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The Big Four Spring 2012 Senior Thesis Project An exhibition proposal highlighting the contributions of the former Pennsylvania and Reading Railroads, the Baldwin Locomotive Works, and the Budd Company, to be located at Amtrak–30th Street Station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The finished book was wirebound on inkjet printed, 90 pound matte paper. The sheer size of the book covered 62 pages, and has acetate dust covers.

The book is divided into two portions, contextual information to set the stage and the actual proposal to tie in the previous section into the design.

Fall 2010 Futura Type Editorial An excerpt from “Anatomy of a Typeface� by Alexander S. Lawson, covering Paul Renner and the geometric sans-serif known as Futura, made into an editorial spread with images and a pull quote.

The book is sized at 11x17, printed on 60lb pound laser paper. The book was only 9 pages long but contained a large amount of work within its pages.

Fall 2010 Futura Type Analysis The same excerpt from “Anatomy of a Typeface�, this time turned into a formal perfect bound hardcover book. The book details include individual letter analysis, between different sans serif typefaces.

Fall 2010 Financial Crisis Flipbook A flipbook consisting of a series of images, meant to spell out one of the causes of the Global Financial Crisis, namely subprime mortgages and Ponzi schemes.

Spring 2011 Virtual Freedom Campaign A social awareness campaign about net neutrality, and the significant threat against it. A primary component of the project was the logo, my partner, Ratipriya Suresh, and I collaborated on in its completion.

We started with sketch process, and image research to creating smaller pieces for advertisement, such as the square postcards and stickers.

The logo design proved versatile in digital and print format. The applications of the logo were based on visibility and creativity, appealing to a younger and older demographic.

Fall 2010 Art or Crime Poster Series A poster campaign for an exhibition on graffiti art at the Brooklyn Museum. The Art or Crime poster series was meant to highlight the pros and cons of graffiti art in New York City.

Fall 2011 Christmas on the Rocks A formal rendition of my narrative piece “Christmas On the Rocks�, printed on parchement paper, and saddle stitched into a small booklet.

The illustrations are handrawn on the computer, and represent elements from the story.

Fall 2011 The Anatomy of an Emcee An HTML5 Interface highlighting the creative process of rappers and emcees, with emphasis on the lyrically and overall superior emcees. The interface contains audio samples, video clips, and interactive hover states.

Spring 2011 Type Systems Animation A motion piece combining a text on Joseph Stalin and select quotes from George Orwell’s 1984. The piece uses image, video, and keying for laying video on top of another.

Fall 2010 Image Compositions A series of image compositions with my own photography, combining both collage and organized composition. The opposite page uses object studies in collage, while the images to left are a collage of building elements.

Spring 2012 Code:4 Network Identity An exhibition proposal highlight the contributions of the former Pennsylvania and Reading Railroads, the Baldwin Locomotive Works, and the Budd Company, to be based out of Amtrak–30th Street.

The Code:4 website mock-up, designed to image based and easy to navigate.

26 March 2012 Mr. Terrence Davis 2343654 Sunset Blvd. Syracuse, NY 12345 re: Employment

Code 4 World HQ 1251 West 34th St Suite 1171 New York, NY 10191 212 435 6676

Dear Terrence,

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Terrence Davis CEO/Program Director

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Code 4 Headquarters 1251 West 34th St Suite 1171 New York, NY 10191 Phone: 718-644-0490 Fax: 718-225-3385 Email:


(left)Letterhead, (top)Business Card, and (bottom) Envelope.

Zoe Wannamaker Senior Vice President

Code 4 World HQ 1251 West 34th St Suite 1171 New York, NY 10191

Mr. Terrence Davis 1229 Chestnut Street Apartment 116 Philadelphia, PA 19107

The Code:4 screen bug is the visual identifier on the television component of the network. Shown here with the introduction from Law and Order: SVU, the logo holds up against most of the screens presented.

The Code:4 animation uses the colon in the logo, to create a police light that zooms out and the logo comes into focus. The alternating lights set the tone of the network.

The crime map portion of the app, designed to designate where crimes occur in the city, and details about it such as type, time of occurrence, and police occurrence.

Spring 2012 Code:4 APB Mobile App A part of the Code:4 Network Identity, the APB app was designed for smartphones, and iPhones as a viewer tool to keep safe when moving around and about major cities.

The news app, designed to keep the user up to date with crime and police related news, based on their location.

A notification option will offer crime updates, based on location, as text messages, to keep the user informed about their surroundings.

The police blotter will offer local crime stats, narrowed down to key areas of the city, and if available, the specific crimes that occurred.

2012 Design Portfolio  
2012 Design Portfolio  

My personal design portfolio from my time at the the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.