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22 October, 2017

Recording for the Christmas Greetings of “Obra Social La Caixa”

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PERSONAL, EDUCATIONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Over this year, our priority, once again, has been to work for the women and girls of the Raval area, aiming at their academic, professional and personal development through education. The programme 1@1 on study support has continued tirelessly helping the girls to improve their academic results. This year we have celebrated the enrolment in the University of a Filipino participant. She was eight when she first came to Terral and she is now ready to start her Design studies. The Terral choir was selected by the “Obra Social la Caixa” for their Institutional Christmas Greetings, through a video starred by our girls. This was made possible thanks to the choir activity which we carry out in our Clavé XXI Project. The choir had the chance, as well, of performing at the “Palau de la Música Catalana” once again. This year the traditional May family outing took us to Reus with a successful attendance. The fami-

lies enjoyed a different day out of the daily routine and discovered new places. The work with the women in the area has continued with programmes on basic language, fashion and information technology. The programmes aim both at facilitating the integration of these women in society and at finding employment, thus achieving a greater personal autonomy. The training of parents has gone on in Terral through term sessions devised to help them in their task as educators. Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to the people and entities who collaborate with Terral. We would also like to thank all the volunteers who devote part of their time to move forward the Terral Project in all its fields. The Management Team


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IN THE HEART OF RAVAL “El Raval” is one of the four areas which make up the Barcelona “Ciutat Vella” district. A district with 47,986 inhabitants, (according to the January 2017 census), of which 49,6% are immigrants coming from more than 50 countries. A plan of rehabilitation of public spaces and buildings is being carried out in the area since the end of the 20th century. Despite this, it continues to stand out among the areas of Barcelona for the high risk of exclusion which its inhabitants are exposed to: it is the one with highest population density, has an elevated percentage of houses in very poor condition, as well as a high index of unemployment and school dropout. For these reasons many organizations work in this area, Terral being one of them.


DATA ON THE AREA Socio-economic Indicators


Population (No. inhabitants)



Women (No.)


Area (km2) 2

Density (people/m ) Foreign population (%)

43,624 49.6

CIUTAT VELLA 102,250 48,846 4.4

BARCELONA 1,625,137 856,266

23,238 45.1


15,901 17.8

Academic Level. Population 16 years and above (%) Without studies Elementary school SecondarySchool High School & Vocational Training



21.5 18

University Degree & Advanced 22.7 Vocational Training 4











Ref. Statistics Department, City Council of Barcelona, 1st January 2017


Ciutat Vella



























2,843 1,606 1,340 1,041 767

4,618 3,003 2,667 2,355


19,866 19,285 14,717 12,827 9,063


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Terral is a centre for activities of “Raval en Acció Assoc.” which carries out socio-educational programmes in order to promote the social cohesion and voluntary work in the area of Raval in Barcelona.

OUR MISSION Terral has the following


To support and promote women Terral is directed to women and girls in the area, especially those who run the risk of social exclusion. It creates an atmosphere of understanding and dialogue which favours the personal autonomy.

It aims at providing tools for personal, educational and professional development to the women of the area. Terral is directed to the women and girls of Raval and their families. The participants are either neighbourhood residents or very recent arrivals with different levels of adaption. They come from nineteen countries in four different continents.

To facilitate the integration The very activities and the way of carrying them out, aim at helping the integration of each person in the social, work and educational environments found here. Likewise, the contribution of all participants, bringing together the richness of their own human and cultural traditions, is encouraged.

The programmes of Terral are inspired by the social teachings of the Catholic Church. Whatever their beliefs are, all are welcome to the Centre. Terral Project was consolidated in 2002, as the result of the commitment of a number of professionals to promote and support work in favour of the area, with a Christian inspiration according to the spirit of Saint Josemaría, founder of Opus Dei.

To foster the voluntary work and train the volunteers

PARTICIPATION DATA Programme development in the last 10 years


2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18


No. participants

No. volunteers

No. participants

No. volunteers





145 136 140 147 136 139 161 151 154

182 166 216 210 252 230 209 224 188

145 122 101 67 64 38 14 15 13

Terral promotes the voluntary work and fosters among the volunteers the personal betterment and the capacity to learn from the others. It ensures the training and follow up so that they may carry out their tasks effectively.


Participation of Terral at the UIC Social Day

46 48

35 21 15 7 8 5


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PROGRAMME FOR GIRLS Terral Programme Study support 1@1





Programme for families Programme on self-esteem and character


A follow-up of each girl is carried out by a volunteer all along the programme


STUDY SUPPORT 1@1 Programme 1@1 is the main characteristic of all programmes at Terral. It intends a personalized academic follow-up of each girl. It is addressed to students of Elementary, Secondary, High School and Vocational training but is specifically oriented to to help the students to finish the secondary school (ESO). It also includes aspects which not being specifically academic, influence personal betterment such as acquiring habits and identifying weaknesses, thus helping participants to face the future. All the programmes in Terral aim at strengthening the personality, ensuring schooling, socio-cultural integration and promoting the value of living together, so that the girls can face the future with confidence. We always work in collaboration with the families and, whenever fitting, we keep in contact with the schools our participants attend.

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These are intended to educate leisure time management and to develop skills and multiple intelligences. A variety of activities, such as basketball, crafts, art, cultural outings, guitar and cookery have been carried out this year.

OTHER ACTIVITIES 21st Abril 2018


Terral participants attended the “Living Together is Easy” children´s party in Montjüic Castle..

2nd June 2018

3rd December 2017

Terral´s Choir

The Lion King

Terral played “King Lion” at the “Centro Gallego de Barcelona”.

Terral girls choir performed at the “We Sing The Messiah”concert in the “Palau de la Música Catalana”.

5th January 2018

Football Club Barcelona Terral Senior girls attended the open training of Barcelona Football Club.

10th June 2018

Palau de la Música Terral girls choir performed at the final concert of choirs in the project Clavé XXI project at the “Palau de la Música Catalana”

24th and 25th March 2018

Holy Week Workshop

A Workshop for the ESO and High school girls was held in St. Andreu de LLavaneras. 7

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6th Terral Writing Contest 6th Terral Writing Contest: “Barcelona and the Mediterranean”. The judges were Mrs. Plarin Bayés (Cartonist and “ninotaire”), Enriqueta de la Fuente (PhD in Philology and expert in scenic arts), Felipe Vicente (PhD in History and Professor) and Josep Otón (PhD in History and High School teacher).

SUMMER PROGRAMME A one-month programme combining culture, sports, inter-personal relations, excursions and activities to learn about Catalonia.

PROGRAMME FOR WOMEN Basic Programmes These programmes are addressed to women above 16. Their objective is to overcome situations of social exclusion and to develop skills to access the labour market.

Programme on Basic Language

Cookery and Fashion Programmes

Language is the basic tool for communication and integration of newcomers. The knowledge of Catalan and Spanish prevents staying in closed circles and improves the chances of getting a job.

The Cookery and Fashion Programmes offered by Terral provide the participants with basic training to improve their homework and domestic tasks in their own homes as well as to develop professional skills..


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Training Sessions for Parents These are run by Miguel Asensio, family counsellor, and Irene Porta, family psychotherapist and head of Internal Communication at MC Mutual

28 November and 10 December 2017

Christmas Decoration and Cookery Sessions on Christmas decoration and cookery for mothers.

28th September 2017

Beginning of the year Session Presentation of the year objectives 25th January 2018

Second Session

14 December 2017

Christmas Celebration Terral Christmas Celebration for parents, girls and volunteers was held at Hotel Oriente. We thank Atiram Hotels for their cooperation.

It was held by Mr. Miguel Asensio, family counsellor, under the title “Educating for Peace”. 17th April 2018

Third Session

The topic of the session was “Hope for the Future: Educating in the Truth”. It was facilitated by Mrs. Irene Porta, responsible of internal communication in MC Mutual and family psychotherapist.

The involvement of parents in the education of their children is an objective of the social cohesion project driven by Terral When parents help and support their children in their studies, the family has more chances to move ahead. Parents are the decisive change agents. Parent school includes lectures and personal counselling.

13 May 2018

Family Outing to Reus We thank “Autocares Julià” for their cooperation.


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THE VOLUNTEERS The volunteers are in charge of the 1@1 programme follow up, they coordinate the training, the computer system and the different programmes. They also carry out other tasks like taking care of the front-office and the library. They are University and Post Graduate students, retired teachers, professionals or housewives, and come from all social backgrounds. The age range goes from 18 to above 80. Each one collaborates according to her possibilities in the field which is more suited to their own skills and interests. The training of the volunteers takes place through term sessions and brief monthly meetings where the month objectives (TOM) are transmitted.

The volunteers are a positive referent for women of the neighbourhood

Training Sessions 5 November 2017

Beginning of the Year Meeting Beginning of the year meeting for the volunteers.

18 January 2018

Second Volunteer Training Session The “Authority and Follow-up” session, was facilitated by Mrs. Mireia Lodroño, expert in Education.

12 April 2018

Third Volunteer Training Session The session under the title “Am I a Good Communicator?” was facilitated by Mrs. Mª Pilar Buil who holds a PHD in Information Science and is an Advertising and Public Relations lecturer. 10

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A TESTIMONY Summner “Casal” 2018

Terral, an unknown social Project in Barcelona, one of the richest towns in Spain … Why would they need our help? Well, to our surprise, it was very much needed! Raval Quarter is one of the poorest in Barcelona with high levels of prostitution and drug addiction. A majority of people living here are from Filipino background. On the first day we were rather nervous. They had explained to us what we had to do, but we felt a great responsibility on us. If we had to describe what such voluntary work is all about, we could say that it consists of organizing cultural and fun activities with girls aged 4 to 16. But, actually, it is much more than that. We had a great mission in our hands: widening the horizons of those girls, helping them to set targets to fight for, awake new interests in them … At the beginning it was difficult to make them understand that we were not from Barcelona, that there were other towns, and even other countries outside the Raval area …; that they could become what they wished, yes, what they wished, because whoever has a reason to live can endure almost any “how he or she lives ”.

It was a very intense week in which besides the voluntary work morning and afternoon (9.00am – 5.30pm), we, the volunteers culturally enriched ourselves by visiting around Barcelona in the evenings. Likewise, we got to know ourselves better, and we made new friends. The social work of Terral has something special which makes it different. The girls are not feeling hungry, they have clothing, they go to school …, still they lack what is most important. As Mother Theresa of Calcuta said, there are many children in the world who die for lacking a piece of bread but there are many more who die for lack of a little bit of love. Poverty in the West is a different kind of poverty, it is not only a poverty of loneliness, but also of spirituality. There is hunger for love, as there is hunger of God. Terral made us reflect and assume the responsibility we have of serving the others because the life of one who does not live to serve, is not a useful life.

We were warned that we would be very tired at the end of the week. Yes, we were tired , but it was so gratifying! We did all sort of activities with the girls; we visited the Chocolate Museum, we went swimming and to the amusement park. When we were not able to move on, when we were exhausted physically and mentally, we looked at the eyes of those children and at their faces radiating so much happiness, and then we felt the need to give thanks, many thanks, for having the chance of contributing to their happiness. There is nothing new on saying that there is more joy in giving than in receiving. The days were long but the week went away very quickly, and we grew a lot both personally and spiritually. 11

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FINANCING “Fundación Raval Solidari”, the owner of the premises, promotes the activities of Terral and ensures its economic viability. Sponsoring of students and donations to “Fundación Raval Solidari” are welcome as a way to cooperate with Terral. Donations are tax deductible from both “Impuesto sobre la Renta” and “Impuesto de sociedades”. Contribution from the participants The participants contribute with 90 euros per year. In such a way they appreciate more what they receive, they learn how to save this money and become more responsible in the care of the installations. The resources obtained have been € 179,199.10

Collaborate with Terral You can contribute by offering your time or helping financially. If you wish to make a bank transfer you can make it to the following account of “Raval en Acció Assoc.”:


Source of funds Sponsors and contributions: 63% “Fundación Raval Solidari”: 18% Participants and activities: 11% Official grants: 8%

Breakdown of expenses Personnel: 52%

General expenses: 37%

Activities expenses: 8% Depreciation 3%

ES63 2100 3272 95 2200108281 LA CAIXA

With the support of

Address: Nou de la Rambla 11-13, Baixos, 08001 Barcelona. TEL. 93 317 55 21 EMAIL WEB

Profile for Terral Raval en Acció, Assoc

Annual Report 201//2018  

Annual Report 201//2018  


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