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7th e­India conference 2011 event

"Information Technology (IT) + Indian Talent (IT) = India Tomorrow (IT)" Honourable CM Shri. Narendra Modi 7th e­India 2011  conference provided a unique platform for sharing of knowledge,  challenges, ideas and best practices amongst the various stakeholders driving ICT  initiatives   in   the   domain   of   Governance,   Healthcare   and   Education.   Bureaucrats,  technocrats, academicians, industry personnel and civil society members along with  ICT experts, practitioners, business leaders and stake holders was benefited through  thought provoking sessions, workshops, one on one interactions etc. The three day  conference   had   three   major   tracks   focusing   on   e­Gov,   digital   learning   &   eHealth  under   which   there   would   be   multiple   thematic   sessions.   e­Agriculture,   Telecentre  Forum and Municipal IT was also covered as separate tracks/thematic sessions. The seventh edition of e­India, the country's largest conference on information and  communication   technologies   (ICT),   was   held   in  Gandhinagar   at  Mahatma  mandir  from December 14th to 16th 2011. It was one of the largest ICT event, its organizers  include   the   state   department   of   science   and   technology,   Union   ministry   of  communications and IT, All­India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Centre for  Science, Development and Media Studies (CSDMS) and Elets Techno media Pvt  Ltd. Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013

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Honourable Chief   Minister   Narendra   Modi  inaugurated   the   7th   edition   of   'e­India'   at  Mahatma   Mandir   in   Gandhinagar,   countries  largest   information   and   communication  technology   (ICT)   conference   on   14th  December   2011.   Addressing   various  stakeholders,   bureaucrats,   technocrats   and  academicians CM said "Earlier, when people  use to talk about information technology, the only places that used to come into their   mind were Bangalore and Hyderabad. Now, according to the NASSCOM reports,  Surat and Ahmedabad are positioning themselves on the top of list and the cities are  luring people with IT background."  He   further   added   that   the   letter   'e'   takes   care   of   easy,   economic   and   effective  governance. With the help of e­governance, a lot of transparency can be achieved  and   it   is   also   effective   and   economic   and   he   also   suggested   a   new   concept   of  'Mobile   Governance'   (M­Governance)   for   greater   application   of   Information   and  Communication Technology (ICT) for larger good on the lines of 'e­Governance' and  'Good Governance' Prominent among those spoke on the occasion included Union  Government's   Additional   Secretary   Shankar   Agrawal,   Gujarat's   Additional   Chief  Secretary (S&T) Ravi Saxena and President of Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd Dr. M P  Narayanan.  e­INDIA   2011  hosted   a   prolific   range   of   exhibits   featuring   innovative   ICT   based  products & solutions in the domain of Governance, Healthcare and Education. The  Exhibition attracted more than 1000 companies, government bodies and educational  institutes. The Exhibition was running in parallel with the Conference was providing a  showcase   of   technology   and   solutions.   About   4,000   participants,   including  bureaucrats, corporate leaders and experts, participated in the event in which three  major thematic sessions on e­governance, education and health had about 50 sub­ sessions with 400 speakers. Nearly one million votes were polled recommending the  awards in various categories.

Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013

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7th e-India conference 2011 event  

7th e-India 2011 conference provided a unique platform for sharing of knowledge, challenges, ideas and best practices amongst the various s...

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