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Smuggler's Inn- Calgary and what people think about the place

Smugglers Inn has long been a part of the Calgary plethora of fantastic steak houses though at thirty five years and counting, I believe it is the oldest. That in itself speaks volumes, wouldn't you agree? Reservations are definitely recommended but it is worth the extra effort. The salad bar is typical old world style and can easily fill you so try and keep the visits to no more than two. Most nights feature three soup choices at the bar and this in itself can be an extra visit. When the main course is finally placed in front of you, it will be cooked exactly as ordered and their prime rib can almost be cut with simply a fork!

We had a really good time here; the salad bar was really good and so was the food! We had the prime rib, ribeye steak, chicken and seafood platter. ALL very good. Desserts - also amazaing! The "large" size beer is not what I would call large and won't get that again - overpriced thimble. The server was very friendly and attentive as well. Only thing is the interior dĂŠcor was dated, could use a make over.

Salad bar was good. it was busy when we were there but suprisingly quite. lamb rack was cooked just right. filet was good as well. the server showed us all the deserts so making a decision as to which one we should get was difficult as they all looked very delicious!

For over 30 years Smugglers- sunday brunch calgary has packed their establishment with happy customers every night. Make a reservation if you plan to get a table. Old school salad bar/soup bar never disappoints. Excellent selection of Large, larger, and Largest choice cuts. Prime rib, filet's, New York, Ribeye. They have it all. You pay for side dishes like Stuffed Potaoes, or mushrooms, but paying for a meal here is no problem since you will walk out stuffed and happy. Great decor, delicious beef. Highly recommendable. Never comes up short!

Smuggler's inn Calgary  

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