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Digital picture frames come in many different shapes and sizes. Today though, we're only going to talk about large digital frames, because in many ways their uses are unique to the other types  of digital frames that are available. Bigger is Bigger! Large digital frames are a lot larger than average sized frames. Now, before you accuse me of being redundant and and stating the ridiculously obvious, let me explain what I mean. Digital picture frame sizes are measured on the diagonal, from one corner to the other. So a seven inch digital picture frame has a seven inch diagonal, which means that it is five inches tall and six inches wide. Do the math and you get a surface area of 30 inches (5 x 6 = 30). Okay, now for a 15 inch frame. The larger digital frame has a screen height of nine inches, and a width of 12 inches. Once again, do the math, and you get 108 square inches! (9 x 12 = 108).  So you can see that a large digital frame is actually exponentially larger than the smaller ones. In our example, a seven inch frame has less than a third of the screen real estate of the one that most people would consider to be nearly twice as large. Interesting isn't it? Bigger is Better! Okay, so now that I've convinced you how big these things are, let's dig into some of their more unique benefits. For starters, if you're looking to impress, don't go with a small frame. Bigger is better if you're out for the wow factor. If you want your friends to come over and be instantly jealous, then a large digital frame is a safe bet. Consider for a moment the traditional alternative to getting a large digital picture frame: printing out large prints of your favorite photos. I did this recently, and it cost me about $10 per photo, for 9x12 prints. Trust me, this adds up FAST! After that you need to buy a frame for each photo, and... you get the point.  With a large digital photo frame, you're getting a similar result, perhaps much better, depending on your view. The digital frame can hold hundreds of pictures, and display each of them in the magnificent detail you get from such a large screen, yet to add another photo costs nothing at all. The other benefit of course is that fact that most people I know don't have rooms large enough to hold hundreds of large framed pictures on their walls, nor would they want to do something that tacky! The large digital photo frame neatly gets around this issue by allowing hundreds of photos all in the same frame.  Bigger is Easier to See!   Large digital photo frames are great gifts for people with impaired

vision, because they are so much larger. My grandfather has a hard time with his eyesight, and while he can barely see a smaller digital frame, a large one allows him to enjoy the photos along with everyone else. Even for people with good eyesight, a large digital frame can be easily viewed from across the room, from the comfort of the couch, instead of having to stand right in front of it to catch the details. One thing you want to consider if you're purchasing a large digital picture frame is how you are going to change the photos on it. Because the frame is fairly large, you don't want to have to be moving it all the time to plug it into your computer. It might be an idea to get one that allows you to use memory cards. This way you just need to update the little flash card on your computer, then plug that into the frame. Alternatively, you can get away from that hassle entirely with a wireless photo frame. The Digital Spectrum MF8115 for instance is a wireless 15" digital frame that allows you to send images to it directly from your computer, over your wireless network. Talk about minimum hassle! I hope I've given you something to think about. If you're in the market for a large digital frame, first consider what it will be used for, and who will be using it. This will give you a good start. However, if you're having a tough time deciding, just remember, bigger is usually better when it comes to large digital picture frames!

Don't even think of buying a large digital frame until you've read the Digital Frame Guy's free Buyer's Guide to Digital Picture Frames!

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==== ==== More questions about digital framing? ==== ====

Bigger is Better - Large Digital Frames  

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