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Time Attendance Systems for Employees Scientific developments and inventions have made life of millions simple and easy to inhabit this planet better. These inventions are made by the people who think out of the box and make living an easier process. One such invention is time attendance software that has extremely deteriorated the paperwork and made calculations of payrolls a straightforward process. Attendance tracking system is the one that helps in reporting employee working hours digitally and replaced all the manual time cards or attendance records. One just simply needs to install this software in computer for contented usage. This software is of two types. Single time clock: It is made for single personal computers that record their time when each employee access the computers by assigned passwords. Whenever the employee gains access, automatically system calculates and records the time usage. The reports or the data generated from a computer contains complete information about the working hours and the compensation given to the employee. This data can be formatted in documents or spreadsheets. Network time clock: It is accessed from local network that features similar to simple time clock. Although features can be add-on later whenever required but the application of this software is turned easy with the network system. There are varied reasons to utilize this software out of which some are as following: 1. Save huge amount of money spend on human resource department or overpayment of employees. 2. Encompass the payroll system strictly according to the government rules. 3. Track the employee attendance and costs to analyze the performance of business in further details. 4. It will limit the redundancy of data and privacy is maintained from colleague employees. 5. Save the time spend in handling the paperwork and calculation of salaries given to employees. The time attendance software was specifically designed to help people in effectively using time for their growth as well as company’s growth. It will provide exact time spend by each employee on every single activity at any particular time period. This software is also referred as time tracking and management as it can pertinently perform other things as well like payroll processing, revenue management, client database, project management and invoicing. Earlier times there was stress in calculating the productivity of employees by time sheets or punch cards that were required to punch every single time whenever they come out or come in. The advent in technology has brought ease in people working at different locations and time zones as manually it was really difficult. This tracking software is available in the market that can be easily purchased by specifying personal needs or can be downloaded from a platform. The customized software is more

popular as the exact information is gathered from the software at any moment without any complications or formalities. There is complete privacy as password is given to higher authority to check all employees’ data that are required.

Time Attendance Systems for Employees  
Time Attendance Systems for Employees  

The advancement in technology has brought ease in daily living by inventing time tracking tool that records working hours of each employee p...