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LOOKING FOR A SPECIAL GIFT OR JUST WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN RAISING SHEEP? I raise registered Bluefaced Leicester sheep and Gotlands. Did you know only 357 new registrations(down from 417 in 2019) were made for Bluefaced Leicester sheep in the United States in 2020? You can become a sponsor of a ewe, ram or lamb in the Terra Mia flock. Your sponsorship can help us continue to raise these beautiful sheep that provide handspinners and fiber artists with beautiful fiber. Alfalfa and grain get more expensive and more and more shepherd are selling their flocks due to the increase in cost of keeping sheep. In my location, for example, a bale of alfalfa is $20. The availability of grazing land has also been significantly reduced due to the increase in alternative agriculture, such as farms producing hemp, leasing up what used to be hay and alfalfa fields. Covid most likely has impacted grain availability as well. Two years ago the same bag of grain that cost $16.00 now costs $19.00. Each time it increases my little feed store apologizes. I know they struggle with the increase as well. Due to the ever increasing expenses of raising livestock shepherds often have to make some tough decisions on who stays in the flock and who must be sold. Sponsoring an older ewe or ram can often mean the shepherd can continue to keep the animal in the flock as a retirement fiber animal.

(Monthly Plans) Ewe, Ram, or Lamb shares Plan A $12 per Month Sheep Share 1/2 of the harvested fleece per year. (washed or raw) and the following (see below)

*A Photograph of your sponsored animal along with a copy of his/her registration papers , a tuft of wool and a certificate of sponsorship. *First rights for half of his/her fleece during shearing time (if paying monthly you must have 6 months of sponsorship before the fleece rights kick in unless other arrangements have been made) *Invitation to private Facebook group that showcases and provides weekly (sometimes daily) updates on the flock.

Plan B $24 per Month Whole Sheep Sponsorship washed or raw skirted fleece from sponsored sheep after shearing and the following: *All of the above plus, a hand felted sheep pin created by the shepherdess using the wool from your ewe or ram . *A monthly shout-out on social media to thank you for your support of the specific sheep you sponsor *Mentioned on our website and on other marketing materials.

Adopt a Lamb for a year (one time payment) $140 This includes: lamb fleece at shearing time all of the above plus *Naming rights for the lamb. *A 5 by 7 photograph of your sponsored lamb *A monthly postcard from your lamb *A copy of the registration papers (sent to the sponsor when registration is complete) ALL plans can be given as gifts and will include a gift announcement via email, mail or a printable certificate.


BFL Ewe Lamb from Clara Sponsored by: Pine Fine Carders , she was born 03/02/21 and is a purebred BFL. Madam Baa Baa’s mother, 4G Farms Clara, is a beautiful ewe who produces an incredible fleece. I am sure that this little cutie will have a fabulous fleece as well. If you are into fiber arts make sure and stop by their Etsy shop at http://Etsy.com/shop/DistractedBySheeps

BFL Ewe Lamb Iris from Terra Mia Liza Sponsored by: Lisa Gottstein *Liza'a profile was selected to adorn the Bluefaced Leicester's Union of North America Logo. She has a very correct BFL head and coloring.

BFL Ewe Lamb Rosie from Terra Mia Liza Sponsored by: Lisa Gottstein


Black Ewe Lamb 75% BFL 25% Suffolk Still looking for a sponsor

BFL Ram Lamb Natural Colored Ram Lamb From Regal Blue Charlotte Sponsored By Nadine Zielinski

Nea's Ram Lamb "Sherlock" Sponsored by Jo Campbell


BFL X Gotland Ram lamb Ace Sponsored by Debbie Sykes

Please contact us if you want more information about an animal or are interesting in sponsoring an adult. We can work with you to find the right ewe/ram/lamb for you to sponsor.


Gotland Yearling Very sweet daughter from one of our best Gotland ewes. She already is showing promise of having a beautiful fleece

Gotland Yearling Gotland X Yearling , She is 25% BFL and 75% Gotland

Sponsored by: Gotland Yearling Faye's Daughter

Sponsored by: