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Distance Learning: a Great Way to Learn Distance learning has been going on for several decades; however, in the last couple of years it has improved a great deal. There are many advantages to distance learning such as being able to get a degree while studying at home. While quality has increased substantially (and while many inferior programs have failed), it is still prudent to verify that the distance learning organization is fully accredited by the appropriate agencies. Other advantages that come with distance learning are: not having to drive to an educational facility that is miles away from where you live, being able to use the Internet to complete your educational goals, having a self-paced learning environment, study at your own pace and being able to join in online educational discussions 24.7. Additional benefits that come with distance learning are: having flexibility with your work and home schedules, being accessible for those who are handicapped or being an older student and being accessible for parents who have responsibilities of children at home. Of course, there are certain tips that can make your distance learning more successful and satisfying such as setting goals to complete assignments and tests, keeping a regular learning and study schedule. This is important because with most distance learning subjects, there is more homework that needs to be done and time needed to prepare for exams. It is also important before signing up for any distance learning programs to check out the cost. Check out the tuition fees, book costs, other administrative fees and transfer costs. Be sure to also check out the refund policy in case you find that the course doesn't meet your needs. Keep in mind, too, that the school you choose needs to be accredited. Accreditation means that your school has been checked out and has been found to have integrity and that the credit your earn at their school will be accepted if you transfer to another school and will be looked upon by an employer as sound and good. Remember, that you will be responsible for the learning that takes place and you will need to be disciplined in your learning. You will need to be self-motivated and have a strong desire to succeed. In addition, before signing up for distance learning be sure to find out what kinds of instruction the school has. Some courses have formal lectures, while others have online projects and discussion sections where you submit your assignments online.


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