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Seamless Integration of Magento Web Shop With Silver Shop Magento Store App! Treat your online customers with solidly and resourcefully created Silver Shop Magento Store App! With the Smartphone’s becoming a common sight; focal point has now shifted on having more powerful and stronger M-commerce or Mobile commerce solutions. And with this shifting axis; a large number of online vendors are now trying to integrate their stores as Native application on different mobile platforms to leverage their sales at very nominal costs and eventually create a robust niche in the market. With Silver Shop Magento Store App getting a branded native app that is seamlessly integrated to existing online Magento store becomes smooth, effective, convenient and quicker. This Magento Store App acts as a bridge that fills the gap between what the customers experience when they visit physical, online or mobile stores. In fact, it enriches their shopping experience – The end-users get the liberty to access your store at anytime and from anywhere – even while they are at home, enjoying the weekends or on their way to the office. It has been always a matter of great concern for a virtual merchant to maintain consistency between the web as well as mobile store. The users want to see the same product lists as they can on the web version of the shop – A little discrepancy can become a major spoiler for a user. However, with a well-configured and supremely developed Magneto app like Silver Shop; unsynchronized and messed up product catalog will become a thing of past! Since, it has intuitive application interface, it provides a streamlined and consistent product list. What a customer sees and feels (product lists and functionalities) on a full-fledged web shop; they will have the experience even on their Smartphone’s and tablets. Thus, the main spoiler i.e. inconsistency gets eliminated.

In short, you can have a cohesive product catalogue and billing order across a network of web and mobile shops, eventually, leading hassles free and less time-consuming management. Apart from consistency and streamlined interface; with this supremely designed app; one can even ensure a better control on the way content and image appears on the mobile storefront. Managing both the storefronts can become a challenging task for the admin – But not anymore! Moreover, with you can still keep some of the generic features of the web storefront –This Magento Store App configures and integrates some basic features like Product catalog, Wish list, Compare, Checkout and My Account on both the stores. In short, the customers would never feel unfamiliar or new when they log in to the mobile store – In fact; they could browse through the store with more ease, convenience and comfort, subsequently branding the store like never before.

Seamless integration of magento web shop with silver shop magento store app!  

Silver Shop Magento Store App flawlessly incorporates a web store as native app; and thus offers a stream of advantages to the online mercha...