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Jackson Expose’ Magazine is a freely Distributed online magazine that targets the Jackson, Mississippi area. Jackson Expose Magazine


Dirk Vanderleest Chief Executive Officer The head man in charge!


irk Vanderleest, CEO of the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority, takes time from his busy schedule to talk with Jackson Expose’ magazine! Jackson Expose’: Where were you born and raised? Mr. Vanderleest: I was actually born in Holland…the Netherlands, but I consider Syracuse, NY home. I attended school there from the 4th grade until High School.


Jackson Expose’: How did you happen to come to Mississippi? Mr. Vanderleest: I lived in Huntsville, Alabama and worked at the Hunstville Airport as the Executive Director for the Huntsville-Madison County Airport for five years. I applied for the CEO position at the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority and was hired August 13, 1990. I am responsible for the overall management of the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority and its 108 employees.

“We are Mississippi’s Gateway to the World.”

Mr. Vanderleest speaks to students at the Knight Flight Aviation Camp.

Jackson Expose’: Can you tell us about your position with the Jackson-Medger Wiley Evers International Airport? Mr. Vanderleest: As CEO of the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority, every day brings on new challenges and opportunities. My day varies from meetings with our Board of Commissioners to working with our tenants and employees. I spend much of my time going out into our communities to speak and inform the public about their airport. My goal is to continue to develop an atmosphere where everyone will have a pleasant experience at this airport whether they are taking a flight out for business or picking up a family member. We are “Mississippi’s Gateway to the World.” We are the first impression and the last impression visitors will experience flying into this airport or departing from it.

Jackson Expose’:

I recently saw you speak. You intimated that you got your current posi tion due to relationship building, and that at the end of the day, it is all about relationships and work ethic, can you explain further?

Mr. Vanderleest: It goes beyond just doing business and that’s the end of it. It’s all about building relationships. To build a relationship you must first earn trust. Trust that you are totally committed to move from Good to Great. This all goes toward the core values we have established here at JMAA that we call… ACTION, Accountability, Continuous Learning & Improvement, Teamwork, Integrity, Openness & Trust, and Non-Stop Customer Service.

JE: Which two airports do you oversee?

Mr. Vanderleest: I have a number of favorites but I would say I enjoy interacting with people and building relationships.

Jackson Expose’: I recall you saying that the Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport is like a city within itself, how so?

Jackson Expose: How would you advise someone who is interested in airport management?

Mr. Vanderleest: The airport is its own municipality. We do not receive any tax dollars to operate the airport. Our revenues are generated through landing fees, terminal rents and concession fees. We have our own Police, Fire and Public Safety Departments. We have a business office with a Finance Department, Human Resources & Administration, Marketing and Communications, Capital Programs Department, Disadvantage Enterprise and Community Development Department and Airfield Operations.

Mr. Vanderleest: If you are interested in airport management learn all you can about the operations of an airport. Find your niche and focus on that area. Build relationships and interact with those who hold management positions you’re interested in. Take advantage of any internship or job shadowing programs that may be offered. Stay committed to your goals and objectives.

Dirk: The Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport and Hawkins Field. JE: What is your favorite part of the job?

Stay motivated, the sky is the limit.

Jackson Expose Magazine


Jesse Robinson A renown Blues Guitarist from Mississippi

The Alamo talent show was a regular once a week thing. It was like the Apollo Theatre.


was born in Yazoo County at a little place called Benton, Mississippi. I was born on the 28th of May, 1944, into a family of fourteen children, seven boys and seven girls. I’m the thirteenth child, the seventh son and I’m a baby boy of a preacher’s son! I got all the bad luck numbers! We grew up on a farm until I was fifteen years old when we moved to Jackson.

thing on the side. He would sell beef. He was a big paperwood production person. He would go out and buy wood and stuff and he had all the equipment and we would work to produce the crop.

On the farm my father would lease his land because he had so many children. We didn’t have anybody come and getting us and taking us out of the house to go and work for them.

There was a lot of music around us back then in those days. The home that I grew up in you would get up in the morning and people were singing and praying and playing guitar - that was the kinda house that I grew up in. I’m sure before then I was tearing up strings and dragging guitars about when I was two or three years old.

My dad was a holiness preacher and he always had some-

We moved to Jackson in 1960. I played in the church a long time


behind my father and travelled around Mississippi, Tennessee, and Memphis. At all times we was playing blues but mother and father and the religion that they were into, we believed that you weren’t supposed to play blues in the house. Blues was a way of life and still is. Those blues are very important. I got with some fellas at school and finished high school and started meeting people and I started playing talent shows down on Farish Street with Dorothy Moore, Tommy Tate and Sam Myers. It was a big thing; I think it was on a Thursday night. It was a big talent show where everybody used to come from all over to play the show.


his was in the Alamo Theatre on Farish Street...The Alamo talent show was a regular once a week thing. It was like the Apollo Theatre, it was that kind of concept. The way you won those contests was dependent on how the people applauded for you. Mel Brown was in Jackson some time around then. He is up in Canada now. Mel is a fantastic musician, not only just guitar he is a musician. His seriousness comes out in his music. Mel is one of my role models. There was a club here in Jackson called the Big Ball Room it was a very exclusive club and I used to play out there on Sunday evenings with a big band. I guess there were ten or twelve pieces .

and all that stuff, I was there for about four or five years with him. That was on James Bennett’s LaJam label. I was out on the road with Bobby Rush as well. I was his road manager, booking agent, bandleader, driver and everything for him. That was all over the States and it was a full time job. The first album we did was ‘Sue’ and then I did three other albums with Bobby.

I did some recordings back then but not on myself, but with other people. I did some recordings with Tommy Tate and Sam Myers. A lot of stuff was demos, so I’m not sure if they made it out of the box. The recordings were done in Jackson. I don’t remember the name of the studio but the name of the guy that was doing it was Bob McCree. We did some recordings with him back in the early fifties. Johnny Vincent was around then as well. I knew him well but I never did any business with him or recordings With him. I recorded sessions With Bobby Rush and Bobby Bland Malaco called me and I did some recordings for them in the studio on guitar. I did one tune on one of Bobby Bland’s album. With Bobby Rush I did four albums with him, ‘Sue’

Jesse Robinson plays at one of his gigs.

Mr. Robinson and B.B.King after a show BB did in arkansas

I remember Farish Street in the early days; it was buzzing and alive with lots of people. There was several places down there that had entertainment. There was the Crystal Palace; they had all kind of little clubs there, See back in the 1960’s there was little bands playing all over. They used to get in a club, play in the corner to fifty or forty people - three musicians, bass, guitar and drums playing through the same amplifier, they didn’t have no p.a. system.

Jackson Expose Magazine


Jesse Robinson playing at Huntington Grill.

It was a real small set up and a lot of people had bands, It’s fallen into disrepair these days. There were a lot of stores, clothing stores, ice cream parlours, cafes, peanut stands, shoe shining, poolrooms. it was a busy place. I don’t know why it came to an end, it happened gradually over the years. I moved to Chicago from Jackson in 1965. I left Jackson to get some more first hand experience on other musicians. When I turned 21, I thought I was grown up enough to do that, to see the real players, so I went. I went there for that purpose as I had been listening to the guitar for a long time, jazz musicians and blues musicians, and I knew that Muddy Waters and them was around and that’s what I wanted to check out. Chicago is where you would see him and Wolf.


I played with several blues artists when I was up there, and I formed my own group; I had my own band in Chicago. I called myself Jesse Robinson and the Master Sound. I played all over the south and west side and I was in the union but I didn’t do any recordings in Chicago. I came back home to Jackson in 1971 and formed a band at the Avalon Court seven nights a week. The place was jam-packed. Over the last few years I’ve still lived in Jackson. It has been working real good for me because I’m at the stage now where what you put in it, is what you get out of it. I still travel and I also play for the State of Mississippi Development Authority when they go out and try and recruit business from other areas to Mississippi. The one-man thing has been very rich and healthy for me, as I can pick up a few bucks here and there. I’ve been doing the one-man thing since

1994 but I still have a band. I’ve cut a couple of CDs. I’ve played at Peaches Restaurant on Farish Street here in Jackson doing a solo set on Thursday lunchtime and I was doing that for three years. I didn’t go in there to make any money. I went in there because they flagged me down in the street and said that the business was slow and they knew that I played restaurants at lunchtime. I know most of the local blues musicians around Jackson. There’s King Edward. I know him well, we play together often. There’s young Vasti Jackson. Him and me had a duel on this

movie called ‘Blues Going On’. He is a great musician. You’ve got Henry Rhodes who is very good at rhythm and blues. There is Jewell Bass, there is Abdul who sings with the Houserockers, there is Dorothy Moore. She is local here but is known nationally. There’s Pat Brown, - I’ve played with them all...

Many thanks to Mike Stephenson and “Blues and Rhythm” magazine for permission to reprint this article. Back issues and current subscriptions to “Blues and Rhythm” are available through their website at Mike Stephenson had a number

of articles on Jackson blues artists published in Blues & Rhythm.

“I’m at the stage now where you put in it, is what you get out of it”

Jesse Robinson standing next to the Subway Lounge marker that includes a picture of him.

Jackson Expose Magazine


Joshua McClain, Gospel Artist


here did you grow up? I grew up in Grenada, MS .

What were your influences in regards to choosing a musical career? I grew up with a mom and dad who loved the Lord and I had 9 siblings who all were musically talented, so I was singing at five years old… writing songs to paper, singing from the piano with my brothers and sisters. Then I began singing in the church choir at 10 years old. Many people told Pastor William 12

Pratt of Battle Temple C.O.G.I.C. that I was too young to be singing, but he saw something in me and said, “I must let this young man sing because he brings the glory of God to everything he does.” From there I began forming youth community choirs in Grenada, MS and doing a lot of community concerts because I had a burden for souls at an early age. I thank God for a mom and dad who taught me the word of God and who raised 8 boys and 2 girls and showed us how to love people in spite of how they look, how they smell and how they dress. Everyone would gather at our home to eat, fellowship, play ball and it

didn’t matter where you came from you were Welcome in the McClain home anytime. Seeing all the things in the community, how so many bad things were happenin, I began to go to the streets and formed a group called “Breakthrough” and we took the streets for Christ. I truly thank God for my Pastor Bobby Stapleton Jr. of Rehoboth International Ministries in Pearl, MS who has spoken life into me, my family and destiny and has poured words of encouragement into the assignment that God has placed in my heart to do. Why did you choose gospel music opposed to secular music? The reason I chose gospel is because I know that out of all the struggles I have been through,

nobody but God brought me through. I even contemplated suicide at an early age of 17. Now I am 31 years old, married to a beautiful woman of God, and blessed with 2 children. But, if I would have given up I would have missed what God had for me. Ever since the moment God came into my life I have been on the battle field, fighting for what He has put inside of me. Every gift He has given me, I use it for the message. So many people run to sing at other areas as gospel artists, but never reach out to the needs of their community. My heart goes out to every person who needs encouragement and I am using all the gifting God has given me to be a blessing to the body of Christ, and to reach one by one for the kingdom.

“I have been on the battlefield fighting for what he has put inside of me.”

Joshua at BET Sunday Best.

Jackson Expose Magazine


It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you’ve been through, if he has given you a gift you must not toss it to the side like an old book with dust, instead you dust off your book of talent and begin to read the pages of the gift he’s given you. Activate your faith and press forward and move without limits because that gift can bless others when you use it!!!

What are your biggest challenges in furthering your career?

What is your biggest reward from your musical career?

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

The biggest reward was winning THE SPOKEN WORD BILLBOARD AWARD “Christian Artist of The Year 2013” in Washington, DC with Michelle E Alford. I got it for being an impact to my community, because I love encouraging people, praying with people and inspiring anyone to pursue their God given destiny. The song that I wrote that won the award was “DREAM ON.” Besides this, hearing others say that my songs bless them or help them through hard times is always rewarding.


My biggest challenge is getting the financial backing that I need to help pursue my dream and having more backing of support behind me. In order for anyone to pursue their goals, you must have support to help you make your dream a reality.

I dream big! I see myself being the TOP GOSPEL RECORDING ARTIST, millionaire, continuing my work-from-home ”HOME NETWORK AGENCY” to help the community with jobs, my own center with all types of outreach programs , working along with my church Rehoboth International Ministries and doing awesome community kingdom work all around the world and bringing more help to the community, my own Talk Show, BOW TIE LINE and always developing more things to be a blessing to my community!

Check out the details of Joshua’s upcoming concert

Tell me about your upcoming event.

“We’re having a musical extravaganza called “THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: THE FREEDOM HOMELAND CONCERT”.

Bottom Left: Joshua performs; Bottom right: Johsua poses with this family.

Bottom Left: Joshua performs Bottom Right: Joshua poses with his family

My Upcoming event is going to be awesome! As we look at our society, so many things are happening to our communities, such as missing children, violence, rape and much more… It’s time for us to come together from all nationalities and bring unity to all men and women. I moved from Grenada, MS to Jackson because God led me here to bring something powerful to the community! We’re having a musical extravaganza called “THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: THE FREEDOM HOMELAND CONCERT”. This will happen May 31, 2014 @ 12 noon-6pm. At noon we will begin with a community prayer to pray for our leaders, our youth , our county, our churches, our society problems and much more.

The concert will include many great artists such as:

Tiquila Wilson, who was an American Idol Contestant, the renowned Frederick Dukes Jr. from Maryland who has played a great role in the gospel industry, Ryan Bisson who is a break dancer, Fransha Blount who is the Praise and Worship Leader of Greater Tree of Life and sings with a powerful voice that is for the nations, as well as Malcolm McDonald from Memphis TN who is truly impacting people with singing at all types of outreach programs. Also another great artist who will be performing is The Bass Brothers of Jackson, MS who are two young men who are multi-talented and have heart to touch the city with their music and has performed at many community musical events and surround areas . The concert will be held at Greater Tree of Life in Jackson, MS and tickets will be $10.00. Call 601.317.0560 for more info.

Jackson Expose Magazine


Forbidden Fruit CAST J. Lee Production’s Latest Play


ay Lee gives Jackson Expose’ an update on what he’s been doing.

Jackson Expose’: What plays have you produced since Forbidden Fruit? J. Lee: Since the stage play Forbidden Fruit- I have not released another stage play- I have started writing but no release date just yet. Jackson Expose’: What kind of responses did you get regarding your last play? 16

J Lee’: The response to the release of the stage play was overwhelming and very unexpected. With each project I never think about the response. I always focus on making sure that the project is well put together. It is always awesome when your projects are received well. I hear that people want a sequel so that Is always great. The stage play went on to win 2nd place in the Jackson Free Press Jackson Best for Best Stage Play 2013.

Jackson Expose’: What are you working on for the near future? J Lee: Currently we are filming my new project which will be a film. The project is titled Karma. Jackson Expose’: How do you stay encouraged? J Lee: The fans and the people around me keep me encouraged. After Forbidden Fruit I told myself that I would take a break but the fans and

J Lee poses in a classy white jacket ensemble.

the people around me desired more so I began to write and that’s how the Karma Project came about. It never fails, when I feel like giving up- God sends someone that will say something that will keep me going. Jackson Expose’: Who are your biggest influences right now and why? J Lee: I’m always motivated by anyone who is

motivated - no influences in particular. Jackson Expose’: Do you have hopes of turning one of your plays into a TV movie? J Lee: The Karma Project is actually a stage play that I decided to turn into a film.- It was awesome to revisit a past production and update it. Especially a production that was done so early on and to

take it and put a new twist or spin on it. I’m excited to see how the fans will respond to it. Jackson Expose: What can we expect from J Lee Productions next? J Lee: Expect a new film from J. Lee Productions this summer and a stage play in the future. You can also look to big and better things in the near future.

Check out the diversity in style of J Lee

Jackson Expose Magazine




Photo credit:


Moore points one of her props at Porsha which ultimately lead to a fight between the two. Photo credit: Bravo Tv


enya Moore, a controversial reality star on Housewives of Atlanta, is originally from Detroit Michigan. She began modeling at the age of 14. She was one of Ebony Fashion Fair’s models. Kenya attended Wayne State University, where she majored in psychology.


s. Moore first came on the television scene when she entered the Miss USA pageant in 1993. She made history as the first African American from Michigan to be crowned as Miss USA. Moore parlayed her pageantry stardom into several television appearances on shows and movies such as: Waiting to Exhale, Deliver Us From Eva, Fresh Prince of Belaire and Martin. In 2010 Moore, via her own porductin company (Moore Vision Media) produced a film called: The Confidant.

For the past couple of seasons of The Housewives of Atlanta Ms. Moore has been a controversial figure. Allegations of a hoax first rang out during her first season on the show. Alledgely she hired a friend to pose as her boyfriend interest on the show. During the most recent season, Kenya has been accused of having an imaginary African Prince as her significant other. During the “reunion” show for this season, Kenya appears to have provoked a rival cast member, Porsha, by taunting her with props and calling her names. In reaction to Kenya, Porsha pounced on her and proceeded to drag Kenya across the stage by her hair. Charges have been filed against Porsha. We are awaiting word as to whether Kenya Moore and Porsha will be fired from the show. Moore is scheduled to be a contestant on the Celebrity Apprentice season 7.

Jackson Expose Magazine



“Love is the greatest gift that God has given us. It’s free.” --Taraji P. Henson



I realized I had been keeping people around even when deep down I knew they were bad for me. I had overridden myself.



-- Gabrielle

Source: Jackson Expose Magazine



5 I

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Blowing Your Budget

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It is normal and even encouraged to move some numbers around to spend more on more important things and less on miscellaneous items. But sticking to the number on the bottom line will ensure everything needed is paid for and no one has to bounce a check to do it.


Inviting Too Many Guest

Make sure your guest list and your reception site Messing Up the Booking Hotel Rooms capacity match number Marriage License wise. Don’t invite 400 Too Late people assuming only 200 will show up. Analyze your guest list from the start and One common mistake when Brides often leave blocking assume 80% will respond it comes to being married out hotel rooms for out-of- yes and limit your guest list for the second time is not town guests until the last accordingly. bringing official divorce minute. If you are getting papers when you go to get married during a busy time the marriage certificate. and you don’t investigate hotel availability in advance, you can end up with literally not a single room for Ordering Your Wedding your guests to stay. Reserve rooms as soon as possible. Gown Too Late




If your heart is set on a coulture wedding gown, be sure to order by the six month mark since your dress will be custom made and many times made overseas. In addition, most of the off the rack dresses will require alterations so make certainto have enough time to get the gown fitted properly. The same goes for the bridesmaids dresses.

By Consuelo Bradley Elite Event Planning 1-334-954-9743 For more tips, freebies and help with planning please read my blog at

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Celebrity Homes Tiger Wood’s Home.


Jackson Expose Magazine


Halle Berry’s Malibu Home


Jackson Expose Magazine


Eddie Murphy’s Home


Jackson Expose Magazine


Wedding at Royal West Indies in Kimand andKim’s Kanye’s Kanye Home Home


Jackson Expose Magazine


Plane landing at St. Maarten

One of the main tourist attractions for St. Maarten is the beach right across the street from the landing strip for St. Maarten. The plane appears to almost land on the beach just a few feet above the heads of the beach dwellers!


Jackson Expose Magazine


Pool side in St. Maarten


Jackson Expose Magazine


Pool side Hotel in St. Maarten


Jackson Expose Magazine


St. Maarten


Jackson Expose Magazine



THE MISSISSIPPI DELTA~ Everybody knows that key to a great pizza is a great fresh baked crust and it as easy as 123 to make All you need is • 1 package of active dry yeast .(.25 oz) 2 cups very warm water about 115• 3 tablespoon olive oil 1-1/2 teaspoon sea salt 1-1/2 teaspoon sugar 1/4 teaspoon rosemary 1 teaspoon white pepper 4 cups flour 1) In a large bowl add yeast to warm water 2) add salt pepper oil sugar give a stir 3) add flour 2 cups at a time after adding first 2 cups stir until dough is soft and repeat 4) sprinkle flour on kneading Borad knead dough by gently folding 5) place fought into a oiled bowl using a small amount of olive oil turning dough so that both side are oiled cover and let stand in a warm place for 12-15 minutes 6) flour your Board and roll out your dough 7) transfer dough into lightly oiled pizza pan 8) bake dough in preheated oven @375 for 12 minutes remove Add your sauce and ingredients place back into the oven and bake for 25 minutes until a golden brown


May's Edition of Jackson Expose' 2014  

May's Edition of Jackson Expose' 2014