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An Overview on SAP Integration SAP is a leading business solutions provider. Originated in Walldorf, Germany in 1972,  SAP   has   blossomed   rapidly   ever   since   then   to   a   niche   of   having   100,600   SAP  installations serving more than 41,200 companies, more than 25 industries  in more than  120 countries with a majestic 10 million users around the world. This technology is the  combined efforts of five ex­IBM engineers who as qualified engineers formulated their  dream into a practical and functional concept, they then produced and perfected SAP.  Since   it   was   developed   in   Germany,   it   was   given   a   Germanic   name     Systeme,  Andwendungen, Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung. To make it simple for majority of  people   to   understand,   it   was   then   translated   in   English   as     Systems,   applications,  Products in Data Processing. SAP AG has grown to become the third largest software  maker in existence not only in Germany but globally. The introduction of SAP R/2 in  1979   had   been   the   reason   behind   its   skyrocketing   success.   The   very   first  SAP  Integration was an overnight hit. SAP R2 ran on mainframes and went to penetrate the  majority of large businesses in Germany. With its gradual expansion in other parts of  Europe companies, the founders understood the growing acceptance and popularity of  client­server architecture among businesses. With the development and release of SAP  R/3   in   1992,   SAP   recognized   and   responded   to   that   market.   Business   communities  welcomed this intelligent program with open arms. In 1988, SAP R/3 evolved into an   exceptional success like no other especially after expanding into the North American  market. SAP R/3 grew from scratch  to 44% in  five years in worldwide  sales. At the  moment,   America   has   thousands   of   employees   and   can   claim   to   having   many  companies as clients.  Its numbers kept multiplying which is understandable for its sheer brilliance that led to  its escalating popularity worldwide. Whereas its popularity results from the ability to not  only be a brilliant application but also because of being versatile and adaptable to a  wide variety of businesses. Many educational institutions are responding to the need of  SAP Implementation i.e. SAP trained individuals who can successfully diagnose, select  and implement the modules which would serve the best. The process of integration and  functionality   evolves   over   time.   Yet,   there   are   some   programs   that   can   be   fully  implemented   within   18   months   whereas   some   big   corporations   require   a   ten   year  commitment. Fragments of full scale SAP R/3 software become useful with time. Today,  SAP has grown in leaps and bounds throughout the world and become famous with  businesses, organizations, etc. Many people also opt for  SAP Consulting  services to  understand its process and realize its significance. Hence, it is advisable to discuss your  needs with professional  SAP Consultants  to know what your requirements are in a  better way, before you go ahead with the implementation process.

An Overview on SAP Integration  

The article is about SAP Integration, its history along with its importance. Basically an overview on SAP Integration which helps in underst...