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Jonathan C. H arris Anything Is Possible DMV - May/June 2021


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Awards, Accolades, and Alignment A Letter From The Editor

There Are No If, Ands, Or Buts About It!

Sometimes I reflect on where I have come from in life. With each reflection, the feelings are always different from one another, and it makes good sense for them to be. There are peaks and valleys; good moments during the valleys, and even bad ones when I thought things Letterbeen fromgreat. the Editor shouldAhave I guess you can describe it as a roller coaster ride that never ends.

if tomorrow didn’t hopes I am theWhat second youngest child in arrive? a familyAll of of six,your withplans, two additional and dreams wouldn’t have athe street to park on. What if is big sisters. With this arrangement, number of stories to share everything that you decided to put off until tomorrow plentiful. Even more, the steps that I’ve taken have painted theirnever own happened? There would beand nouniqueness, reason to save a rainy picture, validating my individuality and for eventually day,what andIyou could spare trouble of you making revealing am purposed for.someone There is athe saying “what don’t WhatFor if your opportunity expired know, promises. can’t hurt you”. me, last learning what Godseemingly has destined for my life and not responding His desire is sort of an opposite parallel today? Whataccording would youtodo? to that adage, meaning once I learned who I was supposed to be, every act of disobedience that that followed hasseem been like painful. I’ve been told I often I do too much. Honestly, I feel like I am not doing enough and I’m a firm

I have taken part in a lot of things life. I have acknowledged believer in knowing that Godinwouldn’t putbeen anything on me for some, and for some, I have not, and in my dusty collection, one might that I couldn’t handle. I sometimes wonder how life would find a few plaques, trophies, certificates, and awards. Though I be if I chose to sit idle and accept what it presented to haven’t me. I received many accolades, yet I know they’re coming. I confess that I once have found that to be very boring. In my opinion, opportunity believed they would, I am now at a place where those items just don’t is a blessing that isn’t afforded to everyone. A challenge do it for me. I realized such symbols of merit have only provided short to me is an adventure. What is the worst that can happen? moments of enthusiasm, and any mental record of them is fleeting. If I If memory, I do nothing, fail,like and if I tryhappened. I don’t, but instead learn have no thenIit’s it never

something new about myself. Relinquish your pride and in Butreturn when Iacquire slowed life. down and allowed my life to get into alignment

with what God has purposed for me, everything that I gave value to ever to given toon metohappened someone before, I The usedbest as a advice foundation stand obtain thatwhen which will never told me to make my tomorrow happen today. In doing so lose its value; and that is God’s favor. I realized that when God blesses pressed way through doors withwill a key that onlyI can me, theI have sensations aremy unending, and the benefits open doors hope provided. I have also learned the difference between have open on my own. When I walk with God, and that means allowing God towhat lead me, desire, want,and andwhat needlife appears to just fall place. Godevery blesses me with can burden meinwith

as well. I compare it to knowing when to be confident and I havewhen learned thatquiet, awards and to be because accolades are goodmay but get being in someone it confused alignment with God has way more value. with being arrogant. What God gives us will last, a whole lot longer thanMake anything the world gives us. you tomorrow He promises not to keep anymost good thing happen today, but from us, and all we have to do is trust in importantly make it count. Him. For me, being loved by God is the Life is but a whisper and purest form of an award and accolade, we must put ourselves in a and one the world will never be able to to hear what it is duplicateposition or measure up to. Terry L. Watson

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telling us.

Terry L. Watson


Terry L. Watson DMV - May/June 2021 Editor/Founder

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DMV - May/June 2021


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Jonathan C. H arris Anything Is Possible 6

DMV - May/June 2021

By Terry L. Watson Photos by Jonathan Harris

For author Jonathan Harris, he has proven that anything is possible. In just one year, he transformed his appearance and embraced the responsibility of living a healthier life and dropped 100 pounds. For many, that can be an impossible feat, but for Jonathan it all coincides with who he is, an achiever, overcomer, and conqueror.

In just one year, Jonathan shed 100 pounds.

Born and raised in Fort Washington, Maryland, he is no stranger to leadership, hard work, or success. At the young age of ten years old, he was featured as a guest weatherman for a day on a local new station, Fox 5 DC News. He was the high school Valedictorian of his graduating class, and has earned many awards such as the Forty Under 40 for Prince George’s County, MD. He is also a TEDx Talk speaker, and TEDxFortWashington Founder. He has been recognized by the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) Outstanding Men’s Program and is the recipient of the Kiwanis Club Citizenship Award. After high school, he attended the University of Delaware where he ironically fell in love with his Resident Assistant (RA) job and working with students. After college, he had a major career switch and decided to pursue a career in higher education. That led to his first degree granting HBCU, Lincoln University. With some much already accomplished, Jonathan found time to do even more. In 2016, he authored his first book, Master of Ceremonies: A Male’s Guide for a Successful Life. In 2020, he did the unimaginable and wrote two books, on the same day: Growing Gents and Girls With Pearls. He then started his own publishing company, Harris Publishing, LLC, so that he could help more aspiring authors. Jonathan shares, “My debut book, Master of Ceremonies: A Male’s Guide for a Successful Life, has been added to several popular bookstores including Barnes and Noble, eBay, Amazon, Books-A-Million, Apple Bookstore, and many more. The book is about how to take ownership of your own life and improve your self-worth.” His second book, Growing Gents, reached the top 250 for best-selling books for the ‘books for boys’ category. His third book, Girls With Pearls climbed to the top 500 for best-selling books for the ‘books for girls’ category in just its first week on the Amazon best-selling book charts.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, I realize that families need help in providing educational and fun materials for their children. As a young African American male author, I am excited to provide new content for them.” DMV - May/June 2021


Jonathan shares that Growing Gents teaches boys at an early age what it means to be a gentleman. “Imagine a world where all little boys grow up to be kind, thoughtful, punctual, and helpful. This is what I wanted to capture,” he says. “Girls With Pearls is the perfect book to instill great qualities that will last a lifetime. This effective, beautiful, and colorful book shows young girls the importance of using manners, treating themselves and others with respect, and following their dreams. A lot of children’s literature gives a message through a fictional story, but we do not have many children’s books that are self-help and offer a powerful message. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I realize that families need help in providing educational and fun materials for their children. As a young African American male author, I am excited to provide new content for them.”

Master of Ceremonies A Male’s Guide For A Successful Life

Growing Gents

Girls With Pearls 8

Jonathan says he is inspired by those who will follow after him. “Since I was a child, my late grandfather, William Kirksey always told me that nothing in this world was designed for its own use. Meaning an apple tree doesn’t grow apples to eat the apples themselves. I know that I was put on this earth to make things better for the next person,” he says. “I have a lot of young people who look up to me, including my godson, nephews, mentees, cousins, students, and those who read my books. They remind me that quitting is not an option. As a black man, I constantly think of past slaves who were beaten, jailed, and even killed for learning how to read and write, so becoming an author means the world to me. The same way my ancestors worked hard to make sure I had better, is the same way I want to pay it forward for the next generation of people. My goal is to leave the world in a better space than I found it.” Jonathan shares that being an author has afforded a lot of opportunities. “I have spoken with schools, churches, mentoring programs, and on many other platforms. I have been blessed to have some pretty impactful conversations with the youth about self-esteem, friendship choices, healthy relationships, finances, spirituality/ religion, education, and much more. Due to my transparency with them, many students have opened up about some challenging situations in their lives,” he shares. In the future, Jonathan plans to publish his fourth book, and organize a book tour. He is also considering running for public office. On top of that, he is looking forward to becoming a husband and father one day. h To learn more about Jonathan, please visit his website.

DMV - May/June 2021


Hall Gorgeous Nail Couture By Terry L. Watson Photos by Elijasha Hall

There’s an adage that you can tell a lot about a person, from just by looking at their hands. For Elijasha Hall, she puts a twist on this saying and writes her story on fingernails. The 24-year-old female entrepreneur was born in Brooklyn, NY but raised in Pineville, SC. Today, she is a wife and mother, and making her name in the nail industry by way of her newly opened salon, Gorgeous Nail Couture based in Forestville, MD. Elijasha shares she’s been doing nails since 2010. “It all started when my cousins always used to ask me to paint their nails. It was from that moment I knew I wanted to be a nail technician,” she says. “Growing up, my aunt and uncle, who also raised me, was adamant that I attended college. Yet, I knew college wasn’t the route I wanted to take, but for the sake of keeping them happy, I did it. I went to college for two years before I decided to quit in 2016 and pursue my nail career more seriously.”


DMV - May/June 2021

DMV - May/June 2021


With her purpose confirmed, she set her sights on opening a nail salon. She started her first business in 2017 and received her nail license in 2018, and in 2020, she fulfilled her dream by opening her very first nail salon, Gorgeous Nail Couture. Elijasha specializes in natural nail care, acrylic, and pedicures. She says she loves to educate her clients about their natural nails and ways to keep them strong and healthy. Those instructions are typically offered during service appointments, however, Elijasha offers information and assistance to her clients whenever it’s needed.

Elijasha Hall Gorgeous Nail Couture 7812 Parston Drive Forestville, MD 20747

Book Your Next Appointment at

For something that she has enjoyed doing since she was a young girl, it only makes sense that Elijasha genuinely loves her craft and the benefits it provides. “Deciding to live for me was the best decision I could’ve made,” she says. “I love being able to put a smile on someone’s face when I’ve completed the service. Sometimes clients think their nails look hideous and that there is no way to fix them. If they don’t feel good about their nails, they may not feel good about themselves, but I’m able to fix that,” she says. Elijasha says that with being a black nail technician in an industry that’s primarily dominated by Vietnamese, she believes many people are being misguided with the wrong information. “I don’t see my clients as someone who is only paying me for a service, I see them as people. Clients don’t understand the time and the quality that they are getting by coming to my business, mainly because they’re not accustomed to the type of services I provide. My services are only offered by appointment, and though my prices may be higher than other places, it doesn’t become the focal point for my clients because I take the time to ensure my clients get a complete service,” she says. Elijasha offers some advice to others who may follow in her footsteps. “Never give up! You won’t master the craft the first day, in a week, or even in a month. You have to promise yourself that you’ll keep practicing your craft,” she says. She hopes to eventually own a nail supply store and open a nail school. That’s clearly in h her future. To learn more about Elijasha and Gorgeous Nail Couture, please visit her website.


DMV - May/June 2021



DMV - May/June 2021

Sheka Johnson High Status Consulting

By Terry L. Watson and Teyah Glenn Photos by Collier Photograpy

For some, life can often get off to a fast start. There may be plans in place, and dreams are just beginning to be acted upon when things suddenly change and what was once important, is moved further down our list of priorities. This is just the kind of narrative that Sheka Johnson has experienced. As a teenager, the Charlotte, N.C. native looked up to her grandfather for encouragement and direction. She says he taught her how to look for certain summer jobs and not settle for the ones that teenagers typically get. By doing so, at the age of fourteen she served as an assistant at City Hall, helping people in Uptown Charlotte with different city projects. Within this position, Sheka learned how to manage a business and the basic functions of running one. The information she obtained in this role would eventually pay dividends for her later in life, Sheka finished high school and set her sights on obtaining a degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. As life would happen, within three years into pursuing her degree in Business Management, she became pregnant and decided to step away from school so that she could prepare to be a new mom. After having her first child at the age of 20, Sheka entered the world of entrepreneurship. “Being a single, young mother is what pushed me. I didn’t have a backup plan. I wanted to spend as much time with my child as possible, but I needed to be able to afford that experience. Being a business owner seemed like the best avenue for me to take,” she says.

Continued on the next page

DMV - May/June 2021


Her first stint was with bail bonding, and next, she opened a childcare center. “I enjoyed working with children, and opening the childcare center allowed me to make money and take care of my child while doing so,” she says. Her next move was to attend nursing school, where she acquired her degree and became a Licensed Practical Nurse. With that accomplishment under her belt, she opened a home health care business that has been in operation for nine years. With her home healthcare business, Sheka says it all about helping her clients, many of whom are senior citizens and disabled individuals. “Because I am the owner of a home healthcare business, I can hire qualified professionals, ensuring that the needs of my clients are met,” she says. With all the things Sheka has ongoing, she still finds the time to do even more. Her newest venture is High Status Consulting LLC. With this, her goal is to offer and provide consulting and coaching services to existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. Her services are designed to help them either get their business off the ground or assist them with making their business operate more efficiently. She does this by identifying bottlenecks and waste and areas where opportunities to grow may exist. Additionally, Sheka offers talent management services.

“My intention is to impact every life that I am privileged to meet. I genuinely love helping others achieve their dreams. Many people I meet are often at a place where they are thinking about giving up on their business. I help to redirect that type of thinking into something positive and show them how to make their business work. With entrepreneurship you can’t give up, you have to stay with it.”

There are many perks to being an entrepreneur and Sheka’s favorites are financial freedom and having free time to spend with her family. She also enjoys meeting people. “I intend to impact every life that I am privileged to meet,” she says. “I genuinely love helping others achieve their dreams. Many people I meet are often at a place where they are thinking about giving up on their business. I help to redirect that type of thinking into something positive and show them how to make their business work. With entrepreneurship you can’t give up, you have to stay with it,” Sheka says.

Continued on the next page


DMV - May/June 2021

DMV - May/June 2021



DMV - May/June 2021

Just as many perks come with entrepreneurship, some challenges come with it as well. For Sheka, she says the Covid 19 pandemic forced her to find ways to stay in operation. “I had to find adequate staffing, which was difficult because many people were not interested in working because of the pandemic,” she says. Still, she pushed on and was able to keep going. Her drive and determination have been passed down to her daughters, both of who are entrepreneurs owning the beauty company, Chosen 1 Studio, and Drilled by K. Sheka serves as mom and business coach to her daughters and navigates them through the world of business, using the experience and knowledge she has already obtained. Sheka’s goal for the future is to mentor and coach young black entrepreneurs. “Even if they don’t want to own a business, I want them to know that they should still have some type of entrepreneurship. I want to let the youth know that there’s a difference between being a business owner and being an entrepreneur. I want to expand my online presence as well,” she says. “Normalizing black wealth is my ultimate goal.” A piece of advice that Sheka would offer to others who follow in her footsteps would be to stay passionate about your business, and never give up. “You should only take advice from those who have traveled in the same path that you are seeking to go in,” she says. If you are an entrepreneur and in need of business coaching services, contact Sheka with High Status Consulting. She might just have the answers to help you get your business to the next level. h

Sheka Johnson High Status Consulting 704-659-1108

DMV - May/June 2021


Corey Williams Space Coast Stars Basketball

Basketball- a round, rubber sphere, encased in leather. For some people, a basketball engenders visions of athletes running up and down the court, their artistry on full display, maneuvering with precision to complete their objective. Others see a basketball as a way out of poor neighborhoods or violent environments. A basketball may be the best (or only) chance to make their life, and the lives of those they love, better. For Corey Williams, it holds the same meaning, but for different reasons. Corey sees a basketball as a way to help the people of Brevard County, FL realize there are multiple avenues available to them to achieve their goals. For Corey, a basketball isn’t a way out; it’s a way in. Corey Williams, the 2021 LEAD Brevard “4 Under 40” Leadership Award recipient, started his basketball journey following in the footsteps of his older brother, Chris. “As a younger brother, you look up to your older brother. Everything he did, I wanted to do. He started baseball, I started baseball. He started basketball, I started basketball. I just fell in love with it. It became my calm and grace.” His journey wasn’t without trials. Corey laughs when he recalls his “Michael Jordan” moment. “I didn’t make my middle school team! I was told I was too short and dribbled too much.” The next year, he made his high school team, then experienced a major growth spurt in between his sophomore and junior year, growing from 5’8” to 6’4”.


DMV - May/June 2021

Corey’s growth on the court matched his physical growth, and the opportunities to play college basketball began coming in. Corey chose State College of Florida (formerly Manatee Community College) and eventually had a Division I school with their eye on him. Then, a poor decision changed everything. “I got kicked out for petty theft. People don’t understand the life of a college athlete. I had a meal plan at IMG Academy, but trying to leave practice and rush over to another school to eat was impossible,” Corey recounts, “My parents were trying to take care of my three younger siblings, two of which were in college. They were paying for everything. I didn’t want to go to my parents for money. So, I took food out of Walmart one night, got caught, went to jail, and they ended up kicking me out of school.” “Initially, I was upset about it, but it drove me to do what I am doing now. I felt betrayed because as a coach, especially a Black coach, you should want to look after your players. You don’t just push them to the side like ‘There’s no hope for this kid. I’m gonna leave him.’” Getting expelled from school wasn’t the worst part; a scholarship to Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut was withdrawn. “My coach was like ‘You’re on your own.’ He just threw me away and you don’t do that to kids.” At his lowest moment, a friend reached out to support him. “Mr. (Stanley) Cromartie (father of former NFL cornerback Dominic Rodgers-Cromartie) looked out for me. He told me he heard what happened and he didn’t want me to give up.” Mr. Cromartie contacted Tim Gates, the Head Basketball Coach at Allen University, an HBCU, in Colombia, SC, who offered Corey a scholarship. Corey graduated from Allen University with honors, earning his Bachelor of Science in Human Services, then returned home to Brevard. He started playing basketball for a Semi-Pro team in Orlando but left the team for personal reasons. A year later, he received a phone call that would change his life. “The owner of the league called me. He told me that they missed having me on the team, then he said that if I couldn’t come back to Orlando, why don’t I start my own team down here.” Thus birthed the Space Coast Stars.

The Space Coast Stars is built around five core values: UNITY, COMMITMENT, INTEGRITY, FAMILY and RESPECT. Their goal? To “empower and develop the next generation of student athletes through sports, and our CORE VALUES. The SCS MENTALITY way!” Corey’s eyes light up when he speaks of the impact the SCS has had in the community. “We ended up partnering with the Orlando Magic to create the Space Coast Stars Junior Magic League. Through that, we are able to help develop children’s motor skills, improve their overall health, all while stressing the importance of education.” With the Stars entrenched in the community, Corey has plans to expand his reach. “There are so many kids that grow up, play basketball in high school or college, and have no tools or skills after basketball. We want to give kids a trade. We are creating our own college.” Upon opening, Legacy College plans to offer 32 online certifications, tuition free, in a variety of disciplines to include credit counseling, Real estate, insurance, sport agent, customer service, data entry, media and public relations, entrepreneurship, intro to computer science, graphic design, sports management and scouting, among others. Through basketball, Corey Williams has found a way to provide his community a way up, not out. His commitment, his selflessness, his drive for and love of his community provides exponentially more. He is something good, something special, something important that came out of Brevard County. Corey has given Brevard what it needed most, an example. h

The Space Coast Stars is more than just a Semi-Pro team. The 501(c)(3) organization boasts basketball programs that support children from ages 5-18, to include both local and travelling teams. “I wanted the Space Coast Stars to be more than just men getting together to hoop. There’s a lot of talent here in Brevard County, but I wanted the Space Coast Stars to be more. I wanted it to be a way to give back. A lot of times, people make it and never give back,” he says. “It’s sad because people start to say nothing good ever comes out of Brevard. I wanted to change that and set a better example.”

DMV - May/June 2021



DMV - May/June 2021

“I didn’t feel any resentment towards my father and decided that instead of focusing on the past I was going to keep moving forward with our relationship.”

By Dorjae McClammey Photos by Jamey Jenkins

He wants everyone to have an ear for this. Hello Black Man. Jamey Jenkins, husband, father, and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Mississippi, he grew up in the small town of Hazelhurst. As a student at Hazlehurst High School, he was involved with the debate team, basketball team, and eventually graduated at the top of his class with honors in 1997. Next, he enrolled at the well-known HBCU, Alcorn State University, majoring in Political Science Pre-Law. He was also inducted into the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. After graduating in 2002, Jamey received a job at the automotive giant Nissan North America and much like everything else in his life, was able to work himself to the top. Starting as a Technician, he then moved up to Lead Tech, then to Supervisor, and currently serves as Lead Manager. DMV - May/June 2021


Growing up, Jamey had a real simple life. He was raised by a hard-working single mother, and shares he didn’t ask for much, but his mother always made him feel like he had the world. He met his father while he was in high school, and the connection they made he shares, was so amazing it was like they never missed a beat. “If someone were to tell you that we didn’t grow up together, you wouldn’t believe it,” he says. “I didn’t feel any resentment towards my father and decided that instead of focusing on the past I was going to keep moving forward with our relationship.” Growing into manhood Jamey acquired a family of his own. He was married and got divorced, producing a son in his union. His son came to live with him for a while, and he figured out quickly that their communication style was quite different. “I wanted to find the best way to adapt to him and his needs instead of my son trying to adapt to me as the parent,” he says. Jenkins used this knowledge to create a list of things he wanted his son to know about him, which involved creating questions for them to ask each other. While writing down things he wanted his son to know about him, Jamey realized that he didn’t know a lot about his dad. He knew the basic things but not who he was as a person. So, as he continued to write down all these questions and something came to his mind. “I realized that if I put all these questions together in journal form, then I would have an almost perfect autobiography,” he says. Starting with 250 questions he thought if the question did not make you pause, it wouldn’t be added to the journal. So that removed all of the basic questions and narrowed it down to 52 questions, equaling one question a week for an entire year. All the questions were thought-provoking and intriguing, focusing on finances, future endeavors, and love. The kind of questions and answers that don’t come up in everyday conversations. He knew he was onto something and In November 2019, the Hello Black Man Journal was created. He didn’t stop there, as he has created a series of interactive journals that are designed to help members of the African American community dig deep within and learn things about themselves that they would have never thought of. The Hello Black Man Journal has been well designed and is easily comprehensible. One side allows space for a quote and/or question, and the other side has a space for the reader to journal and reflect.


DMV - May/June 2021

Jamey didn’t stop with Hello Black Man. He has created a journal for just about everyone. After Hello Black Man, he wrote Hello Black Woman, which is inspired by his daughter, wife, and mother. There is also Hello Black Child. With this addition, Jamey wanted to open up the mind of the young person and jumpstart their communication abilities and provide a safe and trusting place to get everything in their mind out and show someone what they are going through. With Hello Black Teenager Jamey, wanted something that can help teens and adults connect better. “I feel as though teenagers today have it way harder than I did. With social media being a big factor in a teenager’s life I wanted a place for young adults to get their emotions and thoughts out somewhere other than online,” he says. There is also Hello Black Couple which is meant for two people to write and connect. Jamey has had couples who’ve been married 40 plus years tell him that they didn’t know half of the things about their partner they thought they did. This journal strives to reopen deep communication between new and current partners. Hello Black First Responder is for the people who are so unique and mentally trained and are sadly constantly fighting between career and community. A space for those people, paramedics, firefighters, and law enforcement who see a lot, finally have a place to release what they’ve been holding in.

Then there’s the Journey Journal. Jamey wanted to create an avenue for everyone in the world to be able to start their transition to be more open and connected with themselves. Finally, there is the Hello Black Entrepreneur. As someone who has multiple businesses, he is no stranger to the hustle. “In our community, we grind, we are hustlers and hard workers. Yet I feel as though the community does not do a great job at writing the details down of what we are doing and so this journal is for those who need an outline for when they need to go back for a reference, or when they start a new business, they know how they did it the first time and will be able to do it again with less hassle. I’ve had more phone calls about that journal in the last three months than Hello Black Man in the last year.” Jamey has what others may call an “unreal” motivator, which is time. Time pushes him to be more connected with his business, family, and surroundings. It pushes him to have a business that will be impactful forever. He wants his products to be so impactful, that in the next 100 to 200 years, someone will be able to pick them up and still be inspired. He wants to use his journals to make history in the black community also. “If my grandson’s, grandson’s grandson needs help or motivation, he can see what I wrote, and hopefully it will drive him to a better place,” he says. DMV - May/June 2021


“If my grandson’s, grandson’s grandson needs help or motivation, he can see what I wrote, and hopefully it will drive him to a better place,” Even though he’s not huge on accolades, Jamey feels most accomplished when he sees his work in action. He says a client’s appreciation, feedback, and recognition is all the reward he needs. Most of all, being able to find a way to connect with his kids better is his biggest accomplishment. Moving forward, Jamey currently has two more journals in the work, Hello Black Student and Hello Black Educator. He feels like this group of people doesn’t get the respect nor pay they deserve. “Because they give to the youth in the community, I want to give them an avenue to talk about their careers, express their emotions, and be able to unwind. My goal is to put my journals into millions of hands who need a safe space to unwind,” he says.

Jamey Jenkins

Hello Black Man

The Covid 19 pandemic has put a hold on The Hello Black Man Conference, though Jamey and his team have been working hard to bring it back for the Spring of 2022. That will also be the celebration of their third-year mark. Jamey is a down-to-earth kind of guy. His favorite dish to prepare is frozen pizza. His top three movies are Heat with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, Tombstone, and Shawshank Redemption. He is also a world-renowned spade player, “spadesologist” and has received the City-Wide Spades trophy in h Mississippi. To learn more about Jamey Jenkins and Hello Black Man, please visit his website.


DMV - May/June 2021

DMV - May/June 2021



DMV - May/June 2021

BhreaJefferson The GreenHouse Effect Project

By Terry L. Watson Photos by Fredrostar Productions Many words can be used to describe Bhrea Jefferson. Also known as Bre, at heart, she is a nature-lover. Her foundation is solidified by being a wife to her husband of six years, DonTaye. Together they share two sons, DonTaye Jr and Dallas. At 28 years of age, the Chemical Engineer and two-time business owner/entrepreneur is striving to make her impact on the world and her community by way of her newest venture, The GreenHouse Effect Project LLC. Bhrea was born and raised in Huntsville, AL. Still currently residing there, Bhrea fully understands what she does can influence and inspire others, so she lives her life to be a role model for young girls. She is also passionate about bridging women in business together, while also pursuing her dreams. She has a go-getter attitude when it comes to doing business and exemplifies what it means to be a servant for God, as she lives her life serving others. The GreenHouse Effect Project is a non-profit organization that was founded in Huntsville, AL. Its purpose is to educate, empower, inform, and include women to obtain the dream of entrepreneurship. Bhrea says, “I aspire to collaborate with other women and show the world that we are more alike than we realize.” The GreenHouse Effect Project is symbolically the same as a real Greenhouse for plants. A traditional Greenhouse is used to shield crops and plants from excessive cold or hot temperatures while maintaining a stable environment year-round. It also makes it possible for the plants to grow outside of their natural environment. With the GreenHouse Effect Project, Bhrea incorporates the same theory. “Experienced or seasoned businesswomen act as the (glass or plastic) exterior, shielding aspiring entrepreneurs from harm’s way with advice and business solutions. We maintain a warm, comforting, inclusive environment year-round, which allows everyone to grow equally, bettering ourselves and achieving our goals. What’s special about The GreenHouse Effect Project is we can support, uplift, and encourage one woman at a time,” she says.


So how did Bhrea’s journey begin? She says she started gathering ideas and brainstorming in October 2019. After organizing her thoughts and ideas, she launched The GreenHouse Effect Project on March 4, 2020, just before the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I initially started the business idea of having functions in person with women in my community, but became impossible because of the pandemic,” she says. Still, Bhrea was able to press on. Bhrea shares she has devoted her life to helping others mainly due to the grace that God has shown her. “I have survived things that were sent to destroy me physically, mentally, and emotionally. In my darkest hours, I figured out a way to pull myself out, flipping my frown back into a smile. When I thought I completely lost myself in pleasing other people, I found a way to reveal and find my true identity once again. When we hit rock bottom, I don’t think we as women, give ourselves enough credit for being our own coach, counselor, chef, doctor, therapist, and everything in between. When our family and friends are hurting, we are there to fix and heal them, but who heals us? At my worst state, my source of strength has come from my Bible, devotionals, and meditation. I thank God for strengthening me so that I can still be here today,” Bhrea shares. Understandably, to do what Bhrea is doing, one must have love and compassion for others. Often, Bhrea is connected with new people, and because of this, more women in her community are networking and making new connections. “I’ve asked God to take away my fears, nervousness, and timidness, and use me as a vessel to serve my community,” she says. There have also been some challenges that Bhrea has overcome in her business. She shares, the first business I started was with my husband as a used car dealer. I didn’t anticipate getting a cold shoulder or negative energy from the people I thought loved me the most as I climbed the success ladder. It’s funny how when you’re doing average or bad, people love you. Yet, when you’re trying to excel in your career and provide better opportunities for you and your family, hate can emerge. Sometimes the hard work is overlooked, and the fruits of our labor are only noticed. Times when I thought I would have been congratulated, I wasn’t, but instead, I was shunned. However, I didn’t allow that to stop me from loving.” For other entrepreneurs who may follow in Bhrea footsteps, she offers some advice. “Chase after your dreams with all that you have and don’t stop. Remember that nothing lasts forever. Whatever you’re going through, it can’t last forever. It’s just a season. The only way that you will fail in life is if you quit, so don’t quit! When you’re sitting in your bed at night contemplating whether you should keep going or not, just go! Don’t let anyone force their insecurities on you to make you feel you aren’t worthy enough to enjoy every ounce of success that comes to you. If God gave you the vision, it is for you, and only you to understand,” Bhrea shares. Moving forward, Bhrea plans for The Greenhouse Effect Project to be the go-to place for women in entrepreneurship. She plans to launch a successful talk show titled, Mauve’ Convos on the YouTube platform. She also hopes to build more economic strength in her community and would like to expand her business to other states and produce her own line of products. “Through my journey in entrepreneurship, I found running a business and being business-minded is a language. I want to bring forth the ups, the downs, and the ins and outs of being a woman behind a business. I have a lot of great plans for the show, and I can’t wait to share with the world!” h 30

DMV - May/June 2021

DMV - May/June 2021



DMV - May/June 2021

Dr.Erika Hendrix Exclusive Specs for Men and Women By Ayana Bryant Photos by Jarvis Harris Photography Photos by Still Shots Photography

Lady E Specs is the newest signature brand of eyewear to emerge out of Greensboro, NC. Dr. Erika Hendrix, a Greensboro native and minister, developed this eyewear line to provide her community with colorful and daring frames to fit any occasion. After surviving three strokes that impaired her ability to wear contacts, Dr. Hendrix grew interest in wearing unique glasses that fit her personality eventually leading to the birth of Lady E Specs. During her 20’s, Dr. Hendrix enjoyed wearing simple reading glasses but as the years passed her eyes became weaker and she eventually needed prescription glasses. She opted to wear contacts instead, and thoroughly enjoyed wearing them but after suffering a stroke she began to experience chronic dryness in her eyes. This made it impossible for her to continue wearing contacts. However, now it allowed her the opportunity to truly invest in the eyewear that she now wears. She utilized this opportunity to be more expressive in the eyewear that she chose and began purchasing her frames from a local eyewear entrepreneur J. Franklin (IG: @j.franklin_woodyou). Dr. Hendrix fell in love with his designs, even more she liked that she was able to customize all her glasses. She would have him engrave “Lady E” into every pair of frames that she purchased so that they would be personalized specifically to her. After frequently purchasing frames and becoming more acquainted with J. Franklin and his company, she learned that he also worked as an eyewear manufacturer. One day he suggested that she should start her own eyewear line because of her distinct taste and many connections through her work and ministry.

DMV - May/June 2021



DMV - May/June 2021

After taking some time to consider the idea Dr. Hendrix was convinced and decided to move forward with the new opportunity. The name came to her quickly as she remembered that “Lady E” was engraved into each of her frames, so Lady E Specs seemed to be the most fitting. The time to develop the eyewear line took from October 2020 to February 2021 which is when the company initially launched. Due to the pandemic, Dr. Hendrix moved forward with a virtual launch, proving to be a smart decision because of the influx of online shopping taking place during the lockdown. The line launched featuring eight stylish designs in acetate and wooden materials. Dr. Hendrix’s eyewear features customization for each of the Divine 9 fraternities and sororities as well as a featured “Aggie Blue” frame to celebrate her HBCU alma mater, North Carolina A&T State University located in Greensboro, NC. All but two of Lady E Specs designs are unisex, so there are selections for any and everyone. The average cost for a pair of acetate frames from Lady E Specs will range from $95-$110 and the custom wooden frames begin at $250. Lady E Specs also accepts FSA and HSA flex spending funds from your employer as a form of payment. The next launch is scheduled to debut in June of 2021 and will feature a selection for kids. Dr. Hendrix is an allaround businesswoman serving her community in the role of executive pastor of her church, Overcoming Deliverance Center, running multiple businesses including a mental health agency, a group home, a juice bar, and Lady E Specs, as well as publishing a book! When asked what inspires her as an entrepreneur, she says that she finds inspiration in the response that she gets from those she has impacted. Effortlessly, she represents the true definition of a humble servant, as she enjoys helping people and seeing them transform into a better version of themselves. Maintaining a close-knit group of friends is something she values and finds inspiration in. “Coming from a household with being the only girl among all boy siblings, my three best friends who I consider to be my sisters, have impacted my life and career the most. These are friends hold me accountable, encourage me, and guide me. They keep me in check. They tell me things I need to hear like, ‘No Erika I do not think that is a good idea Sis”. They really push me to always continue moving forward,” she shares. DMV - May/June 2021

Photo by Still Shots Photography

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Coming from a household with being the only girl among all boy siblings, my three best friends who I consider to be my sisters, have impacted my life and career the most. These are friends hold me accountable, encourage me, and guide me.

The only thing Dr. Hendrix says that she would change about her eyewear business is wishing that she would have done it sooner! “I’ll be 50 in two years so I can only imagine where it would be if I would’ve done this in my 20’s. But everything is in God’s timing” says Dr. Hendrix. The sky’s the limit for Lady E Specs. Dr. Hendrix plans to further her brand to new heights and share her vision around the world. Some of her future plans include launching a line dedicated to senior citizens and expanding into jewelry and apparel. She is currently working with local vendors to have Lady E Specs sold wholesale as well as online through her website. h

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DMV - May/June 2021

Licensed Professional Counselor and Mindset Coach

Elevate your thinking, Elevate your life By Ellen Richardson Photos by Seawards Dawson

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer – Psalm 19:14 (English Standard Version). Ever since she was a child growing up in Bearden, AR Tenethrea Buffington knew that she wanted to help people. While this desire would once upon a time begin to lead this Lover of God and His people towards a law degree, the current professional counselor quickly found the path that her Heavenly Father had for her while in college. “I originally went to college with a dream and a vision to become an attorney,” said the bubbly Mrs. Buffington. “The funny thing is it didn’t take long for me to realize that was not what I really wanted to do with my life.” While taking a different trajectory so early in their college career can leave some students spiraling out, this would not be the case for this born communicator. Instead Tenethrea would find her calling after taking both a psychology and communications course her freshman year. “During this time, I fell in love with the whole concept of helping people learn how to communicate effectively and talking through things,” shared this born people person.

DMV - May/June 2021


As she continued to follow her passion, Tenethrea would obtain her Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies, in 2002, and would move quickly to pursue her Master of Science in Counseling, in 2005, from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. After also obtaining a postgraduate certificate in marriage and family therapy from the University of Arkansas in Little Rock this deeply caring, nonjudgmental woman would begin to see her career as a Licensed Professional Counselor take shape. During this time, the Christ centered woman also began to pursue a career in ministry. “While in college I started working with kids at a church called Fellowship of Champions, in Fayetteville, AR, where I became a Youth Minister for their Victory Zone program. During this time, I began to learn how to become a mentor and counselor to the younger generation, which was instrumental in my becoming a counselor for families and even couples who often have children of this age,” said Tenethrea. Along with developing a passion for teaching and counseling others, the young woman from a little town in Arkansas developed another dream – to become an actress. “When I was a child and all the way up into my adult years, I had a secret dream to act, and it was during my time working inside this church that my pastor seemed to give this dream the spark that it needed after calling me a star!” exclaimed the artist now known as Tenethrea Buffington. “I actually started this dream through a small film that was filmed in Arkansas, called The Phone in the Attic, in 2014 and this eventually led to my next big life decision.” As she continued to pursue her latest passion, the newly divorced mother of a 3-year-old would decide to start a new life in Atlanta, GA. Despite moving to pursue a new dream/career in acting, which included taking some acting classes,


DMV - May/June 2021

DMV - May/June 2021



DMV - May/June 2021

obtaining an agent, starring in a PSA for an area nonprofit, being featured on some print work for the Atlanta Transit system and even seeing her daughter Brielle land an acting role in an Amazon Prime movie called Mixed Emotions Vol. 2, Tenethrea never strayed far from her goal of helping people through therapy. In fact, along with chasing her newest acting dream Tenethrea also gave life to a new business that gives Christian women a fresh start and perspective in Christ. “915 Enterprises is based upon a six-week online course that I developed called W.O.R.T.H, which is centered around my book called Who Told You That? Both this study guide and course focus on topics like identifying unhealthy limiting beliefs, forgiveness, recognizing your talents and goal setting, learning how to see yourself in a healthy place, building confidence and so much more,” said the woman whose own goal it is to set God’s daughters free from what holds them back. Along with this course, Tenethrea also offers one on one counseling and life coaching for women who are ready to overcome feelings of anxiety, poor self-esteem, anger, relationship issues, communication problems, overcoming a negative identity and even moving past feeling stuck in a certain area of life. “For so long, even in religion, women have been viewed as those who need to stand to the side, be quiet and play nice no matter what their feelings or thoughts may be. I don’t believe that is why God created women to be here on this earth,” stated this purpose lead woman. “Instead, He has a plan and a positive message for each one of us to share and I just want every woman to know that. This is in despite of something that they may have gone through in their past or is going through in the present. As a woman, who has had my own life journey, that has included its own hardships, I know how to relate to these women, and I feel like this is what God has called me to do.”

“For so long, even in religion, women have been viewed as those who need to stand to the side, be quiet and play nice no matter what their feelings or thoughts may be. I don’t believe that is why God created women to be here on this earth.”

DMV - May/June 2021


Along with counseling, encouraging and motivating women through her business, this experienced therapist also offers cognitive behavioral therapy to women, men and children through Lifestance Health as well as couples therapy through Atlanta Couple Therapy. “I really connect with women, but I also enjoy helping anyone who needs to work through something,” said Tenethrea. “The truth is, we all need to do our own soul work and we often get lost in being there for other people and bury what is going on inside of ourselves. Therefore, I make it my goal as well as my advice for anyone out there who wants to be a good person, and who may want to be someone that reaches out to others, to talk with someone like me to work through their issues before bleeding h on others.” To learn more about Tenethrea Buffington visit her website.

Tenethrea Buffington

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Malia Jordyn Neal The daugter of Marquia J. Neal

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