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Industrial garden hoses giving swanky look to corporate gardens A lush green garden lends a classy and elegant look to your office. But, maintaining a garden is an uphill task. How many times have you found your gardener complaining that your garden hose develops kinks which have to be straighten out at regular intervals in order to water the plants. Thus, when purchasing garden hose, you want to shop for a hose that can withhold pressure and is kink resistant. To ensure this, you must go in for industrial garden hoses. Industrial garden hoses are fabricated from high quality PVC compounds that ensure maximum kink resistance and performance over time when compared to Vinyl or polyester gardening hose that are prone to cracking. Industrial garden hoses thus take care of all the outdoor watering chores. Industrial garden hoses lay flat to prevent you from getting tangled in it and falling. Also, when it comes to reel the hose in, you will find it to be very easy to lift and store away. One company that specializes in offering industrial garden hoses is Terraflex. To know more about industrial garden hoses, visit It offers a wide array of heavy duty hoses for commercial and industrial applications. As a leading manufacturer and global distributor of garden hoses, Terraflex is able to supply products to precise customer technical specification.

Types of Industrial garden hoses One of the most sought after industrial pipe hoses is the multi purpose garden hose. Some of the features of the multi purpose garden hose are as follows:       

3 Ply Construction Excellent Flexibility Good Kink Resistance Solid Brass Fitting FDA approved tube materials, Drinking water safe Flow guard collar Polished surface for abrasion and stain resistance 5 year warranty

Industrial users who just wish to use the industrial garden hoses for maintaining a garden generally go in for light duty garden hoses. Having a 3 Ply Construction, these industrial garden hoses offer good kink resistance. Fabricated from FDA approved tube materials, these hoses are also drinking water safe. They have a polished surface for abrasion and stain resistance. An improved variety of the light garden hose is the heavy-duty garden hose. It offers a 4 Ply Construction with extra thick layers that ensure maximum flexibility and maximum kink resistance. They come with a five year guarantee. Industrial users who wish to go in for an even better model can go in for anti-kink garden hoses. They have a 5 Ply Construction and come with a guarantee of 10 years. Contractor garden hoses are the best model as far as industrial garden hoses are concerned. They feature a 6 Ply Construction and come with a life time guarantee. Other features of contractor garden hoses are  Max Flexibility  Max Kink Resistance  Heavy Duty Reinforcement  Solid Brass Fitting  Protective spring to ensure no kink at faucet connection  FDA approved tube materials, Drinking water safe  Flow guard collar  Polished surface for abrasion and stain resistance For more information on industrial garden hoses, log on to