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April 2014

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Jackson Expose’ April 2014

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11 Terri Lynn Editor in Chief

Welcome to Jackson Expose’!

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I’m honored to feature the Bishop Jeffery Stallworth and the Knight Flight 101 Program that was funded by Bianca Knight, a Mississippi Gold Medalist! Also, check out the feature on a renowned entrepreneur, Daymond John as well. In addition to our local entrepreneurs and dignitaries. You will also find in this issue encouraging words from many of our most famous celebrities.


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with bishop jeffery stallworth bishop at word and worshop

Bishop Stallworth, is pastor of Word and Worship Church, one of the fastest all-denominational churches in the area. Currently located at 6286 Hanging Moss Rd, Jackson MS.


ishop Stallworth has proven to be one of the most concerned, philanthropic, and supportive people in this community. Recently Bishop Stallworth was appointed as a commissioner for Jackson Municipal Airport Authority. Jackson Expose’: Bishop Stallworth, where did you grow up? Biship Stallworth: I was born in Pensacola Florida. I was raised in Hattiesburg, Biloxi and Jackson. My father was a Methodist minister, we moved with him. Jackson Expose’: What motivated you to go into the ministry? Bishop Stallworth: It was more like a calling on my life of service, pastoring and caring for people.


Jackson Expose’: When and where did you start your first church and what was it like leading a church for the first time? Bishop Stallworth: My first church was Harris Tabernacle on Lynch Street right before you get to HWY 80. I lead them for a few months. Then I was sent to Meridian. Each group was exciting. My goal was to put them in a position where they could do great service for their commumity. Jackson Expose’: How would you characterize your style of ministering? Bishop Stallworth: I would characterize it as kind of entrepreneurial. Putting money and church together for development. Ecclesiastical Entrepreneurial. Ecclesiastical is the ministry part. Entrepreneurial is the money part of it. Jackson Expose’: I believe you were the first in Jackson to start a dance ministry. I recall one of your first dance ministries was African inspired. What motivated you to add dance to your worship service?

Bishop Stallworth ministers to Word and Worship Church Congregation.

Bishop Stallworth: We are always seeking a way to meet people where they are. Our motto is meeting them where they are, teaching them what you can, and working with what they’ve got. Most people can get into that by participating in the rhythm. Jackson Expose’: You seemed to always have been innovative in the way that you conduct church services, where did you get your influences? Bishop Stallworth: Watching my father and from the Interdenominational Theological Center and the theological schools around the Atlanta Complex and Emory University. .Jackson Expose’: A lot of people don’t know that you are a gospel singer and that you are a recorded gospel artist. Can you tell us about that? Bishop Stallworth: I’ve always liked music. Being with the Mississippi Mass Choir and Dorothy Norway gave me some opportunities. I was a spoken word contributor to the choir There is always a crowd for you if you want to sing. But I like preaching more.

Jackson Expose’: During Spring Break you held a Youth Piloting Camp. How did that program come about? Bishop Stallworth: I found people in the church who had that talent. I came up with the idea of the school. In 2012 Gold Medalist Bianca Knight purchased and donated computers along with flight simulators to help us start the Knight Flight 101 aviation mentoring program. The first Knight Flight 101 Jackson summer camp took place in July of 2013 and now we’re looking forward to the 2nd Annual Camp this July. Students from the surrounding metropolitan area 8th thru the 12th grade are welcome to register for the camp. Jackson Expose’: Bishop Stallworth, you provide many volunteer programs such as blood drives and health fairs, tell me about some of them. Bishop Stallworth: The one that I’m the most proud of is Hope Credit Union. On the 29th of March the Credit Union was 20 useful years old.


Jackson Expose’: What is your vision for Word and Worship going forward? Bishop Stallworth: We should be a connectionial church (like a franchise). Word and Worship is seeking to develop a denomination of churches. The vision for it will be interdenominational - all inclusive. Our pace is a little slow now but our vision is bright.

Expose’ Magazine of Jackson


ABOUT: KNIGHT FLIGHT 101 Knight Flight 101 Aviation Mentoring Program, the vision of Bishop Jeffery A. Stallworth, was established at Word and Worship Church in January 2012. Kimberly Farmer serves as Director of Knight Flight 101 and Jackson ACE Camp. Formerly known as Flight School 101.


Knight Flight 101 is named after Olympic Gold Medalist, Bianca Knight, who along with her family has supported the program through monetary donations as well as flight simulators. The program is designed to give students an opportunity to learn the different techniques for flying and give them the opportunity to explore aviation careers. The target audience includes middle and high

school students interested in Aviation. Students learn about the principles of science, the basic causes of weather and climate, develop a wind tunnel, get hands on experience with the flight simulators and various other hands-on activities. The camp is an exciting opportunity for campers to learn about planning a flight, aviation history, the physics of flight, and the

Jackson Aviation Career Education (ACE) Camp 2nd Annual Jackson Aviation Career Education (ACE) Camp

Bishop Jeffery A Stallworth Chairman

Kimberly Farmer Director

design and maintenance of aircraft. Knight Flight 101 encourages students to explore career opportunities in the field of Aviation with a focus on flying careers.

Expose’ Magazine of Jackson


Pilot from American Eagle speaks to the participants of Knight Flight 101

The next camp will be a 3 day, 2 night camp from July 21 - 23 on the Hinds Community College Campus in Raymond. For Registration Information call or contact: Kimberly Farmer: Phone: 601-927-2147 Website: Then click on ACE Camp.

Gold Medalist Bianca Knight Sponsor and name-sake of Knight Flight 101 Aviation Camp.


Knight Flight 101 is proud to welcome the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals! (THE OBAP)

Dignitaries Speak at the Event

above Michael Andrews, American Eagle Pilot, speaks to students at the Jackson International Airport. right top Annie Knight, mother of Bianca Knight, Olympic Gold Medalist, speaks to students at Knight Flight 101 Camp.

right bottom Monica Gilmore-Love speaks to student at (ACE) camp.

Expose’ Magazine of Jackson


daymond john speaks at a function.

daymond john �The Key to Succes is Decisiveness� --Daymond James


e started out sewing 90 hats with the help of his next door neighbor, Jay-Z.

After making $800 in one day from the sale of his hats, Daymond and his mother mortgaged their home for $900,000 to raise capital to start his venture of labeling the FUBU logo to T-shirts, sweatshirts, and jerseys. In 1993, his friend LL Cool J agreed to wear the FUBU gear while filming a 30 second commercial


daymond john entrepreneur text Wikipedia and Jackson Expose’ Magazine photo wikipedia

right Daymond is on the set of the Hit Series “Shark Tank”

right John talks directly to one of the participants of the show,

spot for The Gap. From there, John travelled to a trade show where he sold $300,000 worth of orders. FUBU which stands for “For

below John has authored 2 books. “The Brand Within” and “Display of Power”.

Us By Us” really took off from there. He signed contracts with large retailers such as Macy’s, J. C. Penny and with the NBA. Currently, FUBU has raked in over 6 Billion Dollars in sales. Because of Daymond’s phenomenal success, he is one of the chosen few on the hit television series “Shark Tank”. He is also a public speaker and he works

with big brands in addition to helping celebrities to build their brands. One of Daymond’s recent ventures is his monthly webinar series on various business topics to help entrepreneurs. You can visit his website: where you can sign up for his inspirational tips and shark bites.

Expose’ Magazine of Jackson



chanelle renee* C

The Chanelle renee project

Fashion Model Extraordinare

hanelle Renee’, a San Diego, CA native, moved to Mississippi when she was in middle school. She attended Chastain Middle School and she graduated from Callaway High in 2004. From there, she obtained her Bachelors 16

Degree in Psychology from Mississippi College. During a trip to California, Chanelle was gracious enough to share some of her time to do an interview for Jackson Expose’ magazine. EMOJ: What are some of the qualifications of becoming

a model? Chanelle Renee’: They must have drive, and portrait confidence. They have to be willing to learn and work hard. One of the main challenges for models is learning how to pose and to walk.

“Training models for runway modeling is one of the main components of what we do” EMOJ: Do they have to be a certain height? Chanelle Renee’: No they do not. I cast a lot of short models who I call “shorties”. EMOJ: Tell us about The Renee Project. Chanelle Renee’: The project started in 2010 as a model networking organization. It started out as a blog giving people advice on modeling. From there it turned into a modeling agency. Training models for runway modeling is one of the main

components of what we do. EMOJ: When did you start modeling? Chanelle Renee’: I began modeling while I was working for Sterling Photography while in college. EMOJ: Tell us about some of the modeling jobs you have done.

Chanelle Renee’ also does website design, graphic design as well as being a major contributor to Denim Magazine which you can read online at: You can see Chanelle Renee’s website at:

Chanelle Renee’: I have had several modeling jobs oversees in Europe, and among many other places I have modeled in New York.

Expose’ Magazine of Jackson





will sterling* wedding and commercial photographer Will Sterling is a renowned photographer who grew up in Jackson, Mississippi. He has a studio in the Metro Jackson area.

One of his Facebook friends chimmed in with a comment that said: “And he’s humble too, I might Add.”

One of my first recollections of Will Sterling was when I saw one of his television commercials. Although I had heard of his name before, I really did not realize how phenomenal he was.

When I talked with him over the phone I also picked up on his humility. Although he realizes that it is uncommon to work with very famous people, he is still very grounded.

Then one day I saw his television commercial. The commercial was starstudded with celebrities that I had only seen in movies and hit television shows. My first thought was “how did he get those stars to participate in this television commercial, isn’t he a local photographer?” Right then I knew that Will Sterling was well connected and a force to be reckoned with. Since that time, I had the opportunity to communicate with Will via his Facebook Page. I asked him how he knew so many famous people. He said: “It’s all about knowing the right people”.

Will has photographed and has been photographed with well known celebs such as: Elise Neal, Kelly Rowland, and Ari Parker. One of Will’s latest projects is Denim Magazine. On one occasion Will traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to shoot a cover of the magazine featuring Elise Neal on Beale Street. On another occasion Sterling did another photo cover featuring D. B. Woodside of the hit television show “Single Ladies”. The photo shoot took place right her in Jackson! You can check out some of his amazing work by visiting his website at: Expose’ Magazine of Jackson



above Will Sterling, Terri J. Vaughn, Jstruktuur & J Bolin left top: Will Stirling & Nicole Ari Parker left bottom, a celebrity friend,Will Sterling, Latarsha Sterling, and DougE Fresh.



Expose’ Magazine of Jackson


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“Today there are people trying to take away rights that our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers fought for: our right to vote, our right to choose, affordable quality education, equal pay, access to health care. We the people can’t let that happen.” --Kerry Washington





I'd be more frightened by not using whatever abilities I'd been given. I'd be more frightened by procrastination and laziness. --Denzel W.

Source for Quotes:

Expose’ Magazine of Jackson




I’m hungry for knowledge. The whole thing is to learn every day, to get brighter and brighter. That’s what this world is about. You look at someone like Gandhi, and he glowed. Martin Luther King glowed. Muhammad Ali glows. I think that’s from being bright all the time, and trying to be brighter. --Jay-Z


Let me tell you something being thought of as a beautiful woman has spared me nothing in life. No heartache, no trouble. Love has been difficult. Beauty is essentially meaningless and it is always transitory. -- Halle


Expose’ Magazine of Jackson

halle berry


Key West Luxury Village in Turks & Caicos

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Wedding at Royal West Indies in Turks and Caicos

Expose’ Magazine of Jackson



Wedding at Royal West Indies in Turks and Caicos

Expose’ Magazine of Jackson


Turks and Caicos


Expose’ Magazine of Jackson


Turks and Caicos


Expose’ Magazine of Jackson


Turks and Caicos


Expose’ Magazine of Jackson



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April's Edition of Jackson Expose' Magazine  

April's Edition of Jackson Expose' Magazine