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Jun Hyeok Kim 8DS

Bio Poem Hieu Lazy, Mocking, Basketball, Sport Relative of a basketball Lover of Basketball Famous for making fun of people Who learned basketball from Kobe Bryant Who used to dream of being the manager of Facebook Who now dreams of being famous basketball player Who fears his parents Who would never play baseball Who needs love from his parents Who feels happy right now Who wishes World Peace for the world Resident of Hanoi, Vietnam Last name Phan

Alphabet Story A Approached the field with joy. B Block the attackers C Communicate with your team D Dined before the match E Exciting like a game when it's tense F For fans they lose all sense G Gerard a central defense J Jumping like waves in the sea K Keen, like the players all are L Liverpool, some think they're a star N Net which the ball goes in,

O Offensive opposing teams dashed through our defense line Q Queues, you all wait for ages, R Roughly playing S Super fast running T Tireless U Until they get into the V Victory W Winning the fans get alert X Got eXpulsed from stadium by tackling another player Y Yelled and shouted out loud Z Zero feeling of displeasure after the match

Haiku I see you in memoires You were as friendly as a dog How can I forget you!

Acrostic Poem G Guiding ourselves R Reaching out to the World A Are challenged along with lots of difficulties D Does always study hard E slEEp a lot

E Evaluated by parents I Ignoring what the other says G Grade 8 are H Humorous T Totally

Cinquain Poem Games Fun, Sport Addicting, Exciting, Interesting, Playable, Entertaining Entertainment

Diamente Pizza Cheesy, Delicious Baked, Sliced, Sprinkled Just baked from oven Eat, Chew, Taste Crunchy, Sweet Delicious circled bread

Travel The railroad track is miles away, And the day is loud with people speaking, Yet there isn't a train goes by, But I hear its whistles All night there isn't a train goes by, Though the night is still for sleep and dreaming

More than Words  

Poetry from EngB class

More than Words  

Poetry from EngB class