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When I was young I wish I keep all my toys I would had made a load of money and also been a very good investment. All my toys brought me so much happiness as a kid I wish I look after them better than I did Collecting in itself means increasing your number of items, whether it is art, sculptures, books or toys and some research supporting your knowledge deepens your understanding and enjoyment. It is also essential when choosing what toys you are going to collect and invest in. For many years people that wanted to collect toys had to travel and meet others to buy and collect. There has never been a better time to be, or become a collector, with the expanse and never ending market place on the internet. The world wide web brings knowledge, offers and opportunities into your own home. You can cover all ranges of values, age, gender, location, from the latest editions to the vintage toys. The Choice Toy collecting like everything else is very personal, each collection is individual just like our personal choice of clothes, haircut or car. Toy collectors appreciate the details the unique touches and small differences in pieces, that make them special for them as they are added to their collection. Most collections vary in array of items that way you are buying and selling in a wider market and the chances of finding an elusive, unique piece that can give them a great return when being sold on. The more rummaging in boot fares and charity shops helps the discerning collectors learn to see the values and fine tune their skills. Not all toy collectors want to sell their collections or are doing for money, for many it is a labour of love and they make a wonderful place in their homes to show off their pride in their possessions. They pass from generation to generation with much love and pride. Almost Mint to Mint 100% Mint condition offers the best investment return in the long run, these are toys that have never been played with, are in their original packaging with all the pieces in tact. Usually they have not been opened but kept as a collectable. Toys from the 60s or earlier are sometimes found in mint condition but often the packaging has

been lost or damaged along the way. These are pieces that will be expensive, rare and in demand. Almost mint toys have been played with but are not chipped or visibly damaged, they are normally in good condition but without the packaging. Vintage Toys are usually graded as minted, they do not always have their original package or it may be damaged or faded. These often have to be assembled to be displayed.

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