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Marissa Owner of

Royal Bleau Boutique

Marissa Simms Owner of Royal Bleau Boutique

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Novwmber 2012

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Marissa Simms Entrepreneur Owner of: Royal Bleau Boutique



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Marissa Simms (Cover)

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“Mimi” Harris

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The Houston’s Reality Show

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Marissa Simms

Owner Of

Royal Bleau

Marissa was raised in the heart of Jackson, MS, by her parents Kermit and Camille Stutts Simms. She graduated from Callaway High School, class of 2007, where she was extremely active in various organizations and followed her mom’s footsteps by attending Jackson State University.

During Marissa’s adolescence, she always had a personality larger than life, with ambitious dreams. She participated in everything, competed in numerous pageants, and succeeded in almost anything she attempted. Throughout her matriculation at JSU, she was crowned, Miss Freshman, Miss Sophomore, Miss Phi Beta Sigma, and a finalist for Miss Jackson State University. When she wasn’t wearing a crown, she participated in numerous organizations such as Insatiable Modeling Squad, held the office of Community Director for the NAACP, JSU22 Community Focus On air Correspondent, and was initiated into the Delta Pi Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Marissa was even honored to be on the cover of The Jacksonian Fall 2010. One of her most notable achievements was attaining an Internship at B.E.T. (Black Entertainment Television) Headquarters in

Washington, DC. During her time at BET she was selected as the Student Host of the Black College Tour, worked the BET Awards ’10, and shadowed at 106 & Park in New York City. She was so inspired by BET she even entered “The Search” to become the New Female Personality for 106 & Park. Being so involved molded Marissa to become a well-rounded, highly skilled, potential entrepreneur. She acted on her extensive skills and challenged herself to become a business woman. With a love for fashion and determination to succeed, she was granted the opportunity to open her own boutique adjacent to JSU’s campus, Royal Bleau Boutique. Jackson State thought so highly of Marissa, they used her for The Jacksonians Fall 2010 Cover. As a senior Mass Communications student and entering the world of business, it was very challenging. Balancing school and a new start up was very time consuming, but with perseverance she was able to graduate from JSU April 2012. Marissa’s future aspiration is to become a mogul and to expand Royal Bleau Boutique’s platform on other college campuses. Marissa Simms’ advice to anyone who is aspiring to become an entrepreneur, is to find your passion, and follow it wholeheartedly; never do anything for the “money”, that will come.

Bobbie Pinz A Story About Never Giving Up on Your Dreams!

Cheryl Chandler-Harris, also known as “Mimi”, is a West Point, MS native who resides in Jackson along with her husband and 2 children. Mimi is an example of someone who started a business while she is still working a full time job. She currently works for Nissan Supplier in Canton, MS.

She attended every single class. She was eager to learn the basics and necessities to complete the course and to get her license.

Her goal of one day owning her own business started about 10 years ago. She always had a passion to do hair and she simply LOVES it!

After about 2 weeks, Mimi was handling the “shop thing” like a pro. But she kept thinking about her dream to own her very own salon.

Achieving her dream to become a salon owner wasn't easy though. There were a lot of ups and plenty of downs. It all began when she moved to Jackson in 2004 in search for a Cosmetology school that she could attend while working full time. She looked around and finally decided on the Career Development Center in Jackson

So she started gathering ideas, adding up cost, saving her pennies and she finally decided it was time to venture out and do it on her own.

After getting her license, Mimi was fortunate to work with one of her cosmetology teachers, Mrs. Raynette Nichols, who gave Mimi the opportunity to work in her shop.

She sought the advice of family and friends about whether they thought it was a good idea. Of course everyone’s answer was NO or “just wait a little longer”.

The only question Mimi had for herself was “can I do this AND work a full time job too?” (I did it at Mrs. Nichols’ shop, surely I can do it at my own shop.) That dream finally became a reality. Mimi found a building. But her joy quickly turned into sadness when she walked inside. She wanted to cry. Part of her wanted to cry because she just didn’t know if she could fix the abandoned, cold, dark space enough to look like a salon. And part of her wanted to cry because her dream had finally come true. Either way, she was getting the keys to her OWN future salon. So after getting the keys, she and her husband mapped out a plan and put it into place. They did the painting, the carpet, tile, installation of the shampoo bowl, remodeled the restroom, and whatever had to be done, they did it together. Mimi feels blessed to have had him by her side. “With the good help of Uncle Sam, I was able to get all of the equipment I needed, the salon products, everything! My

dream was finally beginning to see the light!” As different people came by to take a peek, she could see it in their faces. "What in the world is this?" "Do you really think this was a good idea?" "Do you think you could find another place before you fix this one up?"

Mimi realized that the more money she put into the repairs, the more negative comments she received. But that was okay. Their comments motivated her even harder to keep going and to keep striving for what she wanted. Then one day when she was there, she decided to take a look around at what else was needed to meet her expectations. “I went into the restroom to flush the toilet and it was backed up and had not been flushed in quite some time”.

Water just ran everywhere. All over her new floor, her new carpet, everywhere! “On top of that, as I ran to get the mop, there was a huge lizard-looking-thing just staring at me. Yes, sitting on the mop! I am afraid of butterflies, frogs, spiders, everything. But to see a lizard on the mop that I needed to use, to clean up a floor full of water that was still getting wet from a toilet that wouldn't stop overflowing was the worse day of my future salon-owning career! All I could do was sit there and cry. I just said forget this and I almost decided to give up. My dream was becoming a nightmare because of a backed-up toilet and a lizard.” To make a long story short, Mimi refused to let that incident keep her down. She cleaned up the mess, found more pieces of carpet and tile and she pushed herself to move on. Then it came to the point to give her shop a name, she came up with the name Bobbi Pinzs. “I have had sooo many compliments on the name of the salon. Each time, I just blush with excitement. “

TYLER’S GIFT SHOP Located In The Jackson Medical Mall The next time you are in the Jackson Medical Mall, stop by to see Mrs. Tyler. She has the type of warm personality that makes her customers feel joyful to buy from her wide variety of gifts. Mrs. Tyler is most proud of being an AVON representative. Her great journey began in May of 2006. Since then she has received several awards and recognition. “I excel to a higher level in leadership. I also recruit people to own their own business by just selling AVON.”

She started out by having a tent and table on every corner. Mrs. Tyler says: “If you want to succeed in life you have to work hard at it... I love to encourage people because I know I wanted to give up many times but with God's guidance I made it. Don’t give up on your dreams because you can turn them into a reality.” Her present location inside the Jackson Medical Mall gives her an opportunity to meet, greet and introduce Avon products to customers.

“We are having a business opportunity Event In the Community Meeting Room on Nov. 26, 9-4 & Dec.3rd 9-2p.m. Huge AVON Sale. Buy 1 get 1 Free.“ Get geared up for Football Playoffs! Any Questions Call Mrs. Tyler at 601-4057812. Don't Miss out on the early Xmas Specials. Deo 2 for $1, Mr. Willie Tyler is the Owner of Tyler's Gift Shop & More.

Whitney Houston’s Family Reveals Struggles in Reality Show Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. on the Lifetime Cable Channel

Bobbie Kristina and FiancĂŠ Nick Gordon

The Scoop: The young man pictured above, Nick Gordon, 23, was a teenager when Whitney Houston took him into their home to live with her family. Now, Bobbie Khristina, 19, says that at one time he was her best friend but now she is in love with him. The two are engaged to be married. Above: from left to right: Bobbie Kristina, Nick Gordon, Pat Houston, Gary Houston, Cissy Houston, and Michael Houston.

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New Perspective introduces the testimony section of my first work, Calendars of Creation.

Marissa Simms

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November's Issue of Expose' Magazine of Jackson.

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