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Introduction You’re relocating to Barbados! This 166 square mile island is what we call home and we are happy to share it with you. Our people are friendly; our culture unique and living here is truly paradise. Within these pages, you will find information that will assist your needs from immigration and schools, to shopping and dining.


Work Permits

The Immigration Department regulates the entry, stay and exit of foreign nationals in Barbados. When moving to Barbados, the Immigration Department is the contact for:

There are 2 types of work permits - short term and long term. These carry an application fee of Bds$300 and a final fee. A final fee is dependent on the type of work and the length of time requested and is in accordance with the International Standard Code Fee Regulations.

• • • •

Work permits/training attachments Student visas Entry Visas Extensions of stay

Visas Dependent on your country of citizenship, and your conditions of stay, you will need an Entry Visa into Barbados. The relevant application form is available on the Barbados Immigration Department’s website. It is important to note that you cannot apply for the Entry Visa on arrival at the Port of Entry - application must be done prior to booking and confirmation of travel. Payment can be made via cash, postal money order or bank draft and can be paid by a representative on your behalf. Fees are as follows: • Single Entry: US$102.00 • Multiple Entry: US$204.00 On application for the Entry Visa, you will need the following: 1. One completed visa form 2. One cover letter 3. Two passport-size photos 4. A photocopy of the pages of your passport (including bio page with photo and other relevant information) 5. If resident in a country other than country of citizenship, proof of resident status Full details can be found at:

T: + 1 (246) 434-9000 | E: |

Short-term work permits are valid up to 11 months and it is the responsibility of the employer or ‘sponsor’ to make the application on the employee’s behalf. The documents required for short-term permit are as follows: 1. Cover letter from potential employer 2. C-3 Application form, in duplicate 3. 4 passport-sized photos 4. A Police Certificate of Character and/or a Sworn Affidavit The above documents are also relevant for training attachment. NB: A final fee is not required for training attachment. Long-term work permits are valid for up to 3 years. The documents required are as follows: 1. C-1, C-2 work permit forms (found on website), in duplicate 2. Completed Medical Form (found on website), including external X-rays 3. 4 passport-sized photos 4. 2 character references 5. Evidence of applicant’s qualifications 6. Detailed cover letter from potential employer 7. A Police Certificate of Character and/or a Sworn Affidavit 8. If you’re an entrepreneur, the following must be given: • Proof of transfer of funds for investment • Certificate of Registration/Articles of Incorporation • Related business licenses - SRL AND IBC Full details can be found at:

Corporate Relocations Student Visas In order for children to carry on studies in Barbados, they must be in possession of a valid student visa. Note that students attending tertiary institutions such as the University of the West Indies, Barbados Community College and Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic can submit application forms through their respective institution. A student visa is valid for one academic year, ending August 31st on any given year. Note also, that having a student visa does not grant permission for students to work while studying. Application for this type of visa is as follows for persons under 18 years: 1. H1 application form (found on website), in duplicate 2. H2 application form (found on website), in duplicate 3. Valid airline ticket 4. 3 passport size photos 5. Proof of parent’s or guardian’s status in Barbados/proof of consent when needed The application fee is $300 with no final fee attached. Full details can be found at:

Housing At Terra Caribbean, we have worked with persons who have relocated to Barbados, either short or long term. We understand and are sensitive to the emotional impact relocation may have on a family or individual and we aim to make the finding of a home an easy, hassle free one. Our cadre of qualified, professional real estate agents are able to offer choices from the diverse portfolio of properties which we have listed and easily match client to property in a seamless manner. In our experience, we found that persons are most likely to rent a property rather than purchase. Our database of properties is comprehensive enough to satisfy any need whether for rental or purchase.

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We can offer a list of properties on the two most popular coasts, south or west coast. Alternatively for those preferring a more inland existence or themes community living, we can have a wide selection of offerings to suit any lifestyle. In making the choice, persons usually take the below into consideration: • • • •

Proximity to school their children will attend Proximity to the office Lifestyle Housing budget

Both the south and west coasts have fabulous beaches, restaurants, cinemas and entertainment spots. However, the west coast, popularly known as the platinum coast, attracts high net worth individuals and so the more luxurious homes are found there and as a result, they attract a rental premium. In contrast, the south coast is more laid back and carries a lower rental rate. Both locations cater to the individuals’ taste, and prospective residents may choose among themed entry-controlled communities for golf, polo, or tennis with a selection of detached villas, townhouses or condominiums available. On a successful rental, we usually prepare a Lease, which is typically one year but depending on the parties, the tenant can hold the property for more than one year. The following items are usually covered in each lease: • • • • •

Names and addresses of landlord and tenant Name and address of the property being tenanted The rental rate Party to whom the monthly rental is to be paid For payment directly to an account: the account number and the name of the bank. • Length of time during which notice of termination cannot be exercised. • Length of time notice of termination may be given • Option to renew

Corporate Relocations A standard Lease also expresses the duties of both landlord and tenant. The landlord’s responsibilities includes, inter alia: • To ensure that the property is in a good habitable condition • To carry out repairs within a reasonable time • If agreed and applies - to maintain the lawns and pool • To ensure the tenant enjoys peaceful possession of the premises. The tenant’s responsibilities include, inter alia: • To keep all fixtures, fittings, furniture, etc, in good tenantable repair • To allow the landlord or an authorized agent to inspect the property to ensure it’s being well maintained • To pay for all minor maintenance and repairs Both parties sign off on the lease, agreeing to the terms and conditions set out therein. At Terra Caribbean, we usually request the initial payment of the first month’s rent, last month’s rent and a security deposit. The monies are then paid over to the landlord who is responsible for paying the commission. After this initial payment, the monthly rental fee is paid to the landlord according to the arrangements made between the parties. Apart from arrangements in which rent is paid directly to the landlord or an authorized agent, there are instances where the rent is paid directly into the landlord’s bank account.

Shipping Items to Barbados Whether you’re relocating from the USA, Europe or the Caribbean, there are several global freight handlers, which operate within Barbados. These handlers include Laparkan, A & H International and Amerijet International. After items have gone through the necessary Customs clearance procedures, you may need to store them safely, in the event you’re still house hunting. There are several storage facilities on the island where you can safely keep your items for a minimum of one month and for as long as you wish. These facilities usually charge a monthly fee plus

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a refundable security deposit, which is equivalent to one month’s rent. The rental rate is dependent on the amount of storage space required.

Schools There is a plethora of private and public schools to choose from in Barbados. The education system requires children to attend primary school from age 4 until age 11. At age 11, the child then completes the Barbados Secondary School Common Entrance Examination, better known as the ’11 Plus’ Exam. The results from this exam allow children to graduate to secondary school. All secondary schools accommodate children to age 16; however, there are several secondary schools with a sixth form level where children remain until age 18, to take CAPE exams which allows direct entry into universities of their choice. Having been a British colony, we follow the British traditions within our school system. All schools, whether public or private, require students to wear a uniform. We take great pride in our education system as children not only learn Mathematics and English, but they are open to Religious studies and Social studies. This ensures that our children are well-rounded individuals when they enter the work society or travel abroad to further their studies. The standard hours of school are 8.30 am to 3.00 pm. The choice of having a child attend a private or public school is the decision of the parent(s). Prior to making this choice, you are allowed to visit the school and meet with the relevant authorities on what the school offers and to discuss any queries you may have. Ensuring that your child is comfortable and takes advantage of what you deem is best, is imperative to his/her development.

Corporate Relocations Car Dealerships Although the island is quite small and our public transportation is reliable, there is always the comfort of having your own vehicle. The car dealerships in Barbados not only assist you in the purchase of a vehicle but also offer services in maintenance of the vehicle after you have purchased. Each dealership handles specific brands, so depending on the type of vehicle you choose, you will work together with the dealer that represents the brand you desire. There is a wide range of small to medium sized cars, large family vans, or sleek SUV’s to choose from. Some dealerships also offer financial services when purchasing. If you would prefer to lease a vehicle as opposed to purchasing one, these services are also rendered on the island. The helpful car dealership personnel make the process of obtaining a vehicle easy. They would also be happy to advise on financial arrangements if needed. In Barbados we drive on the left side of the road. In order to legally drive in Barbados, you must have a valid driver’s license as well as a Visitor’s Permit. Permits may be obtained from the Barbados Licensing Authority. Permits are valid for two months from the day of issue.

Lifestyle Whatever your individual interest, whether it be complete relaxation and casual beach bars or extreme sports and five star dining, you are sure to find it in Barbados. The west and south coast are generally tranquil with white sandy beaches and calm waters ideal for snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding and other water sports, while the east coast has a more rugged landscape and the wilder Atlantic Ocean offers up a consistent swell with large and powerful waves, ideal for surfing fans. For a fairly small island we are well known for our gastronomic talents and many restaurants and eateries can be found along our coastlines offering different dining experiences for every budget. On the South coast you can find many fine restaurants including a choice of Japanese,

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Italian and traditional Barbadian dishes, we recommend you check out the local fishing village of Oistins which is home to the infamous Friday Night Fish Fry, a predominantly local evening of dinner and dancing that attracts locals and visitors looking for an authentic island night out. St. Lawrence Gap on the south coast offers a mix of dining, partying and lounging. Further south you will find casual seaside dining and bustling beach bars and nightclubs that open late and often have live bands and dancing. Other great options for entertainment on the south include the Globe Drive In cinema, several coastal and inland shopping malls, surf schools and of course no one ever tires of the beach. On the West the dining and entertaining options are equally as plentiful. High end restaurants such as The Cliff, Cin Cin and Lonestar offer international courses with spectacular seaside ambiance while the bustling 2nd Street offers fine restaurants such as The Mews and Elbow Room that come alive after dinner, usually with live music in what feels like one big street party. For shopping, the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown houses such international high end brands as Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Cartier as well as a cinema, restaurants, art gallery and coffee shops; while Sunset Crest and the Chattel Village are home to many colorful boutiques, jewelry designers and souvenir shops. The capital, Bridgetown, consists mainly of retail stores, several business places and commercial banks, and markets for fresh local produce, as well as, the Bridgetown Port which sees the docking of many cruise ships during the season.

Corporate Relocations Supermarkets across the island offer well-known international products and brands as well as local Barbadian products and a throng of local farmers markets have developed organically over the years to include Hastings Farmers Market on the South on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, Holders Farmers Market on the West on Sunday mornings and the Brighton Farmers Market can be found in the St. George Valley on a Saturday morning; all very family friendly, all year round. The island also has a strong sporting community with several world class golf, tennis, polo, racing, triathlon, and sailing events that take place year round and encourage local participation as well as attract many visitors who enjoy the competition and island vibes. Whatever your preference or mood, you will find something that suits you and your family.

Transportation In Barbados, we have three main types of public transportation Barbados Transport Board, Mini-Buses and “ZR” vans. Your travelling experience will vary depending the mode of transport chosen. The Barbados Transport Board is government owned with large blue buses. The mini-buses are slightly smaller yellow buses and are privately owned. “ZR” vans are the smallest, white in color and are also privately owned. The standard bus fare is Bds $2.00 and does not change with mode of public transport used, or the length of the trip. It is wise to have your bus fare in hand as it must be paid as soon as you enter the bus before you take a seat. There are also taxi services across the island as well as limousine services. There is no standard fare for these types of services. The fare for using a taxi depends on the length of the drive from point A to point B. If you desire to tour the island using a taxi, it is best to ask the driver to indicate the price beforehand. The cost of limousine services depends on the company you choose and will need to be reserved prior to the time of the proposed trip.

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Relocations Directory Barbados Immigration Department

Private Primary

“Careenage House”, Wharf Road, Bridgetown, St. Michael PBX: (246) 434-4100 Work Permits: (246) 434-4135, 4179, 4180, 4185 Student Visas: (246) 434-4173, 4174 Entry Visas: (246) 434-4130, 4171 Extensions of stay: (246) 434-4134, 4137 E:

St. Gabriel’s School, Henry Lane, St. Michael Tel: (246) 436-6078 | Fax: (246) 436-6078 E: or

Car Dealerships

Private Primary and Secondary


Providence Elementary School, Francia House, St. George Tel:(246) 429-4120 | E:

NASSCO Ltd., P.O. Box 73, “Cheapstow” River Road, St. Michael PBX: (246) 227-6000 | Sales: (246) 227-6000/6020 E: Simpson Motors Ltd. Warrens, St. Michael Tel: (246) 417-7777 | Fax: (246) 425-2889 E:


Direct Car Rentals Ltd., Balls Plantations, Christ Church Tel: (246) 420-6372 | Fax: (246) 420-6391 E: Stoutes Car Rentals Ltd., Kirtons, St. Philip Tel: (246) 416-4456/57 | Fax: (246) 416-4435 E:

Housing Terra Caribbean Somerley, Worthing, Christ Church Tel: (246) 434-9000 E:

Wills Primary School, Elcourt House, Maxwell, Christ Church Tel: (246) 418-9833 | E:

St. Winifred’s School, Pine Hill, St. Michael Tel: (246) 429-3661 | Fax: (246) 228-1245 E: The Codrington School, Society, St. Joseph Tel: (246) 423-2570 Fax:(246) 423-0095 E: E: (office) The Ursuline Convent School, Collymore Rock, St. Michael Tel: (246) 426-5571 | E:

Shipping Items to Barbados Laparkan (Barbados) Ltd., Suite 103, Bldg No. 8 Harbour Rd, Harbour Industrail Estates, St. Michael, BB11145, Barbados Tel: 246) 436-5322 | F: (246) 436-5717 E:

Terra Luxury Newton House, Battaleys, St. Peter Tel: (246) 422-2618 | E:

Amerijet International, Christ Church, Barbados Tel: (246) 428-1680 | E:


South Coast Emmanuel Tours - Contact: Dreina and Willie Greenidge Tel: (246) 824-4254 / 257-9381

Nanny Services Trusted Care Providers Inc., Quarry Road Arthur Seat, St. Thomas Tel: (246) 426-9600 / 01443 719 089 (UK) E: Public Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Elsie Payne Complex, St. Michael Tel: (246) 430-2700 E: Private Preschool Happy Vale Montessori School, “Richmonds” Welches, St. Michael Tel: (246) 426-5129 E:

T: + 1 (246) 434-9000 | E: |


West Coast Xtreme Taxi Service - Contact: Ian Griffith Tel: (246) 439-8881 / 233-5864 or Jennie (246) 256-9630 Voyages Exclusif - Contact: Sherwin Williams Tel: (246) 262-0368 - luxury fleet of vehicles

Transportation Transport Board, Weymouth, Roebuck Street, St. Michael Main Office: (246) 310-3500 Marketing & Charters: (246) 310-3568, 310-3569 Customer Service: (246) 310-3572, 310-3573 E:

WESTLAND HEIGHTS 4 Westmoreland, St. James This stunning, capacious villa sits high on a ridge overlooking the Caribbean Sea and is one of only 9 properties in this exclusive gated community. The elegant design incorporates cool coral stone interiors and marble flooring, the highest quality finishes and fixtures and state of the art lighting and decor. Located within minutes of the Royal Westmoreland Golf Resort and Sugar Hill Tennis Community and many gorgeous West Coast beaches, this is an ideal property for those looking for a private yet central retreat.

B31587 5 Bedroom / 5.5 Bathroom Property Furnished Price: US$10,000

SANDY COVE 101 Derricks, St. James A splendid beachfront, executive, ground floor apartment located within the prestigious Sandy Cove development on the West Coast of the island. This spacious 3 bedroom condo features a private plunge pool, gorgeous views of the ocean and a large covered terrace ideal for al fresco meals and entertaining. There is 24 hour security on site as well as a fully equipped gym and sauna.

V30887 3 Bedroom / 3.5 Bathroom Apartment Furnished Price: US$10,000

T: + 1 (246) 434-9000 | E: |

PALM BEACH 201 Condominiums at Palm Beach, Christ Church This elegant 2nd floor condominium overlooks the calm shores of Hastings Bay and the lush tropical gardens of the Palm Beach development. The modern open plan design is complimented with contemporary furnishings and artwork and leads out to a large patio with lovely sea views and cool breezes. Palm Beach is gated and secure and tenants enjoy use of the large communal swimming pool and fitness centre. Many amenities, restaurants and shopping malls can be found nearby.

B32201 3 Bedroom / 3.5 Bathroom Property Furnished Price: US$6,000

FORT GEORGE HGTS 46 Ocean Drive North, St. Michael Located in the highly desirable Fort George Heights, this elegant home offers central convenience within a family friendly neighbourhood. Bedrooms on the first floor feature walk in closets and patios with inland views while the basement houses a large self contained one bedroom apartment. The home is modern with travertine tiles, top quality finishes and stainless steel appliances. Pool and garden maintenance are included.

V31280 5 Bedroom / 6.5 Bathroom Property Appliances Only Price: US$7,500

T: + 1 (246) 434-9000 | E: |

SECOND CHANCE Maynards 203, St. Peter A superior 5 bedroom residence in a well established St. Peter development. The first floor features a spacious modern kitchen with high vaulted ceilings and open plan dining leading down to a sunken living area and out onto the sunny pool deck complete with wet bar. Bedrooms feature built in closets and contemporary furnishings and the master bedroom has a private patio overlooking the pool deck, an ideal spot for morning coffee. The basement contains two additional bedrooms, an office, gym/exercise room and home theatre. A splendid family home in a convenient West Coast area.

B31272 5 Bedroom / 3 Bathroom / 2 Powder room Property Furnished Price: US$5,000

PORT ST. CHARLES 129 Port St. Charles, St. Peter A beautiful 3 bedroom lagoon front apartment with spacious living and dining and a wide terrace commanding sparkling views of the marina and stunning sunsets. Tastefully decorated in warm tropical colours and plantation style furnishings this is a lovely executive home within Barbados’ premier marina community. Port St. Charles residents enjoy luxury amenities on site including a large communal swimming pool, fully equipped gym and restaurant.

V31199 3 Bedroom / 3.5 Bathroom Apartment Furnished Price: US$5,000

T: + 1 (246) 434-9000 | E: |

OCEAN REEF CONDOMINIUM Worthing, Christ Church These quintessentially modern condominiums overlook a stunning bay on the charismatic South Coast of Barbados. The open plan design and decor is ultra modern and minimalist with fixtures and finishes of the highest standards. Rooms enjoy stunning views of the bay and tenants have private access to the white sandy beach with tranquil blue waters ideal for swimming. Popular shops, restaurants and amenities are all nearby.

Unit 103 First floor modern apartment with ocean views and private plunge pool. B32317 3 Bedroom / 3 Bathroom Condo Furnished US $4,500

Unit 202 This second floor unit has lovely ocean views and the added convenience of a study/den. B29581 3 Bedroom / 3 Bathroom Condo Furnished US $4,500

Unit 203 Located on the second floor, this 3 bedroom unit has an open plan design and spacious balcony overlooking the ocean. B31278 3 Bedroom / 3 Bathroom Condo Furnished US $4,500

T: + 1 (246) 434-9000 | E: |

CORNUCOPIA Polo Ridge, St. James A lovely tropical retreat with coral stone interiors, hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings and wide open spaces. Positioned on a ridge overlooking the prestigious West Coast, this executive style home offers beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea and the Holders Polo field. Set on over an acre of lush tropical gardens all rooms have access to a central dining courtyard while the outdoor pool terrace and gazebo provide lots of options for entertaining. Cornucopia is situated within easy distance to schools, amenities and popular restaurants and shops. Rent includes garden and pool maintenance

V31577 5 Bedroom / 4.5 Bathroom Property Furnished Price: US$5,000

SEA GRAPE AVENUE 19 19 High Park Meadows, St. James A modern executive home in a well established neighbourhood featuring high vaulted ceilings, a generous open plan design and lovely large covered terrace leading to the tranquil pool and sundeck. The spacious bedrooms are bright and breezy with lots of closet space. This lovely property is within easy access to the busy Warrens area and the many popular restaurants, shops and beaches of the West Coast. Rental inclusive of pool and garden maintenance.

B31277 5 Bedroom / 3.5 Bathroom Property Furnished Price: US$4,750

T: + 1 (246) 434-9000 | E: |

CASSIA HEIGHTS 17 Royal Westmoreland, St. James A wonderful villa within the prestigious Royal Westmoreland community featuring a split-level open plan design. Elegantly furnished with modern decor, eye-catching cathedral style french doors open out from the living area onto a large outdoor deck with lovely views of the golf course. Both bedrooms are en suite with private patios. Royal Westmoreland residents have access to the sanctuary with a beautiful free form swimming pool, bar/restaurant, gym and salon.

B25375 2 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom Villa Furnished Price: US$4,500

SOMINIUM AD RE 10 Green Ridge, St. James This spectacular contemporary home with superior modern finishes is nestled against a cliff face and boasts over four stories with uninterrupted views of the Caribbean Sea. A fabulous cantilevered patio provides magnificent sunsets while the loft style design of the top floor features high vaulted ceilings and open plan spaces. Tastefully furnished, this property is within walking distance to the beach and minutes to many five star restaurants and popular shops.

V31633 3 Bedroom / 5.5 Bathroom Property Furnished Price: US$3,750

T: + 1 (246) 434-9000 | E: |

VILLA RAVELLO 1 Pleasant Hall, St. Peter With stunning panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, this fabulous newly built home features modern architecture, chic European finishes and a mix of contemporary and West Indian style interiors. The open plan living and dining area on the ground floor lead to a spacious covered terrace and infinity edge swimming pool; all three bedrooms are located on the top floor. The property features a separate self contained cottage, perfect for visiting relatives or overseas guests. This stunning home is just minutes to Speightstown and many popular west coast beaches.

V32348 4 Bedroom / 5 Bathroom Property Furnished Price: US$5,500

TREE HOUSE VILLA NO 5 Garden Wall Villas, St. James An impeccable modern villa is the ideal hideaway for those looking to enjoy island life away from the crowd. Located overlooking the world class Apes Hill Golf Course and Polo community this villa is open concept with contemporary furnishings, high quality finishes and amazing views. The bedrooms are all ensuite with walk in closets, kitchen features recessed lighting and state of the art appliances and the villa comes with a private infinity edge pool and spacious covered verandah overlooking the tropical gully.

V32007 3 Bedroom / 3.5 Bathroom Townhouse Appliances Only Price: US$4,000

T: + 1 (246) 434-9000 | E: |

APES HILL POLO VILLAS Apes Hill, St. James Apes Hill Club is a world class Golfing, Polo and Tennis community located in the breezy centre of the island providing a lifestyle that exceeds expectations with peaceful privacy and rolling countryside and coastal views. Villa 3 Tasteful island decor with high quality furnishings and fixtures. The split level open plan design leads to a large outdoor deck and plunge pool. This villa offers country ambiance with lovely view of the lake but within easy access to modern amenities. V31910 3 Bedroom / 3.5 Bathroom Villa Furnished US $3,500 Villa 18 Fabulous outdoor living in this luxurious villa. A split level open plan kitchen and dining area lead to a wonderful outdoor terrace ideal for entertaining. Located within 10 minutes drive to West Coast hotspots and beaches. V31799 3 Bedroom / 3.5 Bathroom Villa Furnished US $3,400

TURTLE WATCH 1 Atlantic Shores, Christ Church A fantastic semi detached seaside residence located in the desirable Atlantic Shores neighbourhood offering casual coastal living within close proximity to many popular surfing bays and local hotspots. The ground floor features a modern open plan design and spacious covered patio offering lots of options for entertaining. All bedrooms are on the first floor and are air conditioned and en suite, the master bedroom has a private balcony with ocean views. A wonderful home with easy access to schools, amenities and the Barbados Golf Club.

V30997 4 Bedroom / 4 Bathroom / 2 Powder room Property Furnished US $3,750

T: + 1 (246) 434-9000 | E: |

HAYLIE BRAE Rendezvous Ridge, Christ Church Elevated on a breezy ridge overlooking the Barbados Golf Course and sparkling Caribbean Sea, this luxurious executive condo features spectacular views, discerning charm and is wonderfully central. The development is located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac and accessed via electronic entry. Tastefully furnished with neutral hues, quality finishes and air conditioned throughout. Residents enjoy covered parking, a spacious patio that lends itself to entertaining and a gorgeous shared infinity edge pool.

B29967 3 Bedroom / 3 Bathroom Apartment Furnished Price: US$3,625

DURANTS FAIRWAYS 123E Durants, Christ Church A beautiful and spacious Mediterranean style coral stone villa sits on overlooking the Barbados Golf Course and enjoys lovely views of the first fairway from the spacious deck. An ideal space for entertaining the house has recently been refurbished and features wooden and ceramics tiled floors, high vaulted ceilings and modern kitchen which opens out to the living and dining areas and an attractive atrium at the entrance. Located in a quiet cul-de-sac in a highly desirable neighbourhood within close proximity to the airport, south coast and many popular beaches.

B31630 4 Bedroom / 3 Bathroom Property Unfurnished Price: US$3,250

T: + 1 (246) 434-9000 | E: |

SEASCAPE 48 Inch Marlow, Christ Church A contemporary, impeccably maintained coastal home overlooking the white sands of Long Beach offers island style living with relaxed sophistication. The main house contains three en suite bedrooms, open plan living and dining area and a library all centred around an attractive indoor plunge pool. A separate guest studio cottage is ideal for visiting friends and relatives. The covered outdoor patio is perfect for entertaining and the beach is accessible through a gate along the breezy cliffs on the south of the property. A gorgeous modern seaside home. B32105 4 Bedroom / 4 Bathroom Property Furnished Price: US$3,250

JORDANS HOUSE Jordans Road, St. James A lovely recently refurbished villa within walking distance to the beach at Fitts Village on the desirable West Coast of the island. The spacious ground floor has open plan living and dining and 2 bedrooms with a shared bathroom. The modern kitchen opens out to a separate breakfast room for casual dining while the formal living and dining rooms are open plan and elegantly furnished. The master bedroom on the first floor is large with high vaulted ceilings, walk in closet and a large private patio with lovely views out to the coast. The lovely garden is well maintained and a swimming pool is currently being installed. Both garden and pool maintenance are included in the rental. V32157 3 Bedroom / 2.5 Bathroom Property Furnished Price: US$3,250

T: + 1 (246) 434-9000 | E: |

INDRAMER Worthing, Christ Church An immaculate modern apartment on the gorgeous white sand beach at Worthing. These spacious apartments offer tranquil privacy just steps away from the bustling south coast with its many shops, restaurants and amenities. Finished to a high standard with stylish furnishings, modern kitchen and a million dollar view, residents can enjoy early morning strolls on the beach and all the conveniences of coastal life. A weekly maid service is included in the rental rate.

B31283 2 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom Apartment Furnished Price: US$2,750

GUNSITE 16 Gunsite Road, St. Michael Set amongst lush tropical foliage with mature trees and professional landscaping, the townhouses in this family friendly gated community offer elegant island living within a central convenient location only minutes to South Coast beaches and the capital of Bridgetown. Tastefully finished with contemporary furnishings and all the modern amenities, residents enjoy a shared communal pool and beautiful panoramic views of the sparkling coastline.

B31720 3 Bathroom / 2.5 Bathroom Townhouse Furnished Price: US$2,250

T: + 1 (246) 434-9000 | E: |

SOMERLEY Worthing, Christ Church A central modern upscale apartment complex with private access to one of the most tranquil beaches in Barbados. The spacious open design includes access to a covered balcony with views of the bustling coast road and the ocean. The kitchen is equipped with state of the art appliances, ambient recessed lighting and quality finishes and the rooms are contemporarily furnished, spacious and air conditioned throughout. This is a fine secure residence within walking distance to restaurants, nightlife and shopping. Residents can also enjoy a chic roof deck with plunge pool with gorgeous views, ideal for sundowners.

B31978 2 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom Condo Furnished Price: US$2,750

EL SOL SURENO Durants, Christ Church The gorgeous 2 bedroom condos in this gated golfing resort complex boast lovely views of the fairways and quiet privacy. Located just 10 minutes drive from the beach, amenities and the airport these units boast modern Italian designed kitchens, elegant finishes throughout, private balconies and a lovely shared lagoon style pool. These lovely condos have a charming Mediterranean style and are elevated to enjoy coastal views.

2 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom Apartment Furnished Price: US$1,750 - US$2,600

T: + 1 (246) 434-9000 | E: |

IGNORANT BLISS Carlton View Estate, St. James Set on a ridge overlooking the gorgeous West Coast, this stunning modern property features cutting edge design, contemporary furnishings and lovely private terraces. Three bedrooms are situated on the ground floor while the master bedroom is located upstairs and offers lovely views of the lush tropical gully and ocean beyond. The spacious pool deck is great for entertaining larger parties and the infinity edge swimming pool is big enough for morning or evening laps. The property is set within half an acre of landscaped gardens all within easy access to the popular west coast beaches, restaurants and shopping centers on the island.

V32265 5 Bedroom / 4 Bathroom Property Furnished Price: US$6,000

KURRI KURRI 39B Dairy Meadows, St. James A lovely country style, bright open plan townhouse in a well established St. James neighbourhood within close proximity to the many popular hotspots, restaurants and fabulous beaches of the West Coast. Tastefully furnished with modern tropical pieces the bedrooms have wonderfully large windows and high vaulted ceilings which encourage the natural light and coastal breezes. There are two houses on this property with separate parking bays, electronic remote gate access and a shared pool and terrace overlooking the countryside.

B32185 3 Bedroom / 2.5 Bathroom Townhouse Furnished Price: US$2,500

T: + 1 (246) 434-9000 | E: |

For more details, please contact any member of our Brokerage team:

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