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==== ==== Go Green without breaking the bank ==== ====

Going Green Means... If you type in a search with the words, "what does going green mean?" you will find a million answers to the question. I think it is a good the question and it is about time we really think, I mean spend some time thinking about the meaning of going green. I lived in the south for good part of my life. The logging industry is big in south Mississippi and at times, the loggers would find spikes driven into the trees they were going to cut for paper to stop the green from being cut. This sabotage does not fit the description of going green. Actually, a person who risks another person's life over a tree is a fool and a criminal. You can go green without being a fanatical treehugger. What does going green mean and where do you start? Going green means returning to natural, healthy methods of living. It means breathing fresh air, eating healthy foods, conserving our forest and wild life and using alternative medicines when possible. I guess if you could sum up the meaning of going green, it would involve using common sense. No, don't dump the oil from your car in the river. Use a water filter in your home. Take a clothe bag to the store and use all natural cleaners in the home or make your own cleaners out of natural ingredients. Come on, going green is not that difficult. Most of us today are attempting to go green. You certainly don't have to be fanatical about this project just be diligent. Start slowly, but start today going green. Let me give you a formula to follow to get started. Formula for Going Green 1.Turn the water off when you not using it. 2.Learn how to wash your car water free or with 3 gallons of water. 3.Take clothe bags to the store. Try it you can do this. 4.Walk when you can or car pool, use less gas. 5.Buy all natural, organic food products for a change. 6.Buy a simple little water filter. 7.Use all natural cleaners in your home and on your car. Why don't you make a list of things you could do to start the journey into the green world with out going fanatical? In addition, it would be good to come up with your own definition of going green. Whatever you decide to do in regards to going green, make sure it is a good for you, your family and the world.

Dr Bob is President and co-founder of Calgreen LLC, Nature's Solution for Living. He is committed to providing the world with eco-friendly, all natural products as an alternative to toxic chemicals. He is also committed to providing education and information to all people about how to change.

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==== ==== Go Green without breaking the bank ==== ====

What Does Going Green Mean?