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A Complete Description of Labor Time Tracker Labor time tracker is an online service that works in a similar manner like web time clock or time tracking tool. Employees of an organization need not to punch their onsite in and out timings. Employees will receive an automatic email regarding their time sheet and can submit their work timing from any computer connected with the internet or phones. An employer who has employed labor time tracker at workplace can avail all the information related to accounting, payroll applications, working hours and holidays. This whole can be achieved with one click of mouse saving time and expense of bookkeeping. Getting Started Setting up a virtual Employee Time Clock is not that difficult. The tracker guide will help you throughout the process of importing essential information allied with employees, clients and related jobs they perform. Every employee who is selected to use this tracker gets an email of username and password and other instruction to be followed for completing the process. Features Labor time tracker is password protected and all allotted employees can set their own password. Whenever an employee wants to review, update or submit time sheets then an individual must enter login details correctly. A timer has an option of ‘start’ and ‘stop’ to track the working hours spend on each job and project. Those working hours are entered in sheet, but in case it is not getting updated manual entries are also allowed. Employees can enter their meeting and appointments well in advance directly in the application without any hassle. The best part is that clock administrator and supervisor can review all timesheet whenever they desire. Employee can mark vacations or sick leaves moreover; they can apply overtime rates as appropriate. In just one click they can download the timesheet and process it for payroll.

All the features in built in the system are easy to use and manageable by employees. An employer who wants to add additional features in the application can easily contact the team and update the system according to necessity. Pricing Labor time tracker charges a monthly subscription fee according to the number of users or employee count. They charge $6.95 / Employee / Month and provide volume discounts. 10% discount is levied on 101-500 employees and 20% off on over 50 employee count. Also, they do not charge any additional fees like hardware, software, license fee, training fee, set up fee, support fee or contracts. Support Technical support is available online, by phone or by individual support plan. They also provide a guide book or practical user manual for convenience and include frequently asked questions, tutorials and resource link. Free Trial Labor time management tracker is free for 30 day trial and all the employees can open this application and update their working hours easily.

A complete description of labor time tracker  

Labor time tracker is an online service that works in a similar manner like web time clock or time tracking tool. Employees of an organizati...

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