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ARKANSAS ® July/August 2023 Vol. 2 Issue 7 Inspiring and Empowering Lives LLC
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Defeating The Distractions

I’m a firm believer in God-given purpose and assignments. Huami Magazine is a result of answered prayers and isolated conversations with God. I could hear God’s voice mainly due to my ability to block out any unnecessary noise and ultimately focus on what I was seeking God for. I had a yearning for something more, something greater than myself, but I knew I didn’t possess the ability to visualize it by my own efforts. I had no choice but to rest on what I needed for God to show me.

The experience I just described exemplifies the power of defeating distractions blocking and holding our blessings and purposes hostage. Distractions are often present as a means to prevent us from seeing or hearing the things needed to grow. Distractions are only effective when we allow them to be. Even more, distractions have no power unless we give them power.

What are you allowing to have relevance in your life that serves as a distraction? What are you giving energy and attention but serves you no purpose or benefit? If you can identify what is fruitful and what is not in your life, you will take the first step in clearing the path to what is purposed for you—your destiny.

Distractions can present themselves in various ways and forms. Distractions can be friends or associates. Distractions often appear in text messages, emails, and other places such as social media platforms. Distractions can begin as small meaningless occurrences but can grow into things that consume your time and affect how you act, move, and live.

We must eliminate distractions to reach our goals and live more purposeful lives. We must focus on the things that help us become the most excellent versions of ourselves. While many things in life can be reproduced and duplicated, time isn’t one of them, and with the time that life offers us, we must make the most of it.

My best advice is for you to live your life to the fullest potential by identifying and defeating distractions.

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Inspiring and Empowering Lives LLC

Raven M. Hunter life is a testament to her perseverance and faith in what God has purposed her to be.

As a single mother with circumstances that God has helped her overcome, Raven’s mission is to inspire people to put their trust in God, and experience triumphs such as she. The Little Rock, AR native is a minister, inspirational speaker, and certified transformational inspirational coach. She is also the author and creator of the Annual Conference “You Are Not Your Circumstances”. She is the Co-Author of an anthology, “Women Waiting to Exhale,” and the creator of the bible study journal, “Growing through God’s Word”. Additionally, added to her list of productions are the affirmation journal, “I Am Affirmation Lined Journal”, and the self-care journal, “Nothing Is Impossible with God and Feeling Blessed”. In 2016, Raven launched Inspiring and Empowering Lives, LLC, which offers transformational inspirational coaching, financial and business consulting, conferences, and retreats.. Since 2005, Raven has served as an ordained minister and Sunday School teacher at the Church of Jesus Christ on Ray Road in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Raven is a graduate of J.A. Fair High School and Pulaski Technical College. At Pulaski, she earned two Associate Degrees in Arts and Science. She later graduated from Ashford University with a Bachelors in Business Administration and a Masters of Organizational Management specialization in Healthcare Administration.

With Inspiring and Empowering Lives, LLC, Raven shares aims to help women in six specific areas. The first is to learn how to master their setbacks and thrive after devastating life situations. Next is to assist them with learning how to shift from financial distress to a healthier way of being. The third area is learning how to break free from toxic relationships and foster mutually beneficial relationships. Next is learning how to succeed in business. The fifth area is assisting businesses that desire to grow and create an environment for their employees to thrive and become great assets to the workplace. The final area is for businesses who want to understand purchasing and procurement at the state and federal levels.

Raven launched her company in November 2016 after completing an entrepreneurship class conducted by the City of Little Rock at the Willie Hinton Center. “This was the start of where I began creating a business and vision for myself,” she shares. “Many families in the African American communities do not always have the education and tools they need to help them with their finances. The vision came from God and being in the financial industry for many years and helping families to get out of debt. I also wanted to help them develop a sound financial plan that would leave an inheritance to their children’s children.”

Raven’s vision shifted when God gave her a vision in 2014 to write her book called, “You Are Not Your Circumstances.” She says the vision also included a conference that would mirror the book. “God told me that I did not have to beg anyone to be on their platform,”

In her business, Raven says she appreciates her opportunities to help others. She also loves being able to serve God while doing so. “God is the only one who can change us, and by incorporating His word into my business, I am able to help others. I am breaking generational curses for my family and myself. My family will not have to go through what my ancestors did.``

Raven describes herself as a girl from Little Rock, Arkansas, who grew up on 24th Street during the era of “Gang Banging in Little Rock”. Though she lived in that era, Raven confesses she is not a product of that environment. “My life experiences have taught me that God will use the least of many to do great things for His kingdom. I am one of many examples of great things and great people coming out the hood. I had to work hard for everything that I have, and I have prayed many nights for God to give me the desires of my heart. God continues to answer my prayers.”

Raven says her son and her daddy have impacted her life more than anything or anyone. “I wanted to create a life of consistency for my son.” Raven’s father suffered an attack by someone in 2005, which left him in a persistent vegetative state. That experience made Raven want to create a life where she could care for her father in her home. Unfortunately, in 2018 he passed away at 61, and she couldn’t do that for her father. Raven says the experience of losing her father fueled her to be resilient in accomplishing the goals and visions she has set for herself and her family.

For other aspiring entrepreneurs, Raven advises not to give up! She says, “Keep God first and become the student of your business and your respective industry. Always be a learner of your business and be able to pivot when needed. Also, know that the race is not given to the swift nor the strong but to the one who endures.”

Raven Hunter Inspiring and Empowering Lives LLC h
My life experiences have taught me that God will use the least of many to do great things for His kingdom. I am one of many examples of great things and great people coming out the hood.”

The Woods Way Home

The path to homeownership in Nashville happens with Tenisha Woods of Woods Way Home brokered by eXp Realty. Woods Way Home is designed to help people make great real estate decisions for residential and commercial transactions.

Tenisha is a Nashville native and a God-fearing woman who puts God first. She obtained a degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and later became a licensed Realtor. She is a mother of five beautiful children, a son, Isaiah, her oldest and four girls: Keshona, Alora, Amya, and Ava.

Tenisha says her journey of being homeless inspired the name Woods Way Home. “We lived wherever someone would allow us to lay our heads. In 2016, I found myself and my girls living in a women’s domestic violence shelter. Because of my son’s age, he could not live with us at the shelter and could only visit on weekends. Because I was ashamed and broken, I hid this from my family/friends. Eventually, I returned to an unhealthy relationship because I felt I had nowhere else to go. I prayed for help, and God gave me a plan of action to get myself and my children out of that situation and to help others. That plan included real estate. While pregnant with my youngest daughter, in 2017, I earned my degree in Business Administration. And in 2018, I finally left my ex for good. I studied and became a licensed Realtor. I used real estate to help pull my family out of financial bondage, and in 2021, I purchased our home. My road to homeownership was a long, hard process without real direction. However, that journey taught me what worked and what didn’t, mainly from trial and error. Now, I help my clients avoid the road bumps I hit.”

Real estate transactions have many intricate parts and can overwhelm the average person. Tenisha states, “As a Realtor, I must make the transaction as seamless as possible. Whether that is providing information on buying, selling, and/or investing in real estate, hosting an open house, or preparing a market analysis. I am here for it all! On inspection day, you will often find me suited up in the crawl space. Why? Because that is one of the places where you will learn the most about the home.”

Tenisha is also known for rolling up her sleeves and offering a hand with any moving needs. She will help pack, clean, or do something as simple as bringing lunch. When necessary, she will even provide emotional support to her clients. Whatever the need, she will lead you to the proper resources.

Photos Provided by Motelwa Smith Photography
“As a Realtor, I must make the transaction as seamless as possible. Whether that is providing information on the process of buying, selling, and/or investing in real estate, hosting an open house, or preparing a market analysis. I am here for it all.”

When it comes to buyers, she has found that the idea of gaining homeownership can be very frightening and discouraging, especially amongst those in the African American community. Many are reluctant to even think of becoming a homeowner, and homeownership within our community is at its lowest since the nineteensixties. Many buyers believe they must have a perfect credit score to obtain their goals, making convincing them otherwise more complicated and challenging. She says, “Although a perfect score would be phenomenal, it is my job to assure you that a good credit score will work too, but you must at least try.” Tenisha manages these challenges with one-on-one interactions and gaining her clients’ trust.

For anyone who may follow the Woods Way Home, Tenisha advises them to learn the three D’s; drive, determination, and dedication. “Without the Three D’s, you’ll find yourself stuck on repeat. You need the drive to get up and get moving, the determination to keep going no matter what obstacles may arise. You need dedication to stay when you want something bad enough. Rome wasn’t built in one day, and dreams don’t come true overnight. And goals are not reached by sitting.”

Without the hand of God in her life, Tenisha admits she wouldn’t be where she is today. “God has brought me out, pulled me through, and in that process, He has removed burdens and brought so many wonderful people into my life — people to help me or for me to help and encourage them along the way.”

In the future, Tenisha’s goal is to purchase several multi-family properties. They would serve as transitional housing for domestic violence victims, from abuse to freedom and homeownership. That is the Woods Way Home.

For more information about Tenisha Woods and the Woods Way Home, please visit www. or scan the QR Code below. h Arkansas - May/June 2023 12

Virtually At Best, LLC

“Don’t let your learning turn into knowledge, you’ll become a fool. Let your learning turn into wealth, you’ll make a fortune”- Jim Rohn

The quote shared is one that Huntsville, AL, native and resident. Brienna Hamlet lives by. She says that education is very important to her, and she has several academic accolades to confirm it. Brienna is a member of the J.O. Johnson’s last graduating class of 2016, finishing with a rank of #5 and a GPA of 3.6. Additionally, she is a 2020 graduate of the prestigious Alabama A&M University and holds a B.A. and Cum Laude title in Psychology.

In Huntsville, Brienna has established herself as an astute businesswoman. Her business, Virtually at Best , LLC, strives to help overwhelmed entrepreneurs create effective systems and automation in their businesses, which will streamline their operations and increase their revenue. Whether embarking on a new project venture, establishing a new program, or enhancing their systems, Brienna’s goal is to help them succeed.

Brienna says, “Being productive doesn’t mean being busy. By working with us, you get to focus on what really matters. Quality is ensured by offering every client smart, agile, and customization solutions. Our digital products, live webinars, 1-on-1 encounters and resources are designed to help you stay ahead without the stress of managing every component of your business,” she says.

Virtually at Best , LLC offers three services. The first one is Your Momentum for Success CRM Set-Up. Brienna says client relationship management is crucial for running a business and retaining clientele. With this service, businesses stay connected with clients, streamline processes, and improve profitability without chasing every aspect of their business. Sustainable and Sane SOP Development is the second product offered and Brienna emphasizes that with standard operating procedures in place, business owners can provide their assistant or team with verbal and written material that will eliminate any second guessing. The third service is Birth the Vision Business Event/Program Operational Support. It is designed for business owners with planned events or virtual programs who feel the attendee lacks experience. This service offers exceptional operational support behind the scenes.

Arkansas - May/June 2023 15

Shortly after acquiring her BA in Psychology from Alabama A&M, Brienna decided to launch her company. She says, “I always knew I was made for more, and entrepreneurship was my God-made path. However, one thing didn’t sit right with me. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy and it was not enough to say “I’m in business, and this is what I do.” Direction, organization, and development had to follow.”

Brienna says throughout her experience, she encountered many entrepreneurs that wanted her service but did not actually need it. They wanted to grow their business and take on more clients, but they needed a little more structure and systems. Creating systems comes from identifying and knowing one’s goals. I ask, “What do you want to achieve, and what needs to happen to reach your end result? I make it my business to help them answer these questions and have effective and efficient systems and strategies in place. After all, everything rises and falls on leadership. It all starts with you!”

Brienna says she appreciates the trust her clients have in her ability to offer solutions for their business. “Seeing my clients get the results needed to boost their momentum doesn’t just make me happy, it’s also fulfilling. I am a firm believer that if your business solves a problem then there is somebody out there that needs what you have. Meeting visionary entrepreneurs who can revolutionize the world makes me want to get out of bed every day,” she shares.

Her son Braylin, is the reason why Brienna started Virtually at Best LLC. As a single mom, her top priority is to make sure she is providing for her son, all while maintaining a decent work-life balance to share the little and monumental times with him. Virtually at Best allows her the freedom to spend that quality time and make an impact. She is also inspired by knowing a need for services exists. “It goes far beyond the money, but the ability to touch and redirect someone’s business is mind-blowing. My mission is to provide our clients with direction, peace, and overall generational wealth within their businesses and to also eliminate burnout once and for all. We don’t just do it right, we do our best, and that starts with cultivating relationships first.”

Brienna’s journey hasn’t been easy, but she says it has been worth it. “I am a believer that everything happens for a reason and that the best teacher is life. Everything that I have been through, still going through, or will go through will only make me stronger in the long run. As you are running the marathon of life, you will encounter many obstacles and challenges but having a relentless pursuit and making up your mind that giving up isn’t in the plan, you will be successful,” she says. Her advice to those whose path in life may mirror her own is clear. “You must evolve into the person you desire to become. You are not called to help everyone, and that’s okay. Some days may be harder than others, but every day will be worth it.”

The future of Virtually At Best LLC involves growing their podcast platform “Your Momentum For Success”. This production is dedicated to overwhelmed entrepreneurs seeking to reduce their stress, manage their workload, and achieve their goals and beyond. Brienna also plans to continue building their online based academy.

Virtually At Best LLC 256-361-9758 h

It’s All Part of The Story

He is a native and resident of Detroit, MI, also known as the “motor city”, so it makes perfectly good sense for Reginald Todd to work for one of the major car manufacturers located there. However, it didn’t take too long before he realized there was another purpose for him; entrepreneurship.

Reginald shares that family is a huge part of his existence and has contributed to the man he has become. In 2010, after graduating from Southfield High School in Southfield, MI, he completed a few courses at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, MI. Shortly after, Reginald decided to transition into the workforce and settled in the automotive industry as a Production Operator. In 2020, he got his first taste of entrepreneurship and began working as a Car Salesman for a local auto shop. In only a year of working there, he found his passion in photography and videography, which led to his business’s birth, Reginald Todd, LLC.

Reginald’s company offers a variety of photography and videography services, including studio photography, events (weddings, birthdays, baby showers, etc.), business and commercial branding, and lifestyle shoots. “My whole purpose is to help people turn ideas into a creation,” he shares.

“While working in the plant, I came up with a wedding visual for my cousin, a well-known professional videographer who works in the film industry and owns MyTouch Films. He asked me if I knew anything about videography, which I did not. I barely knew what the buttons on the camera were for. He handed me an old camera and told me to shoot something and return it to him. It took me about a week to get it done, and he was so pleased with the outcome that he decided to allow me to shoot weddings with him part-time. I was very grateful for the opportunity, and that is where it all started,” Reginald says.

Photos Provided by RT Photography


As a professional photographer, Reginald’s gift allows him to see things from unique viewpoints. While his clients may simply pose in front of his camera lens, Reginald’s gift and creativity make the difference. He says, “When people get in front of a camera, they often get camera-shy and point out their flaws and insecurities. I love helping to relieve that. I take pride in putting a smile on my clients’ faces and seeing their friends and family’s reactions when they see the finished product. I also enjoy building my clients’ confidence during shoots and encouraging them. Creating a memory that will last a lifetime and helping companies and brands grow their business in an impactful way is what makes this all worth it.”

He says that he might still be at the plant today if his cousin hadn’t put that camera in his hand. He credits his cousin for the life-changing opportunity. “I would be remiss if I didn’t also give credit to my lady, who keeps me grounded and level-headed. Being an entrepreneur is tough, and she brings me the peace I need.” Reginald’s ability to create a timeless memory is what keeps him inspired, and he shares that many years from now, and even after he leaves this earth, he knows that he’ll leave a legacy of work for generations to enjoy.

Getting his business off the ground came with a few challenges for Reginald. He had to build a business model and purchase the necessary tools and resources, such as a laptop and camera. He had to create his website and many other things for a solid business foundation. Currently, he has dealt with the challenge of structure and stability. “Sometimes business is booming, and sometimes I wonder when my next payday will be. It’s a continuous learning process and uncomfortable sometimes, but it’s pushing me to grow and improve during this journey.” While challenged at times, Reginald admits he wouldn’t change how things have happened. “I feel like everything happens for a reason, and I’m right where I’m supposed to be. It’s all a part of the story.”

So, what’s next for Reginald? He’s hoping to have his own studio in the metro Detroit area and continue to grow his business partnerships within the next one to two years. He plans to continue inspiring more creatives like himself, to take a risk and step out on faith. “You’ll never know if you don’t try,” he says.

To learn more about Reginald Todd and his business, Reginald Todd, LLC, please visit his website. Arkansas - May/June 2023 20
I feel like everything happens for a reason, and I’m right where I’m supposed to be. It’s all a part of the story.” Reginald Todd

The Hemans Law Group, P.A.

Her story is that of someone who found their purpose in life and responded accordingly.

Tremaine Hemans is the founding attorney of The Hemans Law Group, P.A., an immigration law firm handling mainly family-based and removal defense cases. Hemans Law services are designed for all immigrants, as they are an inclusive firm handling cases from many countries. “All immigrants deserve competent representation and access to the American dream,” Attorney Hemans shares.

Some of her achievements and accomplishments include the Florida Young Lawyers Division Pro Bono Award for 2022-Mentorship Program, Super Lawyers Rising Star for 2023, Broward College Pillar of The Community Award for 2020, 2021 Legacy South Florida Top 40 under 40 for 2021, and the National Black Lawyers Association Top 40 Under 40 for 2023.

Born in Moneague, St. Ann Jamaica (a small village on the north coast of the island), Tremaine was raised by her mother and stepfather before moving to live with Mavis Telphia, a deaconess in her church. Tremaine launched her practice on May 1, 2021, after deciding that the norm in corporate America was not for her. She felt there weren’t opportunities for a black woman with ideas, so she decided to make her own table.

The proud Jamaican girl travels home often and stays very connected with her culture. She has a solid following on the social media platform Tik Tok, where she celebrates her background while educating people about Immigration law. She’s also very passionate about fashion and says one of her favorite things about being a lawyer is the opportunity to express herself through fashion.

“There is no feeling like handing clients a work permit or green card and granting them the freedom to pursue their dreams in the “Land of Opportunity” as it is called. As flawed as this country is, I came here as an international student, a girl from a small town in a little-known place, a child of lower middle-class parents, and I made a dream come true through hard work and focus. I want the same opportunity for all my clients,” Tremaine shares.

By using her story of triumph and determination, Tremaine hopes to inspire others. She says, “Proving God right wakes me up in the morning. Much isn’t expected of girls where I am from and for young women of my background. Many have severely underestimated my abilities throughout my life, and proving them wrong has fuelled me for a very long time.

Photos Provided by Attorney Tremaine Hemans
All immigrants deserve competent representation and access to the American dream.”

However, I am in a place where I have met that goal, and now I have to keep proving God right that he has placed me exactly where I am ordained to be.”

Tremaine credits her mother as being the most remarkable example of strength in her life. “My mother is the single most hardworking and giving woman I have ever met. Without her I would not have made it to the United States. To align with the adage “It takes a village to raise a child”, Tremaine has been fortunate to have more than one mother figure in her life. “Since meeting her in 2008, my motherin-law has invested in me financially and emotionally and has guided me through every step of my career. Many of the lessons I learned as a woman in corporate America and as a businesswoman, I learned from her. My spiritual mother has prayed over me and prayed me through so many difficult times, all while feeding me her delicious mango bread. I am grateful for the impact that each one of these amazing women has had on my life,” Tremaine confesses.

Coming from a humble background, Tremaine is no stranger to obstacles or adversities. “Life in and of itself can seem like it is just telling you “no” sometimes. The reasons can be due to the circumstances we are born into, which are not under our control. It can also be due to the people we encounter along the way. I have seen many challenges as a lawyer, especially as a black female attorney. Two percent of lawyers in the United States are black women. You get used to being the “only” in a room. You can either shrink under the pressure or see it as an advantage. As I said before, I love proving people wrong, so it is always satisfying to dispel any preconceived notions anyone may have about what this black girl is capable of.”

When asked what advice she can offer to someone who may have similar challenges as hers, Tremaine’s response is very clear. “Remember that the worst thing anyone can tell you is no. Always ask for what you want, be in the room to get opportunities, and always remember that you are exactly where you should be. That has helped me in so many different ways. I have developed a new way of thinking due to my circumstance, which is “The Power of No.” “NO” only has the power that you give it.”

Some additional advice offered by the fierce and confident lawyer is to be relentless and not allow anyone or anything to influence your decision unless you are absolutely sure you want to deviate. She says you must be the master of your life; what you do with it is between you and God and no one else.

Tremaine is passionate about mentorship and is interested in expanding her platform and practice into other states and becoming a public speaker. To learn more about her, please visit her website. h



There is an adage that it takes two to make a thing go right; well, in the case of DRiP Espresso, a collaboration of three minds has made the difference. Keiona Williamson, Jasmine Bronson, and Taylor White, all natives of Sacramento, own DRIP Espresso in Sacramento, CA. Their company is a local gathering spot known for its award-winning specialty drinks, Bomb Bites, and good vibes.

One of their best sellers is Melanated Mocha, an espresso brewed into premium chocolate with a dash of cayenne pepper. They make many spiced lattes, including the Cuff It, a housemade brown sugar and spice latte, and their Golden Hour, a Tumeric, Ginger, and Cinnamon latte. The DRIP Espresso’s Bomb Bites include loaded Avocado Toast made with fresh, locally baked salted lemon, rosemary sourdough, avocado, tomato, and in-house pickled purple onions. The bites are topped with fried garlic and chili oil. Their menu also includes a Strawberry Cinnamon Roll Pop Tart.

DRIP Espresso opened its doors in September of 2021. The three entrepreneurs first dreamed of opening Good Vibes Vegan in their hometown Sacramento, CA. “The dream was a vegan soul food shop that Jas’s mother, Jaeda, and stepfather Lenny, meant to open before the Covid-19 pandemic. With lockdowns delaying our grand opening and Lenny’s passing due to chronic illness, Jaeda postponed her dream, subleased her space, and sold her equipment,” the group shares.

Arkansas - May/June 2023 27
Photos Provided by DRiP Espresso

Around this time, Keiona wanted to open a community coffee shop in a different part of town with free Wi-Fi, fresh food options, and a space for people to feel alive. She convinced Jasmine they could find a space, buy Jaeda’s equipment, and be up and running quickly. With perfect timing, Jeada asked Jasmine and Keona, “Should ya’ll sublease this place instead?” Jasmine and Keona scrambled their money together, called their shared baby sister Taylor, who matched their contributions and paid $5000 to Jaeda to lease the space. They got the keys to their new shop by October 1, 2021, and DRIP Espresso was born.

The trio of business owners share they love their community and the customers that support them. “When people come to DRIP, we try to make it an experience. From our staff to our space, we want your time in DRIP to be the best part of your day,” they said.

While it has only been a few years since opening, they have faced some challenges in building their business. They share, “Our biggest challenge is capital. We have bootstrapped our business mainly from the ground up. We didn’t start with a big investment, loan, or tons of saved money, but have fundraised, applied for grants, and given lots of our personal funds to get through the awkward phases of starting a business.” Yet, they are determined to succeed regardless of any hurdle or obstacle that may present itself.

Business ownership is something Taylor was familiar with before DRIP Espresso. She grew up watching her grandmother succeed as a serial entrepreneur. “Every weekend, she’d take us to flea markets while she sold goods she bought and repurposed from thrift stores and vintage shops. She also ran a community daycare in the neighborhood we grew up in, and our uncles owned barber shops and music labels,” she says. Jasmine’s parents, Lenny and Jaeda, were also serial entrepreneurs. Jaeda owned a popular hair care business in Sacramento and a popular vegan pop-up. “We’ve all had examples of hustling and building destinies within our families. It is important to us to continue that legacy,” they shared.

Owning a business in the heart of the Sacramento community means they are committed to serving and meeting the needs of their customers. They say, “Community is first in everything we do. We believe in building with our vendors, customers, and peer businesses. We call our customers “The Besties” because we know we stand for something as a business. We hope to attract a community of patrons who believe in what we believe in.”

The owners of DRiP Espresso hope to launch a private label of coffee beans. They will also start looking for a second location soon, as their vision is to see DRiP worldwide.


I Can Overcome,

Angel Johnson is sort of a world traveler. Her feet have touched down in many places, such as Kuwait, Qatar, and Afghanistan. However, she is still a true Southern girl.

Originally from Charleston, SC, she attended the Citadel Military College there and is one of the first one hundred black women to graduate from there in its 150 year history. Her next move, she was commissioned into the United States Air Force as a Second Lieutenant and enjoyed an eight-year career there, obtaining the rank of Captain while, of course, traveling abroad.

All of her experiences have shaped Angel into the person she is. Today, she resides in Denver, CO, and owns ICONI. “I consider myself a start-up founder that likes leggings,” Angel says. Her company offers products for men and women, such as leggings, sports bras, shirts, shorts, and tops. Angel adds, “ICONI activewear delivers motivation and empowerment, and we guarantee to safeguard and support our customers’ bodies. More importantly, we aim to ensure our customers can focus on their workouts instead of see-through, non-supportive, low-quality, and boring activewear.”

ICONI is an acronym for “I Can Overcome, Nothing Is Impossible”.”The ICONI logo represents power, strength, and versatility. The base is a power button representing your power to accomplish your goals. The overlay is the Adinkra symbol for strength and versatility. It takes all these elements to control your total wellness, especially when starting a fitness journey.”

Arkansas - May/June 2023 31
“I consider myself a start-up founder that likes leggings.”
Photos Provided by Angel Johnson

ICONI Leggings

Facebook @ICONI Leggings

Instagram @ iconileggings

Tiktok @ iconileggings

Twiter @ iconileggings


While still in the military, Angel started her company. The idea came about in October 2019, but the company was launched in January 2020. Angel says, “I got tired of spending so much money on activewear. I never understood why women’s activewear was see-through, and I wanted to change that. I also learned that other women shared the same concern, as well as others regarding active wear.”

To build the ICONI brand, Angel utilized the power of social media. “I asked questions about the issue other women had about activewear. One thing I learned was the issue they had with leggings falling down. I thought to myself, well, I need to ensure that leggings will not fall while my clients work out. I need to make sure they are not see-through and have compression. I used social media and the feedback from my friends to help create the best products.”

In addition to finding ICONI products on their website, they can be purchased from their Amazon store. Their goal is also to have them available in five to seven boutique stores and gyms by the end of 2023. “We are moving slowly with distribution because gyms will reach out to us to have our products available in their business, but they are not an inclusive environment. We only want to work with inclusive environments because our customer base is very diverse.”

Angel credits her mother, Pearl, with having the most considerable influence on her life. “She has always taught me the value of having a hard work ethic. She taught me the value of working hard at some things and keep going,” Angel said.

After launching her brand, Angel faced the challenge of the Covid 19 pandemic. She had an activewear line, and her original marketing goal was to go into the gyms, but most gyms across the country were closed. She overcame this challenge by networking and applying to various databases and even hired a marketing company to assist with her marketing needs. Those challenges Angel shares have only made her a stronger and wiser businesswoman.

There have been some highs and lows with running her company, Angel shares. One high was when it was listed as one of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite things in November 2020. Angel says that experience turned her side hustle mentality into a fully-fledged business. Since its inception, they have done over half a million dollars in sales. Now, with the assistance of outside investors and a marketing company, the projections look promising.

Looking ahead, Angel says she hopes to give back and mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs. She also wants to expand their size range and incorporate more fabric technologies into their clothing.

To learn more about ICONI, please visit their website. h

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OutHustle Your Struggle

One thing is for sure; there is no quit in Therosia Reynolds. She is the Renaissance and Creole artist from South Phoenix, AZ. She is also an entrepreneur with diverse talents in visual art, spoken word, and vocals. Her creations are deeply rooted in her spiritual beliefs and revolve around hope, love, and liberation themes. That is who she is.

Therosia obtained her BA in Psychology from Ottawa University. She is a renowned live painter, winning the city Art Battle championship with 20-minute full portrait paintings that captivate fans. She’s the resident live painter for Poetic Soul and Homebase events, known for their large followings. Her dynamic live paint performances and vibrant portraiture have wowed audiences. Notably, at the East Valley NAACP freedom fund awards, Therosia’s live painting, accompanied by dance to live music, immediately sold the completed piece. Her art exhibitions showcase live paintings and studio works at esteemed institutions like ASU, Millet House Gallery, U of A, Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, and Modified Arts.

Therosia, the spoken word and vocal maestro, has blessed the stage with her artistry, opening for heavy hitters like the Roots, Erykah Badu, and Musiq Soulchild. Yasiel Puig was blessed with Therosia’s presence as a featured artist at his poetry event. She’s the real deal, setting the urban scene ablaze with her lyrical prowess and soulful vibes.

The company that Therosia owns is called OutHustle Your Struggle, but she operates with three brands. There is her personal brand as an artist, Therosia. There is the clothing brand called OutHustle Your Struggle, and lastly, there is her current work and separate brand, Soul Food & Superheroes.

As an artist, Therosia provides fine art centered around people of color and their unique experiences. Additional services she offers include live painting, speaking, teaching, and performing as a spoken word artist and singer. Her business includes fine art, prints, and various art merchandise, including clothing, based on her artwork.

Therosia is a Creole descendant of the African diaspora and Indigenous American tribes. She shares that she grew up between worship of the Black American church and the war stories of a red-lined, predominantly African American South Phoenix. “My mother is an Evangelist and Pastor who raised my brothers and me. My father is a mechanic who has struggled with addiction. I am biologically the youngest of three children, but when you add my step and god siblings, there were about 20 of us, mostly male,” she says.


Interestingly enough, Therosia’s art education began without any formal training. She says, “My mother says I began being an artist as soon as I knew paper and pen went together.” Regarding poetry, signs of that gift appeared at a young age for Therosia also. “I have been doing little mini concerts in my bedroom since I was about three years old. It began by listening to my mother, who was a poet, do poetry,” she says.

Art continued to play a huge role in his life. “In the 8th grade, I developed Pseudotumor Cerebri or Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. It is a debilitating condition, meaning I would spend months in and out of school. While out of school, I would have to take classes at home. The only elective that could come to my house was art. That is how I gained private art lessons. My teacher was disabled, paralyzed from the waist down. My condition meant I went through intermittent paralysis, and he was the perfect teacher for me at the time. He required that I do my work. He gave me grace but no excuses. I learned a lot from him, not just about art but also about perseverance.”

Community service is also very important to Therosia. She says, “I serve my community because they belong to me, and I belong to them. They are the people who nourished, mentored, loved, taught, and cared for me. They are my ancestors, brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles, nephews and nieces, and my family. Without them, there is no me.”

A number of things have impacted Therosia’s life and career. “Having idiopathic intracranial hypertension was one of them. It has also had the biggest impact on my relationship with God. When I look at humanity, I see the Imago Dei. Each human is the image of God, and I strive to honor that and live in a way that honors the presence of God in everyone,” she says.

In regards to sharing information with those who may follow a similar path as she has, Therosia gives a strong message. She says, “Fiercely defend your own voice but also be willing to grow in learning who you really are. Be very gracious and loyal to yourself. Do not take offense when people don’t recognize your beauty or greatness. It’s not personal, it’s ignorance.”


Moving forward, Therosia is preparing for the second installment of her soul food and superhero series, which is scheduled for August 11, 2023. The installation includes a collaboration with the University of Arizona and has been backed by the Arizona Commission on the Arts. The show features an augmented reality tour of the show and AI and digital art collaborations. This show is also her seven-year anniversary show as a full-time artist. “I couldn’t be more grateful, and I’m excited to see people’s experience of the work, and I am so overjoyed to be able to share this work and the collaborations behind the scenes to make it possible,” she says.

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“I serve my community because they belong to me, and I belong to them. They are the people who nourished, mentored, loved, taught, and cared for me. They are my ancestors, brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles, nephews and nieces, and my family. Without them, there is no me.”
Therosia Reynolds OutHustle Your Struggle
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