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Farrell’s Daughter

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Defeating The Distractions

I’m a firm believer in God-given purpose and assignments. Huami Magazine is a result of answered prayers and isolated conversations with God. I could hear God’s voice mainly due to my ability to block out any unnecessary noise and ultimately focus on what I was seeking God for. I had a yearning for something more, something greater than myself, but I knew I didn’t possess the ability to visualize it by my own efforts. I had no choice but to rest on what I needed for God to show me.

The experience I just described exemplifies the power of defeating distractions blocking and holding our blessings and purposes hostage. Distractions are often present as a means to prevent us from seeing or hearing the things needed to grow. Distractions are only effective when we allow them to be. Even more, distractions have no power unless we give them power.

What are you allowing to have relevance in your life that serves as a distraction? What are you giving energy and attention but serves you no purpose or benefit? If you can identify what is fruitful and what is not in your life, you will take the first step in clearing the path to what is purposed for you—your destiny.

Distractions can present themselves in various ways and forms. Distractions can be friends or associates. Distractions often appear in text messages, emails, and other places such as social media platforms. Distractions can begin as small meaningless occurrences but can grow into things that consume your time and affect how you act, move, and live.

We must eliminate distractions to reach our goals and live more purposeful lives. We must focus on the things that help us become the most excellent versions of ourselves. While many things in life can be reproduced and duplicated, time isn’t one of them, and with the time that life offers us, we must make the most of it.

My best advice is for you to live your life to the fullest potential by identifying and defeating distractions.

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Farrell’s Daughter

Trish Bernard, of Dallas, TX, is the Marketing Director and owner of Farrell’s Daughter Marketing & Graphic Design. Her company specializes in helping small businesses overcome challenges such as ADD, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, and technology struggles. She also assists brands in implementing straightforward marketing strategies complemented by stunning visuals. From inception to completion, Trish provides ongoing support and utilizes efficient tools to minimize time spent on individual projects while maximizing outcomes for each campaign. Additionally, Trish owns a boutique wedding planning company.

Originally from New Orleans, LA, that is the place Trish credits with learning about hospitality. Farrell’s Daughter is a tribute to her late father, who instilled in Trish the value of serving others. “I uphold his commitment to community service by treating each human individually,” she says. Trish attended Texas Southern University and finished with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology. Her education enables her to bring a deep understanding of human behavior and communication to her business approach. It also allows her to create personalized solutions that cater to her client’s unique and individual needs.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Trish spent 11 years working in corporate finance. However, her perspective changed when her dad passed away. “Losing my dad made me realize I wanted to enjoy my life, including loving what I do for work. While finance is a great field, it wasn’t my passion, and I was tired of settling and being afraid to leap into something that truly fulfilled me. I didn’t want to spend my last day on earth doing something I didn’t like and just for a paycheck,” she compassionately stated. Her next move was involving herself in three different business ventures before finding her true calling in marketing and graphic design.

Being an entrepreneur, specifically a serial entrepreneur, has its perks. Trish says she loves her career and the freedom it offers her to explore all aspects of her businesses. “Each facet reflects who I am and what I’m passionate about, and I’m genuinely grateful for that. Whether creating websites and branding, crafting content and strategies, or planning events, I’ve realized that there’s nothing I can’t accomplish. Even more, I’ve learned the incredible power of having a supportive team, and with their assistance, I can concentrate on the parts of my businesses that I truly love.”

Trish has faced numerous challenges in business, such as the fear of failure, maintaining the right mindset, and not allowing anything to hinder her path to success. She has also found ways to overcome them. “I learned that it’s crucial to remain flexible and open-minded because your dream may not unfold how you imagined, and that’s perfectly okay. Conquering the fear of failure as a business owner empowers you to find creative solutions to other hurdles, such as financial constraints or limited resources. By cultivating a resilient mindset, you can overcome challenges and continue on your path to success,” she shared.

Dallas/Fort Worth - May/June 2023 7
Provided by Trish Bernard

Trish appreciates her entrepreneurial journey and admits there isn’t much she would change about how things have happened. She says, “My journey has undeniably been a unique experience filled with challenges. One of the toughest aspects was starting as an entrepreneur without prior knowledge or formal training, forcing me to learn everything independently. This meant encountering numerous hurdles along the way. I may have a list of things I wish I had done differently on tough days. However, when I look at where I am now, I believe that my imperfect journey is why I have successfully sustained my business for over five years. Each obstacle I faced provided an opportunity for growth and learning. The lessons I learned from those experiences have made me resilient, adaptable, and resourceful.”

Helping others, Trish says, is incredibly addictive, and witnessing her client’s positive transformation and growth in business brings her immense joy and fulfillment. “My clients have had the most profound impact on my business, as their satisfaction and success are at the core of what I do. Their trust in my expertise and willingness to collaborate and implement my strategies have truly shaped the direction and success of my business. Their feedback, challenges, and triumphs inspire me to push boundaries, innovate, and provide better solutions.”

Trish appreciates her entrepreneurial journey and admits there isn’t much she would change about how things have happened. She says, “My journey has undeniably been a unique experience filled with challenges. One of the toughest aspects was starting as an entrepreneur without prior knowledge or formal training, forcing me to learn everything independently. This meant encountering numerous hurdles along the way. I may have a list of things I wish I had done differently on tough days. However, when I look at where I am now, I believe that my imperfect journey is why I have successfully sustained my business for over five years. Each obstacle I faced provided an opportunity for growth and learning. The lessons I learned from those experiences have made me resilient, adaptable, and resourceful.”

As her future unfolds, Trish plans to find better, more hands-on ways to support her clients. She also plans to assist business owners and empower their enterprises to flourish and succeed. “I plan to earn a few more certifications to continue to educate myself and stay upto-date with the latest industry trends and technologies, ensuring that my clients benefit from the most effective and cutting-edge approaches.”

To learn more about Trish Bernard and Farrell’s Daughter, please visit their website.

My clients have had the most profound impact on my business, as their satisfaction and success are at the core of what I do.”

Inspiring and Empowering Lives LLC

Raven M. Hunter life is a testament to her perseverance and faith in what God has purposed her to be.

As a single mother with circumstances that God has helped her overcome, Raven’s mission is to inspire people to put their trust in God, and experience triumphs such as she. The Little Rock, AR native is a minister, inspirational speaker, and certified transformational inspirational coach. She is also the author and creator of the Annual Conference “You Are Not Your Circumstances”. She is the Co-Author of an anthology, “Women Waiting to Exhale,” and the creator of the bible study journal, “Growing through God’s Word”. Additionally, added to her list of productions are the affirmation journal, “I Am Affirmation Lined Journal”, and the self-care journal, “Nothing Is Impossible with God and Feeling Blessed”. In 2016, Raven launched Inspiring and Empowering Lives, LLC, which offers transformational inspirational coaching, financial and business consulting, conferences, and retreats.. Since 2005, Raven has served as an ordained minister and Sunday School teacher at the Church of Jesus Christ on Ray Road in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Raven is a graduate of J.A. Fair High School and Pulaski Technical College. At Pulaski, she earned two Associate Degrees in Arts and Science. She later graduated from Ashford University with a Bachelors in Business Administration and a Masters of Organizational Management specialization in Healthcare Administration.

With Inspiring and Empowering Lives, LLC, Raven shares aims to help women in six specific areas. The first is to learn how to master their setbacks and thrive after devastating life situations. Next is to assist them with learning how to shift from financial distress to a healthier way of being. The third area is learning how to break free from toxic relationships and foster mutually beneficial relationships. Next is learning how to succeed in business. The fifth area is assisting businesses that desire to grow and create an environment for their employees to thrive and become great assets to the workplace. The final area is for businesses who want to understand purchasing and procurement at the state and federal levels.

by Raven Hunter

Raven launched her company in November 2016 after completing an entrepreneurship class conducted by the City of Little Rock at the Willie Hinton Center. “This was the start of where I began creating a business and vision for myself,” she shares. “Many families in the African American communities do not always have the education and tools they need to help them with their finances. The vision came from God and being in the financial industry for many years and helping families to get out of debt. I also wanted to help them develop a sound financial plan that would leave an inheritance to their children’s children.”

Raven’s vision shifted when God gave her a vision in 2014 to write her book called, “You Are Not Your Circumstances.” She says the vision also included a conference that would mirror the book. “God told me that I did not have to beg anyone to be on their platform,”

In her business, Raven says she appreciates her opportunities to help others. She also loves being able to serve God while doing so. “God is the only one who can change us, and by incorporating His word into my business, I am able to help others. I am breaking generational curses for my family and myself. My family will not have to go through what my ancestors did.``

Raven describes herself as a girl from Little Rock, Arkansas, who grew up on 24th Street during the era of “Gang Banging in Little Rock”. Though she lived in that era, Raven confesses she is not a product of that environment. “My life experiences have taught me that God will use the least of many to do great things for His kingdom. I am one of many examples of great things and great people coming out the hood. I had to work hard for everything that I have, and I have prayed many nights for God to give me the desires of my heart. God continues to answer my prayers.”

Raven says her son and her daddy have impacted her life more than anything or anyone. “I wanted to create a life of consistency for my son.” Raven’s father suffered an attack by someone in 2005, which left him in a persistent vegetative state. That experience made Raven want to create a life where she could care for her father in her home. Unfortunately, in 2018 he passed away at 61, and she couldn’t do that for her father. Raven says the experience of losing her father fueled her to be resilient in accomplishing the goals and visions she has set for herself and her family.

For other aspiring entrepreneurs, Raven advises not to give up! She says, “Keep God first and become the student of your business and your respective industry. Always be a learner of your business and be able to pivot when needed. Also, know that the race is not given to the swift nor the strong but to the one who endures.” Dallas/Fort Worth - May/June 2023 12
Raven Hunter Inspiring and Empowering Lives LLC h
My life experiences have taught me that God will use the least of many to do great things for His kingdom. I am one of many examples of great things and great people coming out the hood.”
“You are all Iconic..... That’s the Truth”

Are you looking for new music to add to your playlists? If so, then you must consider Charlotte, NC, very own Kiing Le and the Iconic Truth Band. Iconic Truth Band has the “I.T.” factor capturing a unique and infectious Go-Go vibe. While displaying various components of percussion and vocal excellence, audiences will always be enlightened and entertained.

Born and raised in South East Washington, DC, Kiingi, a natural neo-soul artist, moved to North Carolina in his thirties to pursue music. Surprisingly, he didn’t start as a go-go artist; Kiing was pursing other interests. He was a personal trainer and owned a company, Get Fit For A King. Soon his focus would change, or more so, get in alignment with his true passion for music.

Kiing’s pursuit of music grew while living in Charlotte. He joined a few R&B bands as a lead vocalist. This was his platform until a friend took him to see a go-go band in Charlotte. After attending a few of their shows, Kiing auditioned to be a vocalist, but he didn’t make the cut. Determined to succeed, he didn’t let that stop him and eventually earned the role of the band’s talker. He says, a talker is like an orchestrator; they give shoutouts and help boost the crowd’s energy. “If you know the talker and the talker knows you, you’re popular.” From the platform of band talker, everything started to fall into place for Kiing.

He would stay with that particular band for nearly eight years before leaping to do his own thing. Thus the birth of The Iconic Truth Band happened. Launched in 2020, Iconic Truth started with Kiing, his cousin Darnell, and Keena Thompson. The band chose the name ‘Iconic Truth’ because it genuinely reflects their energy. Kiing says his mentee told him, “You all are iconic, and that’s the truth”. The group was excited about the opportunity to be a fresh new face on the band scene and a new voice for Go-Go.

Like anything else that starts from scratch, there were some hurdles and obstacles the band had to endure. Kiing says, “It was a struggle at first. We would practice in a little section of my home. We had different artists moving in and out, but everything eventually fell into place.”

At one point, Kiing was ready to give it all up. When he started Iconic Truth, it took a toll on his family because of the time and focus he was putting into the band. However, after hearing his music on the radio and his brother’s constant encouragement, he was motivated to continue the journey. He, unfortunately, lost his mother in 2022, but before she passed away, she gave him a folder with his complete bio of work that he did in D.C. When he asked why, she said, “It’s yours.” He says that was her way of reminding him who he was. “You’re Kiing Le, don’t stop; keep it going. She was so proud of me.” From that moment, no matter the trials and tribulations, he decided to move forward.

When asked what he loves most about the band, Kiing says he loves the creativity his band brings. “Everyone is so individual, and together, we make Go-Go magic. We can take Mary Had a little lamb and make it into a cranking Go-Go song. What’s interesting is how we work to formulate an original sound through each song and have fun with it simultaneously. As a band, we focus on doing what feels good without trying to fit anyone’s mold. We want everyone on that stage and in the audience to live in their iconic truth.”

Kiing isn’t just a musician; he is also a businessman. He owns a production company, DC2NC Productions, which allows musicians and bands to go schedule live performances. He also contracts DJ’s, comedians, vocals, and more. He also has a clothing line called ‘I Don’t Think You Ready”, a spinoff to his onstage performance. Kiing has also found a way to combine his music love with personal training. On his podcast Cardio Conversation, Kiing talks music with guests while they work out. Additionally, he has enjoyed some memorable moments in his career, such as performing with Mint Condition and SWV, traveling, and performing with other big bands and celebrities. He has also written a song for Tone-X, the voice of V101.9 FM in Charlotte.

Kiing advises upcoming artists to persevere, stay consistent, and connect themselves with people who will challenge them. “Remember always to follow your heart and passion and trust your gut. Most importantly, always put the creator first with everything you do, and everything else will fall in place.”

Kiing’s primary goal is to be known as The King of Southern Go-Go. He says it’s time for Iconic Truth to be known as the “go-to Go-Go band” in the South. He wants his name to be in the company of other greats such as Chuck Brown, Little Benny, The Masters, Big G from Backyard Band, and many more.

In the future, Kiing Le and Iconic Truth Band will continue to be involved with community awareness programs and teach kids more about live music and performing arts, “Performing arts saved my life, and that is something I want to give back to the community.”

Provided by Todd Youngblood

The Source Unlimited LLC

Without question, Jensine Reeder is a lover of all people. The Greenville, SC, resident has a reputation for giving and pouring into others. She has intentionally made limitless connections across the beauty, technology, and nonprofit sectors and provided hope and opportunities while doing so.

Jensine’s story reflects the life of someone who has refused to be denied or misled. She shares, “Family has always been important to me. I grew up in Greenville, SC, as the oldest of five siblings, and Southern Baptist ideals shaped my adolescent identity. While the church offered community, support, and love, it also led me to believe that money, specifically desiring money, is bad. I scraped by for years to make ends meet. I hoarded basic supplies like toilet paper and worked tirelessly for less than minimum wage to feed myself and my family. My efforts kept us fed, and we were alive but not truly living. I knew deep in my bones that I was capable of more, and we deserved more.”

Jensine says her career and entrepreneurship journeys taught her wealth is not inherently evil. “I learned that money is neither good nor bad but simply a tool. What matters is how you use it. Money provides stability and offers opportunities. I wanted to allow my children to pursue their education, dreams, and passions and access the best care and resources money could buy. Furthermore, I never wanted my children to feel the suffocating fear of living paycheck to paycheck. So, I carved out a new career path for myself and climbed from minimum wage jobs to a salaried position,” she says. However, little did she know her journey out of poverty had only begun.

Today, Jensine owns Source Unlimited LLC, a consulting firm dedicated to connecting small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and corporations with the resources necessary to thrive professionally. “We offer nonprofit IT consulting services to ensure data collection procedures are efficient and accompanied by effective workflow processes,” Jensine says. “That enhanced efficiency better positions organizations for additional funding opportunities and enables organizations to tell their stories.”

One of the services offered by The Source Unlimited is Professional Nonprofit IT Consulting. Her goal is to ensure data collection software and procedures are efficient and accompanied by effective workflow processes. “This positions the organization for additional funding opportunities,” she says. Another product offered is Elevation Coaching™, designed for small business professionals, which offers small business establishment for Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), Incorporation (Inc), Sole Proprietorship, and Nonprofit (501(c)(3) establishment. Additionally, they offer coaching with a phased approach to growing their clients’ businesses.

Another product offered, which is designed for individuals, is Elevation Coaching™. Jensine asks, “Are you ready for your elevation journey? We offer a process to tap into your highest self and elevate your thinking about yourself, your purpose, and your life! My services are for anyone with a vision to start or expand their business and needs guidance, support, and accountability.”

Jensine’s creative side is displayed with Goddess Wraps by Jensine™, which was launched in 2021. She hand-makes vibrant satin-lined headwraps with 100% Cotton Ankara fabric lined with high-quality satin. She says the line resulted from her doing some soul-searching and learning what her life’s purpose was. Annually, a portion of their sales are donated to organizations that focus on raising awareness about breast cancer and alopecia. Additionally, Jensine provides virtual and in-person wrap services for photoshoots, date nights, weddings, birthday celebrations, anniversary events, and more.

Dallas/Fort Worth - May/June 2023 17
Provided by Stacey Gardin

Jensine says her journey in poverty began in 2012 while working as a paralegal at a private law firm. She overheard a conversation between the attorneys about a client who didn’t understand their life of poverty. At that moment, Jensine learned there was a difference between being poor and being in poverty. “I was in shock because, according to my family and friends, I was doing well for myself because I had a good job, a car, and was renting a home. I then researched what career I could transition to in order to increase my income to make enough money to be above the federal poverty line,” she says.

Her next move was returning to college to get her degree in Computer Technology at Greenville Technical College. While being a full-time student, she worked on campus in the Engineering and Technology computer lab, an experience that allowed her to sharpen her skills and gain professional experience. Jensine shares that with the support of her family, friends, and church members, she graduated with honors in 2014 with a degree in Computer Technology.

Continuing her educational journey as a working mother required great personal sacrifice, Jensine confesses, but she was ready to pursue a career in technology. She soon started her consulting business, The Source Unlimited. In no time, doors began to open in her favor. Jensine says, “The United Way of Greenville County was searching for a Database Administrator. I applied and got the contract, and that seven-year opportunity helped me find my niche within the technology field. I also assisted over 222 Greenville County nonprofits with acquiring over $4 million in grant funding.” She was off and running, and The Source Unlimited LLC was birthed in 2014.

Jensine’s new career helped her purchase her first home in 2015. “My children and I were so happy to have a place to call home,” she says. Her children also inspired her to share her story with others and pursue public speaking engagements throughout the Upstate community. Dallas/Fort Worth - May/June 2023 18
I was in shock because, according to my family and friends, I was doing well for myself. I had a good job, a car, and was renting a home.”
Jensine Reeder

When asked what she loves most about her journey in business, Jensine says it’s the opportunities she has to mentor entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and professionals. She enjoys transforming their lives, careers, and mindsets through the power of radical self-discovery, self-care, and self-love. “I also love the opportunity to honor my Afro-Indigenous heritage with Goddess Wraps by Jensine.”

Jensine emphasizes that external success cannot exist without internal success, and when she reflects on the fear, anger, and grief that consumed her at the beginning of her journey, she’s overwhelmed with joy. “I cherish and appreciate the peace, prosperity, and stability my family knows now. I am also humbled by the blessings God placed in my life,” she said.

Jensine thanks the members of her community for their constant support. She also thanks her mother for always breathing life into her vision. “Thank you, Mom, for being the wind beneath my wings!” Her advice to others who may follow in her footsteps is simple. “Life will never be without trials and tribulations, but we are strong, creative, and gifted enough to turn those trials and tribulations into something more. Whether it takes a year, a decade, or multiple decades, you can transform your life. You have everything you need within you to start and succeed.”

The future looks very bright for this savvy businesswoman. Jensine’s businesses and brands are growing, and soon she will launch a new men’s line at the beginning of 2024. To learn more about The Source Unlimited LLC, please visit their website.

Jensine Reeder - The Source Unlimited 800-783-8862


Dr. Glenn T. Miller of St. Louis, MO, is a highly-respected chiropractor, esteemed educator, ardent wellness advocate, and pioneering personal and professional development thought leader He is also the face of the brand “Dr. Wellness,” which encapsulates his holistic health philosophy.

“Dr. Wellness” and “Neopreneur®” are the tangible manifestations of Dr. Miller’s philosophy of holistic well-being and individual growth. “These brands are more than just names—they are platforms designed to transform lives,” he says. Under the banner of Dr. Wellness, Dr. Miller offers comprehensive wellness coaching, mindset shifting, and a range of products to improve his client’s overall health and well-being. The brand is deeply intertwined with Dr. Miller’s identity—it is his philosophy, approach, and dedication to wellness made accessible to everyone.

Neopreneur®, on the other hand, extends Dr. Miller’s impact on professional development. This transformative learning platform and its unique curriculum, the “Ninefold Path,” is a testament to his understanding of the needs and challenges entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and side hustlers face. By providing resources, guidance, and community support, Neopreneur® aids in turning individuals’ aspirations into reality. Both brands are extensions of Dr. Miller’s mission—helping individuals lead healthier lives and achieve their professional goals.

Born from the south side of Chicago, Dr. Miller attended Kenwood Academy High School and was part of a leadership and skill-developing club. That experience sparked his interest in self-development and community building. He later attended SIUE and soon graduated from Logan University as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Photos Provided by Dr. Glenn T. Miller

As a student doctor, Dr. Glenn worked with diverse individuals and recognized the need for a more comprehensive approach to health and success that extended beyond physical well-being. “ I was inspired by what I learned and began developing a holistic framework that would address all aspects of an individual’s well-being—mental, emotional, social, financial, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and spiritual,” he says. This led to the creation of the Ninefold Pathways to Wellness and Success.

His extensive experiences as a chiropractor and his interactions with the 100 Black Men organization played a critical role in the evolution of his journey. Dr. Miller shares he loves the opportunity to witness individuals discover their full potential and grow into the best versions of themselves. “Every day, I am reminded of the power of holistic wellness and the incredible change that can be achieved when individuals are empowered to take control of their well-being.”

Beyond the personal transformations he facilitates, Dr. Miller also cherishes the relationships created. Each person he works with brings a unique perspective and story, enriching his understanding of wellness and success. This continuous learning process has become integral to his professional journey, sparking new ideas and shaping his approach. Along with his philanthropic work with various organizations, he shares that he is privileged to participate in a more significant movement of empowerment and mentorship. “The chances I have to contribute to the growth and development of young individuals on their journeys of discovery and success, and the opportunities to inspire, guide, and uplift African American and broader communities is a rewarding part of my work.”

Dr. Miller says the birth of his daughter has been pivotal in shaping his approach toward empowerment, education, wellness, and success. Through his work, Dr. Miller’s goal is to leave a legacy his daughter would be proud of and inspire her to build upon. Dallas/Fort Worth - May/June 2023 24

For a decade, Dr. Miller grappled with having multifaceted interests. Being a chiropractor, professor, life coach, and business coach aligned with his desire to serve. Yet, translating this diversity of roles into a cohesive brand took a lot of work. “The issue was not just about personal branding but also about defining my professional identity. I loved my work, yet I yearned for a unified platform that covered every part of my professional life,” he shares. Wellness and professional development was his solution and offered a comprehensive framework that could accommodate his diverse skills and interests and provide a platform for holistic personal and community upliftment.

Dr. Miller also realized entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and intrapreneurs often need more practical skills and knowledge to navigate their careers and ventures effectively. Without question, he took it upon himself to learn, grow, and acquire the “intangible currencies” necessary for success.

While Dr. Miller remains committed to helping others succeed in all aspects of their lives, he offers some direct advice to anyone who may follow a journey similar to his. He emphasizes the importance of identifying one’s unique strengths and interests. “This self-awareness is the foundation of a successful journey. Understand what drives you, what you’re passionate about, and what unique contributions you can bring to your field. Yet, keep identifying these traits; also, learn how to communicate and brand them to maximize their impact effectively.” The importance of lifelong learning is something else that Dr. Miller drives home. “The entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial landscape constantly evolves, and staying abreast of these changes requires a commitment to continuous education,” he says.

The future holds boundless potential for Dr. Miller and his mission of whole well-being and professional development. He plans to expand the reach of his work and extend his transformative influence to diverse communities and organizations, including fostering partnerships, leveraging technology, and tailoring strategies to meet evolving needs. He also plans to refine and build upon his innovative framework, the Ninefold Pathways to Wellness and Success, incorporating new insights, practices, and strategies as he continues to learn and grow in his field. “I envision a world where holistic wellness practices and success strategies are not just accessible but also integrated into everyday life.

To learn more about Dr. Glenn Miller, please visit his website.

Dallas/Fort Worth - May/June 2023 27
“The issue was not just about personal branding but also about defining my professional identity. I loved my work, yet I yearned for a unified platform that covered every part of my professional life.”
Dr. Glenn T. Miller
Dr. Wellness

I Can Overcome,

Angel Johnson is sort of a world traveler. Her feet have touched down in many places, such as Kuwait, Qatar, and Afghanistan. However, she is still a true Southern girl.

Originally from Charleston, SC, she attended the Citadel Military College there and is one of the first one hundred black women to graduate from there in its 150 year history. Her next move, she was commissioned into the United States Air Force as a Second Lieutenant and enjoyed an eight-year career there, obtaining the rank of Captain while, of course, traveling abroad.

All of her experiences have shaped Angel into the person she is. Today, she resides in Denver, CO, and owns ICONI. “I consider myself a start-up founder that likes leggings,” Angel says. Her company offers products for men and women, such as leggings, sports bras, shirts, shorts, and tops. Angel adds, “ICONI activewear delivers motivation and empowerment, and we guarantee to safeguard and support our customers’ bodies. More importantly, we aim to ensure our customers can focus on their workouts instead of see-through, non-supportive, low-quality, and boring activewear.”

ICONI is an acronym for “I Can Overcome, Nothing Is Impossible”.”The ICONI logo represents power, strength, and versatility. The base is a power button representing your power to accomplish your goals. The overlay is the Adinkra symbol for strength and versatility. It takes all these elements to control your total wellness, especially when starting a fitness journey.”

“I consider myself a start-up founder that likes leggings.”

ICONI Leggings

Facebook @ICONI Leggings

Instagram @ iconileggings

Tiktok @ iconileggings

Twiter @ iconileggings Dallas/Fort Worth - May/June 2023 30

While still in the military, Angel started her company. The idea came about in October 2019, but the company was launched in January 2020. Angel says, “I got tired of spending so much money on activewear. I never understood why women’s activewear was see-through, and I wanted to change that. I also learned that other women shared the same concern, as well as others regarding active wear.”

To build the ICONI brand, Angel utilized the power of social media. “I asked questions about the issue other women had about activewear. One thing I learned was the issue they had with leggings falling down. I thought to myself, well, I need to ensure that leggings will not fall while my clients work out. I need to make sure they are not see-through and have compression. I used social media and the feedback from my friends to help create the best products.”

In addition to finding ICONI products on their website, they can be purchased from their Amazon store. Their goal is also to have them available in five to seven boutique stores and gyms by the end of 2023. “We are moving slowly with distribution because gyms will reach out to us to have our products available in their business, but they are not an inclusive environment. We only want to work with inclusive environments because our customer base is very diverse.”

Angel credits her mother, Pearl, with having the most considerable influence on her life. “She has always taught me the value of having a hard work ethic. She taught me the value of working hard at some things and keep going,” Angel said.

After launching her brand, Angel faced the challenge of the Covid 19 pandemic. She had an activewear line, and her original marketing goal was to go into the gyms, but most gyms across the country were closed. She overcame this challenge by networking and applying to various databases and even hired a marketing company to assist with her marketing needs. Those challenges Angel shares have only made her a stronger and wiser businesswoman.

There have been some highs and lows with running her company, Angel shares. One high was when it was listed as one of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite things in November 2020. Angel says that experience turned her side hustle mentality into a fully-fledged business. Since its inception, they have done over half a million dollars in sales. Now, with the assistance of outside investors and a marketing company, the projections look promising.

Looking ahead, Angel says she hopes to give back and mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs. She also wants to expand their size range and incorporate more fabric technologies into their clothing.

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