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Historical Fiction: a blast from the past!

What is historical fiction? Stories set in the past Stories based on imagination, but includes facts about a time in history A way to satisfy our curiosity about other times, places and people Provides adventure, suspense and mystery

Setting is Important! Very important to the story because it recreates a time and place in history Can be any time in the past and any place in the world Readers come away with the feeling that they know a time or place better. It’s as if they lived in that place for a few hours.

Types of Historical Fiction Main characters are usually imaginary Secondary characters are actual people Some types describe values and traditions of the period with no mention of historical event. Physical location is accurately reconstructed for the reader. Historical Fantasy--�time warp� setting

One of My Favorites‌ Pride and Prejudice movie clip

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Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson Setting Philadelphia in 1793 16 year old girl is separated from mother during yellow fever epidemic

Mississippi Trial, 1955 by Chris Crowe Setting: Mississippi 1955 A sixteen-year-old finds himself at odds with his grandfather over issues surrounding the kidnapping and murder of a fourteen-year-old African-American from Chicago.

I am David by Anne Holm (play audio clip from Walden Media Website) Setting Eastern Europe Concentration Camp After escaping from the concentration camp where he has spent most of his life, a twelve-year-old boy struggles to cope with an entirely strange world as he flees northward to freedom in Denmark.

Nightjohn by Gary Paulsen Twelve-year-old Sarny's brutal life as a slave becomes even more dangerous when a newly arrived slave offers to teach her how to read.

Crispin by Avi Setting England Falsely accused of theft and murder, an orphaned peasant boy in the 14th century flees his village and meets a juggler who holds a dangerous secret.

QuickTime™ and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.

Major Themes Westerns War Holocaust Vietnam

Fiction/Nonfiction FIC HAH

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One of my favorites‌.


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