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Building A New Platform: The design and implementation of a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Network at JALC has begun.

In This Issue: The Project Kickoff A Challenge From the President Meet the Team The Project Manager A Tale of Two Vendors CIO Message iLogan Milestones

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iLogan Kickoff: Building a new paradigm of service for JALC On Monday March 25, 2013 twenty-six people met in classroom C138 to launch a new innovative Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) that will service the JALC community. An ERP system is a set of integrated software tools for student

administration, academics, student finance, college financials, HR/ payroll and reporting. All modules feed into the same database, providing access to accurate and timely data across all departments. As the APECS legacy software is replaced with the new technology, JALC will also redesign and align current business processes with streamlined, standardized practices.

JALC faculty and staff to focus on providing service and spend less time filling out paperwork. To make this new vision a reality an Administrative Systems Committee has been formed with representatives from across the campus. Under the executive sponsorship of the College President, Dr. Mike Dreith, the project will be led by Mr. Terry Crain, Dean of Student Services.

The project, referred to as the Integrated, Learning, Operations, Governance and Administration Network (iLogan), will provide a next-generation information technology platform that will empower students, faculty, staff and the greater community with a host of new services, such as mobile access to schedules, maps, grades, financial assistance and account information. In addition, iLogan will streamline departmental operations allowing

As Chair of the Administrative Systems Committee, Mr. Crain explained, "Our new system will shift the way we do business here at the College. Almost every aspect of our processes will be affected by the new system, but they will be affected in a good way. With the new ERP system, we will be able to truly heighten the student experience at the College. We are looking forward to getting underway with this endeavor."

iLogan: the Integrated Learning, Operaons, Governance, and Administraon Network project

May, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 1

Meet the Administrave Systems Commi'ee While the iLogan project will involve almost everyone, the following people are serving on the core project team. Lauralyn Cima, Registrar Services Charles Coelho, IT Network Infrastructure Terry Crain, Student Services, Chair Barry Hancock, Community Education Johnna Herren, Human Resources Melissa Inman, Student Services Cindy Johnson, Curriculum and Instruction Mark Kinkade, Information Technology Elizabeth Myatt, Accounting Services Eric Pulley, Instructional Research Gail Rawson, Facility Scheduling Debbie Richison, Instructional Services Ryan Sierman, Information Technology Jason Snider, Revenue Sherry Summery, Financial Assistance Gary Tendick, Information Technology

iLogan and the JALC Strategic Plan: A Challenge from the President When I arrived on campus, it was obvious that JALC needed to replace the antiquated APECS system (i.e. the “stegosaurus”). As we began our strategic planning process, the new ERP system became a key component. We all realized that it would take a few years to complete the project, but the sooner we get started, the better. In order to continue to grow as an institution, JALC needs an ERP system that will support institutional research, reporting, and informed decision-making which will be vital to making evidence-based decisions to support and enhance student success. As I have stated before, student success is our number one job here. Everything must be seen through that prism, including the iLogan project. As an example, ERP systems offer early intervention and retention solutions that will help the College identify students who may need additional assistance. These solutions easily track and monitor a number of variables including poor GPA, attendance, family issues, academic challenges, and so on. These types of retention programs can effect overall completion goals and align closely with our strategic plan. As educators we know that life is full of change. I encourage all JALC stakeholders to actively engage in this process with open minds as we reengineer our work processes. My challenge to you is that we all approach this project with JALC’s five core values in mind: honesty, responsibility, compassion, fairness and respect.

Dr. Mike Dreith, President

CampusWorks and the iLogan Project Manager JALC selected CampusWorks to assist the iLogan project team with project management and consulting services. CampusWorks has worked with dozens of community colleges across the United States and Canada to implement a wide range of innovative campus wide networks and systems. Liz Murphy, CampusWorks CEO, said, “This new ERP system is a major component of the College's strategic planning as it creates the technical foundation for JALC’s future. With iLogan, students, faculty and staff will have access to information from anywhere at any time, with many processes available from a mobile device. That means easier access to online tools to handle everything from admissions to graduation. CampusWorks will work closely with the College community to ensure the project’s success.” Jerry Smith will be the onsite Project Manager from CampusWorks for the next 30 months. Jerry brings over 30 years of higher education and technology experience to the iLogan project. His past roles include serving as CEO at the Associated Colleges of Central Kansas and CIO at Pittsburg State University, KS. Jerry has also served in leadership roles at Liberty University, Sprint Telecommunications and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Jerry welcomes any questions, comments or suggestions and can be reached at or 620.230.0901.

iLogan: The “ERP” Project Mark Kinkade , CIO Many people over the past several years have asked me “what does ERP stand for?” ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. What is Enterprise Resource Planning? Essentially, the term ERP represents all of our college back office functions computerized like budgeting, payroll, class scheduling, record keeping, etc. Good ERP systems are designed to facilitate the flow of information between all departments or functions within our college using one computer system. This initiative is no small task, but when it is complete, we will be positioned to give students the opportunity to use their smart phones in new ways here at John A. Logan College with improved efficiency and effectiveness in our processes and functions. Thanks for your help!

A “Tale of Two Vendors”: Finding the best fit for JALC Starting in early 2013, JALC began a comprehensive and practical selection process for its new ERP system that was focused and streamlined. The College administration, with the help of CampusWorks expertise, determined that there were two main vendors that were most suited to the needs and resources of JALC – Ellucian and Jenzabar. Ellucian was asked to participate because their Colleague product is well suited for the needs of JALC and is used by a large number of Illinois community colleges. Jenzabar was asked for a proposal because their JX product will position JALC with a new ERP solution that is based on the latest generation of software and technology. Either one of these vendors will provide JALC with greatly expanded web-based services for students, faculty, staff and the JALC community. In addition, the new ERP will help JALC to support new programs and create new opportunities for revenue growth and operational efficiency. But most of all, the new system will provide JALC with the ability to make decisions driven by accurate, accessible, and timely information that will better help JALC students succeed. Currently, the Project Team is evaluating the demonstrations of the software that each vendor conducted. The Project Team is also conducting reference checks with their peers at other colleges that use each vendor’s software. Based on these evaluations and input, a vendor will be recommended to the Information Technology Committee on May 14th. After the selection of the vendor and the completion of contract negotiations, JALC will begin the implementation process, which is expected to take two years to fully complete. The iLogan project not only provides updated technology, but also is a catalyst for JALC to conduct a comprehensive business process review. These activities will begin on July 9 when CampusWorks will be conducting a workshop for those participating in BPR. The BPR team will be working to develop “as is” process maps for key institutional processes and building “to be” maps for the same processes to inform the implementation process. Through this process, the College is beginning to transition to new “best practice” processes that will optimize our resources, deliver greater services to our students and maximize the investment in the new iLogan system.







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iLogan Project Kickoff

Jenzabar conducts “Discovery” meetings to better determine JALC needs

Vendor reference checks are conducted by project team

Kickoff for BPR activities

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Ellucian Colleague conducts “Discovery” meetings to better determine JALC needs

Ellucian Colleague provides demonstrations of their capabilities to meet JALC’s requirements

Vendor decision meetings are held and vendor recommendation made to the President

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Jenzabar provides demonstrations of their capabilities to meet JALC’s requirements

President updates Board on vendor decision


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