I was born at the GST of 1856.33,” the ‘master’ said sarcastically. “Not on Mineer. Want to hear my theory? I figured out your secret, sir. You have been reported to say you will live to be 120 yarns old. I calculated you coming to the end of your life relatively soon; don’t argue I’m good with terminations, sir. And, you, indeed, ARE 120 yarns old, right now.” Doctor Alokin thought he had the right reply for the boy. “Do the math! No wonder you Bozed the Project up. A child could add my age…” Jene was fast and snatched the doctor’s pipe off the Beam Ship’s sleek, white dashboard that was not a dashboard. “Hey!” “It’s this ship, Alokin. I figured it out…Pleiadian Tech. You just ‘vadio’ yourself anywhere you want to go in the galaxy and to other realities or universes and times. Step outside of our time. But you keep living in those worlds you go to while we’re frozen in time. Then you come back here. It catches up with you, sir.” Now, Jene 5 Renoux inhaled on the master’s pipe. The lad tasted blip for the first time. He smiled, big. Alokin’s eyes informed the young man that he was 100% correct. TS will die relatively soon at the ripe old age of 120. The apprentice told the master telepathically, Everything was going to be all right. PREVIEW OF BOOK 1 “The CONTINUUM” [Sardon, alien Accountant or Devil from a higher world, creates the ‘dylar’ or


means to do big business between solar systems in the Monopdonow Galaxy. Dylars secretly enslave Citizens; prosperity is only an illusion as huge profits insanely drain into a Black Hole. Zog, a good and great entity from same Higher Continuum as ‘Chancellor’ Sardon, enters our much smaller continuum to save the world: a world the entity loves. Some confuse the blue light creature with the Creator-Builder (God). We follow the evilness of an aging, ugly Sardon and the occult ‘hell’ it spawns in the galaxy. The worst aspects of the Devil’s nightmare are the reappearance of forbidden Atomics from an earlier age and a 100-year galactic WAR between men and women! Women covertly develop Nukes and have the ‘Big Gun’ over male species. Both Zog and Sardon return to the galaxy in different forms near end times of 2100. Beast Sardon is a killer-android in the shape of a sweet, young ‘entertainer’ who has Citizens throughout many systems completely fooled. Her name is “Mebby,” for short. She continues the Evil of the Devil by vast destruction on many planets. Zog returns through the eye of a Quasar as a Blue Light Spirit or powerful energy and is SHOT by just about all the militias of the State, under orders from Mebby…]. “Yes, Lord Boz. You will have your Super-Soldiers soon. We have discovered the link, you see? It’s right here in the primeal gland. We have struck our goal, the Eightoid ‘human’ Center. The subject will truly revert back to its Beginnings from the Dawn of Time. Private clones by the millions will be transformed into monster-soldiers of your darkest fantasies! Have you ever seen anything like this before, m’Lord?” the Viper-Woman asked her Master. Above, hidden Sansion tried to whisper to his mates, “You know what that means? Do you flagging know who that is and what is about to EXPLODE right below us?” Each of the brilliant chemists felt the fear in their ‘primeal glands.’ A GREEN, MAD, MONSTER WAS READY TO MATERIALIZE directly underneath them! Who knows what could happen? The ‘thing’ from the Dawn of Time could kill them all on a scale never seen before! A blood-chilling SCREAM was screamed from the emerald (Eightoid) experiment on the gurney with seemingly all the metal on Aret that bonded each member of his body. Below them, the kids observed stark terror in the insane eyes of the small test subject, still in the act of screaming his bloody/jade lungs out. The lofty chem-wizards as well as the frightened Cardille of Fanguard thought they saw


the Green Man grow muscles and grow hair. He tugged against thick, steel bonds to no avail. He stopped screaming, finally. The beast was quiet and became motionless. In the retelling of the story, it was the most frightening quiet ever heard. In the next instant, the horrible Green Man started to laugh. Oh, it laughed and howled like madmen do on starless nights. The subject stopped for a half ya and LAUGHED even louder! Downstairs was flabbergasted and so was upstairs. There was an overall sigh of relief as tensions simmered down. It seemed that nothing incredibly evil or horrendously violent was going to happen. What the Zog happened? A big, timid, coy, gentle smile appeared on a very relaxed little Green Man in ultimate, horizontal bondage. The subject radiated loving energy. He was at his Center. Everything was good and warm as his eyes sweetly, calmly, looked around to a restricted degree. He actually looked to the White Man (Boz) of no color, out of a Lichtenstein story, and winked. The Eightoid subject was filled with the love of Zog. The connection was really made and here was a man-thing in touch with his true Life-Center, as it was in the Beginning. He was in Nirvana. He was in love with everything within him and everything around him. The Green Man was at a nexus of peace. He was at…the primal Beginning. “It didn’t work! You missed Center! You were OFF. And, you were also…warned.” A new kind of weapon like an ejection mini-spear was engaged by White Man Boz. Viper-Woman Admiral who took responsibility for the 12th SSP failure was struck. Blue blood poured out of the woman’s left breast. She collapsed. “I really wouldn’t hurt a fleaba,” confessed a beautiful and transcended, Green ‘human’ creature on the gurney that spoke directly from his primal heart (affected by a placebo). “Write down what he says,” Lord Boz ordered another Viper-Admiral. “There’re such…COLORS; lovely colors and moving patterns in everything. Colors shouldn’t be fighting colors, man. Appreciate those of different colors, from different areas. Once, once, once you give them this, HA…y-your problems will be over, eh? No one’s going to be fighting anymore. There’s such depth, distance and BEAUTY…in everything! Don’t you see it? It’s right there in front of you, man…wow. Time is taking…f-f-forever. You know you have a hole in your ceiling?”


The hidden boys and girl froze. Boz and the Admirals ignored the random comment… *** MEAD D-chairs were the most amazing innovation in recorded, robotic History. It was unbelievable for Teran androids to plug into a nervous system and actually become legendary, feeling ‘human beings’ (the zogs) on the inside… Robo-Stephen Davidson sat and operated a Dream-chair from his messy apartment at the present time. His synthetic hair was long; his clothes were untidy and old Veer containers were on the table. He ‘plugged-in’ and had his neat, clean and well-dressed Bio handle the case. Stephen worked the controls from a distance. Central Interface sent him on assignment. Agent Davidson liked to have fun. While he controlled his Bio and walked the ‘fleshy’ down a few dark alleys, the agent embellished his dreams. He enjoyed fantasies even more than the real thing. I guess, that was the purpose of Dchairs: to enhance reality. What Stephen did was way beyond reality~ Nights were cold in SoHo, especially when you’re on a case and the days are forever and the nights are endless. Then, it RAINS on you when you have to meet up with one of the DeGroot boys downtown on Yancy Street where they sell Sicilian cannoli by the dozen. You catch an A-train to Far Rockaway, passed the rock that looks like a bear, over Yalta Bridge and where does that leave you? It leaves you LOST, man; lost in an ugly, dark and wet city that doesn’t want to know your name. You can’t shake the feeling you’re being watched! How can it be? The case isn’t important enough for me to be tailed? Desmond was a nut-job. The little Lebowski twins were LYING about the secret formula! The dead body WAS wearing plaid. WAIT…WHAT WAS THAT? First thing you felt was FEAR; fear that stabbed you in the heart with an icicle before it shot up your spine like hot, electric rockets. What’s that in the bushes? You duck down…yeah, you duck down like a scared rabbit because you’re afraid to die. You’d rather sweat out another day of being a drunken flatfoot, a private DICK no one will hire…rather than face St. Revol on your knees. You’re in an alley, next to a dumpster, trying to snap a picture as the cold rain pelted harder and you wonder: what it’s all about? You just found blood’s been pouring down your shivering face. You think you see Jimmy in the dark, but yer wrong. WAIT! Something IS in the bushes! Is that a gun


barrel across the street? Now, you see a camera mounted above you…shit…“Huh!” Davidson’s Bio turned 180 degrees and saw something big. Last thing the human heard was its killer that yelled the word, “Abomination!” The DavidsonBio was violently hacked to pieces! The agent, back in his apartment, witnessed his death. He viewed his own blood and guts all over the alley… *** [To set up the finale of the CONTINUUM, Cal-El or Neo Zog or the spirit of Tray “screws with” little Mebby on a popular Media Show (Oprah) and on the set of her new film. Good and evil meet this time…with a kiss]. Mebby was supposed to direct the film, but that did not happen. A nameless director was offstage and literally ‘faceless’ or blue-faced. There were many problems with the ‘director’ according to ‘Mebs.’ He was forced to do the bogus job. He directed in painted blue-face. Later, a real Director’s face will be attached to the stand-in director’s image by computer. “We’ll take it from the kiss. Action!” ‘Rad Carnoir,’ (Pinn Bradley) [actually Brad Pitt, the Devil had a ‘thing’ for Pinn] bent down toward the small robot seductively and hit his mark, exactly. ‘Sheila-7’ (Mebby, THE DEVIL) was very nervous. The little girl’s artificial, red lips quivered. Finally, their lips met. The hard kiss was Nirvana. In the blackness of closed eyes, the feeling was the most incredible and mutual feeling of pleasure. Then the magnetic polarity changed…and it was SHARP PAIN! Meb screamed, “It’s YOU!” The child (killer-android) in robot-character of ‘Sheila-7’ spat out repeatedly in disgust and horror. Her big moment, again, was ruined by…him! Mebby was thrown back in utter revulsion. Cal-El’s face was now seen instead of heartthrob Pinn Bradley’s face. Neo Zog was calm, relaxed and smiled a golden smile. “Why are you upset? I just kissed the Spawn of Sardon?” She growled an unintelligible spew of sick perversion and spit. Mebby, Money Monster, crawled along the fake landscape on all 4s like a blind vidor ready to discharge deadly venom in every direction. Then she came to her unnatural


senses. ‘Sheila-7,’ killer-sidekick, remembered the ‘gunslinger’ she was. Her emotional vent stopped on a dylar… “OH, ha, ha…” Meb FIRED what was not a ‘prop’ gun! She blasted the red ray again and again. Concentrated N-rays vaporized large portions of fabricated terrain and everything else. NZ, with blue aura, dodged each red beam with ease. His graceful ballet of defense outmaneuvered light-speed Death Rays every time. Then he violently pushed her to the fake ground. The athletic robo-girl sprang back up to his face; only this time, she planted a hard kiss on the lips. In a microscopic nanu of a split ya, the Neo Zog had an idea with his eyes closed. He went with the kiss, which definitely surprised the succubus. She relaxed for a short moment and was ‘putty in his hands.’ Tongues touched. Meb’s mental shields dropped and HE GRABBED THE GUN off of her belt! Now who was in control? The Gun could blow her to pieces and end galactic madness by one pull of the trigger. Cal-El, instead, shot blue rays out of his three eyes (unseen 3rd in forehead) and destroyed the small piece of the Ultimate Weapon (particle beam). The child was near tears. “You destroyed…my GUN.” “Yes, dear…remember? Its original and only purpose was to destroy you.” “Hmmmm…think you’re so smart?” the Devil spoke deeper with her thin arms stretched out in a Mystic position of rays that fired from fingertips. “No,” Cal answered. “I have partial knowledge and partial power.” He calmly sat. With arms still extended out like daggers, she breathlessly asked, “What have you come here to say?” “Here we go. ME?” Cal replied in sadness and disbelief and anger. He demanded loudly, “What have YOU to say?! For all you have wiped out, killed and twisted?” The cold robo-child spoke plainly and honestly. She started slow and low. “What you love, I hate. What you want to sustain, I want to destroy. All the pain and suffering you imagine I have caused…was actually a result of YOUR selfish and perverse delight in the physical world, Zog. Our Brothers and Sisters were right…and you, sir, were very wrong. YOU caused me to create the Chancellery


on Ralia and walk into it the first day and plant my seed. It was YOU!! You brought the horrors of Hensi to the galaxy. I am your…hand, my Brother, your true reflection. As you ‘Ascend’ them up to Nirvana, I will cause such PAIN to unsuspecting, innocent Centers…and pull them down to Hensi…for eternities.” “No.” REVIEWS: “When Tray Caladan told me the wonderful news that he was published, he asked me if I wanted to read his book. I was hesitant at first, although I instinctively knew it was good. I felt that I don’t have time to read fiction. Only because it was Tray who asked me, I told him I would. I was stunned once I opened the book and started reading. I couldn’t put the novel down. I’m not exaggerating: this must be the best science-fiction I have ever read. I have read a lot of the genre in my younger years! ‘The CONTINUUM’ is not only extremely thrilling, but is also masterfully written. Tray is artfully mixing his imagination with a good portion of truth, which makes it an absolute page-turner! I told him I had to promote his book on my website. This is extraordinary because I haven’t posted anything to Illuminati News since 2009! I considered the site finished and wasn’t going to post any more. This will be the only exception. People need to know about this book and READ it. Even if you normally don’t read science-fiction, or FICTION…I advise you to make an exception and get this book. You will not be disappointed…As far as I’ve seen, Tray’s novels are unique and have historical significance.” Wes Penre, IlluminatiNews, 8/2014 “I can’t wait for the ‘Son of Zog’ to come out! I COULDN’T put down the Continuum. The story was fantastic and had me intrigued the whole way through! Tray Caladan is my favorite author by far and I can’t wait for his next book!!” “I don’t read fiction.” Derrick Kiner, 1/2016 “Fantastic teaser to your new release, Tray. I wish you great success with Son of Zog! It is not often that I run across such talent as you share here and elsewhere. Love your art also!” Debra Payne, PurpleSkyz 1/2016 “This is the type of story-telling that you will not find anywhere else. Not in the


biggest budget Hollywood movie, nor in the most ‘mainstream’ Sci-Fi novel. Only from the mind of Tray Caladan – an absolute genius, and one-of-a-kind writer, can you experience stories like this. I eagerly await the release of SON of ZOG, and can’t wait to sit down and read it. Finishing a TS Caladan book is like waking up from an Epic Dream you try to fall back asleep into; you don’t want to leave the world you were a part of. You are left craving more.” Robbie Philpott, 1/2016 “You have a ‘mega’ creative mind and great sense of humor. “Son” was awesome! I plan to pick up “CONTINUUM” so I am up to speed on the full story.” Michael Shore, MayanMajix, 3/2016 “No doubt, you are a wild & crazy guy.” Brad Steiger, author of ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’- 3/2016 “Not only are you a skilled artist, you are a talented writer too!” mentalist - 2004

Uri Geller,

*** With completion of the 3-part TRAYLOGY, a lifelong dream was achieved. The books were not the new “Chariots of the Gods?” I had imagined in my youth. But they turned into the “New Chariots.” It was a way to produce theoretical art and call it ‘fiction’…while knowing full well that a bit of the story was true. I thank you all for a million-year journey that may have begun on Shasheer ~ I try not to insult the intelligence of readers. My stories are puzzles for viewers to see pictures I’ve seen in my mind and then figure what the Stream of Consciousness meant or what actual, real-world things I’ve written about. Book #2 was completed in 5 weeks! Book #3 was written in 4 weeks! It was Automatic Writing, done every day at an extreme rate of speed. Characters were ‘let go’ and, in mental images, they acted their parts and I reported what I saw. Ends of scenes and connections to subplots and to other books of the Traylogy weren’t planned. They just about occurred at the time of writing when ‘in a zone’ and typing away at a furious pace. I don’t have an end until I get there! The experience of writing is so much more enjoyable this way: to NOT KNOW. You become a ‘movie-goer’ in a theater and you watch the Play unfold on a colorful stage before your eyes for the first time, unaware of what is to come. It’s fun. It happens. It’s exploring. It’s


better than you imagined and was almost like (looking back) I didn’t write it. Traylogy is the soap opera of the Caladan Family (no relation to water-planet and home of House Atreides in ‘Dune’) through two dream worlds and a real one. [I couldn’t have named myself after a better family]. Forty-five years of scientific research, work and conclusions as well as Inspiration and Realization on our mysterious past have been incorporated inside the 3 books. #1 is a somewhat larger parallel to recent times while #2 (in flashbacks) and #3 reveal a unique origin story for human life on Earth from Mars. My efforts over decades in one medium or another have attempted to show a complex truth to History or the Atlantis hi-tech Paradise, its fall and extended aftermath (Indian Cycles) with help from the wireless electrical work of Nikola Tesla. Yes, you can understand the ancient past [anti-gravity pyramid-building, etc.] from Egypt to Maya by studying the Future or Sci-Fi. Why do our Cradles of Civilization such as Giza/Egypt, Andes (Incas), Stonehenge, Easter Is. and 9 more form a World Grid pattern around Earth? Because they were once connected in an EM Power System: a network of a prime Station and 12 substations. The distant past has been presented wrong, backwards and lame compared to fantastic empires of long ago. If we truly understood Atlanteans and Egyptians, we just might make a connection with their far more advanced (possible) predecessors on Mars. Do ruins at Cydonia and the myth of the ‘God of War’ connect with ruination of the Red Planet and destruction of the fifth planet? Why not base a story around possible events that preceded and superseded the SHATTERING of the 5th Planet in the gap? White Space was an incredible thought: a realm of reversed polarity completely opposite from our great Void of a virtually empty universe. Why not weave a story around Heavenly Universal Energy and its ultimate breakup to explain the ‘Hell of physical Life’ and ‘blown fuse’ Evil in this dark, cold world? Who knows how much of what I pulled from deep depths is really true? Doesn’t matter; it’s still a good story… ~ Tray Samuel Caladan


Enjoy these science fiction short stories and novels from TWB Press

The Continuum (TWB Press, 2014) A sci-fi novel by Tray Caladan

Son of Zog (TWB Press, 2015) A sci-fi novel by Tray Caladan

The 13th Power Quest, Book 1 (TWB Press, 2011) A sci-fi thriller novel by Terry Wright

The 13th Power Journey, Book 2 (TWB Press, 2011) A sci-fi thriller novel by Terry Wright

The 13th Power War, Book 3 (TWB Press, 2012) A sci-fi thriller novel by Terry Wright


The Grief Syndrome (TWB Press, 2011) A sci-fi futuristic novel by Terry Wright

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The Pearl of Death (TWB Press, 2011) A historical thriller novel by Terry Wright

Black Jack (TWB Press, 2014) A thriller novel by Terry Wright

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Alien Apocalypse – The Storm (TWB Press, 2011) A sci-fi short story by Dean Giles

Alien Apocalypse – Genesis (TWB Press, 2012) A sci-fi short story by Dean Giles

Alien Apocalypse – Payback (TWB Press, 2014) A sci-fi short story by Dean Giles

The Tournaent (TWB Press, 2012) A sci-fi futuristic short story by Dean Giles

Perfect World (TWB Press, 2011) A sci-fi futuristic novel by AJ Kirby


Extremophile (TWB Press, 2015) An erotic science fiction novel by Ian McKinley

Remember the Maelstrom (TWB Press, 2014) A sci-fi short story by Josh Sinason

The Galactic Circle Veterinary Service (TWB Press, 2014) A sci-fi novel by Stephen A. Benjamin

A Change of Heart – A Galactic Circle Episode (TWB Press, 2015) A sci-fi short story by Stephen A. Benjamin

A Poetic Disorder – A Galactic Circle Episode (TWB Press, 2015) A sci-fi short story by Stephen A Benjamin


Howling at the Moons – A Galactic Circle Episode (TWB Press, 2015) A sci-fi short story by Stephen A Benjamin

Lunacidal (TWB Press, 2015) A sci-fi short story by Pete Martin

The Cydonian War  

In Book 3 of the Continuum Traylogy, Jar-El escapes Mars and clones the human race on earth, but must destroy Atlantis in an attempt to defe...

The Cydonian War  

In Book 3 of the Continuum Traylogy, Jar-El escapes Mars and clones the human race on earth, but must destroy Atlantis in an attempt to defe...