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Key features of Web Based Timesheet software Nowadays web based time sheet software is getting immensely popular because they owe to the ease of use and its high level of functionality in any organizational environment. It can easily solve any time related issue and manages time based functionality that automatically ensures high productivity levels and enhances growth of an organization. The basic aim of the software is just to simplify challenging and complex requirement of an organizational time accounting. In market there are numerous web based software’s available but one should consider certain aspects or key features listed below. 1. While searching for the software one should set the priority list that suits well with all the necessities required in the organization or office. 2. The software should be well interactive in reporting as it will help in choosing and customizing reports from numerous reports. 3. High end time sheet software will help in ensuring easy transfer of data. Some software’s easily integrates with MS accounting, Peachtree, QuickBooks and others for easy working process. 4. The software should include the function of creating rules that will help in checking validity of timesheets and expenses prior to submissions. 5. Check out software that includes built in approval routing. It will help in selecting pre defined or even manual routes for numerous web based time sheets plus expense approval. 6. Software should be able to manage reimbursements with ease as it is an integral process and provides an insight into advances provided to employees. 7. Confirm that whether the software offers automatic email notification. It will help in approval of expenses, submission of expenses or rejections. There are manifold advantages of using web based time sheet software apart from the fact that it will provide multiple functionalities to handle and manage time as well as expenses also. The important consideration of this software is that it is value for money. These all benefits will help in deriving huge profit with lower cost of adoption and in layman’s language it will become a higher ROI (return on investment). The best and suitable salient aspect is that it can be used anywhere and anytime. The ease in the accessibility of the software makes it a high end solution. The basic necessity of this software is just to have a simple access to laptop/computer and the internet. A person can work from home,

airport or other countries that will help in saving time and can transfer or manage data while on the move. The information poured in the software is safe and secure because only selected people can gain access present at different user levels.

Key features of Web Based Timesheet software