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Kiosk Management System (KMS)

With the 24/7 watch our kiosk Management System (KMS) provides, you can be confident that your kiosks are now run safely. This webbased system can be accessed remotely. Kiosk Management System (KMS) technology acts as good barriers against hackers and viruses.

Features: •

Supported by Microsoft

Provides constant

.NET framework and runs

communication between

on Windows server teamed

the kiosk terminal and the

with Microsoft SQL

server, even from behind



Lock down security for the

Promotes constant

application preventing

monitoring. Reports on

users from accessing the

customer problems and

Operating system, desktop

solutions provided are

and keyboard filtering.

instantly captured.

In the event of any error,

Fully customized reports

alerts are sent via email or

can be generated when



Remote maintenance

Access to different

without manual access to the

functions of the application


and parts of the site can be

Task scheduler can be used

restricted to different group

for executing jobs during

users with username and

specific dates and times

password authentications.

without fail.

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Kiosk management system (kms)  
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