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Tracy Morton Memorial Chapel, LLC Florida - July/August 2022


The Benefits and Burdens of Your Assignment A Letter From The Editor

There Are No If, Ands, Or Buts About It!

With the onset of each new day, there is always a list of things for me to accomplish waiting for me. I prepare my day based on A Letter from the Editor the available hours; you can probably say that I am routine. I would beg to differ and counter by saying I work better in blocks of time and with a plan in place. I have been fortunate to learn that I don’t What if tomorrow didn’t arrive? All of your plans, hopes efficiently function without one. That’s just me. and dreams wouldn’t have a street to park on. What if everything that you decided to put off until tomorrow never On the other hand, I am grateful for having something to look happened? There would be no reason to save for a rainy forward to doing. While often things may appear overwhelming, day, and you could spare someone the trouble of making I can rest in the fact that God has chosen me for this experience. promises. What if your last opportunity seemingly expired This is my assignment. It’s not a “why me Lord” question that I ask; today? you do? affirmation expressed. instead, it’s aWhat “whywould not me Lord”

told thattoI often seem like I do too much. ThereI’ve arebeen several ways understand or comprehend God’s Honestly, I feel like I am not doing enough and I’m a firm to assignment upon us. We can face it head-on and work diligently believer in knowing that God wouldn’t put anything on me complete the mission or not. What I find so fascinating is that when that I couldn’t handle. I sometimes wonder how life would God initially blessed me with purpose, I wasn’t shown what the end bebe if Ilike. chose sit idle andme accept what it presented tooccur, me. I would Heto didn’t brief on the events that would that have to bebeen very boring. In my opinion, opportunity and Ihave mustfound say, there some good and some bad ones. If is a blessing that isn’t afforded to everyone. A challenge I have learned anything thus far, I know that the same pattern will me isitself an adventure. What the worst that canI happen? likelyto repeat at some time or is another. Still, once tapped into I do nothing, fail, andfor if IHis tryvoice, I don’t, but instead learn God’sIfpresence and Ilistened I realized it was time for something new about myself. Relinquish your pride and in me to get moving. And that’s what I did. return acquire life. God also gives us the freedom to ignore our assignments. While best advicefrom everwhat givenGod to me when someone it’s notThe wise, running callshappened us into only delays our told me to make my tomorrow happen today. In doing soand destiny and purpose. God’s word says His yoke is easy to bear, I have pressed way through with a key that the burden He givesmy is light. Becausedoors I believe His word, myonly desire to hope provided. I have also learned the difference between complete my mission is ignited. Even more, I understand that I am what in God me someone with and what can burden methe with not alone theblesses fight, and else islife actually carrying bulk as well. I compare it to knowing when to be confident and of my load. All I have to do is put one foot in front of the other and when to be quiet, because move. someone may get it confused with being arrogant. The blessing in our assignments is revealed to us once our attitude about Make you tomorrow the assignment is changed. We can happen today, but most embrace the assignment and trust the it count. processimportantly or ignore it.make Remember that Life is but a whisper and God gives us a choice. He also blesses inaa us with we life;must with put thatourselves gift comes position to hear what it is what plan. I encourage you to tap into us. you to do and enjoy God hastelling assigned a life full of purpose and promise.

TerryL.L.Watson Watson Terry

Editor/Founder Terry L. Watson

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Richard Baker Becoming physically fit is a journey. Learn how Baker Unified Fitness is helping others along the way. Richmond, VA


Monique Simone Joe Having and maintaining healthy skin is very important. Her line of skin care products will help you. Huntsville, AL


Terry Thomas Jr. He is proving that it’s not about how you start, it’s about how you run your race. Learn more about his journey. Houston, TX


Tracy Morton

Tracy Morton Memorial Chapel, LLC By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Tracy Morton

Tracy Morton is the founder of Tracy Morton Memorial Chapel. Established in 2017 and based in Pensacola, FL, TMMC provides personalized, professional, and compassionate services to families, which help lighten the burden and offer support during the difficult times that follow the loss of a loved one. Planning a funeral service can be a complicated process for families who have just lost a loved one. Tracy says it’s essential to provide those who are grieving with a supportive environment in which they can begin to find closure, say goodbye, and come to terms with the loss. “Gathering with friends and family allows everyone to connect, share memories, offer words of sympathy, and create a lasting network of comfort and support as they start the journey toward healing,” she says. There are different services available for a loved one’s burial, depending upon their individual needs and preferences. Some of the services offered by TMCC are Burial and Cremation. “The biggest misconception about cremation is that there can’t be a funeral service or visitation. This is not the case, and we encourage you to consider holding a memorial service to celebrate the life of the deceased as well,” she says. TMMC also offers Green Burial options for those who want to be more environmentally friendly with their end-oflife decisions.


Florida - July/August 2022

Tracy describes herself as a young and aspiring entrepreneur. She began her journey as an apprentice at Joe Morris and Son Funeral Home. During her time there, she discovered her calling. Following graduation from Pensacola High School in 1998, she immediately relocated to Miami, FL, and pursued her degree in Mortuary Science at Miami-Dade College. Upon graduating from college, she participated in an internship at Shuler’s Memorial Chapel in Delray Beach, FL, before becoming a Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer. She would later work at Fred Hunter’s Funeral Home in Hollywood, FL. In a short period, Tracy has mastered the fine art of serving families. She shares how she wanted to move back home to Pensacola to open her own funeral home, and now she is doing just that. “God led me in this field of the deathcare industry with a dream. At Tracy Morton Memorial Chapel, I create memorable services. We are a funeral home that strives to meet every need of the families that we serve,” she says. At the age of 42, Tracy is a single parent to two children. Tracy herself is the only child of Frank and Gaylier Morton, who she says have been her most incredible supporters and backbone in every way. She says what she loves most about her career is having the honor to serve families. “Just seeing a smile on the faces of those who I serve, even during a bereaving moment, does something to my spirit,” she says. Being a business owner is very formidable, and Tracy wishes she could clone herself at times. She also shares some advice for those who may be interested in pursuing a career such as hers. “Make sure this is the career you want because this industry is very demanding. It’s very rewarding, spiritually, but you give up so much of yourself.” As she moves forward in life and business, she plans to continue to grow her business based on the principles that have shaped her life. “I will allow God to lead me where He needs me. I also plan to take as much time off as I possibly can to spend with my babies,” she says. To learn more about Tracy Morton and Tracy Morton Memorial Chapel, please visit their website. h

Tracy Morton

Tracy Morton Memorial Chapel 55 Coast Road Pensacola, FL 32507 850-332-7661

Florida - July/August 2022


Richard Baker Baker Unified Fitness


Florida - July/August 2022

By Dorjea’ McClammey Photos Provided by Richard Baker It’s never too late to get physically fit. Without question, being physically active promotes good health and positively impacts mental health. This is the arena where Richmond, VA resident Richard Baker excels. He is the founder of Baker Unified Fitness. Richard has operated in the fitness industry for over 12 years. Not only is he knowledgeable in everything fitness, but he also has a background in elementary education and previously worked as a social worker for eight years. Richard’s chosen profession didn’t happen by chance. For the most part, his journey in life has led him to it. He has played sports, beginning at age seven. This included everything from track and field, basketball, baseball, and his favorite sport, football. His passion for recreation led to him becoming a coach at Chowan University in Virginia, which happens to be the same school where he played sports. After coaching at Chowan, he moved to Richmond and continued to coach and build up his clientele. In 2017, Richard’s brother, an entrepreneur, gave him the idea to branch out and start his own fitness company. “From the student-athletes and parents I trained, my brother saw my potential before I did. He took a picture of some cash and texted it to me asking if I was ready and to start looking for rental spaces,” Richard shares. From there, Richard got straight to work, pricing all the equipment he would need, setting up the studio, putting in floorboards, and building just about everything from the ground up. With only one client at the time, Baker Unified Fitness was born. Since its conception, the brand has done nothing but flourish. Baker Unified Fitness, or “BUF” for short, offers essential personal training fitness with a twist. Richard calls it “Partner Training”, which allows clients to bring friends or partners to join them in training. He says this makes them feel more comfortable, motivated, and accountable. Another way Richard has grown his business is by renting out his fitness space to other independent trainers and for fitness events. Richard shares that his favorite type of training is Group Fitness. “The Group Fitness represents the brand’s culture,” he says. Richard always promotes accountability, and his community and clients latch on to that. He shares, “They have a sense of community and pride about our brand because that is what we talk about. It all has to do with the kind of energy you get when you’re in our space. It’s not just a gym. Clients don’t just come in to work out and leave; they stick around and connect, strengthening their community.”

Florida - July/August 2022


Baker Unified Fitness also offers training outside the gym, such as their annual hike. Once a year, Richard takes his clients on a hike about an hour away into the mountains. Additionally, during the spring and summer, they offer outdoor pop-up training sessions across Richmond. Baker Unified Fitness also brings in guest speakers who not only talk about fitness but nutrition as well. While the journey has been incredible, Richard also points out a few challenges he’s faced. Some of them were a lack of resources and being a first-time entrepreneur. He shares he did not have disposable income to achieve everything he wanted. Through it all, he continued to grow, build, and learn everything he could and be open to adapting and adopting new services and making his business unforgettable. He’s joined business organizations with resources and seminars which have connected him with other business owners and entrepreneurs. “Those things have allowed me to take my business to the next level,” he says. Richard says his biggest inspiration is his family. He says that watching his daughter grow reminds him how much he loves helping people develop in every aspect of his life. Richard offers clear advice for anyone looking to follow in his footsteps. “Seek information, and whatever you learn, apply it! The biggest thing that ever helped me was when I looked for information and asked questions. Doing these gave me the knowledge I needed to be a successful business owner.

Richard Baker

Baker Unified Fitness 804-592-1867

Moving forward, only expect the best out of Baker Unified Fitness. They plan on reaching the next level of becoming a corporate fitness business. “We would love to take our whole style, energy, and swag and just drop it in a company,” says Richard. They also plan to continue to offer classes and personal training and share their fitness plans with others. He concludes by sharing, “Many people see fitness and become intimidated. I hope people can understand the true benefit of fitness, incorporate it into their lives, and adopt it as a lifestyle.” To learn more about Richard Baker and Baker Unified business, please visit their website. h


Florida - July/August 2022

Florida - July/August 2022



Florida - July/August 2022

Symonious Fusion By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by C. Moore For Monique Simone Joe, having and maintaining healthy skin is a family affair. Not only does she believe in the importance of having healthy skin for herself, being a Black woman encapsulated in melanin, but her passion is expressed with her husband and children. Monique is the face and owner of Symonious Fusion, a skincare company based in Huntsville, AL, that produces handmade soaps, body scrubs, body butters, and more. Monique shares that the name of her company is a fun take on her middle nameSimone, and it represents a perfect fusion of mind, body, and spirit. Her products are designed to be an alternative to harsh manufactured soaps and other products, and everything is made with the best natural ingredients. She has a women’s care line, a men’s care line, and a soon-to-be-released kid’s care line. Her journey to becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur began with her having confidence in herself and her products. She shares, “Symonious Fusion was birthed during quarantine season August 2021. The world was dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic, which was a very stressful period for adults and children. Lives were turned upside down, and people had to adjust to unfamiliar situations. Self-care became a mandatory survival concern, and I felt Symonious Fusion was a likely solution. I knew people needed something to look forward to, and one of the things I heard most was individuals wanting a few quiet minutes alone to take a nice relaxing bath.”


Monique also believes that the five senses are very important when it comes to self-care. Knowing this, she wanted to make a product that would satisfy as many senses as possible. Using the feedback of her customer base, who expressed their desire for products that smelled good and were safe for their skin, Monique set her sights on developing products that would meet their needs. “Many products out there have such harsh chemicals, even for me. While I love a lot of the smells, my skin can’t handle the chemicals. I started researching, asking questions, and experimenting. I began with self-care products for my family and friends, but as the word spread, the demand grew, and the next thing I knew, Symonious Fusion was born. I was able to do it and meet the needs of my clients because my products smell good, feel good, and are good for your skin,” she says. Monique describes herself as a lover of life. “Everything that God has placed in my life makes me who I am. I value my relationship with God and strive daily to show myself through my family and friends and live out my purpose. I love taking care of my family and shaping the futures of my kids while having fun at the same time. I love to take care of others, but I try to remember not to neglect myself,” she says. She has enjoyed 22 years of marriage with her husband Timothy, and they share three children. What Monique loves most about her business is being able to create something useful and safe for everyone to enjoy. “I also love the creative process and being able to experiment with different scents, designs, and recipes. Honestly, I did not consider myself a creative before Symonious Fusion, but I guess I am,” she says. She shares she finds inspiration in various people and things, yet the person who has inspired the most is her mom. “She is God fearing, hard working, very smart, resourceful, resilient, funny (in her older age), and the wisest person I know. If I turn out to be half the person she is, I have done well,” Monique says.

Monique Simone Joe Symonious Fusion 256-756-7267


Florida - July/August 2022

Being an entrepreneur has its share of challenges. There are good days and some notso-good days. For Monique, she states there isn’t much she would change about her journey in business. “I’m taking it one step at a time and enjoying the process,” she says. The future looks bright for Symonious Fusion, and with Monique’s creativity and determination, things should only get better. To learn more about Symonious Fusion, please visit their website. h



Florida - July/August 2022


New Zion Grove Worship Center By Ellen Richardson Photos Provided by Pastor Stephen Rohinson

And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. (Jeremiah 3:15 KJV)

Have you ever felt a calling from our Heavenly Father that didn’t align with the path you thought you were on? Allow us to welcome you to an area pastor who has walked this path and is here to tell you why following your heavenly calling will lead you towards your best life. Born in North Little Rock, Arkansas, Pastor Stephen Robinson grew up the youngest child of a faith-filled family of five. He was raised by Pastor Emeritus Ulysses, Jr. and the late First Lady Emeritus Lee Ella Robinson, and began his spiritual journey on a more musical path than that of his father. “As I was growing up, I used to tell my father that I would never preach or pastor,” said Robinson. “Instead, I wanted to sing and perform at various gospel revivals.” This dream began when Robinson was the tender age of three years-old. “My brothers and I performed together at my father’s church revivals. In fact, I sang my first song in front of a large crowd before the age of five. Before long, I was singing regularly at my church, and by the time I was getting out of college, I began singing with a gospel group called Purity.” he said.

Florida - July/August 2022


After Purity recorded its first album with PepperCo Records that reigns from Columbia, SC, Pastor Stephen rejoined his equally talented brothers, Bishop Kenneth L. Robinson and Ulysses Robinson, III. “I performed alongside my brothers for 15 years before going out on my own,” said Robinson. “After recording my first album called “I Still Have My Smile”, I really fell in love with the industry. That is until I had a personal encounter with God.” This encounter occurred in 1996 and Pastor Stephen says he was hanging out with his best friend one night when the Spirit of the Lord visited him. “The spirit told me that God had more for me than just singing and performing. He then showed me that he wanted me to preach His Word. This was around 1:00 a.m. in the morning and I remember getting up, driving to my father’s house, and falling into his arms, crying, telling him that I had been called to preach. The best part is that my father already knew I would come to tell him this because the Holy Spirit told him as well that I would be called to preach.” Following this encounter, Pastor Stephen went back to school to obtain his master’s degree in theology from Slidell Baptist Seminary, and later began serving as his father’s assistant pastor at New Zion Grove Baptist Church in 2004. This happened before he stepped into his father’s shoes in 2009. “In August of this year, I will have been serving my home church as its pastor for 13 years. I am so grateful to God for leading me into this role,” he said. Today, through his God given vision of Empowering People for Next Dimension Ministry, Robinson is making every effort to empower and lead his people towards God’s restorative love. “I love seeing people empowered and restored by His love and even seeing marriages restored by His power,” said Robinson. “I believe that God has ordained His people and their families to be empowered by His love in order to ensure that His might strengthens both our communities and churches. These days people need to see a picture of what


Florida - July/August 2022



Florida - July/August 2022

“These days people need to see a picture of what a marriage and family look like inside of the church, and I believe that the enemy is very busy targeting these families because he knows that the stronger they are, the better the community, as well as the church and other ministries, will be.”

a marriage and family look like inside of the church, and I believe that the enemy is very busy targeting these families because he knows that the stronger they are, the better the community, as well as the church and other ministries, will be. As someone who knows the challenges that the enemy can have on both a marriage and family, it has been my mission to help these families be healed through God’s spirit of love.” What does the future look like for this servant of The Lord? “I aspire to lead my family and my flock by being the example of what it looks like to walk through trying and tough times with the help of God,” said Robinson. “I always say that the world may change, but God never changes, and I just want to show others what it looks like to lead knowing this.” To find out more about Pastor Robinson and New Zion Grove Worship Center, please visit their website. h

Florida - July/August 2022



Florida - July/August 2022

Terry Thomas Jr. Proving That It Can Be Done By Terry L. Watson

Photos Provided by Terry Thomas Jr. He describes himself as a 46-year-old black visionary. Raised by his father since the age of 13, Terry Thomas Jr. has experienced life from both sides of the coin. At one point, he had hit rock bottom, but with determination and grit, he pulled himself back up and set out on a journey of promise and has yet to look back. “My mother moved to Houston, TX, pursuing a job opportunity with my sister. I stayed with my father in my hometown of Detroit, MI. I grew up watching him work a (9 to 5) job at Ford Motor Company and running a nightclub. After graduating from Southfield High school in 1994, I attended Alabama State University. Unfortunately, I dropped out and began working full-time as a waiter. Soon I got caught up in the street life of grinding and hustling and fell into a dark psychological place,” Terry shares. “My ability to speak my vision to myself became my light through the darkness and is what kept me strong.” Things would soon change for the better in Terry’s life. In 2004 he met his wife Samitra. “The experience of meeting my wife was life-changing because she believed in the man that I was becoming and loved me unconditionally. Although I felt I didn’t deserve her, I knew she was the woman I envisioned to be my wife,” he says. Terry and Samitra dated for two years before getting married. One of the things that connected them was entrepreneurship. Terry says, “Right after we got married, we started our first business, which ended up failing. After that, we went through a series of failed businesses. While struggling to get our businesses off the ground, we birthed our two greatest joys - our sons Terry III and James.” Fast-forward to 2016, and things were happening for the ambitious power couple. In addition to having kids to raise and love, Terry found himself overweight at 305 pounds. “I had been laid off from my corporate job and had to deal with judgment from family and friends for not having an income. It was during that time that my wife suggested that I do photography. She saw my love for taking pictures, and we even published our magazine, Over Flow Magazine. I wasn’t sold on the idea initially because I didn’t think it would be financially worth it, but it was the key to my purpose,” he shares.

Florida - July/August 2022


With his company, Terry Thomas Photography, some of the services offered are studio and on-site photography, events, weddings, corporate functions, birthday parties, fashion shows, lifestyle photography, and so much more. He also provides a social branding component. As he began to master the art of photography, Terry also practiced living a healthier lifestyle. When he was overweight, he had to deal with high blood pressure, diabetes, and back issues, and with the new positive outlook on life, he was sure not to revert to those conditions. “I saw myself with a lean body. I saw my wife and I running a successful business from the ground up. I also saw us owning acres of land and living self-sufficiently,” he says. The things that Terry envisioned has now become a reality. In April 2022, he and Samitra closed on 10 acres of land. Today, he is known as a photography king and has has birthed T’s Tea Herbal Bar, which contains his Herbal Seasoning called T’s Seasoning and his line of herbal teas called T’s Tea Herbal Blends. “I was drinking Herbal Tea for years before it fell on my heart to share my blends with the world. Now, I grow herbs in my garden, and my first non-store-bought tea came from natural herbs that I mixed from my garden,” he says. While Terry loves to share the good things in his life, he is clear not to forget where he came from. He shares that his darkest season taught him how to live in gratitude. “I am grateful to be a husband, a father, a Herbal Healer, and a photography King. My vision has been my guide, my self-love has been my strength, and my purpose has been my foundation. Even more, my gifts are keys to doors that house the opportunity for me to be a light in this unbalanced dark reality. Today, I am set in harmony. My soul and flesh are working under my command as one, evolving to be an inspiration to all of mankind.” h


Florida - July/August 2022

“I saw myself with a lean body. I saw my wife and I running a successful business from the ground up. I also saw us owning acres of land and living self-sufficiently.” Florida - July/August 2022



Florida - July/August 2022

P 3 Human Capital Solutions P Human Capital Solutions

By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Foluke Houston

Foluke Houston-Gaddis has a very clear and simple goal; to connect people to their purpose and passion. The Vicksburg, MS, native and current Germantown, TN, resident is the face and founder of P3 Human Capital Solutions. This diverse and woman-owned organization provides strategic solutions, enabling talent and organizations to develop and sustain high-performing and inclusive environments. The company’s guiding principles are the most practical parts of P3, which Foluke clearly outlines. “Our universal, enduring principles guide our organization in all circumstances, irrespective of changes in project goals, strategies, and work climates. Following these guiding principles, we create bigger and better value for our stakeholders and clients in collaboration with innovation and integrity,” she says. “We stand on Integrity, First - Trust & Service Always. We believe that feedback serves as a gift. We also understand the value of simplicity, and we do not allow anyone to stand alone and are always value-focused.” Foluke is the wife of Rodney Gaddis and the youngest of six children. She is a national keynote speaker, award-winning community leader, and Human Resources expert that values service and excellence. As a global talent leader, Foluke brings unique perspectives from her experience working within Fortune 300 and Fortune 100 private sector organizations, local and federal government agencies, and community groups within the HR space.

Florida - July/August 2022


Using real-world examples, Foluke says her personal and professional mission is to positively impact others through her gifts. “P3 was a vision in my mind for over ten years; however, like so many others before me, I was apprehensive about stepping out on faith. I had this vision, but something was missing. In late 2021, I was referred to a non-profit organization, Innate Success Corporation, which provides business mentoring to aspiring and new business owners. Innate provided me with the missing ingredient of business start-up knowledge and confidence. Still, I needed guidance on the “how” of entrepreneurship, such as how to create my business plan, how to complete the legal compliance steps, etc. Once I completed the program, P3 was ready to roll,” she shares. Before completing the program with Innate Success Corp, Foluke had secured contractual collaborations with two national organizations and provided them with services such as Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging(DIB) program assessment and training development and facilitation. Foluke shares that she loves the opportunities P3 provides her, especially connecting others with their passion and purpose. She also loves connecting with individual clients and organizations and witnessing the positive impact of empowering someone to operate within their purpose. Anyone who has had a significant encounter with Foluke understands how important God and her family are to her. “My name, Foluke, means “Placed in God’s hand” and I truly understand the power my name possesses. My faith and upbringing have kept me humble while persisting that I operate in my purpose and excellence,” she shares. Foluke says she is inspired by transparency and being connected to authentic and transparent people. She also states her professional journey has not been easy but has been fulfilling and successful. “My testimony is that I can and will be transparent at all times to inspire others.” Every part of Foluke’s journey hasn’t been easy. There have been a few challenges she’s had to face. Still, she confesses that she wouldn’t change anything. “Every accomplishment, connection, and misstep has led me to this moment. I have learned so much since arriving in Tennessee. It has all played a part in the inception of P3.” For those who may follow in her footsteps, Foluke offers some sound advice. “Rest in the promises, not the paranoia. A lot of times, we sabotage our own success by thinking, “what if I fail” or “how will I sustain my business?” My advice is to rest in that God would not have placed the business idea in your spirit and heart unless there was a provision already waiting for you to take action. Also, know that it’s not about you. Someone or some organization needs your gifts. There is a call on every one of our lives, and your “yes” to starting a business or a non-profit will impact someone’s life. You are the answer to someone’s call for help. And finally, render the pen. We are not the author or finisher of our fate, and as business owners, we like to control outcomes with our perspective. Do your best, build relationships, provide excellent service, and trust that everything will work out the way it should.” Moving forward, Foluke says that P3 is deeply committed to helping her individual clients realize their worth and what they bring to the table. She is also committed to helping leaders, teams, and organizations evaluate their current practices and culture and influence true, positive change. She also states the P3 website is in production and will be live by mid-August. In the meantime, they are open for 20222023 consulting services and projects. Individual clients and organizations can book their initial consultation at


Florida - July/August 2022


Florida - July/August 2022



Cutest Baby


Love Monae’ Anthony The daughter of Alneshia Torian

Florida - July/August 2022

To submit photographs to be placed in the Huami Magazine Cutest Baby feature, please send a detailed email to

Florida - July/August 2022



Florida - July/August 2022

Violas Mens Apparel, LLC By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Nehemiah Johnson Jr. When an individual is dressed well, they typically will feel good also. Business owner Nehemiah Johnson Jr. seemingly understands this concept and has built his business on the very foundation. He is the owner of Violas Mens Apparel, LLC, a men’s fashion boutique that specializes in fine clothing and accessories. This includes hats, neckwear, suits, and shoes. Violas Mens Apparel was founded 20 years ago. In 2019, Nehemiah shared how he received a call from the original owner, who is also his cousin, informing him of his planned retirement. “He said that the Lord told him that I was to be his successor. He asked me if I wanted the store, and I told him “yes”. Up to that point, I had never worked in retail nor owned my own business. Even more, we are the only black-owned menswear store in our city,” he says. When Nehemiah took over Viola’s in 2020, it was right before the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic. He says there was nothing in place to prepare him for such an ordeal. “ We didn’t receive any PPP or SBA loans. We just worked our way through it, and it was very hard,” he shares. Nehemiah Johnson Jr is the son of Nehemiah Sr. and Martha Johnson. He is a Navy veteran, an Ordained Minister, and a father. Born and raised in Pensacola, FL, Nehemiah holds an Associates of Arts degree in Supervision and Management and his B.A. in biblical studies. Nehemiah says he loves to see people smile when they put on their first suit and how the faces of parents light up when their child puts on their senior prom tuxedo. His business also requires Nehemiah to express empathy and compassion, especially during moments of grief. “We are open for the people,” he says. Being able to help people is what keeps Nehemiah going. “I had a work ethic instilled into me as a child. We cut grass, pressure-washed houses, collected cans, and even taught other kids how to skateboard to make money. That drive has kept me going throughout my entire life and keeps me going even on the days when I get discouraged,” he shares. “I have survived due to my parents and my relationship with Jesus. If it wasn’t for them, I’d close the doors but I understand that this store is bigger than me.” Being a business owner allows Nehemiah to connect with his community. “As the owner, I personally do not receive a paycheck from the store. Everything goes right back into the store and to the community. We’ve donated money towards turkey giveaways, and donated suits to second chance centers for people getting out of prison. Annually, we teach kids how to tie neckties, and after completion, we give them the necktie for free,” he says. His store also partners with male mentorship groups and donates suits to be given to their participants upon completion of their programs. Nehemiah’s advice for others who may follow a path similar to the one he has is not to be quick to jump into it. “Start modest and slow crawl so that you can see the ins and outs of business. You must also realize that everyone will not support you. You have to keep pushing through, adjust, and keep moving. Last but not least, get a team to help you. A good CPA and a marketing team will work wonders,” he says. h 35


Florida - July/August 2022

MomSpace&Co, Inc Antonia is Boayke of Baltimore, MD describes herself as a caring and fun-loving person. She is a wife and mother to three beautiful kids. Amongst all of her responsibilities, she has enjoyed a career as a professional hairstylist for almost 12 years. As life has continued to happen for Antonia, many opportunities have also presented themselves to her. One is the host of a podcast called MomSpace&co. “I am a hairstylist turned podcast host. I love to laugh and enjoy good company, but resetting and self-care are vital in my everyday life. MomSpace&co provides a platform for me to do that,” she shares. A mother, wife, and everything else in between, Antonia says her passion for helping others provided a path to helping mothers. She shares, “Having a village is vital for our children and the mom. Our mission is to assist in each phase of motherhood by providing resources, sharing our knowledge, and making connections throughout the community.” The podcast started in 2017 with a focus on bringing moms together to have the “taboo” conversations about motherhood and life. “We’re a nonprofit organization that moms exactly where they are; in motherhood, business, and through conversation and community. Antonia is inspired mainly by people, and she is always looking for opportunities to serve, offer solutions, and give back.

By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Antonia Boakye

Having a village is vital for our children and the mom. Our mission is to assist in each phase of motherhood by providing resources, sharing our knowledge, and making connections throughout the community.

Antonia says she loves what she does and wouldn’t change a thing about the process to get to this stage in her life. “Coming from a place where I had little to no experience operating a business put me in a position to learn and grow personally and professionally. It has helped me to become who I am today,” she says. As she looks toward the future, Antonia says she plans to receive whatever God has in store for her. “I pray it’s more meaningful connections and continued support from our community for our mission. I also hope to grow more,” she says. Her advice to others sitting on a dream or facing a similar path that she has traveled is simple. “Don’t give up. It seems so cliche, but persistence and diligence will get you where you once dreamed of seeing yourself. It’s no easy road, but it’s worth it. Also, don’t forget to celebrate yourself and the milestones you reach, both big and small!” To learn more about Antonia Boayke and MomSpace&co, please visit their website. h Florida - July/August 2022


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