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Easy Methods for Bird Control There are many different methods for home bird control. While birds can be pleasurable to watch, certain species can be loud and bothersome, and many carry harmful diseases that can spread to pets and humans. Controlling birds near one's home can be quite simple with a little bit of effort. The biggest reason birds flock around an area is because it provides an easy source of food or water for them. The simplest way to manage birds around the house is to not provide any food source. The obvious thing is to not have any birdfeeders for hummingbirds or other attractive birds because this will also attract other ones. In addition, keep garbage covered because the food in there will attract crows and other species. Also, try to avoid any standing water near the property. For areas that birds are prevalent, bird nets or spikes are another option for keeping them under control. This is particularly true if the birds begin to nest in areas of the house like overhangs and porches. Pets can get to the eggs, baby birds can fall and die, and the droppings can create quite a mess, so many people prefer to prevent this type of infestation. Bird nets prevent birds from getting into the crevices and areas that they try to nest, while spikes prevent the birds from landing. If birds are beginning to nest in small crevices, stuffing these areas with something can prevent them from nesting in that area in the future. There are also many non-lethal deterrents and repellants that can be applied to areas and prevent birds from coming to the area. A common deterrent is a sticky material that is uncomfortable for the bird to sit on. There are many reasons for wanting to control birds around one's home, and luckily there are many simple methods available to help.


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