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Mike Shegog in his Meteor at the Annual Rally at Cruden Farm Photo Leah Kessner AUSTIN 7 CLUB INC. Reg No. A0003290N P.O. BOX 462 MOORABBIN VIC 3189 CLUB TEL: (03) 9532-3277

At the Presentation Lunch the Swallow was a popular attraction for both A7 enthusiasts and the public Photos by Ron Crellin

A coming attraction at Historic Winton will be the 1927 Lancia Meadows. See article

THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

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Magazine of the Austin 7 Club Inc. in its 60th year Foundation Patron of the Club Col. A.C.R. Waite, MC., OstJ., DL., JP., Freeman of the City of London 1894 - 1991 February 2009 4 Wed 7 Sat 8 Sun 9 Mon 11 Wed 14 Sat 18 Wed 22 Sun

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March 2009 1 Sun 7 4 Wed 7 7 Sat 7 11 Wed 7 13-15 Fri-Sun 15 Sun 7 16 Mon 7 17 Tues 18 Wed 7 21 Sat 7 21-27 Sat-Fri 22 Sun 7 26-29 Thurs-Mon 28 Sat April 2009 1 Wed 4 Sat 4 Sat 5 Sun 5 Sun

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MGM / Spares BBQ & Spares Picnic at Hanging Rock OST Meeting Committee Meeting Progressive Dinner HAS / Spares Guest Speaker Bob Watson Car Rally (OST Group to organize) Inter Club OST/Motorkhana MGM / Spares BBQ & Spares Committee Meeting Phillip Island Classic Austin 7, Day Run To PI and Display OST Meeting Mid Week Hillclimb Rob Roy HAS / Spares. Bush Dance at Jaguar Car Club RACV Fly the Flag North East Tour Kalorama Day Run Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Eddington Sprints MGM / Spares BBQ & Spares and Craft Day OST Pre Season BBQ OST 1 Shannons American Motoring Show - AOMC at Flemington

For explanations and times of meetings, see Calendar Notes on Page 8

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THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

President’s Message I hope that this is in time for the Jan/Feb “Lightshaft”, but both the Editor and I have been suffering ‘Computer “problems. Happy New Year and welcome to another year of terrific Austin 7 motoring. After the peace and quiet of the festive season it will be great to get back to Austin 7 motoring. Many of us did and there was a roll up of nearly 20 ‘7s’ at the informal get together, Picnic in the Park, and quite a crowd of people without their cars. It was a great start to the year, although I had spent the holiday break putting a 4 speed gear box in the Chummy. I promise to write an article on the problems encountered, as the “Companion” does not contain all of the ‘inside’ information. I also spent a couple of days at Castlemaine with Grant Cowie getting my racing ‘raid’ car back together, and it should appear at Phillip Island with Stuart driving. Daniel Clark, who is apprenticed to Grant, was involved as well in the project. I lunched with Roger Dupont (who was a former member years ago), and discovered that he had purchased, in an Opp Shop, a photo of cars at Marrouba in 1931. Featured was a Gordon England bodied Austin 7. I have had the photo copied for Beatrice Canning Brown - who wrote the Competition History – and for the Club. Tony Johns (Life Member) has a book of Austin 7 interest entitled “Goodwood Revival – The First 10 Years” by Doug Nye and the first two chapters have references to our favourite car. As we all know Freddie March, the 9th Duke of Richmond & Gordon co-drove an Ulster in 1930 with “Sammy” Davis to win the BRDC 500 mile race, and co-drove with our Patron Emeritus, Colonel Arthur Waite MC in the Double 12 at Brooklands where they won their class. It is a large ‘coffee table’ type of book, and I recommend it to Austin 7 ‘racing enthusiasts’. The price is $120.00. Peter Sortwell, our Competent Competition Secretary has prepared a great calendar of events which our Editor, Robert Humphreys will publish. The first competition event to mark in your calendar is the ‘Funkhana” at the Logan’s on the 1st March 2009. It will be suitable for your children to compete in your Austin 7 – so be there. See you at the first meeting for the year. Graeme


THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

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MEMBERSHIP REMINDER - SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are due for payment before 31 December 2008. If you have not paid your membership you are now UNFINANCIAL. Notice is hereby given that all members who have not paid their outstanding subscriptions by the last day in February will cease to be members and will be removed from the Membership Register. Should they later wish to join as Full, Remote or Associate Members they will be required to join the club and pay the joining fee in addition to the annual subscription. Please consider this as a notice in writing as prescribed in Club Rule 6.10. Present Subscriptions and Joining Fees are:

Full Members

$80 per annum

Associate Members

$80 per annum

Remote Associate

$50 per annum

Junior Associate, Spouse Associate and OST Passenger Associate $22 per annum

Joining Fee for Full, Associate, Remote Associate and Family Subscription

Family Subscription


$105 per annum


KITCHEN ROSTER A roster has been prepared for the year, if you are not available for the nominated night, please arrange an alternate “volunteer“ or, alternately, talk to the Secretary. If you aren’t on the roster and would like to volunteer, talk to the Secretary. “Volunteers” are expected to arrange milk and after consulting together on type of supper may wish to spend up to $25. FEBRUARY MGM








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THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

VALE Lionel Howard Snr A number of club members attended the funeral of Lionel Howard Snr, and well remembered his enthusiasm for the Austin 7 Club, and his regular attendance (up until recent years) on club events. Together with his wife, Althea, Lionel could always be guaranteed to provide a cheery welcome to all. Carlene “Carly” Bartlett Carlene, wife of Ivan Bartlett, died recently aged 62 at Trinity Beach in Queensland. For many years Carlene was passenger for Ivan in OSTs in the Bugaratti, (which Ivan built and is now with Geoff Taylor). Carly’s daughter Kate has compiled a 35 minute memorial DVD of Carly’s life. If interested in a free copy please write to Kate Palmer, Unit 405, 2 Keem St Trinity Beach QLD 4879 - 0407 434 501 for all enquiries. Don Rogers--an 'Okka' man! 1926 to 2008 Don Rogers grew up in Brighton during the 1930s. His father never owned a car (though he did race motorbikes in England) and Don was car crazy. He'd stop and ask questions of tradies about their cement mixer engines, of owners about their exotic cars, of anyone about anything mechanical. He bought his first car when he was thirteen, a bull-nose Morris, and worked for the dealer as a mechanic to pay it off. His friends all had cars too, and Don was full of stories about their escapades. Once he and a friend drove down St Kilda Rd sitting on the sun-roof of his friend's Riley, Don steering with his feet and pushing the accelerator with a broom handle. He showed talent as an artist very early on, but was told by his parents to get a real job. So he apprenticed himself as a toolmaker when he left school, finding himself in a 'Protected Industry' during the war. That was no fun. So as soon as he could leave, he and some mates joined up together. He used to say that the Japs heard he was coming and decided to quit, but he was in jungle warfare training at Kanungra at the time, and had to do it three times while they worked out what to do with these new soldiers. Thinking that he'd be polishing boots for the rest of his life, Don volunteered to go to Japan in the Occupation Forces. He was a driver in the Salvage Corps: a position he never really left (he loved driving and he'd salvage anything he thought was valuable that was heading to the dump). After his service in Japan, he came back to Victoria and took advantage of the government's retraining scheme to get a qualification as a commercial artist. To supplement his income, he bought and sold Austin Sevens. Any that weren't worth reselling, he'd strip for parts. Lots of 'Okkas' went though his hands. One day his Okka was parked outside the Athenaeum in

THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

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VALE Collins St and he found a note by a man saying they'd started a club for Austin Seven owners like him, so he joined the A7 Club. There was a time when he thought too many usable cars were being stripped to build specials, so he resigned from the club, but he later came back and joined again when the pendulum swung back. He worked for Brooklands Accessories in advertising, Commonwealth Aircraft Corp'n. as a draftsman/ illustrator, the PMG's Dept. drawing posters to "Post early before Christmas" and illustrating safety booklets, and finally as an art teacher at Syndal Tech--all with his flare for drawing people and mechanical things. He'd gone to Brighton Tech with a boy who had a pretty, blond, sister, but it wasn't till the early fifties that he saw her again (at a Sunday School Anniversary that he was speaking at) and got interested. He and Betty married in 1953 and lived in Elwood, Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley and (after retiring) Kerang. He had a two car brick garage in Elwood, but every move after that meant building a bigger shed than before to house his growing collection of Austin Seven parts, cars, stationary engines and memorabilia. As an art teacher at Syndal Tech, he started an Engine Club for the boys who were more interested in engines than sport. They'd head for Don and Betty's garage every Wednesday during the Sports period. The boys had to fill out a sheet that asked questions about ignition, cooling, fuel, etc.--and only when they'd correctly answered those questions, were they allowed to start the engine. He always said that once he'd got two of anything, he'd started a collection. That included kids (seven of them, "the perfect number" he used to say), stationary engines, cars ('24 Tmodel, '28 A-model, '29 A7 Chummy (bought off John Stamp and totally rebuilt) and a '32 A7 'Ulster' (bought off John Potter and rebuilt with the best of Don's 'goodies'). He also collected Walden Worcester tools, MMBW water meters, car badges and hubcaps, locks and keys, gramophones, 78rpm records, Luke Short novels--you name it, he probably had it, or

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THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

VALE was starting another collection! Betty was always supportive and travelled widely with him to car and engine rallies. They were active members of the Kerang Baptist Church, the Kerang & District Vintage Motor Club, and the Border Flywheelers Club. He was an Okka man, through and through. His sketchbooks are full of illustrations of better ways to rebuild Okka front axles, install collets on valves, lubricate crankshafts, etc. and some of the devices he fabricated from these drawings are in his 'special tools' drawer. His favourite car was the Okka chassis he named 'Starkers'. It has a one gallon petrol tank, a bench seat and lots of places to hang on. One friend said that when he told his kids that Don had died they said, "He was cool!" And that was true. He believed that God had made everybody creative and curious. He had an insatiable appetite for knowledge and always enjoyed life to the full. That made him a good husband, a great father and a terrific grandfather. Inevitably, Don's museum of a garage is having to be disposed of. One son is buying 'Starkers' from the estate, a friend of Don's has already bought the A-model, and Elders have been called in to help dispose of the remainder. A Clearing Sale has been set for Saturday, February the 28th, 2009 at 10am. The T-model (mechanically perfect but with the body deliberately left as found) and the '29 Chummy with hydraulic brakes, modern universals, high-lift cam, indicators, beautiful twotone green paintwork and brand-new hood, will both be sold. Don sold a lot of his A7 stuff to the Club before they moved to Kerang, but there's still five of everything Okka left: crankcases, blocks, heads, front axles, crown-wheels and pinions; and varying numbers of rims, tyres and tubes, headlamps, sidelights, etc. There are stationary engines, iron axles, wheels and transporters, tools, switches, magnetos, car books, manuals, etc. If you've managed to save up again after Christmas, then take your trailer. Ring Martin for more details on 0425 727 555. All articles are going to auction, no private offers will be accepted.

Calendar Notes A R S 7

Event counts towards the 750 Shield and Frank Walter Trophy,. Event counts towards the John Fleming and Ken Stuchbery trophies Event counts towards the Sprint – Hillclimb and Doc Grosvenor trophies. An event conducted by the Austin 7 Club All events advertised are red plate events. MGM Monthly General Meeting – Commences 8.00 p.m. promptly HAS Hot Air Session – Commences at 8.15 p.m. if a speaker scheduled (All the above meetings are held at the Club Rooms unless otherwise advised in the Light Shaft). O.S.T. Meeting Held at AJS Engineering— 377 Bayswater Rd, Bayswater, Melway 64 G 2 AUSTIN 7 CLUB ROOMS - UNIT 8, 19-23, KYLIE PLACE, CHELTENHAM NORTH. VIC.TORIA AUSTRALIA PHONE (03) 9532-3277

THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

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COMING EVENTS Annual General Meeting – Annual report - 4 February 2008 The Annual General Meeting was adjourned from the meeting of 1 October, awaiting the auditor’s report, and will be reconvened on 4 February.

Other Social Events for 2009 Saturday 25th April

Social Night

Sunday 17th May

Run to the Werribee Zoo


Sunday 19 July

Christmas in July

Helen Shegog

PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK - Sunday 8 February 2009 The 2008 picnic attracted in excess of 2,500 display vehicles. 2009 will see the event focusing on the core display vehicles, being Veteran, Vintage, Classic and special interest vehicles. $20 for display or spectator vehicles. Gates open at 7:30am. Macedon Ranges and District Motor Club - Event Coordinator is Graham Williams 0419 393 023

St Valentines Day Progressive Dinner, Saturday 14 February 2009 The first course will be at the home of Julie & Peter Langford, 12 Albert Street, Surrey Hills at 6pm. We have made it early as we have to move on to the next house. The main course will be at Carole & Len Kerwoods, 18 Hebden Street,Greensborough. Then the sweets course will be held at the home of Helen & Ron Crellin, 7 The Eyrie, Eltham. The cost is $20.00 per head and BYO drinks. As it is St Valentines day, dress will be red and white or something romantic. It would be a good idea to look up the directions before the event, but I will have maps for those who need them. Can you please pay me at the MGM in February as we are having a caterer for the main course and need to know the numbers by the MGM. The more the merrier!! Helen Shegog or Dell Bester

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THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

COMING EVENTS cont. Hot Air Session - Wednesday 18 February - Bob Watson Guest Speaker Bob, who has recently rejoined the A7 Club, has been professionally active in motor sport all his working life, and is a highly entertaining speaker. Having performed at the elite level in Rallies, winning both State and National Championships, and also competing at Bathurst, whilst at the same time working as an engineer for GMH gives him a rare insight into the motor sport world. This club may well claim that it was his grounding of building Austin 7s, and competing in OSTs and Road Trials that provided an effective apprenticeship to compete in a wide variety of motor sport.

CAR RALLY - Sunday 22 February 2009 This year the trip is no more than 20km’s long, and should take approx 1 hour or less. Start time is at 10.00am, at 31 Vert Ave, Narre Warren Sth. ( Andrew Cox’s place) Morning tea will be supplied. We will supply the b.b.q, to cook your lunch please bring your own food and drinks. Entry is free and there are no freeways to travel on. We will be doing a different format than last year. You will need to bring along a Melways and pen. We hope to have the first car leave at 10.30am sharp and every other car at 5 min intervals. Any questions or to let me know you are attending, please call Andrew Cox on 8794-9083 after hours.

FUNKHANA - Sunday 1 March 2009 Austin 7 Club / MG Car Club Challenge We have invited the MG Car Club to a Funkhana (Like a Motorkhana with the emphasis on having a good time) and hopefully this can become an annual event for the A7/MG trophy. The format of the event will be in two parts. 1:- Motorkhana type tests for all types of cars. This will require membership of the A7 or MG club and a CAMS license. If you don’t have a CAMS license the club will be selling level 1 CAMS licenses for $25.00, this will enable competition in one event only but can be upgraded to a level 2 at a later stage.

THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

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COMING EVENTS cont. 2:- Novice test event for all types of cars. This is a non timed event and is aimed at members who may not feel confident competing in the Motorkhana. It will be open to all A7 and MG club members over the age of 12 years. Note that NO CAMS license is required for this event. This will be a fun, low key event that is suitable for all Austin 7’s, MG’s and other cars. The format of the event will be determined by the weather conditions and the competitors, with a BBQ Lunch and or Tea and a swim in the pool, BYO meat and drinks for the BBQ. Lets have a good showing especially Austin 7’s and show the MG people how to drive. The surface is Grass. 9.30 arrival for a 10.30 start. Enter on the day $20.00 Venue – The Logan farm, 192 Bittern-Dromana Road, Merricks North. (Melway 161 F8). Peter Sortwell 0408 992 203. P S Competitors taking this event to seriously may be chastised by other competitors and officials.

Bush Dance at the Jaguar Car Club - Saturday 21 March 2009 A great venue for the Bushwahzee Bush Band and Social get together for members. The location is the Jaguar Car Club, 23 Rosalie Street, Springvale (Melways 347 M10). Saturday 21st March at 7.30pm, the cost is $20.00 per head, drinks at bar prices and supper provided. Come and see other members try the bush dance or try it yourselves and bring your friends. Get into the bush spirit and dress accordingly. Tickets: Helen Shegog 9587 0332

THE AUSTIN 7 CLUB ROOMS AND SPARES DEPARTMENT ARE LOCATED AT UNIT 8, 19-23, KYLIE PLACE,CHELTENHAM NORTH. CLUBROOM PHONE (03) 9532-3277 Spares are open:M.G.M. from 7.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m., H.A.S. from 7.45 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. , and between 2:00 p.m. and 4 p.m. on the Saturday following the M.G.M. (or the following Saturday if the former clashes with a Club Event) Spares can be ordered by mail from: Janne & Robert Humphreys, 27 Peters Drive, Cheltenham Vic 3192 All other correspondence to the Secretary: Austin 7 Club Inc. P O Box 462, Moorabbin. Vic 3189

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THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

COMING EVENTS cont. Craft Day on Saturday 4 April 2009 at the Club Rooms Finish your quilts, paintings or woodwork and bring them to display or sell at the Austin 7 Craft Day on Saturday 4th April at the club rooms at 11.30am. This is a chance to show us your hidden talents. If you have some exhibits please let Ilona Booth, Fay Stuchbery or Helen Shegog know. Spares will be open and the barbeque will be on. There will be afternoon tea available.

RACV Classic Showcase - Sunday 17 May 2009 Flemington racecourse members car park Please note later time for entrants entry from 9.30 am All the usual attractions plus the Car of the Show award and the AOMC trophy for the best club display. Catering, music, trade displays, trophies, spot prizes. Down load the event flier from the website or call the enquiry number below for your copy. Club space bookings to Philip 03 9807 9096 Help us to celebrate National Motoring Heritage Day by bringing your historic classic or collector vehicle to the RACV Classic Showcase Enquiries

9890 0524

OST Gala Ball 1 August 2009 Hi all, We are preparing for the 60th year of OST with a dinner on Saturday the 1st August 2009. If anybody knows the whereabouts of any past competitors, officials etc could you please let me know their contact details. We will be sending invitations to guests in the new year. Cheers Andrew Cox.


THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

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COMING EVENTS cont. Baskerville Historic Race Meeting 26—27 September 2009 The Raceway , and the MG Car Club of Tasmania, are celebrating 50th Anniversaries by hosting a two day Historic Race Meeting, including Historic Regularity. Being a tight, 7 turn, 2km circuit designed in the 1950s, it is ideally suited to classic sports cars, and other historic racing categories. If Interested - Contact Rob Wilmot Fax (03( 6229 3579

Mob. 0400 193 579

60th Birthday Celebration 2010 We are celebrating the 60th birthday of the Austin 7 Club in the year 2010. We will be having 3 or 4 big events to celebrate the achievements of our Club. A Major event will be an Austin 7 only trip to Tasmania in February 2010. Plan your holidays now and join in this great event. Helen Shegog Austin 7 Club 60TH Birthday Tassie Trip 2010 Expressions of interest are invited for the Tasmania Trip for the Austin 7s, planned for late February 2010. We are planning to do a 14 day trip around Tasmania staying at Launceston, Freycinet National Park, Strahan, Cradle Mountain and other places of interest. There will be a limited number of places available mainly because of accommodation, so we are asking for a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 per car to secure your booking. Make out your cheque to the Austin 7 Club and send to Bev Logan, 192 Bittern Dromana Rd, Merricks North, 3926. Shegogs, Logans, & John McMillan

FOR THE MORE ENTHUSIASTIC TRAVELLERS The next NZ International Rally will be centred around Wanganui on the west coast, in the southern end of the North Island. Surely we should be able to send a couple of containers of A7s for the Rally. It will be from 17th to 27th January 2012. More info in previous Lightshafts

Richard Unkles

9857 9417

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THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

COMING EVENTS cont. HISTORIC WINTON 30—31 MAY 2009 The coming Historic Winton will again showcase a huge array of historic vehicles, both competing and in the spectator car parks. There will also be a range of Great Aussie Specials. Here’s the story of one of these. 1927 LANCIA MEADOWS single seater - Rob Harcourt The sight of a single seater chain gang Fraser Nash in full flight over the first crest at Collingrove Hillclimb, South Australia in 1961 inspired me to own a vintage racing car. My dreams of owning a Type 35 Bugatti, P3 Alfa Romeo or a Talbot Darraqc was not possible as I was a University student so I decided to build the next best thing, a “Vintage Special”. In 1967 I found a car in Broken Hill called the Meadows Special and then I acquired a Lancia Lambda Special without an engine from Melbourne. I combined the best of each to create the Lancia Meadows and competed at the 1968 Collingrove Vintage Hillclimb. My goal then was to beat the times of my earlier dream cars. In the next 3 years I bettered the times of the Bugatti, Alfa Romeo and the Talbot Darraqc culminating in setting a new hillclimb record at Collingrove for prewar cars of 39.7 seconds, breaking that illusive 40 second barrier. Over the past 40 years the Lancia Meadows and I have travelled the eastern states of Australia, sometimes winning, sometimes not, but always enjoying the thrill of competing in a car I have created. The Lancia Meadows has competed at Collingrove , Mallala, AIR, Adelaide Grand Prix, Philip Island, Winton, Lakeland Hillclimb, Geelong Sprints, Leyburn Sprints, Mt. Tarengower Hillclimb, Amaroo, Oran Park, Eastern Creek, Wakefield Park, Grafton Hillclimb, Lakeside, Surfers Paradise, Albert Park, Picnic Point Hillclimb, Mt. Cotton Hillclimb, Noosa Hillclimb, Rob Roy Hillclimb, Speed on Tweed, a sprint at the old Leyburn Circuit and has held the lap record for Group J at Amaroo, Oran Park, Lakeside and Eastern Creek. In addition both my sons have enjoyed competing in regularity events at the various circuits. One year at Philip Island the Lancia did 256 kilometers in racing and regularity events. The chassis is 5th series Lancia Lambda, front end, differential, gearbox and brakes are 7th series Lancia Lambda and the motor is a 1923, 4 cylinder Meadows of 3.0 litre capacity. This coming Historic Winton 2009 meeting commemorates 40 years of circuit racing for myself and the Lancia Meadows.

THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

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PAST EVENTS Austin 7 Christmas Presentation Lunch at Club Kilsyth. The Annual Christmas Presentation lunch was held at Club Kilsyth on Sunday December 7th. There was good turn up of Austin sevens, about twenty in all. They all looked great lined up in the car park, and included a rare Austin 7 Swallow that had such luxuries as a pull down blind for the rear window and a spot for your ladies rouge and lipstick in the glove box. We all enjoyed a three course Christmas lunch in a private function room complete with Christmas decorations and Bon Bons. Ken kept us entertained during the afternoon by handing out prizes to those who had the matching playing card, to a card randomly drawn from a deck. His system seemed flawed as most of the prizes went to one table. A number of awards were presented (Ed see following list) Many thanks to Ken Courtney for organising a lovely afternoon. Colin & Maria Cheesman Trophies 2008 Annual Rally, Transport Class

Graeme & Bev Logan

Annual Rally, Showroom Class

Colin & Maria Chessman

Annual Rally, Director’s Choice

Russel Dickson

Annual Rally, Special/Replica

Phillip Hallo

Annual Rally, Sports

Dennis Hourigan

Annual Rally, Under Restoration

Ken Courtney

Annual Rally, Racing

Trevor Cole

Ken Stuchbery Trophy

Bill Morling

Sprint & Hillclimb

John Marriott

Doc Grosvenor Trophy

Allan Tyrell

John Fleming Trophy

Paul Boatwright

Frank Walter Trophy

Geoff Taylor

Seven – Fifty Motor Club Shield

Bev Logan

Dale Shaw Trophy

Andrew Stritch

John Pryce Memorial Trophy

Grant Campbell

Excelsior Cup

Ryan Blanch

Grant Campbell Trophy

Ryan Blanche

Geoff Taylor Trophy

Grant Campbell

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THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

GO WEST OLD MAN Playing in the Victorian veterans table tennis team for the past 9 years has enabled me to visit all the States for the Australian championships in rotation, but usually I don’t have time to do anything but compete. This year, my second visit to Perth, I was determined to allow time to do something worthwhile re Austin Sevens, so I arrived 2 days before the championships and stayed an extra day after. It was well worthwhile. Firstly, one day Hugh Fryer (an ex-Kiwi) picked me up from my digs in one of his specials, built by the well-known Gordon Routledge in New Zealand. Many would remember Gordon from his visits here, including our Club’s Diamond Rally at Greensborough. The special flew us around to visit Barry Ryle, who now only has three Sevens – a Chummy, a sports special & an unrestored ‘33 - since selling the famous Super Sports off to the UK. His other beautifully restored cars and the latest motor-home he’s building were also worth the visit. I phoned Charlie Mitchell, a regular competitor in recent years at Historic Winton in his group Lb T.S special. Many would not know that he also is an Austin Seven owner – he has the first of the twelve pointy-tailed “Austral” bodies I built (same as Ken Stuchbery’s) – but I sadly ran out of time to get down to photograph it. I also tried to catch up with Clive Ball (writer of “Seven years with Samantha” on his round-the-world trip in a 7 saloon) again, but without success. Every year the Western Australian club has a weekend Rally down to the Harvey area, south of Fremantle. I can see why Ilona and Bob Booth enjoyed the same rally a few years back. As I could only partake on the second day, Hugh generously loaned me his 4 wheel drive to catch up on the Rally. He’d already loaned his two specials to Club members and was in his 1925 Chummy for the weekend. When I arrived. 23 cars were lined up for photographs. This was a great effort as (a) many members had other Sevens left at home and (b) it’s not all that long since the Club was formed with only six cars. Amongst the members present were Tom the Pom Newsome and Lois, (years ago Tom drove his Ruby saloon “Egbert” from Melbourne England to Melbourne Here and stayed on in Australia as did Clive Ball), Tito their spares man, John Bannister, visitor-from-England-and-7-owner George Jones, etc. Tom asked about a heap of people from our club and sends his regards. Paul Egerton-Green kindly loaned me his ’29

The Victorian Club Permit Scheme Don’t forget that when driving a vehicle on the VicRoads Club Permit Scheme that the event that you are attending is conducted by a VicRoads Approved Club or Association, and you have documentation to confirm when the event is being conducted. Otherwise you will require a “Special Use” permit.

THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

Page 17

Chummy for the drive back to Harvey and his place, where all assembled in his very interesting garage. Apart from another reposing Seven, the place was stacked with motoring memorabilia. Of particular interest to me was a working Wolseley sheep-shearing machine (and you should know that Herbert Austin was somewhat involved in that!). To perhaps spoil the members’ day, Paul set me up with a microphone and got me to give a talk and answer questions on historical matters, then he played a couple of very interesting videos. Tom the Pom’s talk on wind-up gramophones was sadly cut short as the Rally people wanted to be off back to Perth. For much of the return trip I drove Hugh’s kindlyloaned 1925 Chummy, which brought back memories. The ’25 that I used to own is now in Perth, but because of having some work done on it, it wasn’t on the rally. I haven’t mentioned that the whole weekend was rather hot, so after I’d established that driving in the two open cars had sunburned me enough, I got back into the air-conditioned 4-wheel-drive for the last leg. The contact with their Club was interesting and most enjoyable - not only was I grateful for their friendly hospitality, but hope one day to repeat the dose. Bill Sheehan

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THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009



Speedo, black face PA model

Short wheelbase full rolling chassis, 19” wheels.

Switchbox, Lucas - coil ignition model Switchbox, Lucas—magneto ignition model Lucas RH7, 7” Headlights - pair W Styles 03 9592 1672 FOR SALE Austin 7 Ruby. Unfinished project.

Magneto engine, gearbox, fuel tank, radiator & surround. 2 cycle guards 4

- 16” wheels

$900 or offer John Viccars

Requires interior and duco.

North Ringwood


9876 6083

Julie Thomson 95787602.

THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

Page 19

The Victorian Club Permit Scheme Don’t forget that when driving a vehicle on the VicRoads Club Permit Scheme that:* The receipted VicRoads Permit Certificate, Current Renewal and any Special Use Voucher (if applicable) MUST be carried in the vehicle at all times, AND you are also advised to carry in the vehicle: * A copy of the Victorian Club Permit Scheme Handbook, AND * A copy of the Club Newsletter or Newspaper or other notice giving details of the event. Owners of Club Permit vehicles MUST maintain financial membership at all times. Your Club Permit Officer is our Membership Secretary—Geoff Taylor When Geoff is not available Robert Humphreys can act as Club Permit Officer Remember to plan ahead if you need a Club Permit application, renewal or Special Use voucher signed or issued.


27 Peters Drive

Cheltenham 3192

OR Phone (03) 9583 6316







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THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009


Flat to road car tyres


Sell $150.00.

Made in Australia for you

Part No. 0568 Bumper bolts, oval head, Ruby Suit: 1934-1938 $13 each Part No. 1535 Coil Magneto conversion

Photos by Leah Kessner

$320 each

Part No. 1529 Water inlet – side – modified 4 hole Suit: all $63 each

THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

Page 21

MARKET PLACE Your advert will appear for two months in the Lightshaft and will, unless you advise the Editor to the contrary, appear on the Club’s website about 2 weeks after the Lightshaft. WANTED


One right front guard for 1927/28 model A7.

Rare Austin 7 Garage chart poster. By the Austin Motor Company, Longbridge Birmingham. In almost perfect condition. Measures: 34 x 22 inches approx. Illustrates all the Engine and transmission, Electrical equipment, tyres, etc and all of the servicing points. I require £450.00.for this very rare item. Post and packing is free. Robert Vince.

Graham Turner (03) 6278 7082

FOR SALE 1935 Ruby body, built by Egan of Geelong. Complete minus one front mudguard. Suitable amount of rust! $1,000-00 Graeme Logan

03 59897 344

FOR SALE Body (M.G-style) & wings to suit your lowered long-wheelbase Special, Unused. Light-weight Steel floor and tube frame with aluminium skin, no radiator shell, seats or mechanicals. Louvred bonnet sides, bonnet straps, scuttle with twin 'humps', twin glove-boxes, lowcut doors, sparewheel drum on back, numberplate bracket, wing brackets, headlamp brackets etc. Painted two-pack Light Green, wings Black enamel. Price $3500 covers cost of painting, louvring, chrome plating etc, so you get the body and wings free! Phone Bill (03) 9787 0254 or Mobile 0416 270 254.

FOR SALE 1928 Wasp Sports – complete restoration - 12 volt. See photo cover December Lightshaft. New Avon tyres, hood and side curtains and upholstery. Club registration. Brian Bester

Phone (03) 98075986

WANTED Two 15 inch wheels for A7. Allan Tyrrell

9592 9525

CLEARING SALE A Clearing Sale has been set for Saturday, February the 28th, 2009 at 10am, in Kerang, for a lifetime of Don Rogers’ accumulated cars, machinery and parts. See obituary on Page 6 to 8.

David Lowe

John McMillan

John Heagney

Robert Humphreys

Geoff Taylor






150 Parkers Rd. Parkdale 3195

10 Albany Place Bulleen. 3105

27 Peters Dr. Cheltenham. 3192

20 Winmalee Dve Glen Waverley 3150

3/44 Plummer Rd. MENTONE VIC 3194

30 Evelina Rd. Toorak 3142

12 Albert Street SURRY HILLS VIC 3127

4 Glen Drive EAGLEMONT VIC 3084



Len Kerwood & John Heagney


Manager - Geoff Taylor John Fatouros, Trevor Cole


Peter Sortwell

Geoff Taylor - (Deputy Robert Humphreys)


9727 1122 AH

9723 9933 Bus

Janne & Robert Humphreys


(03) 9583 6316


Chairman – David Lowe 9827 8124 Graeme Logan, Peter Sortwell, Rick Perry


Chairman – Michael Shegog 9587 0332 Dennis Hourigan, David Linke, Courtenay Rumble, Phil Cassie, Tony Colson, John Kessner, Brian Bester Bruce Maplestone



Grant Campbell

9787 3640

9583 6316

9827 8124 Robert Humphreys 27 Peters Dve Cheltenham 3192


Basil Van Dongen & David Lowe


Trevor Cole & Noel Wilcox 5428 2689 AH 9318 5000 Bus


O.S.T. & Motorkhana Grant Campbell 97873640

Racing & Special Construction David Lowe 9827 8124

Mechanical & Engineering Bob Booth 9546 7529 Stan Rodda 9726 9057

Model & Parts Identification, Bodywork & Literature Bill Sheehan 9787 0254 0416 270 254

Chairman – Andrew Stritch Andrew Cox P. Cain, A. Reeves

Chairman - Noel Wilcox 5428 2689 AH 9318 5000 Bus Stuart Krug, Helen Shegog, Peter Sortwell, John Kessner, Lynne Belcher, Michael Belcher, Ken Innes-Irons, Robert Humphreys, Paul Grey.



9587 0332


9850 5670

9583 6316

9560 7323

9583-6706 AH 8417 6300 Bus

9827 8124 AH






Helen Shegog

Peter Langford



Graeme Steinfort



Page 22 THE LIGHT SHAFT – January/February 2009

Photos Rob Humphreys

Right: Bev Logan managed to bag the 750 Motor Club Shield Aggregate Trophy for A7s.

Below: The Maplestones seemed to express doubt that Mike was an angel

Above: Graeme Steinfort congratulates Ken Courteny at Presentation Lunch

Right: The Cheesmans bragging over their trophies with John McMillan

A great display of Austin 7s at the start of the Presentation Lunch Run

Above Allan Tyrrell, and below John Marriott at Rob Roy Photos Martin Stubbs