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==== ==== 50 Inch Flat Screen Tv for just over $500 ==== ====

Thin, light, beautiful, and more entertaining these have been the main characteristics of a flat screen HDTV or high definition television , now add affordable. Flat screen tv comes in different TV technologies such as CRT, plasma, projection, DLP and flat-panel LCD. You will find that flat Panel HDTV screen sizes also vary. They range from 20 inches to over 70 inches. Now prices are plunging for nearly every technology and screen size and flat panel HDTV's have never been more affordable. Historically flat screens have also been expensive. In fact, a single flat screen HDTV as recently as a year ago had an average price tag of $1,500 to $20,000 depending on the televisions technology, specs and size. Some of the more costly including the 70 inch Sony KDS-R70XBR2 and the popular Panasonic TH-42PX60U 42" Plasma HDTV to name a couple have seen significant price reductions in just the past 6 months. Some industry experts believe that the average price of a flat screen HDTV will continue to plummet in the coming year due to creative innovations by new players. These so-called newbies, such as Olevia, in the business have started producing quality flat screen HDTV's and cut the cost of production. In fact it was reported in August 2006 that the average price for 40 inch to 44 inch LCD flat panel HDTV's in North America dropped below those for high-definition plasma HDTV's for the first time. The price of LCD flat screen HDTV's previously had always been higher than Plasma flat panel tv's. This being the case there were not many 40 inch or larger LCD HDTV models manufactured. With the price decrease and a manufacturing increase you should already be seeing more LCD flat screen HDTV models, even 40 inch and above, available at previously unheard of prices. "We've seen this repeatedly in the past," according to Rosemary Abowd, Vice President with Pacific Media Associates. "When the price of LCDs match or drop below the prices for plasma HDTVs of the same size, LCDs win. We expect that LCDs will account for the majority of unit sales in the 40 inch to 44 inch range soon." You benefit by being able to buy a larger size flat screen HDTV, at a lower price point. So regardless of the technology, because of the pressure of industry competition and price competition the purchase of a flat screen HDTV should be less painful to your bank account. One industry expert Shelly Palmer Managing Director of Advanced Media Ventures Group, LLC stated that, "All sets of similar prices are of similar quality. This may sound obvious, but it will not look obvious when you get to the store. A 42 inch set for $1,200 is going to be lower quality than a $1,200 37 inch set, right? Think again. All $1,200 sets are the same. All $4,000 sets are the same. All $10,000 sets are the same. There is way too much downward price pressure for this not to be

true. You can happily buy bigger for cheaper - you will not get hurt". Do your research. Determine exactly what you need in a flat screen HDTV. Look at sets from the popular flat screen HD TV manufacturers like Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Sharp, LG and compare to some of the new guys also. Don't let price deter you from buying a flat screen HDTV any longer, now the price is right.

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==== ==== 50 Inch Flat Screen Tv for just over $500 ==== ====

The Price Is Right for A Flat Screen HDTV  

50 Inch Flat Screen TV - Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

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