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November 2006

ΣΦΕ Alumni UH SigEp Alumni present

Front Porch News An invitation to a new Alumni tradition

“A Free and Comfortable excuse for SigEp alumni to bring their families out to interact with other SigEps from All generations...”

In This Issue: Last Year’s Cookoff Special Thanks


Alumni Cookoff 2007


Front Porch Layout How Can I Help?


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Get Involved: • Time • Talents • Resources • Sponsorship The Front Porch Kookers are made up of SigEp alumni who want to create positive experiences for Alumni to interact, relax and have a good time! All Alumni are encouraged to take part and NO contribution is too small!

Alumni Cookoff 2006- Launch of a new legacy! In 2006, a handful of Sigma Phi Epsilon alumni brothers and friends wanted to offer something new and fresh to all generations of SigEp Alumni and their families. Like most Alumni, we wanted to give something back to the chapter that had provided the experiences that make us successful today!

SigEp alumni or their families and each SigEp who came to the event received a Front Porch Kookers t-shirt as a thank you for making the drive out.

It started out with a monthly happy hour meeting at Two Rows and a Mission to create an event that is “A Free and Comfortable excuse for SigEp alumni to bring their families to interact with other SigEps from All generations.”

Special thanks to the contributions of all our alumni sponsors (mentioned below) and all the time and talents of our founders for a successful Launch of a New Legacy for years to come!

I’m proud to say that we had over 100 people in attendance that weekend and all of our goals were met with great success!

FP Kookers hope to see you all here in 2007!

Frontier Fiesta was chosen as the best opportunity for such an event. So we reserved a Cook off site and gave our team a name. We decided to call ourselves the Front Porch Kookers in honor of all the great memories that came from the many nights on the Front Porch of the old SigEp house. Our overall goal above and beyond our mission was to put on a successful event without overwhelming any one brother either physically or financially. So we set up a maximum donation and went to work. Nothing was asked of our

Special Thanks to our Founders and Sponsors Richard Mondelli


Jason Fuller

Alumni Communications

Mike Shaw


Bill Kelly

Alumni Communications

Two Events per Year:

Duane Guidry

Chief Cook

Russell Ford

T-Shirt Sponsor

Fiesta Cookoff (Spring)

Brian & Pat Rogers


Orion Internet

Corporate Sponsor

Homecoming (Winter)

Jamie Rogers


Round Rock M Corporate Sponsor

Jon Brunt


Jimmy Folmar

Casey Garrett

Nick Sticklen


Brett Steil

Robert Alinger

Todd Smith

Food Sponsor

Petros Pantelis Bob Patman

Front Porch Website

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Volume 1, Issue 1

What to Expect at the Front Porch in 2007?

Admission for Alumni and parents is complementary. Please come and enjoy the event as our guests!

Frontier Fiesta is a great UH tradition that looks like a cowboy town and takes place in the parking lot of UH Robertson Stadium. The UH tradition started back in 1940 and was once featured in LIFE magazine as the “Greatest College Show on Earth”! Last year over 37,000 people attended.

Inside the Front Porch Site you can expect to experience:

Beyond the Front Porch Site you can expect to enjoy:

A proper welcoming and introductions

Good music, shade, front porch & friends!

Frontier Fiesta variety shows including the SigEp Golden Nugget show

Great food including Brisket, Chicken, Sausage and more!

Take a walk through Fiesta City

Carnival rides, games and Live music!

Cold beverages, games and a play area for the kids on Saturday.

Front Porch Kookers was founded to welcome SigEp Alumni and parents to eat, interact and enjoy in good company!

Our Chief Cook Our Chief Cook, Duane Guidry is our most valuable contributor. Duane generously volunteers his time with the talent to back it up! He graduated with a degree in Hotel Restaurant management. Since, he has worked with Ecolab and currently works with Cambro which means that his kick ass BBQ is certain to be served Hot, Sanitary and Fresh for all of us to enjoy!

So come on out and have a great time! (*Look for the corrugated tin with the Texas FP)

Our Goals for Fiesta 2007? A Snapshot from Front Porch 2006:

Our Goals for Front Porch 2007:

(Phase I)

(Phase II)

Most importantly, Duane loves to cook and he’s damn good at it!

400 square foot frame tent

1600 square foot frame tent

Thanks Duane!

$3400 Budget

$6050 Budget

115 guests throughout the weekend (including students, parents & alumni)

150 guests throughout the weekend (including students, parents & alumni)

Music and washers

Music, Washers and Kids area on Sat.

2 dimensional corrugated tin front

Success: Last year No One Person was over-burdened physically or financially!

3 dimensional corrugated tin front with a covered front porch on the inside and an enclosed perimeter wall.

More Food, More Family & More Fun!

Schedule of Events? (March 30-31st) Friday March 30th (Alumni/Sponsor Day) •

Dinner 6pm-8pm

Saturday March 31st (Family Day) •

Lunch 12pm-2pm

Dinner 6pm-8pm

*Non-alcoholic drinks and Beer served throughout the day while supplies last.

Bring The Kids!

Volume 1, Issue 1

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The Front Porch Layout? Front Wall (Reversed)

Inside Porch

Kids Play Area

Front Area


Contributions Bar Serving Line 40x40 Tent Eating Tables Prep Stations


Firewood Back Area Smoker

What do we need? How can I help? What does it take to put this event on?

Alumni Sponsor levels:

Resources Needed:

This year will cost over $6000 vs. Homecoming which only costs $500





Time, Talents, Resources and work!



Building, Planning, Communicating, Fundraising, and long sleepless nights so the pit-master and chief cook can slow cook to perfection!

Sponsorships are strictly voluntary and are not expected however these levels are inclusive of any homecoming and Fiesta donations.

Greeters for rare and new Alumni

Hickory/Pecan firewood

2-8 Pallets (rain)

8am Sun. Cleanup

Industrial Fans

Our greatest accomplishment will be to put on these events without over-burdening any one person. With that in mind, all contributions will help us meet this goal while providing to a worthy cause. All proceeds, if any, will roll over into the following year and will contribute to a growing scholarship fund within the SigEp Educational Foundation as an annual scholarship given to deserving SigEp students. Please mail all monetary contributions payable to:

Richard Mondelli 2414 County Rd. 90 Apt. 312 Pearland, TX 77584 832-368-4289

*Ask Richard about corporate Sponsorship packages!

UH SigEp Alumni present

Front Porch News An invitation to a new Alumni tradition “Family-friendly and fun events where All SigEps and their families can interact and enjoy!”

How is the SigEp chapter doing today? University of Houston IFC Ranks SigEp: •

#1 New Member Cumulative GPA

#1 Initiated Member’s Semester GPA

#1 Initiated Member’s Cumulative GPA

#1 All Chapter Semester GPA

#1 All Chapter Cumulative GPA

Socially SigEp was recently rated by the local sororities for having the Best parties on campus! Today’s brothers of Texas Delta are a group of men that work hard to carry on our legacy while advancing the chapter in recruitment and strength everyday! The SigEp house resides on Greek Row!


“In the Heart of Every SigEp Burns a Passion and Fury like No Other Man…” CHECK




Front Porch 2006 Newsletter  
Front Porch 2006 Newsletter  

Frontier Fiesta