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Sheridan Sun Volume 39, Issue 20

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Services won’t fall victim to budget cuts, Turner says

Osaka Electro gets to know Sheridan College Terri-Ann Thomas Sheridan News

Sheridan College and Osaka Electro Communications University have partnered up for their fourth year of the Japanese-Canadian exchange. On March 6, 13 students from Osaka, Japan arrived in Ontario to live the life of a Sheridan student for two weeks. The college arranged for them to attend a variety of animation and digital technology classes. “It’s really a cultural and educational exchange,” said Gail Benick, the exchange program coordinator. “We try to give them a sense of what Sheridan does.” On Friday, the students attended a number of classes. They listened attentively to teachers and shared jokes. They smiled, posed and gave peace signs for pictures. For lunch, they had burgers and fries that were delicious. The exchange gives students an opportunity to learn about Canadian culture. “One of the most interesting features of the program is that the students from Japan live with our students,” said Benick.

Ashley Newport Sheridan News

Looming potential cuts to postsecondary funding are forcing Sheridan to tighten its budget for the next two years. But college president Dr. Robert Turner says that essential student services should remain untouched. “We work hard to be fiscally prudent,” said Turner. “Sheridan is in good shape. We’re a growing school in the Peel and Halton regions.” A Sheridan Insider newsletter released on March 2 outlined the budget cuts expected to take effect after the provincial budget is unveiled on March 26. The projected deficit is expected to adversely affect Ontario colleges and universities, but the extent of the funding cuts is not known at this time. According to Sheridan’s public and media relations manager Susan Atkinson, Sheridan will no longer fund out of province travel for faculty members, provide food at staff meetings and expense some meals and all alcohol for meetings with colleagues. Atkinson’s release also said that for the next fiscal period, all membership and professional fees will be carefully reviewed and sponsorships for events will have to be approved. Activities in contract services will be identified for savings, and unbudgeted and replacement positions will have to be approved by an executive. But Sheridan president and CEO Turner is optimistic that the ride through the recession won’t be as bumpy as anticipated. “Other colleges will be hit harder,” said Turner, “but this is a challenging financial time all over the world.” Continue on page 3

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Joe Reidt Barbara-Anne Meaden, director of marketing for the Sheridan Student Union, poses in a small jail cell in front of the Trafalgar Campus Fuse last week. The Student Union is using the visual to promote its Paralegal Service that offers advice to students on small civil cases ranging from lease disputes to traffic tickets.

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