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Comic books and original comic book art, coins, jewelry, antique furniture, sports memorabilia, signed photographs, collectible guitars, stamps, classic cars, you name it, they are all very popular collectibles. Collectibles don't have to hold intrinsic value either and can be comic books and other printed collectibles such as postcards. Unfortunately there comes a time in almost every collectors life when their passion may somewhat fade. As we get older our ideas mature and perspectives change, however, one collectible area that seldom wanes as we age, and for many actually becomes stronger, is that of old toys. As each generation reaches old age, the toys we, played with, were given, and owned, as a child become more than just collection, they become memories and a link with a distant past. Kids toys collectibles prices on the east coast are generally higher than prices in the mid west. Some of this price difference is due to there being fewer prospects, and some is due to attitude differences. Prices for kids toys collectibles have been in the past few years. In fact they have been skyrocketing for even the non-rare collectibles. Prices for antiques and all forms of collectibles can fluctuate widely and quickly depending on current demand. Prices may drop down to pre-demand levels once the boom has passed, or they may remain high due to diminished supply as dealers have difficulty replenishing inventories. Very often kids toys collectibles may tend to be in the latter category. Starting kids toys collectibles collection is the great way to hold the memories. Whether you are wealthy or only have a few hundred pounds to invest in kids toys collectibles you will be able to find a niche collection area which will bring you much satisfaction and enjoyment creating. Of course you may collect for your own amusement, or you may decide to collect for a living. Those that do best tend to start for their own satisfaction alone, but if they become astute buyers they may decide to quit their jobs and move on to make a living from their collectibles passion. If you wish to set up a kids toys collectibles business, start with deciding what is the target customer adults or children? Are the buyers buying for nostalgic memories from childhood or for an investment? Start with a very firm image of your buyer and go all out to please them. Kid toys collectibles aren't limited to a certain type of toy or a certain era. No matter what you particularly interested in, or a fan of, you will be surely be able to find something in which you will be enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Many toy collectibles are items which were manufactured to be collected (for example Beanie Babies) or which people enjoy collecting (Beatles memorabilia). However, collectibles are not a good choice for people who want income without doing some selling themselves. If you are going to get a good price you will have to be able to sell; that is target a market and promote your goods, negotiate and clinch a great deal. When you can do that collectibles are a lucrative business for people who are in the know and can sell things.

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