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Southeast Arkansas College Southeast Arkansas Community College believes in changing each student life through higher education, which will open a numerous amount of doors with unlimited opportunities for each student. Southeast Arkansas Community College has evolved over the 50 plus years as an educational institution from a vocational school to now a community with using today’s leading technology to provide higher education to the entire southeastern regional of Arkansas.



TABLE OF CONTENTS Section 1.0 Research xx Abstract Research Personas

Section 3.0 Style Guide xx Logo Usage Color Imagery Typography

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Abstract 1.1

Southeast Arkansas Community College is locally located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas but provides higher education to multiple counties in Southeast Arkansas. SEARK continues to expand and is constantly looking for ways to continue to provide their students with the highest educational available. SEARK is the only community college in Southeast Arkansas to offer online classes and would like to create a multimedia campaign that will rebrand their identity to focus on the new online platform technology offered by the college. The message the college is looking to promote is convenience. The introductions of online classes that SEARK Community College offers now brings education to the students and allow them to attend class on their time. SEARK Community College wants to reach the audience of first time college students and those who are looking to return or attend college for better career opportunities.

This multimedia campaign discusses the steps SEARK Community College will take to achieve awareness of the new online class platform and increase enrollment. The paper will review the design aspects of billboard and web advertisements so that a large audience will be reached. The paper also reviews color scheme, typography, and imagery that will be used in the new advertisements for the multimedia campaign. The multimedia campaign will coordinate color, imagery, and typography across all the forms of advertisement so that the audience will easily recognize each piece of media is in union with each other. Southeast Arkansas Community College following these suggested recommendations will bring awareness to their audience over the southeastern regional of Arkansas and increase their student enrollment.


Research Paper 1.2 Southeast Arkansas Community College is a community college located in Southeast Arkansas whose mission is to provide comprehensive higher education and services with an emphasis on technical education and workforce development. Southeast Arkansas Community College currently offer degree programs in information technology, nursing, general studies, and criminal justice. The college continues to expand and even has an on campus daycare center for students to leave their children while attending class. Southeast Arkansas Community College also known as SEARK is one of the first community colleges in Arkansas to offer online classes. The college is now looking to rebrand the identity of the college by including the focus of online classes. SEARK is looking to increase enrollment and would like to inform students that the option to get an education online is now available to them. SEARK is constantly keeping up with the newest technology that becomes available and is proud to be the first community college in Southeast Arkansas that offers online education at a less expensive rate then four-year colleges and would like to make the citizens of Jefferson, Cleveland, Desha, Drew, Grant, and Lincoln counties aware. SEARK is looking to create an advertising campaign to reach those who are serious about receiving a higher education, the non-traditional way, and attend class online so they are able to work at their own pace and give them the smaller classroom setting for oneon-one time with their instructors and generally help them start their careers. Online classes give those who are working a fulltime job or part-time job the ability to continue their education as well by doing so online and allowing the student to study and do their work when it is most convenient for them. This paper will discuss how SEARK will works towards creating the campaign, discuss how SEARK differs from competitors, and discuss the target markets that will be reached.


The predecessor of Southeast Arkansas College was Arkansas Vocational-Technical School, which began offering postsecondary vocational-technical programs on September 21, 1959 (Morehead, 2013). SEARK has been educational, institution for 54 years and has undergone name changes several times. The purpose of the name changes had nothing to do with the level of education but the changes were in efforts to reach a wider audience. The current name is a perfect fit because it focuses on the target audience of SEARK, which are the cities in Southeast Arkansas. In addition to changing the name to focus on all citizens of Southeast Arkansas, SEARK is one of the first community colleges to offer online education. SEARK wants to make sure that receiving higher education is available to those who cannot attend class on campus. The marketing campaign will create exposure to the fact that online classes are now offered and prospective students have the opportunity to learn on the go. The project will create web banners to advertise on the college website to bring attention to the online classes. This will be effective on the homepage of SEARK to result in a higher accessibility of the information that the college now offers online classes (Sang Yeal & Yong-Suk, 2010). The project will also create billboard ads to be placed in multiple cities in Southeast Arkansas because according to Kumar (2012), “billboard advertising still remains a very cost effective way to reach a large audience�. These billboards will be used to create memorable impressions and leave the readers thinking about the advertisements after they have driven past them. This is what SEARK needs to reach a large audience and to get the communities of Southeast Arkansas talking and informing their

Creative Development 2.0



Style Guide 3.0


Logo Development 3.1

SEARK current logo is outdate and since the College currently do not have mascot the current logo is just wordmarks so I wanted to create a pictorial logo so the college can have an image that viewers will be able to connect with the school at first glance. The college full name is Southeast Arkansas College but goes SEARK pronounced SEA – ARK, the new design creates a pictorial image of an Ark that creates a visual image that connects to the college. Airey (2010) states, “Longevity is key and a logo should last four the duration of the business it represent” (p. 28). The current logo will not last for the duration of SEARK College, SEARK College has changed throughout the years and added many of features and programs to the college and new an update look and feel and also a logo that the viewers will be able to tie to the school at first glance since they current have no mascot.


Logo Usage 3.2

0.25 clearance around the logo when placed within print compositions or near the edges of page should be used. When using web or digital formats, the clear space is 1 inch or 72 pixels. Southeast Arkansas Tagline if used with logo should be .150 spaced from logo. The wordmarks can never be larger then the symbol mark image also the symbol mark image must always be 1 inch or 72 pixels away from the wordmarks logo in both formats vertical and horizontal.


The examples above show the proper way the logo can be used and cannot be used. The wordmarks & brandmark logo image can stand along. The wordmarks logo can be used with the tagline however the brandmark logo cannot be used with the tagline by itself. The logo in noway is to be skewed, brandmark oval be larger then the wordmark, or wordmark be larger than the brandmark.


Color Palette 3.3

The primary colors for SEARK College are on the first row but the colors on the second row can be used in addition as well. The color palette that uses colors that creates a sense of elegance, excitement, and purity which is what SEARK College want to relay to their students. . All printed media must be in CMYK colors. Screen or Web colors must be RGB.


Imagery 3.4

SEARK College imagery should always look professional and promote higher education. The images used should always have the intent to inspire and motivate students to choose a higher education. The images below show students graduating, a image of the school campus during the fall season, shows a collage of words related to education, and lastly students headed to class to receive their higher education.


Typography 3.5

To ensure that the the content of all media whether it is print, mobile, or web campaign. It is important to make sure the readers are able to read the content. The key idea is for Southeast Arkansas College to keep a professional loo and feel so the goal with the typography is to be consistent across all forms of media. Since the industry is education and SEARK College wants to keep a sense of professionalism the text selections remain simple.


Final Designs 4.0



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