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Frontier Fiesta: Make Your Mark

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Frontier Fiesta, a UH tradition since 1940, is a diverse display of talent, spirit and pride within the Greater Houston community which serves to raise money for scholarships. Every year a piece of our campus is transformed into a fully functional town called “Fiesta City”. This event is open to the University of Houston students, staff, faculty, alumni as well as the greater Houston community and beyond. The major components of Frontier Fiesta have included scholarships, Broadway-style variety shows, carnival booths, cultural and educational performances, living historical exhibits, concerts, Family Fun Day/Little Wrangler Day, and a newly statesanctioned cook-off competition. The Road to Fiesta City was written to explain Frontier Fiesta, detail all of the ways to participate and “Make Your Mark” in one of the greatest traditions of the University of Houston. While Frontier Fiesta’s foundation lies within the campus and population of the University of Houston, the scope of its impact reaches far beyond the communities of Houston. The Road to Fiesta City is not meant to dictate you or your organization’s involvement, but to provide you with guidelines and suggestions for participation. The material in this handbook is drawn from the ideas of past participants but you do not have to limit yourselves to just these ideas. Check out our other publications for more details.

March 22-24, 2012 @ Robertson Stadium | www.uh.edu/fiesta 2

Frontier Fiesta: Make Your Mark The History of Frontier Fiesta In 1940, a group of students started an annual tradition known as Frontier Fiesta which had variety shows and concession stands produced by students and was intended to bring together University of Houston students and the Houston community. Broadway-style shows produced by UH student organizations are patterned after famous Broadway hits or original concepts which usually have 6 to 8 acts with music and high-powered choreographed routines. The shows are judged in several areas including best costumes, best front, and most creative concept. The award for best overall show is the “Joe Koppel Award” –named for the second chairman of Frontier Fiesta in 1941, who later lost his life training during World War II. The tradition grew tremendously over the next few years and became hugely popular. Hollywood stars such as Humphrey Bogart, James Garner, Anne Baxter, Kenny Rogers, and Patsy Swayze were attracted to the annual event and UH alumnus and past staff member Jack Valenti dubbed it, "The Greatest College Show on Earth!"

The First Era The first Frontier Fiesta May 1-3, 1940 was created from an idea in the depths of the minds of five students, ran in conjunction with the Annual High School Reception. A replica Western town from the 1880's was built for a crowd of 5,000 over three nights. Attractions included Casino Revue, Pioneer Palace, Scoggins Scanties, Judge Roy Bean’s Court, Latin-America, Bank of Roaring Camp, Singapore Spider, General Store and Mme. Zola. . The beard growing contest was initiated in which the winner got a portable radio. The second Fiesta under Joe Koppel’s charge was from May 7-9, 1941 located at the south end of the football field with an attendance of 8,000 people. Due to the United States’ involvement in World War II, Frontier Fiesta was officially suspended December 7, 1941-Pearl Harbor Day. Many active-duty UH students, including the second Chairman Joe Koppel lost their lives during the war. In 1946, war veterans returned to school and there was a need felt to bring back the college show. A group of aspiring student politicians including Johnny Goyen promised the return of Frontier Fiesta if they were elected. They had a difficult task of reviving Fiesta with a quadrupled enrollment and few Fiesta veterans around.

The annual tradition became too large and the event was having a considerable impact academically for the students involved. Due to this, Frontier Fiesta was discontinued after the Frontier Fiesta of 1959. In 1991, a group of students, alumni and the Athletics Department worked to bring back the tradition of Frontier Fiesta, and to this day it is again an annual tradition at the University of Houston. After the revival of Frontier Fiesta in 1992, concerts were added to cap off each night at Frontier Fiesta. Each year the Fiesta Committee is given a significant budget and asked to bring in talent that will be widely accepted and well liked. The revival also brought the addition of the Cook-Off competition. There is only one way to describe the cook-off-World Class! Teams from all over the state converge on Fiesta City to compete for the coveted “All -Around Champion” award as well as cash prizes.

March 22-24, 2012 @ Robertson Stadium | www.uh.edu/fiesta 3

Frontier Fiesta: Make Your Mark Frontier Fiesta was successfully revived April 2426, 1947 with an estimated 25,000 in attendance. From April 21-24, 1948, over 1,000 men entered the beard growing contest. Frontier Fiesta extended the run of the show to four nights to accommodate huge crowds (about 30,000) and the size of the buildings. April 6-9, 1949 saw the first appearance of the Western Cougar mascot.. Attendance soared to an estimated 50,000 people in a large plot of land at the northwest side of the Science Building. Earl McMillian gave a 1949 Ford as a prize for best all-around beard. From April 11-15, 1950, the Greatest College Show on Earth ran five nights, the longest in its history. Construction records shattered with every show ahead of schedule by weeks. The goal was to raise money to build a swimming pool for the University. A $160,000 pool was built in 1955 with $100,000 raised from Fiesta. Confederate money was used for the first time as cash from April 3-7, 1951 since the War between the states. “Ten dollars were worth ten Yankees and $20 could buy twenty of those carpetbaggers who lived above the ‘Maceo-Dickerson Line’.” Mr. Cullen and students, for the April 22-26, 1952 Frontier Fiesta, presented a charter branded onto a tanned cowhide by Betty Rich proclaiming Fiesta City incorporated under the laws of the state. The hide was taken to Austin in which Governor Shivers signed the charter making Fiesta City a real city. One hundred and twentythousand people spent $85,000- a new record. From April 20-26, 1953, outlaws roamed the campus for the first time after breaking out of prison in Huntsville, a bank robbery and a three day ride to Fiesta City. 1953, was the first year women had a chance to buy a date at the date auction. One hundred and fifty-thousand people spent over $97,300. The April 19-24, 1954 show was dedicated to Robert A. Wilkins who served as chairman of the faculty Fiesta Committee until his death in December 1952. Yosemite Sam became the mascot and since that time he has been one of the biggest promoters for Frontier Fiesta. He has been given the title of a permanent member of the Fiesta Staff. With his six-guns raised and his red beard blazing, Sam is seen staring back at you from almost all the publicity material connected with Fiesta. The Annie Oakley contest was the first time in Fiesta history, the girls could enter a contest. A beautifully crafted cowhide scrapbook was compiled in 1954, by student leaders Helen Gilpin, Johnny Goyen and Jack Valenti. The beautiful color drawings and descriptive narrative capture well the essence of “Frontier Fiesta”. This scrapbook can be found at the University of Houston Library Archives.

Visitors of the April 18-23, 1955 Frontier Fiesta, were greeted by the new center gate featuring Yosemite Sam on top. The show was dedicated to Mr. Earl McMillian for his generosity of donating Fords since 1949. The world premiere of “Backlash” brought Richard Widmark and co-star Jay C. Flipper to Houston and Fiesta City from April 16-21, 1956. The Fiesta Association extended the top-ranked star to be the honorary Fiesta City Sheriff. Harry Cullen’s $125 bid for Roseanette Seraguse broke the previous $68 record for the annual Fiesta Date Auction in the Cougar Den. Local Greek organizations became nationally chartered Greek-letter fraternities and sororities. The April 22-27, 1957 Frontier Fiesta drew in more than one hundred thousand people with the theme “Texas Under Six Flags”. LIFE Magazine photographers Leonard McComb and Tom McAvoy attended the April 21-26, 1958 Fiesta. In the May 12, 1958 issue the headline read “A Collegiate Celebration in a FalseFront Town”. By this time Fiesta ran 6 nights with a max of 7 performances each evening. Attendance ranged upwards of 75,000. Frontier Fiesta had 11 shows sponsored by 32 organizations. The President's Cup (donated by UH President Dr. Clanton W. Williams) for the best show in the size category other than the Koppel Trophy went to the Golden Nugget. UH celebrated its Silver Anniversary in 1959; however, from April 20-25’s Frontier Fiesta with the theme “Light Western Comedy”, organizations that had been Fiesta’s lifeblood decided not to participate. The campus was split in replacing Fiesta with another activity. Frontier Fiesta was ended by UH President Gen. AD Bruce.

The Second Era Three decades later, due to the efforts of Glen Lilie, a past participant of the original Frontier Fiestas, the “Cougar Fiesta & Cook-Off” was revived April 2-4, 1992. Along with the support of UH students, staff, alumni and the Athletics Department, Fiesta ran in conjunction with the annual Greek Week with the idea to rejuvenate school spirit with proceeds going to the UH General Scholarship Fund and the UH Athletic Department Community Involvement Program. Country western star Kenny Rogers, who got his start in the 1958 Frontier Fiesta, performed at the UH Hofheinz Pavilion as part of his Back Home Again Tour. Other events included a talent show, comedy routine, auction and dance. The cook-off was brought in to make the new Frontier Fiesta different from the original.

March 22-24, 2012 @ Robertson Stadium | www.uh.edu/fiesta 4

Frontier Fiesta: Make Your Mark The April 16-17, 1993 Fiesta raised money for the M.D. Anderson Library. The April 7-9, 1994 Fiesta added scholarships to the event. In the fall of 1994, Frontier Fiesta Association began its first organizational meeting to garner interest in all types of organizations. In April 6-8, 1995, Patsy Swayze returned to Houston as the honorary Chairwoman of Frontier Fiesta while Channel 2 kicked off their annual Spring Food Drive at Fiesta City and Fiesta welcomed future Cougars at “High School Night”. The selection of the Board of Directors was changed from appointment by the Chair to selection by committee. The April 18-20, 1996 Fiesta brought the 1st Annual Bake-Off. The April 17-19, 1997 Fiesta theme was “Discover the New Frontier”. New attractions for 1997 included hay rides, wagon parking shuttles, the addition of Willie’s Dance Hall & Saloon named after Willie Burnsthe first Lifetime Committeeman. Little Wrangler Day was introduced for the April 15-18, 1998 Frontier Fiesta which brought children from Houston area elementary schools. The April 14-17, 1999 Fiesta saw 35,000 visitors. The 2000 Frontier Fiesta was from April 12-15 and the 2001 Fiesta from March 29-31. The silent auction was added in the March 21-23, 2002 Fiesta in its new and current location Robertson Stadium which brought 25,000 people. A “Tradition for Everyone” took place March 2022, 2003 and replaced Little Wrangler Day with Family Fun Day. “Three Unforgettable Days” were on April 1-3, 2004. “We’ll Take You Places” took place March 31-April 2, 2005 and added Multicultural Performances to the entertainment lineup. “Your University, Your Tradition” lasted two Fiesta from March 30-April 1, 2006 to March 2931, 2007. The Battle of the Bands first appeared in 2006 along with an updated Little Mr. & Miss Fiesta and a larger carnival for Family Fun Day. "The Event of the Year at UH!” took place March 27-29, 2008. The 2009 Frontier Fiesta was from March 26-28. We were “Kickin’ it Fiesta Style” from March 25-27, 2010 with the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo hosting our Chili Cook-Off. Our twenty year anniversary of the revival of Frontier Fiesta from March 24-26, 2011 brought about 24,000 visitors“Celebrating Our Tradition” in which the cook-off competition became officially state sanctioned. This year promises to maintain the traditions of past Frontier Fiestas but we are also adding new components, expanding old traditions and even reviving old traditions that haven’t been around since the original Frontier Fiesta days. “Make Your Mark” is the theme of the March 22-24, 2012 Frontier Fiesta because no matter who you are, you can make an impact and be remembered at this event. You and/or your organization’s involvement whether big or small can make a huge difference at the 2012 Frontier Fiesta.

Concert Artists 1992 Kenny Rogers 1993 Jack Ingram 1994 Canvas, Modern Industry, The Bewires, Blakely St. John, Jim Gough and the Cosmic Cowboys, Carolyn Wonderland, D.R.U.M 1995 Phuzz Albert, Kendricks, Sweet Daddy Reed, The Hightailors, Soul Shakers 1996 Dune, Texas, Atticus Finch, Good Bones, Kevin Eagan, Lee Schuppenhaer 1997 Los Palominos, Perfect Stranger, Logan Brothers, Ballet Folklorico, Jerry Jeff Walker, Daron Norwood, Doug Supernaw 1998 Jerry Jeff Walker, Jaime y Los Chamacos, Blackhawk, Jack Gladstone 1999 Ram Herrera and the Outlaws, Rick Stancil 2000 Dub Miller, Rick Trevino, The Flys, Intenso 2001 Sisters Morales, Jaime y Los Chamacos, Mark Winston Kirk, Cory Morrow, Writers in the Round - Carolyn Hester, Bill Haymes, Lynn Langham, Ashley Kozak, & Women in the Round (Linda Lowe, Selia Qynn, Carla Maywald, Michael Renner, Bobby Bridger), The Guzzlers, Hayden Sayers 2002 XKluSiVe, Big Moe, Sunshine Anderson, Texas Double Shot, Roger Creager, St. Jubilee, David Lee Garza y los Musicales 2003 Choppa, Weebie, Popa Jon, P-N-C, Baby Boy, BMD, Paul Wall, Kevin Fowler, Dub Miller, Honeybrowne, Fulanito, Mi Rumba 2004 Zin, Calvin Richardson, Mi Rumba, Energia, Proyecto Uno, Dean Seltzer and the Redneck Mothers, Cooder Graw 2005 Solido, Grupo Essencia, Costumbre, Robert Earl Keen, T.I., Lil' Keke 2006 Jimmy Gonzalez, La Traizion, Dem Franchize Boyz, Reckless Kelly, Randy Rogers Band 2007 Trae, Heizman Bois, Tum-Tum, N.O.R.E, DJ Kane, PLD, Honeybrowne, Cory Morrow 2008 Drew Davis, Evolucion, Signo, KB da Kidnappa, Versecity, Thee Armada, Cobra Starship 2009 Roger Creager, Reckless Kelly, Frankie J 2010 The Bloody Mushrooms, Dear You, LeeLonn Walker, Verse City, Melissa Savcic, Clipse, The Niceguys, MC Rai P, Simple Success, DJ Candlestick, The 71’s,Step Rideau & The Zydeco Outlawz , Trey Stapleton, Rob Baird, Mark McKinney 2011 Aaron Watson, Wale, Step Rideau, Versecity, The Live Lights, Jet Queen, Featherface, Bullets in the Sun, Rainchild, The Niceguys, Phil Wade, 2Twenty, Stukenberg, DJ Mr. Rogers

March 22-24, 2012 @ Robertson Stadium | www.uh.edu/fiesta 5

Frontier Fiesta: Make Your Mark 2012 Frontier Fiesta Board of Directors

Frontier Fiesta Connections Meetings & Rehearsals The Frontier Fiesta Connections Meetings are designed to further assist organizations with their participation at Frontier Fiesta. From introducing new organizations to Fiesta to giving seasoned veterans fresh ideas, Connections Meetings are vital to your involvement in Fiesta.

Chair Patricia Aguirre

Chief of Staff Allure Anoma

Director of Development Jeremy Rollins

Director of Operations Lee Ricks

ffchair @uh.edu

fiesta @uh.edu

ffdevelopment @uh.edu

ffoperations @uh.edu

Connection Meetings are designed to target specific issues related to participation in Frontier Fiesta. While certain meeting topics may not relate directly to your organization’s participation, there will be people on hand at every meeting to answer questions your organization may have. Each meeting will also begin with a general information session to update participants on any changes. Decisions about areas at the event are made at these meetings, so your participation is critical to your groups.

Topics include:

 Getting to know the Frontier Fiesta Association  General Information  Activities Funding Board Director of Productions Terry Chung

Director of Cook-Off Virginia Berens

Director of Scholarship Dalisia Tezeno

Director of Marketing Adrian Edmonds

ffproductions @uh.edu

ffcookoff @uh.edu

ffscholarships @uh.edu

ffmarketing @uh.edu

 Performances  Carnivals/Activities  Contests  Themed Nights  Variety Shows

Advisor Carrie Miller cmiller1@uh.edu

The Frontier Fiesta Association office can be found behind the Center for Student Involvement in the UC Underground on the University of Houston main campus. Frontier Fiesta Association Center for Student Involvement 51 University Center University of Houston Houston, TX 77204-3031 Main Office: (832) 842-6235 Email: fiesta@uh.edu www.uh.edu/fiesta

Go to www.prezi.com and search for 2012 Frontier Fiesta for the Connections Meeting Presentation or visit the homepage of www.uh.edu/fiesta.

Connections Meetings Wednesday, January 18, 2012 7:30p-9p,

UC Tejas

Monday, January 23, 2012 5p-6:30p,

UC Caribbean

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 6p-7:30p,

UC Tejas

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 6p-7:30p,

UC Caribbean

Thursday, February 16, 2012 6p-7:30p,

UC Spindletop

Variety Show Rehearsals Friday, February 17, 2012 5p-10p,

UC Mediterranean

Saturday, February 18, 2012 12p-5p,

UC Mediterranean

Friday, March 2, 2012 5p-10p,

UC Mediterranean

March 22-24, 2012 @ Robertson Stadium | www.uh.edu/fiesta 6

Frontier Fiesta: Make Your Mark General Rules & Information  For safety reasons, all beverages consumed in Fiesta City are required to be in plastic or paper cups. NO outside alcohol and/or glass containers will be allowed inside of Fiesta City including Cook-Off tents. Violators will be fined $100 per offense.

 The University of Houston’s policies and guidelines are to be followed at all times. Refer to the Student Handbook pgs. 63-86 available online: http://www.uh.edu/dos/publications/handbook.php

 Individuals caught trespassing on property around Fiesta City will be reported to the University of Houston Police Department.

 Any individual or organization found in violation of the rules and regulations of Frontier Fiesta Association as described in The Road to Fiesta City may be subjected to one or more of the following sanctions:

Reported to the University of Houston Police Department

Reported to the UH Dean of Students Office.

Subject to fines levied by the Frontier Fiesta Association ( when applicable site may be closed until fine is paid in full)

Removal from the event

 The Frontier Fiesta Executive Board of Directors shall make final decisions on ALL interpretations of the policies and procedures contained in The Road to Fiesta City.

 The Frontier Fiesta Association reserves the right to penalize or cancel shows that have offensive content.

Fiesta Buck Policy The official monetary unit of Fiesta City is the Fiesta Buck. For safety and security reasons, US currency may not be used for financial transactions anywhere on the Fiesta City site except at the Fiesta City Bank. All Variety Shows, Carnival Booths, food vendors, etc. are required to make transactions in Fiesta Bucks only. The only exception may be the silent auction. Once Fiesta Bucks are purchased, they cannot be returned or exchanged. The bank will be open 30 minutes before the scheduled event hours. Fiesta Bucks may not be redeemed for cash. Each Fiesta Buck is equivalent to one U.S. dollar.

All variety shows and carnival booths collecting Fiesta Bucks in exchange for admission or game playing are required to deposit their collected Fiesta Bucks back to the Frontier Fiesta Association at the end of each day’s activities between 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm. Deposit bags are available through the Fiesta City Bank. Fiesta Bucks should be counted and recorded on the outside of the deposit bag. After the conclusion of the event, each organization’s account will be tallied. A check in the amount of 100% of returned Fiesta Bucks will be issued to the organization. Organizations have until Friday, April 13th to request these checks.

Alcohol Policy  The Frontier Fiesta Association abides by the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission laws. Violators will be reported to the University of Houston Police Department.

 All alcohol consumed in Fiesta City must be purchased through the official distributor Silver Eagle at the event.

 The Lost and Found and First-Aid will be available at Fiesta City.

 Alcohol is restricted to designated areas only.

 All currency used in Fiesta City must be Fiesta Bucks.

 You must be 21 years of age or older to consume alcohol in Fiesta

 Vehicles will not be allowed to enter Fiesta City unless approved by the Director of Operations or during specified set up times. Parking will be allowed in designated areas only. Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense.

 Any check returned for insufficient funds is subject to a $25 fine.  To help keep sites clean, trash should be collected at the end of


 No aluminum cans or glass bottles are allowed on the Frontier Fiesta site.

 No beer or other alcoholic beverages may be brought onto or removed from the premises of Fiesta City by anyone--it is a violation of state law.

each day’s activities and placed in a sealed bag in front of your site no later than midnight. The Frontier Fiesta Association will provide a pick-up service for all trash disposed of in this manner concluding each night of the event. All other trash disposal is the responsibility of the organization in charge of each site, including Sunday cleanup.

 All beer sales will end one hour before the closing of Fiesta City.

 All amplified sound on the Midway and in Fiesta City, must end at a

Variety Show, Student Organization Showcase, and the hours of operation of a carnival booth or activity.

predetermined time to allow for the concert to play as scheduled and contracted. If you are planning to have amplified sound in your site and have questions, please contact the Director of Productions at ffproductions@uh.edu or the Director of Operations at ffoperations@uh.edu.

 All organizations planning to serve alcohol must complete and submit an official “University of Houston Registration of Alcoholic Beverage Distribution”.

 No alcohol is to be consumed by participants before or during a  No drinking on site during construction. If alcohol is found on your organizations site, then your construction will immediately halted and your status with Frontier Fiesta will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

March 22-24, 2012 @ Robertson Stadium | www.uh.edu/fiesta 7

Frontier Fiesta: Make Your Mark Fundraising Tips & Sources Limited financial resources are frequently a challenge to those participating in Frontier Fiesta. Largescale productions such as variety shows often require budgets that reach into the thousands. Even smaller scale productions such as carnival booths and cook-off teams can cost several hundred dollars to organize. For groups to be able to participate in Frontier Fiesta, fundraising is a must. Normally an organization can spend between $400.00 and up. This cost includes site fee and refundable security deposit. You should also include other items for your budget including building supplies, a tent, a stage (Variety Show), sound, lighting, and prizes (Carnival Booth). We understand for most groups, that funding is a concern. Whatever activity your organization chooses for Frontier Fiesta, it is important to coordinate the funding process early. The Frontier Fiesta Association itself runs on a budget usually in the hundred thousands, much of which comes from student initiated fundraising efforts and student fees. Fundraising requires a strong commitment and organization. If your organization will need to raise a considerable sum of money for its production at Frontier Fiesta, it may be a good idea to assign a finance director independent of the project’s coordinator to handle the fundraising. It is very easy to become frustrated with such a large task as fundraising, but it is important to remember the satisfaction and reward you and your organization will receive in the end. Also the Frontier Fiesta Productions Staff has been focusing on how to help you get the most for your investment and our staff can work with you to establish a budget that will work for you. It is important to remember that you can make money participating in Fiesta. Many of the Carnival Booths and Variety Shows have made money at the event that does offset the initial investment. Good planning can lead to even better fundraising.

The following set of suggestions is provided to assist you. They are some ideas that have been used in the past to generate funds for Frontier Fiesta projects.  Consider offering to display a company’s name, banner, or logo inside your booth or tent.

 If your organization is doing a variety show, consider putting together a program in which ad spaces can be sold to local businesses.

 Don’t limit fundraising efforts to your organization’s membership alone. Be sure to include past members and alumni of your organization, as well as family and friends.

 Fundraising activities such as auctions and raffles are always good sources of income.

 Bake sales and car washes take little time to organize and can provide big payoffs, especially if held more than once.

 Donations do not have to be comprised of monetary support. Materials, supplies, and equipment make useful donations as well.

Registered student organizations at the University of Houston are encouraged to take advantage of the Activities Funding Board (AFB). AFB can reimburse allowable expenses up to $2,000 which can include a $450 cap for advertising and 20% of approved funding going towards food. More information can be found at www.uh.edu/AFB or contact afb@uh.edu. UH Auxiliary Services can generously donate Coke products through the Coke Donation Program and a maximum of $200 per organization for a Food Donation. All you have to do is fill out the online forms located on their website. Visit www.uh.edu/auxiliaryservices and look for Student Event Catering Fund Request Form and Beverage Donation Form. Note that group sponsors will not be recognized as official Frontier Fiesta sponsors unless they donate directly to the Frontier Fiesta Association.

Fundraising Do’s and Don’ts  Ask. The worst they’ll say is “no.”  Always say thank you verbally and in writing.  Be persistent but not pushy.  Stay organized.  Always follow up with contacts.  Send information to potential donors in writing.  Don’t forget to invite your sponsors to the event.

March 22-24, 2012 @ Robertson Stadium | www.uh.edu/fiesta 8

Frontier Fiesta: Make Your Mark How to Get Involved

How Can You “Make Your Mark”?

First Time for Everything

Traditional Ways of Participating

You and your organization may have limited experience or have not quite established a tradition that truly represents your organization’s mission. For the 2012 Frontier Fiesta, we will be offering many more options for organizations and individuals to get involved and “Make Your Mark” in the University of Houston’s most unique and oldest traditions. Consider what you and your organization can do based on the number of people available, time, talent, resources, alumni support, etc. so you can make the best decision for your participation at Frontier Fiesta. The Frontier Fiesta Association will support any kind of event or activity that you might have as long as it fits within our mission and regualtions. This section is to give you ideas on what types of events and activities that you can do and based on your interests, we can assist you in choosing the best options for you along with more detailed guidebooks to go along with each event or activity.

Who Can Get Involved?

EVERYONE!!! Individuals 

UH Students

UH Faculty & Staff

UH Alumni

UH Registered Student Organizations

Non-registered Student Groups

UH Colleges

UH Departments

UH-affiliated businesses

Greater Houston Schools and Universities



Houston Area and Beyond Organizations


Arts & Entertainment

Non-profit Organizations

Operations- Site planning, construction, building codes, utilities, permits, safety, clean up, accessibility

Productions- entertainment, pavilions, special events, variety shows

Development- sponsorships, silent auction, committeemen

Marketing- promotions throughout the campus and greater Houston area, media, advertising, The Gazette

Scholarships- organize and award high school, undergraduate and graduate scholarships

Cook-Off- recruitment of cook-off teams, organizes judging an volunteers, awards get involved with minimal time, resources and people, volunteering is a great necessity at Frontier Fiesta. From building Fiesta City during build week, to moving items to and from our warehouse, passing out fliers & Gazettes, collecting tickets or manning information booths , Frontier Fiesta needs you to get involved and volunteer. Contact the Chief of Staff for more details.

 Variety Shows (now Large Variety Shows)- Variety Shows are the oldest component of Frontier Fiesta since 1940. Produced as Broadway-style shows, variety shows are some of the main attractions in Fiesta City. Consult the Director of Productions and the Variety Show Guide for more information.

 Mr. & Miss Fiesta- This is a competition open to all currently enrolled UH students. The purpose of Mr. and Miss Fiesta is to raise money for scholarships through donations and sponsorships. The winners will be titled Mr. and Miss Fiesta and will receive their own $500 scholarship. Contact the Director of Development for more details.

Community Partners 

operate without the support of student leaders and all Directors, Assistant Directors and volunteers are the backbone to making this tradition strong. We have many different positions that can use your expertise and if you think you are a valuable asset to the Frontier Fiesta Association, fill out the Assistant Director Application at www.uh.edu/fiesta.

 Volunteer at the Event- At minimum, if you or your organization wants

Groups 

 Be a Part of the Frontier Fiesta Association- Frontier Fiesta cannot

 Carnival Booths (now Organizational-sponsored Events & Activities)- Besides variety shows, carnival booths are the more economical way (both time and resources) for organizations to get involved at Frontier Fiesta. Organizations can generally run carnival games and activities usually in a small tent to raise money for their organization. Consult the Director of Productions and the Frontier Fiesta Organizational Events & Activities Guide for more details.

 College or Department Sites- Whether you are a student, staff or


faculty member , consider representing your college or department by providing a carnival booth, event or activity for Fiesta City. Try to highlight the mission or strengths of your college or department if you can. Frontier Fiesta has many possibilities for departments to show appreciation to students, faculty and staff. Many colleges have sponsored a college dinner for the entire department and have even participated in our other events such as cook-off and carnival booths. One way to make the most of your investment into Frontier Fiesta is to work with another department and share the expenses while using the area at different times during the event. You also can choose to work independently and specify the dates that you. Consult the Director of Productions and the Frontier Fiesta Organizational Events & Activities Guide for more details.

March 22-24, 2012 @ Robertson Stadium | www.uh.edu/fiesta 9

Frontier Fiesta: Make Your Mark  Apply for a Scholarship- Incoming high school applicants, current UH undergraduate and graduate students can apply for one of the 9 $1,000 scholarships based on two sub-categories- academic achievement and community involvement. Applications can be found online at www.uh.edu/fiesta and you can contact the Director of Scholarships for more information.

 Family Fun Day- Family Fun Day/Little Wrangler Day is part of the Saturday afternoon festivities to give all kids a memorable, educational and fun experience at UH. Activities may include community outreach programs from Space Center Houston, Houston Museum of Natural Sciences & Houston Zoo, plenty of animals for the kids to ride and pet, a special performance by the Wild fish Theater troupe, kids’ carnival rides and many more activities catering to kids. If you are part of a child-oriented business or work at an elementary school, consider bringing your kids to event, tell their parents about it or help plan activities to keep kids entertained and educated. Contact the Director of Productions for more information.

 Silent Auction- Donate items or bid on items at Fiesta City. All proceeds go towards raising money for scholarships. Contact the Director of Development for more information.

 Concerts- Do you think you have what it takes to draw a crowd with your musical skills? Whether you represent a UH student band, local band or high profile act, we can provide a time and space for you to bring more entertainment than ever to Fiesta City. Contact the Director of Productions for more information.

 Cook-Off, Bake-Off and Chili Cook-Off- Cook-Off tents are organized only by alumni and official cook-off teams but if you want to get involved, you can show your BBQ skills in front of a panel of judges in categories such as brisket, fajitas, chicken and beans. Top teams get trophies and cash prizes. Get with your alumni to organize a cook-off team so your organization can be represented at Frontier Fiesta. Contact the Director of Cook-Off for more information and consult the Fiesta Cookbook for more details.

 Talent Show- Think of America’s Got Talent minus the dangerous stuff. Anything goes. Dancing, acting, singing, poetry, safe stunts, unique talents. If you can sing but don’t have enough breath for a full concert then this is probably for you. Top talent show winners will get prizes. Contact the Director of Productions for more information and consult the Frontier Fiesta Competitions Guide for more details.

 Committeeman Sponsorships- Maybe not now as a student but later when you are an established alumnus of this University, you would want to donate to the Frontier Fiesta Association to support funding of scholarships and to express your commitment to the greatest tradition at the University of Houston. Contact the Director of Development for more information and a Committeeman Brochure. Also consider convincing anyone (employers, parents, alumni, etc.) to become a committeeman to support scholarships.

 Frontier Fiesta Sponsorships- Fiesta cannot operate without solid financial backing and other donations to help make our tradition a success. Consider having your work place or any business become a sponsor for Frontier Fiesta which attracts over 25,000 people a year. Sponsors can get many benefits including banners, advertisements, T-shirt exposure, etc. Paint, screws, lumber, money, costumes, prizes are all accepted and sponsors will be recognized at Fiesta. Contact the Director of Development for more information and for a Sponsorship Brochure.

 Vendor Booths, Events or Activities- Along the same lines as sponsors, if you have a business that’s based more on showing people your products or services such as bringing PS3 game stations, a military recruiting activity center or a cosmetics tent, we can definitely fit you in to our event. Vendors can double up and sponsor Frontier Fiesta as well but businesses that only bring products or services will not be officially recognized as a Frontier Fiesta sponsor. Vendors can bring almost anything but food can’t be sold without the approval of Aramark, yet it can be given away. Again you can have up to 25,000 visitors see your business in action at any of the three days of Frontier Fiesta. Contact the Director of Development or Director of Productions for more information.

 Advertise- Represent and market your business or organization without having to physically be there. The Fiesta Gazette is distributed to thousands of people before and after the event. The Gazette is the official newspaper of Frontier Fiesta. Frontier Fiesta also advertises in the Daily Cougar, the University of Houston official newspaper as well as many other media sources. Contact the Director of Development or Director of Marketing for more information.

2012’s New Ways of Getting Involved  Small Variety Shows- Along the same lines as Large Variety Shows, the small shows are an ideal option for younger and smaller organizations get their feet wet in one of the oldest traditions at Frontier Fiesta. Consult the Director of Productions and Variety Show Guide for more information.

 Frontier Fiesta-sponsored Events & Activities- This is the opposite of what Organizational-sponsored events and activities would be. Instead of you and your organization having to plan everything including logistics, the tent, activities, etc., consider partially or fully sponsoring a Fiesta-sponsored event of activity. You can sponsor something like a community outreach program from the Houston Zoo for only a few hundred dollars during Family Fun Day and your organization’s name will be associated with the event. The only set up you need is to set the time, location and method of payment (which can be reimbursed by AFB). Consult the Director of Productions and Frontier Fiesta Organizational Events & Activities Guide for more details.

 Universal Tent- This runs along the same lines as Frontier Fiestasponsored and Organizational-sponsored events and activities. You or your organization can bring in events, activities and serve meals with a tent-share type of environment that may be sponsored by the Center for Student Involvement’s fee-funded organizations such as Student Program Board, Student Government, Council of Ethnic Organizations, etc. This tent is intended for all visitors of Fiesta City to call a place home. Unlike an Organizational-sponsored tent, which is maybe 20’ x 10’ or 20’ x 20’ which could limit foot traffic to your activity, you will share a 40’ x 80’ tent area along with an additional 40’ x 80’ open space. This type of participation is ideal for smaller organizations and individuals that don’t want to commit to renting a tent for three days or having to run a booth the entire duration of a day and to increase foot traffic to your organization’s activities or events. The main benefit is that the tent will always be changing and everyone else is always welcome all three days. Consult the Director of Productions and Frontier Fiesta Organizational Events & Activities Guide for more details.

March 22-24, 2012 @ Robertson Stadium | www.uh.edu/fiesta 10

Frontier Fiesta: Make Your Mark Theme Nights ďƒž Joe Koppel Military Appreciation Night- This night is to memorialize and honor those men and women not just from the UH community but all of the Houston community, past, present and future, who have made the sacrifices of defending our Constitution from World War I all that way through Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom. Attractions may include the Buffalo Soldiers exhibit, static airplane & military vehicle displays and a military-themed art exhibit/auction. All former, current and future service members (including emergency services personnel, family & friends) are invited to make their home at Fiesta City. Supporters may include the UH Veterans Collegiate Society, UH Veterans Services Office, UH ROTC, Lone Star Vets, Marine 4 Life and Kappa Sigma’s Military Heroes Campaign. Consider recruiting military/veterans organizations to help put on the event, rent a jet flyover or static aircraft displays, provides meals, host a silent drill team or bands, provide entertainment, activities, fireworks, special guests, etc. Contact the Director of Productions for more information.

Diversity Night- The essence of this night is to showcase performances, activities, educational programs, food, etc. from all cultures and backgrounds and honor the fact that the University of Houston is the second most diverse school in the nation. From Scottish pipe bands to Native American powwows to Hawaiian fire dancers to Chinese dragon dances to Bollywood performances to performances by the GLBT community, we will strive to showcase almost everything UH has to offer and cap off the night with a dance lessons and the return of the Latino concert. Consider representing a demographic from any of the following: gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, etc. Any other ideas? Let us guide you! Contact the Director of Productions for more details. Philanthropy Night- Philanthropy Night is to honor the Houston community that does take the time help others whether donating money or necessities or just their own time and talents. Activities may include mobile pet adoption through Friends for Life, a badge event for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity and blood & marrow donation from Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. To honor and recognize Houstonians that help out the Houston community and surrounding areas Consider bringing a local charity, philanthropy or service organization to educate and demonstrate what they do for the community Or you can provide accommodations for children in a hospital to come visit Frontier Fiesta for a day. Some other ideas can include sponsoring a blood and/or marrow donation center, or hosting a benefit night for a specific charity or cause. Any other ideas? Let us guide you! Contact the Director of Productions for more details.

March 22-24, 2012 @ Robertson Stadium | www.uh.edu/fiesta 11

Frontier Fiesta: Make Your Mark

Contests  Beard-Growing Contest– The revival of the very first contest of Frontier Fiesta makes its return for the 2012 Frontier Fiesta. From the 1940’s through the late 1950’s, growing some manliness was a big deal in the spring time. Not much has changed with beard-growing from then until now especially since now you can win prizes for being one of the top contestants in each category. The original categories will be retained including: Best All-Around, Longest, Scrawniest, Funniest, Ugliest, Reddest, Fanciest and Most Unique. If you have what it takes, contact the Director of Productions or consult the Competitions Guide for more details.

 Annie Oakley Sharpshooting Competition– The revival of the very first contest for women established in 1954 will also happen for the 2012 Frontier Fiesta. The original contest had women shoot rifles from a paper target 50 ft away using only 5 rounds. Contact the Director of Productions or consult the Competitions Guide for more details.

 5k Fun Run– Join us on Saturday morning to relieve stress or put more stress on you, depending on your level of fitness for a nice stroll around UH. Contact the Director of Productions or consult the Competitions Guide for more details.

 Frontier Fiesta Art Exhibit/Auction- Much like the Rodeo which has their annual Rodeo Art exhibit, UH is no stranger to art. Partnering with the Blaffer Museum and many other art galleries, Frontier Fiesta will feature art from elementary school all the way to UH and Houston community art. Each day will have a different theme. One day will feature art from all grade schools. Another day will feature works from UH students, grads, faculty and staff with a Frontier Fiesta theme. The third day will feature art honoring service members. Along with the traditional Silent Auction, artists may request to have their artwork available for auction with a portion of the proceeds going towards philanthropy and the rest for profit. Contact the Director of Productions or consult the Competitions Guide for more details.

Sign Us Up!!! If you are part of an organization, please have a discussion meeting with your members to go over the possibilities of what you group can bring to Frontier Fiesta. If you are an individual, convince yourself what you want to do at Frontier Fiesta. If you’ve read through this entire book, then you probably want to do more than just be a spectator. Review The Road to Fiesta City along with the respective guides that may lead you more towards what you want to do and consult the respective Fiesta Director for any questions not answered. Once you’ve decided what to do, fill out the 2012 General Registration Form which can be found at www.uh.edu.fiesta. This form is not binding until all other paperwork, contracts, deposits, monies, etc. have been completed. Whatever activity or event that you plan to participate in will have a checklist coversheet and respective forms to help complete the process. We hope that your organization will give Frontier Fiesta a try and make it part of your tradition.

“Make Your Mark” at Frontier Fiesta 2012!!! Also check out our other publications for more detailed information And forms on how to participate at Frontier Fiesta:

 2012 Frontier Fiesta Variety Show Guide  2012 Frontier Fiesta Organizational Events & Activities Guide  2012 Frontier Fiesta Building Codes & Regulations  2012 Frontier Fiesta Cookbook  2012 Frontier Fiesta Competitions Guide  2012 Frontier Fiesta Sponsorship Brochure  2012 Frontier Fiesta Committeeman Brochure

 High School Talent Contest- Just like the regular Talent Show, all Houston and surrounding High School students can compete for prizes and recognition. Contact the Director of Productions and consult the Frontier Fiesta Competitions Guide for more details.

March 22-24, 2012 @ Robertson Stadium | www.uh.edu/fiesta 12

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2012 Frontier Fiesta: Road to Fiesta City  

Find out how to "Make Your Mark" at the 2012 Frontier Fiesta from March 22-24.

2012 Frontier Fiesta: Road to Fiesta City  

Find out how to "Make Your Mark" at the 2012 Frontier Fiesta from March 22-24.