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The youngest one in my family and the smallest one in class, was always me. But despite these circumstances I never considered myself the runt. My persistent attitude was definitely acquired overtime and to my surprise I became a force to be reckoned with. I believe my design style reflects this intrepid personality. I delight in grabbing the attention of my audience in a compelling fashion that deserves a second look. This portfolio documents my journey and with no fear I defy gravity and state boldly that I have arrived.

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Alpha, Lead the Pack, is a masculine luxury undergarment brand for the upper-middle income metrosexual career man 24 to 32 years old. It promotes the idea that undergarments can be the most valuable piece of business attire. The name and logo defines it all; Alpha meaning the first, and a tagline that offers a heightened confidence level for the consumer. Muted dark tones give an air of secrecy to the merchandise and added value to the product. The typeface, Caslon is a masculine serif and this font is used throughout the brand because of its official and professional look. The Alpha, Lead the Pack [Project] Identity Packaging and Manual [Category] Sean Bacon [Director]

packaging was inspired by delivered packages that get shipped to and from business offices. The design was fueled by manila envelopes that confidential documents are mailed in, and are sealed with metal clasps and/or packaging tape. The windows that allow the consumer to view the product, were inspired by envelope windows for bills. Newspaper became an appropriate texture and was used as a lining to all the packaging. To add cohesion the copy was placed in a table format and grouped together in lists.

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[4 ]

A lp h a

L u x u r y

M e n ’ s

Un d e r G a r m e nt s

[5 ]

Shopping bag exterior

[6 ]


Packaging interior


Sock branding


Back details to underwear packaging


T-Shirt Hangtags

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[8 ]

A lp h a

b r an d

i d e ntit y

man u al

[9 ]

I designed a typeface that I hoped would strike a good balance between script and serif. Each letterform terminal would transform to script and transition to the serif. The ascenders are evenly spaced out, whereas the script goes from thick to thin, ending at a point and creating a shape very similar to a bowl. The foreign shape of the new typeface, “Maddie,” led to a restoration of a classic children’s book “Madeline.” Targeting children 7 years old and Maddie and Madeline [Project] Font Design Application and Book Design [Category] Sean Bacon and Candice Lopez [Director]

under, illustrations incorporated blue hues to represent Madeline’s school uniform, and line drawings maintained the integrity of the original illustrations that made the storybook popular. Various textures at a low opacity bleed through these illustrations. Also borrowed from the original design, was the usage of the white frame. This is seen on the covers and also on the spines. Rounded corners on the covers break up the geometric shapes that the line drawings create. The spines stacked together create her wellrecognized hat that becomes a metaphor for all six books about the heroine.




“ M aDD I E ”

F o nt

D e s ign


Set of Book Spines



Back Side of Box Set


Collectible Doll and Hangtag




Different elements of celebrity fashion sense were collaged together as four individual posters to promote the first ever MTV Style Awards Show. Being the first awards program to celebrate celebrity style, the posters reflect the MTV identity of pop-culture with bright colors, textures, and opacity adjustments. This makes it stand out in a busy city filled with skyscrapers. The urban typeface, “Updike,” with its geometrical stylized balance worked well by catering to the trendy MTV generation of young viewers. It gives off the look of being fun and playful, a theme that MTV lives by. The design of the posters were used as an The MTV Style Awards Show [Project]

inspiration for the event program. Because this accordionfolded brochure would be heavy in body copy, black

Poster Series and Event Program [Category]

and white was pulled into this piece and gradient color

Sean Bacon and Candice Lopez [Director]

collage idea without getting too busy, multiple photos

swatches were only used as accents. To bring back the were grouped depending on subject matter, and framed using the black background. The brochure when laid flat is large enough to become a poster. It’s an opportunity for every fan to bring home their favorite celebrity.


Event Billboard Poster



Event Detail Poster


Program Envelope Cover


B.U. also known as “Being You,” is a magazine dedicated to empowering the young female generation, specifically pre-teens going through one of the toughest stages of growing up. It’s an awkward stage when confidence is a struggle, and B.U. Magazine promotes beauty from within oneself. This is achieved by designing very clean layouts to add sophistication, small DIY articles, educational quizzes, and helpful tips. It features strong relatable females with encouraging stories, discussing their personal struggles and highlighting their unique talents and skills. The colors B.U. Magazine [Project] Layout and Typography [Category] Sean Bacon [Director]

interact with the “Cover Girl,” and become a theme for each issue. The spreads for the feature articles are designed to showcase their strengths. Images are always scaled as large as the height of the magazine as these become pull-out posters. Kontrapunkt Bold became a perfectly relatable typeface for this demographic as it communicates the latest technology. This bold, strong font was used in the logo and indices. Century Gothic, a sans-serif geometrical face, is inviting and easy to read.





M aga z in e



MTran Photography captures images of life, love, and dance. Its identity is embodied from the company’s tagline, “Inhale. Exhale, Breathe in Life.” A whimsical vibe attracts a wide audience ranging from newborns senior citizens, families, couples, friends, and a variety of subjects. A photo book was designed to showcase the photographer’s stellar work, and is divided into three sections. Each has its own unique look to distinguish between the different genres. The photo book promotes MTran Photography [Client] Identity and Photo Book [Category] Sean Bacon and Candice Lopez [Client]

not only the photographer, but gives potential clients a preview of her talent and versatility. The colors, gray, white, and sage green, are neutral in order to make it easy to be set as a watermark on hardcopy photos. The logo is a hand-rendered script design of the photographer’s initials, “M-T.” It’s designed to make you feel as though the letterforms are moving like air to embody the spirit of the company’s tagline.



M T r an

P h o t o g r ap h y

P h o t o b o o k



Sugoi is a boutique hotel for young couples 25-35 years old, where they can find retreat in a place of relaxation. Sugoi, which means “awesome” in Japanese is exactly what you’ll see in the décor. The textiles designed for this uniquely themed hotel drives the identity inspired by the traditional geisha kimono. It mixes Geisha culture with the funky Harajuku style by using unexpected hues of pink, teal, and orange. The non-traditional print represents the Harajuku fashion-sense of Sugoi Boutique Hotel [Project]

mismatching. The shapes you see in the fabric

Branding and Identity [Category]

combined, create slight chaos through mixing.

Candice Lopez and Sean Bacon [Director]

are distinctive to Japanese culture and when The logo is hand-rendered, mixing script with a geometric typeface. The brand itself is a fine balance between the two lifestyles, bringing hotel visitors the best of both worlds.




S u g o i

b o u ti q u e

h o t e l





Bathroom Slippers


Bath Towels


Hotel Lobby



Cocktail Server



Corporate Blue is a military to civilian life transition program. This program targets military members ages 21-45 years old, separating from active duty to civilian life. With the current government budget cuts, military members will be heavily impacted. It will make it more difficult to advance in rank and at times force military personnel to hang up their boots and enter the civilian sector. This program aids this demographic in understanding the stressful and overwhelming factors that come with the civilian sector. The goal is to better Corporate Blue [Project]

prepare them for the future to lead a productive, rewarding life. Whether it’s retiring from 20 plus years of service or a shorter military career, Corporate Blue can

Page Layout [Category]

help. To promote this business, a multi-page document

Sean Bacon [Director]

showcases sponsor companies, self-evaluating articles,

was created to be mailed out to military homes. It assessments, quizzes, tips, and timelines for the transitional servicemember. Every military member has a sense of patriotism, which is why dark red, white, blue, and gray were a natural choice to reach this demographic.



C o r p o r at e

B l u e

P r o m o ti o nal

M aga z in e


Hepburn is an alcoholic beverage inspired by 1950s housewives with Audrey Hepburn as the muse. Because every female loves to have options, this beer offers four flavors representing the four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. It celebrates the hard and grueling eight- day work-week every housewife goes through, that remains unoticed. Hepburn gives women a chance to quickly unwind without feeling like they must act like a lady. The slim can makes it convenient to open for a mini-break during a long day. Hepburn Hepburn Alcoholic Beverage [Project] Identity Packaging and Advertisements [Category] Rafael Lopez and Candice Lopez [Director]

reaches style conscious housewives 25 to 40 years old by marketing the product as a three-pack instead of the typical six. The Charles S. Anderson Archive, inspired the silhouette illustrations of women performing housework and enjoying a nice cold Hepburn. Colors relate to the four seasons and are inspired from nostalgic pastel color schemes of the 1950s. The two typefaces, Blanch Caps and Lavenderia Sturdy were both used because of their vintage flair.



Lavanderia S turdy

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg H h Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz


blanch caps abcdefghijkl mnopqrstuvw xyz012345679

beer HE P B UR N








Illustration and Back Panel Details


Disposable Coasters



Professional Lifestyle Photographer Magazine for Pre-Teen Girls Personal Identity

Military to Civilian Transitional Agency Japanese Themed Boutique Hotel Professional Production Duo

Alcoholic Beverage for Housewives Luxury Men’s Undergarment Line

l o g o s


Forever Thankful

Sean Bacon. Candice L贸pez [Mentors] FriLo Alvear. MTran Photography. Ren&Rob Photography [Photographers] Reanne Lacosta. Jan Vincent Lopez. Junemy Pantig. Katrina St. Aubin. Rachel Stevens [Models] Kristine Maninang. Katrina St. Aubin [Hair & Makeup] Mom [Seamstress] Michael Breitenstein. Clyde Dugosh [Inscriptu] Ricardo Guerrero [ClearStory] Dad. Mom. Big Bro For letting me cause a creative disaster in our house. [Family] For still being my friend during my craziest hours. [Friends] For continuously shedding light onto my journey. [God]


Terri Cao- Extra Bold  

My portfolio showcasing some of my graphic design work, which best defines me and my design aesthetic.

Terri Cao- Extra Bold  

My portfolio showcasing some of my graphic design work, which best defines me and my design aesthetic.