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How to track Employee Time Attendance? One of the most important aspects of any business or company is tracking of employee time attendance which is certainly difficult out of all others like performance, productivity, work efficiency and many more. Thus, to bring relief in the working process of senior managers or company head, labor time tracker is the best way to track employee time for payroll and job costing. Though, every company has human resource department that have to deal with most important facet of benefits and compensation of employees. Employees are paid according to their proper accomplishment of job duties and tasks therefore all the records should be accurate and precise. Hence, human resource staff should have ramble knowledge of variety of methods regarding time management solutions. These solutions range from traditional ones to contemporary. In traditional methods, pen and paper or attendance register was marked but in modern ones computer or telephone based employee time clock is the simplest version. In order to have hassle free working at office following steps should be followed by company senior. 1. Install a time tracking tool for the use with computer or telephone along with time cards having all the information related to department and other identifying description. At the beginning of the employee shift, attendance is marked by the telephone from individual login id. They clock in and out before starting their work and after completing their work to maintain consistent hours. Employees are discouraged from clocking their hours before work and several minutes later after work is accomplished. Other than that, absenteeism, leaves, vacation and other reasons are easily acknowledged. Sometimes, off-site workshops and seminars requires attendance marking thus, ensure that system is modified accordingly. 2. Assign one or two supervisors for timekeeping responsibility apart from technical job duty. Using this method, seniors will be able to note precise arriving and departure time of employees. This method is effective for both small and large departments. This software will observe and make notations related to beginning of their work and completion. It is the most time and cost efficient method to save millions of dollars that are wasted ruthless in payroll systems. The best advantage is regarding employee’s absence. Seniors can easily get familiar with all the records of each employee that are accurate and showcased in user friendly way. 3. For seniors, it is important to have a trial period with the software before implementing in their office because some systems have different working process that may unlikely preferred in the office. Some software has different features regarding tracking of productivity. Some of them are allied with payroll processing that will be helpful in calculation of salary according to the total hours of performance in office on behalf of clients that are off-site. These software applications are highly beneficial in tracking employees and maintaining web based timesheets that completely suits all needs. Make a decision well in time for best results.

How to track employee time attendance  

One of the most important aspects of any business or company is tracking of employee time attendance which is certainly difficult out of all...

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