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An Honors Education. A Community Committed to Your Future. A Dream Realized.

I am American Honors

I am ambitious “If you are an international student, all I can recommend to you is that you join American Honors. Their help is invaluable and the honors classes are exceptional. Thinking about an Ivy League school? Here’s your answer.” George, Spain Current Student

I am American Honors  2 Do you dream of graduating from a prestigious U.S. university? American Honors is devoted to helping accomplished students like you achieve your dreams. Our competitive two-year honors program prepares high-performing students for junior- and senior-level coursework at the nation’s top 100 colleges and universities. American Honors helps students reach their full potential so they can successfully transfer to top U.S. universities. A remarkable 83 percent of the first class of graduates were accepted by their first choice four-year institution—an enviable roster of universities that includes Stanford, Cornell,Vanderbilt, Georgetown, University of Southern California, University of Washington, Rutgers and many others. American Honors advisors and staff foster your success. Students learn with American and international peers—earning honors-designated course credits in an environment that nurtures high achievement. Small classes of 10 to no more than 25 students ensure each individual receives personalized attention from professors, while encouraging robust dialogue, well-honed leadership skills, and strong friendships. Every student is partnered with a personal Honors Advisor, including graduates from prestigious U.S. universities such as Stanford,Yale and Cornell. Using their firsthand experience and insights, they mentor students from the moment they enroll in the American Honors program all the way through the completion of the transfer process. With American Honors, you always have someone you can depend on for help and support as you complete the first two years of your bachelor’s degree.

I am competitive The success of the American Honors program is easy to measure. Elite institutions accept our students—several are ranked among the top 50 universities in the United States. In fact, over 25 top universities and colleges have signed formal partnerships with American Honors and actively recruit our students. Among the top-ranked universities and liberal arts colleges that have partnered with American Honors are: UCLA; Purdue; Ohio State; Swarthmore; Amherst; Middlebury and Brandeis. Every student who completes the American Honors program requirements is assured acceptance at a great college or university, including: George Mason University; the University of Arizona; Auburn University; University of Colorado, Denver; Gonzaga University; Whittier College; and Whitworth University.

Select Transfer Acceptances for American Honors Class of 2013 Stanford University Vanderbilt University Emory University Occidental College Sarah Lawrence College Georgetown University University of Southern California Tufts University University of Michigan Boston University Skidmore College Savannah College of Art and Design The Ohio State University Tulane University University of Washington Brigham Young University DePauw University

Purdue University Rutgers University American University Indiana University Union College University of Denver University of Oregon Washington State University Brigham Young University Reed College Ball State University University of Colorado, Denver Lewis & Clark College Whitworth University Emerson College Gonzaga University Whittier College






Average incoming GPA of American Honors students

of our initial graduates were accepted to their dream institution

the average number of fouryear institutions to which each American Honors student applies

of American Honors students who completed our program this year plan to pursue their bachelor’s degrees

the average annual financial aid package for American Honors students transferring to four-year institutions

I am American Honors  4 Honors classes create an optimal environment for learning. At most universities, introductory classes are often taught in large lecture halls with hundreds of students. By design, American Honors classes are different. We limit class sizes to no more than 25 students to promote thought-provoking interaction and ensure every student receives the individual attention they deserve. Each engaging class provides students with ample opportunities to enhance their English writing and speaking abilities.* The rigorous honors curriculum allows students to explore a variety of majors through different pathways. Engineering: Computer Science, Electrical/Mechanical/Aeronautical/Civil Business: Accounting, Management, Finance Sciences: Pre-medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Environment Science Liberal Arts: Journalism, International Relations, Psychology, Economics, Education “As a parent, American Honors is the program that you wish your child can experience. It provided my child guidance, academic fulfillment, advancement and friendship.� Marilyn, Mother of an American Honors student Choose from a range of courses that encompass the general education requirements for most majors. American History Art & Drama Astronomy Business & Accounting Molecular & Cellular Biology Calculus Chemistry Communication Cultural Anthropology

Engineering English Composition & Literature Health & Nutrition International Relations Mass Media Studies Micro & Macro Economics Physics Psychology Sociology Spanish

Have you already completed AP, IB or A-level courses? If so, you may be able to complete the American Honors program in fewer than two years. An Honors Advisor will work with you to determine if your credits are transferable. *English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are available for students who wish to take them prior to enrolling in the American Honors program, along with strong tutoring services to assist with English skills during the program.

I am supported

Win, China 2 year student nd

“My advisor helped me sign up for classes and create a plan for transferring to a four-year university. Without American Honors, I think I would have had just enough credits to graduate from community college and hope that a local university would accept me. But now I know I can do more, and should do more for a better chance to get in. That’s what American Honors is giving me and is making the difference�.

I am American Honors  6 Advisors, advocates, allies—we are here to guide you every step of the way. One of the best aspects of the American Honors program is the time and personal attention you will receive from a knowledgeable advisor, who will mentor you throughout your entire academic journey. From the moment you enroll in the program, your advisor will work closely with you to develop a smart strategy focused on one goal—acceptance to the top university of your choice. As graduates from prestigious top 50 universities, our advisors understand your dream and offer valuable first-hand experience and insights to help you navigate the many decisions you will face while completing the first two years of your degree. Together, you will collaborate on every aspect of your education, including: course selection, major, bestfit transfer options, internships, career workshops, transfer applications and process, financial aid and scholarships. Our lively community needs one more member—you! American Honors students, advisors, and staff compose a vibrant, curious, and very social community. While we are connected on campus by our mutual interest in higher education, we are also interconnected on-line by an intuitive platform—Quad. Through Quad, you can share content, join live video sessions, and enjoy convenient access to course materials, assignments, deadline information, transfer plans, appointment calendar, and program communications anytime, from anywhere. Quad is just one more way we strive to serve American Honors students in the best way possible.

I am involved “The best part of the program is the other students! It makes such a difference working with students who share similar goals and work ethic. The professors are also so accommodating and help you receive the best possible education.� Bernard, South Africa Current Student

I am American Honors  8 We enrich your academic experience with extracurricular activities. An important part of studying abroad is embracing unique opportunities that immerse you in local culture and help form personal bonds with peers through shared experiences. American Honors students enjoy a wide variety of academic, social, athletic and community activities that help you develop as an individual and are a key part of gaining admission to a top U.S. university. Each offers a fun way to relax from your studies, to get to know your fellow students, and to form important friendships that can last a lifetime.

Student Clubs Honors Council College Visits Student Government School Newspaper Debate Teachers of Tomorrow Community Service

Recreation Movie & Game Nights Running Jam Sessions Poetry Slams Potluck Dinners Dances Hiking Bowling

I am Dreaming Big “Before American Honors, I thought I could only afford in-state schools. Now, I’m headed to Stanford next year with a full-ride scholarship, including room and board, books, everything I could have ever imagined!” Elizabeth, U.S. American Honors Graduate Computer Science

I am American Honors  10 We make an elite college education more affordable. The total cost of a four-year degree at leading private U.S. universities can be nearly $280,000. For students enrolled in American Honors, tuition, fees and housing for the first two years of college is approximately $40,000 - a savings of as much as $100,000 during those two years. In addition, our most recent graduates earned over $2.2 million in scholarships—enough to cover 83 percent of the cost to complete a bachelor’s degree at a top university. American Honors delivers an incredible value.

Based on data derived from College Board Survey 2012

I am confident “Last year, I never thought I would find a school that was affordable and gave me a great education at the same time. But then I found American Honors. I have friends at top four-year universities who will be $80,000 in debt when they graduate. I’m graduating debt free, and it’s going to be beautiful. I know I’ll transfer to a top school with great scholarship options, thanks to American Honors.” Cameron, U.S. Sophomore Business Administration


I am American Honors   12 Attend the American Honors network school of your choice. As an American Honors student, you may begin your undergraduate education at any of our select locations and network institutions, including: Location

Network Institution

Spokane, Washington

Community Colleges of Spokane

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Ivy Tech Community College

Lafayette, Indiana

Ivy Tech Community College

West Windsor, New Jersey

Mercer County Community College

Saving is smart—cut tuition costs by up to $100,000 over the course of your four-year degree. With the American Honors program, tuition, room and living costs for the first two years of your undergraduate education will total approximately $40,000. Exact costs will vary depending on the location and network institution you choose to attend in addition to your living preferences. For detailed tuition information about American Honors, please visit: For questions, please email

Would you like to be part of the American Honors family? American Honors Foundation—giving more students more opportunities. The American Honors Scholarship American Honors is committed to assisting outstanding students. Through the American Honors Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, students demonstrating exceptional leadership, academic achievement, community involvement and financial need may be eligible to receive a tuition scholarship. American Honors Scholarship recipients come from a diverse range of backgrounds and have often overcome major challenges in their lives through hard work, determination and strength of character. To apply for the American Honors Scholarship, complete the American Honors on-line application.

Let American Honors Help You Achieve Your Academic Dreams. “I had no idea the experience of receiving personal advising through an academic outlet could be so positive. The advising provided by American Honors is in a class all its own—by far, the best of the best.” George, Spain Current American Honors Student

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