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BLACK WIDOW Justin Graves Series, Book 3 Written by

Terry Wright

EXCERPT In the shadows, she waited, her long legs tantalizingly spread across her silken bed. She couldn’t see him in the darkness beyond her doorway, but she knew he was out there: watching her, calculating his next move, betting on his chances for love. Her heart skipped at the thought of what he would do to her. Touch her. Caress her. Take her. If he was strong, he could. If he was daring, he would. If he knew how desperately she needed his affections, he wouldn’t keep her waiting long. Teasingly, she twitched her legs. The silken bed shimmied beneath her curvaceous body. He didn’t appear. Again. A twitch, this time with more intensity. More desire. More


need. Last night, under a sliver of moonlight, she’d seen him. A brief glimpse. Mostly a blur. He’d surprised her and made her jump. He bolted. Oh, what a tease he was. Intriguing her. Testing her. Making her long for him so deeply. Tonight, she hoped, he’d venture closer. Climb into her bed of lust. Partake of her sweetness. Her body. Her love. How she desired to meet him. To smell him. To taste him. She’d been alone for so long, struggling with the hardships of life. Love was never far from her mind, that warm coil inside her ever tightening, begging to be released in the ecstasy of true love, passion, and satisfaction. Could he be the one, the only one, to take her that high and hold her up there for so long? But why did he make her wait like this, in torment? Torturous torment. Alone... A blur of motion stopped her musing. He was there. She sensed him in the shadows. His breath. His aura. Coming closer. Stealthily. Her heart raced with anticipation. She twitched her legs, frantically this time. Please, please, let this be the night. A vibration on the bed made her body tremble. He was behind her now but not close enough. She had to force herself to remain still in spite of


her instinct to turn and face him. He’d surely run away. She didn’t want that to happen again. Not tonight. Not now. Another vibration on the bed excited her. Yes! He was creeping closer. Her body oozed endorphins of love, flowing hot and smooth through her limbs. She breathed deep and slow. If she could quell her impatience, this encounter could end so sweetly. She closed her eyes and twitched her legs again, just once, tenderly this time, hoping that he would play her lover’s game. He had to know that his presence excited her... that she was willing to see this mating through to the end, to the scrumptious, fulfilling end. He was right behind her now, his body vibrations strumming a love song on her heavenly silken bed. His presence was driving her wild, making her crazy with desire and the hope of finally finding the one who would carry her to the edge of total bliss and fling her over the side. Oh, please! Do it to me now! His touch felt soft and sincere, stroking her back, paralyzing her in place. She didn’t dare move, didn’t dare turn, didn’t dare look at him, for fear he’d flee. She could only imagine his slim and toned body... He mounted her from the rear. Blood coursed through her body in hot waves. He was the one. She just knew it. Don’t make me wait. Please take me. Take me. Take me. No brutal a lover there ever was. So quickly he had penetrated her, so


hard, so fast, but so quickly he had filled her and finished. No! No! No, don’t stop! But he was done. And he was leaving. She felt suddenly cold and alone. Again! Was that all he had to give her? What about me? What about my feelings, my desires, my satisfaction? He didn’t answer. He had nothing for her, not even a word. Not a, ‘Thank you.’ Not a, ‘That was great!’ He just turned his back on her as if she were nothing but a receptacle for his seed. You prick! She spun around. There he was, the little bastard, running off without as much as a look back. Anger tore through her body, a rage that had to be satisfied. Now! She pounced on him hard and fast and sunk poison-spewing fangs into his spineless back. *** The foggy light of the afterlife glowed around Justin Graves. In this place between earth and heaven, he languished in guilt and hate. His tormented soul cried for his daughter’s salvation and screamed for revenge against his murderer, Billy Denton. Pacing in surreal luminosity, Justin felt as if he were walking on clouds. His cowboy boots were soft as slippers on his feet. The circle-star badge shined from the left lapel of his long brown coat, cleaned and pressed. His freshly shaven face smelled of Stetson cologne. In the afterlife,


he was restored to perfection. If only his soul were in such pristine condition. “Justin,” the light called to him. “Relax.” The brim of his cowboy hat shaded his eyes from the glow. “Not while Billy Denton is still breathing.” “Let go of your hate.” “Christy wouldn’t have been running with Billy if I had been a better father.” “Don’t harbor the guilt for her bad choices.” “She’s in a coma at Decker’s Memorial Hospital. The devil let her live while I fulfill my end of the deal. It’s up to me to save her.” “Nothing earthly matters anymore. Let go, Justin. Cross over to everlasting peace and happiness. Go to your wife, Eleanor. She is waiting for you.” Tempting as it sounded, he couldn’t bring himself to turn his back on Christy. “I’m not going to heaven until Billy Denton’s soul is burning in hell.” “Stay away from him, Justin. He’s in jail for your murder. Let Captain Holland handle it from there. Only bad things will happen if you interfere.”...

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About the Author, Terry Wright There’s nothing mundane in the writing world of Terry Wright. He thrives on adrenaline. Tension, conflict and suspense propel his readers through the pages as if they were on fire. Published in Science Fiction and Supernatural, his mastery of the action thriller has won him International acclaim as an accomplished screenplay writer. A longtime member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, he runs their annual Colorado Gold Writing Contest. Terry lives near Denver with his wife, Bobette, and a Yorkie named Ginger, who is really the boss of the family. Learn more about Terry's books, short stories, and screenplays at


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Black Widow  

Justin Graves Series, Book 3, by Terry Wright and published by New Line Press

Black Widow  

Justin Graves Series, Book 3, by Terry Wright and published by New Line Press