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Villa Ravello is situated in the perfect location for those seeking fantastic ocean vistas from every room in the house.

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Corporate Relocations


You’re relocating to Barbados! This 166 square mile island is what we call home and we are happy to share it with you. Our people are friendly; our culture unique and living here is truly paradise! Within these pages, you will find information that will tell you all you need to know about relocating to Barbados, from immigration and schools, to shopping and dining.


The Immigration Department regulates the entry, stay and exit of foreign nationals in Barbados. When moving to Barbados, the Immigration Department is the contact for: • Work permits/training attachments • Student visas • Entry Visas • Extensions of stay. Forms can be downloaded at the website:

Special Entry & Reside Permit (SERP)

SERP allows individuals to enter and reside on the island for a specific time period of 5 years. Work permits and student visas are still needed and must be obtained from the relevant authorities. The eligibility requirements and fees charged are as follows: Eligibility: Non-nationals who are either: • High Net Worth Individuals: Owning assets of US$5 million or more, OR • Owners of property not subject to mortgage, or investments purchased in Barbados valued at US$2 million or more with funds originating outside of Barbados. Fees for employed persons over 60 years: • Special Entry Permit: US $5,000; plus
• Indefinite work permit: US $15,000; or
• Annual work permit: US $1,500 Fees for employed persons under 60 years: Option 1: • Special Entry Permit: US $5,000; plus
• Indefinite work permit: US $20,000 Option 2: • Special Entry Permit: US $3,500; plus • Annual work permit: US $1,500 Fees for Non-Executive Directors: • Special Entry Permit: US $5,000; plus US $500 annually. Fees for Dependants: • US $150 per dependent. Further information can be obtained by calling (246) 434-4171


Dependent on your country of citizenship, and your conditions of stay, you will need an Entry Visa into Barbados. The relevant application form is available on the Barbados Immigration Department’s website. It is important to note that you cannot apply for the Entry Visa on arrival at the Port of Entry - application must be done prior to booking and confirmation of travel. Payment can be made via cash, postal money order or bank draft and can be paid by a representative on your behalf. Fees are as follows:• Single Entry: US$ 102.00 • Multiple Entry: US$ 204.00 On application for the Entry Visa, you will need the following: • One completed visa form • One cover letter • Two passport-sized photos • A photocopy of the pages of your passport (including bio page with photo and other relevant information) • If resident in a country other than country of citizenship, proof of resident status. Further information can be obtained by calling (246) 434-4130 or (246) 434-4163

Work Permits

There are 2 types of work permits - short term and long term. These carry an application fee of BDS $300.00 and a final fee. A final fee is dependent on the type of work and the length of time requested and is in accordance with the International Standard Code Fee Regulations. Short-term work permits are valid up to 11 months and it is the responsibility of the employer or ‘sponsor’ to make the application on the employee’s behalf. The documents required for a short-term permit are as follows: • Cover letter from potential employer • C-3 Application form in duplicate • 4 passport-sized photos • A Police Certificate of Character and / or a Sworn Affidavit. These documents are also relevant for a training attachment. NB: A final fee is not required for a training attachment. Long-term work permits are valid for up to 3 years. The documents required are as follows: • C-1, C-2 work permit forms (found on website), in duplicate • Completed Medical Form (found on website), including external X-rays • 4 passport-sized photos • 2 character references • Evidence of applicant’s qualifications • Detailed cover letter from potential employer • A Police Certificate of Character and/or a Sworn Affidavit • If you’re an entrepreneur, the following must be given: i) Proof of transfer of funds for investment, ii) Certificate of Registration/

Corporate Relocations

Articles of Incorporation, iii) Related business licenses - SRL AND IBC. Further information can be obtained by calling (246) 434-4179 or (246) 434-4135

Student Visas

In order for children to carry on studies in Barbados, they must be in possession of a valid student visa. Note that students attending tertiary institutions such as the University of the West Indies, Barbados Community College and Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic can submit application forms through their respective institution. A student visa is valid for one academic year, ending August 31st on any given year. Note also, that having a student visa does not grant permission for students to work while studying. Application for this type of visa is as follows for persons under 18 years: • H1 application form (found on website), in duplicate • H2 application form (found on website), in duplicate • Valid airline ticket • 3 passport-sized photos • Proof of parent’s or guardian’s status in Barbados/proof of consent when needed. The application fee is $300.00 with no final fee attached. Full details can be found at:


At Terra Caribbean, We Know Barbados and have worked with persons who have relocated to Barbados. We understand and are sensitive to the emotional implications that relocating may have on a family or individual and we aim to make your search for a home easy and hassle free. Our cadre of qualified, professional real estate agents are able to offer choices from our diverse portfolio of properties and easily match client to property in a seamless manner. When relocating, most people would prefer to rent a house initially before making the commitment to buy a property. We can offer a wide selection of properties for sale and for rent in our portfolio. We can offer you properties from the south to the west coast of the island. If you prefer a more inland residence, we also have some excellent communities to offer in those locations. You may chose a location based on your budget, proximity to schools or the office and even your lifestyle. Both the south and west coasts have fabulous beaches, restaurants, cinemas and entertainment spots. However, the west coast, popularly known as the platinum coast, is home to high-end luxury homes and as a result, they attract a rental premium. In contrast, the south coast carries a lower rental rate. Both locations have a lot to offer, giving prospective residents a variety of options. From entry-controlled communities for golf, polo or tennis to a selection of detached villas, townhouses or condominiums.

Shipping Items to Barbados

Whether you’re relocating from the USA, Europe or the Caribbean, there are several global freight handlers that operate within Barbados. These handlers include Laparkan, A & H International and Amerijet International. After items have gone through the necessary Customs clearance procedures, you may need to store them safely, in the event you’re still house hunting. There are several storage facilities on the island where you can safely keep your items for a minimum of one month and for as long as you wish. These facilities usually charge a monthly fee plus a refundable security deposit, which is equivalent to one month’s rent. The rental rate is dependent on the amount of storage space required.


There are several private and public schools to choose from in Barbados. The education system requires children to attend primary school from age 4 until age 11. At age 11, the child then completes the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination, better known as the Common Entrance Examination. The results from this exam allow children to graduate to secondary school. All secondary schools accommodate children to age 16; however, there are several secondary schools with a sixth form level where children remain until age 18 to take the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) exams which allows direct entry into universities of their choice. Having been a British colony, we follow the British traditions within our school system. All schools, whether public or private, require students to wear a uniform. We take great pride in our educational system as children not only learn Mathematics and English, but they are open to Religious Studies and Social Studies. This ensures that our children are well-rounded individuals when they enter the world of work or travel abroad to further their studies. Standard school hours are 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Corporate Relocations The choice of having a child attend a private or public school is the decision of the parent(s). Prior to making this choice, you are allowed to visit the school and meet with the relevant authorities on what the school offers and to discuss any queries you may have. It is important to explore your school options way in advance in order to secure a placement for your child.

Car Dealerships

Although the island is quite small and our public transportation is reliable, there is always the comfort of having your own vehicle. The car dealerships in Barbados not only assist you in the purchase of a vehicle but also offer services after you have purchased. Each dealership here in Barbados represents specific brands, so depending on the type of vehicle you desire, you can choose the dealership accordingly. There is a wide range of small to medium sized cars, large family vans, or sleek SUVs to choose from. Some dealerships also offer financial services when purchasing. If you would prefer to lease a vehicle as opposed to purchasing one, these services are also offered on the island. The helpful car dealership personnel make the process of obtaining a vehicle easy. They would also be happy to advise on financial arrangements if needed. In Barbados we drive on the left side of the road. In order to legally drive in Barbados, you must have a valid driver’s license as well as a Visitor’s Permit. Permits may be obtained from the Barbados Licensing Authority. Permits are valid for two months from the day of issue.


Whatever your individual interest, from swimming with the turtles to fine dining, you are sure to find it in Barbados. We have some glorious, white sandy beaches for tranquil enjoyment as well as a playground for surfers on the East Coast of the island. Restaurants can be found in several locations across the island offering a range of dining experiences. Supermarkets across the island offer popular international products and brands as well as local Barbadian products. For high-end shopping, the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is located on the West Coast offering luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Armani Exchange. It is Barbados’ first mixed use lifestyle centre and also features the Limegrove Cinemas - a large, air-conditioned and family-friendly hangout! Directly across from The Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, First and Second Street are home to vibrant nightlife, restaurants and entertainment. Between these two streets there are many other excellent places to dine and enjoy scheduled live performances and diverse cuisine. St. Lawrence Gap on the south coast offers a mix of dining, partying and lounging. There you will find Café Sol for relaxed dining and lounging by the bar. Further into “The Gap”, as it is most commonly called, you will find Reggae Lounge and Sugar, which are two popular nightclubs enjoyed by both tourists and locals. Other than St. Lawrence Gap, you will find additional restaurants, movie theatres, a drive-in cinema, shopping malls and other wonderful amenities on the south of the island. The capital, Bridgetown, mainly consists of retail stores, several business places, commercial banks, and markets for fresh local produce. An initiative, “Bridgetown Alive” was started on July 18th 2013, and is aimed at revitalizing Bridgetown after hours, with stores remaining open until 7:30 pm each Thursday and Friday to allow for everyone to enjoy night time shopping. There are numerous activities one can engage in whilst living in Barbados. From informative lectures or exciting sporting events, to dinner with a jazz band - there’s something for everyone to do! Find out which activity suits your taste by visiting: What’s On In


In Barbados, we have three main types of public transportation - Barbados Transport Board, Mini-Buses and “ZR” vans. Your travelling experience will vary depending on the mode of transport chosen. The Barbados Transport Board is government owned with large blue buses. The mini-buses are slightly smaller yellow buses and are privately owned. “ZR” vans are the smallest, white in color and are also privately owned. The standard bus fare is BDS $2.00 and does not change with mode of public transport used, or the length of the trip. It is wise to have your bus fare in hand as it must be paid as soon as you enter the bus before you take a seat. Bus tokens (for the Barbados Transport Board buses only) can also be purchased from the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal for BDS $2.00 each. There are also taxi and limousine services available across the island. There is no standard fare for these types of services. The fare for using a taxi depends on the length of the drive from point A to point B. If you desire to tour the island using a taxi, it is best to ask the driver to indicate the price beforehand. The cost of limousine services depends on the company you choose and will need to be reserved prior to the time of the proposed trip.

Barbados Immigration Department

“Careenage House”, Wharf Road, Bridgetown, St. Michael. PBX: 434-4100 | Work permits: 434-4135, 4179, 4180, 4180, 4185 | Student visas: 434-4173, 4174 Entry visas: 434-4130, 4163, 4171 | Extensions of stay: 434-4134, 4137 | E:

Relocations Directory Housing

Terra Caribbean, Somerley, Worthing, Christ Church | Tel: 434-9000 | E: | Bajan Services Ltd., Newton House, Battaleys, St. Peter | Tel: 422-2618 | E: |

Shipping Items to Barbados

Laparkan (Barbados) Ltd., Suite 103, Bldg No. 8 Harbour Rd, Harbour Industrial Estates, St. Michael, BB11145, Barbados, W.I. Tel: 436-5322 | F: 436-5717 | E: A & H International, St Michael, Barbados | Tel: 228-9058 Amerijet International, Christ Church, Barbados | Tel: 428-1680 | E:

Schools Public Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Elsie Payne Complex, St. Michael. Tel: 430-2700 | E:

Private Preschool Happy Vale Montessori School, “Richmonds” Welches, St. Michael. Tel: 426-5129

Private Primary Wills Primary School, Elcourt House, Maxwell, Christ Church. Tel: 418 9833 | St. Gabriel’s School, Henry’s Lane, St. Michael. Tel: 436-6078 / Fax: 436-6078 | E:

Private Primary and Secondary St. Winifred’s School, Pine Hill, St. Michael. Tel: 429-3661 / Fax: 228-1245 | E: The Ursuline Convent School, Collymore Rock, St. Michael. Tel: 426-5571 | E: Providence, Francia House, St. George. Tel: 429-412 | E: The Codrington School, Society, St. Joseph. Tel: 423-2570 / Fax: 423-0095 | E:

Car Dealerships Sales NASSCO Ltd., P.O. Box 73, “Chepstow” River Road, St. Michael | PBX: 227-6000 | Sales: 227-6000/6020 | E: Simpson Motors Ltd., Warrens, St. Michael BB22026 | Tel: 417-7777 | Fax: 425-2889 |

Rentals Direct Car Rentals Ltd., Balls Plantations, Christ Church | T: 420-6372 | T: 420-6391 | E: Stoutes Car Rentals Ltd., Kirtons St. Philip | Tel: 416 - 4456/57 | Fax: 416 - 4435 | E:

Transportation Transport Board, Weymouth, Roebuck Street, St. Michael BB11083. Main Office: 310-3500 | Marketing & Charters: 310-3568, 310-3569 Customer Service: 310-3572, 310-3573 E:


Sunset Villa

Cassia Heights 17

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La Vista Palm Grove No 4 Turquoise Ave 79 Sunrise Place Indigo Rising Margate Gardens No 42 Terraces No 401 Upton 5 Sunset Villa Clapham Ridge No 2 Port St. Charles Unit 145 Casa De Anker The Palisades Unit 8A La Perle The Manyatta Apes Hill Polo Villa 19 Bianca Bay Port St. Charles Unit 115 Cameron Park No 18 Cassia Heights No 17 Tantalus Summerland Serenity Penthouse 206 Palm Grove No 10 Villa Ravello Sandy Cove 203

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Do more with Terra Caribbean 6 | Corporate Rentals Summerland Serenity Penthouse 206

La Vista

US $1,375

Newbury, St. George B27092 | 3 bedroom / 3 bathroom home Appliances Only | Panoramic vistas of the St. George countryside are admired from this fully fenced, two-storey home near Gun Hill Signal Station. The well maintained grounds and open layout of the living area make it appealing. The breezy home, equipped with air conditioning, is ideal for a family and centrally located.

7 | Corporate Rentals

Palm Grove No 4

US $1,375

The Farm, St. George V27947 | 3 bedroom / 3 bathroom townhouse Appliances Only | This townhouse in the country, a short drive to Gun Hill, is enhanced by immaculate grounds. The main floor comprises an open and spacious living area, patio and 1 bedroom. The unit also features ceramic tiles, built-in closets and plenty of storage as well as a basement. Garden maintenance is included.

Corporate Rentals | 8

Turquoise Avenue 79

US $1,375

Rock Dundo, St. Michael B27929 | 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom house Unfurnished | This tasteful home‘s central location with a 5-minute drive to the Warrens business hub, has easy access to Bridgetown and both the West and South Coasts. Boasting contemporary style and elegant finishes, the residence has an open-plan living and dining space with a striking, coffered ceiling, flowing to outdoor terraces. Fully fenced, the beautiful grounds are enhanced by mature mahogany trees.

9 | Corporate Rentals

Sunrise Place

From US $1,750

38 Sunrise Place, Christ Church B26891 | four 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom apartments Furnished | Appliances Only | Set near scenic Silver Sands, this lovely complex of 4 apartments features views overlooking the 40 ft. shared pool with waterfall. The units boast granite countertops, Italian kitchens, glass balcony rails, security and ample parking. All of the condos are furnished except for Unit #3 which offers appliances only.

Corporate Rentals | 10

Indigo Rising

US $1,875

The Rock, St. Peter V28057 | 3 bedroom / 3 bathroom villa Appliances Only | Enviable West Coast views are afforded from this modern, two-story home set on a ridge. Only 10 minutes from Holetown, this home inspired by rich blue tones, features a 40 ft. lap pool, mature gardens and a pleasing design, which allows for plenty of natural light as well as indoor and outdoor living.

11 | Corporate Rentals

Margate Gardens No 42

US $2,250

Hastings, Christ Church B27580 | 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom apartment Furnished | This comfortable 2-bedroom apartment is ideally positioned in Hastings on the South Coast: close to banks, restaurants, shopping and the scenic boardwalk. The charming unit with air conditioning, features an open layout and a covered patio overlooking the lush gardens and pool. The property is beautifully enhanced with tropical landscaping.

Corporate Rentals | 12

Terraces No 401

US $2,250

Dover, Christ Church B17370 | 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom condo Furnished | Steps from a tranquil beach, this top floor apartment is within walking distance of several fine dining and shopping options and lively St. Lawrence Gap. The unit features split air-conditioning, fine furnishings and finishes including stainless steel appliances. The intimate complex comprises 16 units, all accessible by elevator.

13 | Corporate Rentals

Upton 5

US $2,500

Upton, St. Michael B27524 | 4 bedroom / 4.5 bathroom residence Appliances Only | Within the established Upton area, this attractive home is near to ABC Highway access and conveniences. Fully airconditioned and beautifully finished with wooden and ceramic floors, it also offers a self-contained apartment with a private entrance also accessed internally. The open-concept living room leads to a covered patio flowing out to the garden. The rate includes garden maintenance.

Corporate Rentals | 14

Sunset Villa

US $2,750

West Cliff, St. James B27123 | 4 bedroom / 5 bathroom Appliances Only | This modern, two-storey home set in the upscale Westmoreland neighbourhood, is ideal for a family. Several features of the well-appointed villa make it perfect for entertaining like: the expansive, L-shaped terrace, open-plan layout, private swimming pool and proximity to golfing and other amenities. An electronic gate offers additional security and privacy.

15 | Corporate Rentals

Clapham Ridge No 2

US $3,000

Wildey, St. Michael B27466 | 4 bedroom / 3.5 bathroom house Appliances Only | Located in an established neighbourhood, this two-level house is centrally situated with easy access to Bridgetown and the airport. Most of the living space is on the ground floor with the large porch opening out to the pool deck. Two of the bedrooms upstairs enjoy scenic sea views. The property is also fenced and equipped with air-conditioning, wrought iron and a security system.

Corporate Rentals | 16

Port St. Charles Unit 145

US $3,000

Port St. Charles, St. Peter B26077 | 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom condo Furnished | This well-appointed lagoon-front condominium is set within the prestigious Port St. Charles marina on the West Coast. The openconcept living area flows onto a wide terrace offering outdoor lounging and al fresco dining while admiring the lagoon. There is also a private plunge pool on the deck of the stately ground level unit as well as access to tennis courts and the Port St. Charles Yacht Club.

17 | Corporate Rentals

Casa De Anker

US $3,250

Prior Park, St. James B27937 | 5 bedroom / 4.5 bathroom house Furnished | This Mediterranean-style home enjoys unobstructed sea views from its elevated vantage point. High ceilings and landscaping enhance the property. The elegant two-storey home features a games room, pool with a deck and a self-contained studio apartment on the lower level. Centrally located, amenities from both the South and West coasts are easily accessible.

Corporate Rentals | 18

The Palisades Unit 8A

US $3,250

Enterprise Coast Road, Christ Church B26628 | 3 bedroom / 3.5 bathroom townhouse Furnished | This beautifully finished, modern townhouse is situated in a private community in scenic Atlantic Shores. The air-conditioned unit features a private plunge pool, 3 en suite bedrooms and a modern audio and lighting system. The Taino Beach Club is available to guests.

19 | Corporate Rentals

La Perle

US $3,250

6 Wildey Avenue, Christ Church B27783 | 4 bedroom / 4 bathroom home Furnished | Centrally located near the Wildey business hub, this lovely home on two levels is enhanced by mature gardens. The expansive covered terrace, swimming pool, deck and wet bar are perfect for entertaining. The large master suite features a Juliet patio and Jacuzzi tub. The house is fully enclosed and equipped with an alarm and burglar bars. Includes pool and garden maintenance.

Corporate Rentals | 20

The Manyatta

US $3,250

Mullins, St. Peter B27599 | 3 bedroom / 2.5 bathroom residence Furnished | Near celebrated Mullins Beach on 16,024 square feet of prime ridge front, is this private villa. The outdoors is brought in with doors leading directly to lush gardens and the pool from the living and dining rooms and master bedroom. The home also features an openplan sunken living room and plenty of space for lounging with both covered and uncovered patios.

21 | Corporate Rentals

Apes Hill Polo Villa 19

US $3,500

Apes Hill Club, St. James B26800 | 3 bedroom / 3.5 bathroom townhouse Furnished | Apes Hill Villa 19 is one of 20 luxurious semi-detached villas nestled around a tropical lake within the 54-acre Apes Hill Club Polo Club community. This semi-detached home features 3 en suite bedrooms and an elegant open-plan design. A private plunge pool, well-equipped kitchen and a spacious lake view terrace complement this elegant villa. Golf enthusiasts have an opportunity to play on the world-class championship green.

Corporate Rentals | 22

Bianca Bay

US $3,500

Prospect, St. James V26759 | 3 bedroom / 3.5 bathroom villa Furnished | This split-level house with an amazing beachfront location, is a short drive to many West Coast amenities. Enjoying idyllic sea views, the air- conditioned property features 3 en suite bedrooms, a fully outfitted kitchen, a wide terrace and even a kitchenette on the same level as the master suite.

23 | Corporate Rentals

Port St. Charles Unit 115

US $3,750

Six Mens, St. Peter B20484 | 3 bedroom / 3.5 bathroom townhouse Furnished | Set within the famed Port St. Charles marina this exquisite, tri-level condominium is located near Speightstown. The kitchen, living and dining spaces lead to a covered patio terrace offering outdoor lounging and dining. Uninterrupted views of the lagoon are admired from the 3rd floor where the master bedroom is situated. The residence boasts a private plunge pool as well as access to tennis courts and the Port St. Charles Yacht Club.

Corporate Rentals | 24

Cameron Park No 18

US $4,000

Walkers, St. George B26682 | 4 bedroom / 2.5 bathroom residence Appliances Only | Beautifully appointed two-storey home nestled on a knoll in the peaceful St. George Valley with a partial view of the rolling countryside. The kitchen features European-style cabinetry, air-conditioned bedrooms and is ceramic-tiled throughout. A large patio/ entertainment area surrounds the kitchen and living areas and leads onto the pool deck. Rental rate includes pool and garden maintenance.

25 | Corporate Rentals

Cassia Heights No 17

US $4,500

Royal Westmoreland, St. James B25375 | 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom townhouse Furnished | An impressive townhouse located within the exclusive Royal Westmoreland Golf Resort highlighted by spectacular views of the world-class championship golf course. Furnished in contemporary style, this home features a living area with French doors leading onto a large deck with wonderful views of the golf course. Residents enjoy the use of an on-site gym, golf course and swimming pool. High-end shopping, restaurants and vibrant nightlife are just a short drive away.

Corporate Rentals | 26


US $5,000

Brighton, St. Michael B27576 | 4 bedroom / 5 bathroom apartment Furnished | This beachfront apartment with air-conditioning offers privacy yet is conveniently close to ABC Highway access. The living room opens out through French doors to the patio from which beautiful beach views are enjoyed. The spacious one-level flat’s attractive open-plan layout, private access to the beach and shared pool, make entertaining ideal.

27 | Corporate Rentals

Summerland Serenity Penthouse 206

US $5,000

206 Prospect, St. James B27851 | 4 bedroom / 4 penthouse Furnished | The condominiums at Summerland Serenity are set on the trendy West Coast and enjoy direct beach access, a communal pool and tropical landscaped gardens. The penthouse suite is tastefully furnished in cool tones with a large west-facing terrace. This unit has a large sun deck and a four-person Jacuzzi with stunning panoramic sea views. Close proximity to various West Coast amenities.

Corporate Rentals | 28

Palm Grove No 10

US $6,000

Royal Westmoreland, St. James V27872 | 4 bedroom / 4 bathroom villa Furnished | Enviable fairway views are afforded from this two-storey elegant villa, set in illustrious Royal Westmoreland – home of a par 72 championship golf course. The master bedroom with en suite is situated on the first floor and commands stunning views overlooking the pool from its private patio. Several West Coast amenities on-site and nearby like golfing, tennis, fine dining and more, make living in this gated neighbourhood a pleasure.

29 | Corporate Rentals

Villa Ravello

US $6,500

Pleasant Hall, St. Peter V27764 | 4 bedroom / 5 bathroom villa Furnished | Villa Ravello boasting modern architecture with Caribbean style, is perched on 27,000 feet of prime ridge front land about 3 kms away from the western coastline and charming Speightstown. The striking home commanding panoramic sea views, features European finishes, a salt water infinity-edge pool, a ground-level, covered terrace, manicured gardens and a one-bedroom cottage.

Corporate Rentals | 30

Sandy Cove 203

US $7,500

Derricks, St. James V27485 | 3 bedroom / 3 bathroom apartment Appliances Only | Sandy Cove No 203 is 1 of 12 apartments in the luxurious Sandy Cove development. Situated on the second floor, this apartment features a plunge pool, ocean-facing patio, master bedroom suite and 2 additional bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. The expansive living area opens onto a patio, allowing for cooling trade winds. Next door to the famous Cliff Restaurant and a short drive to Holetown.

31 | Corporate Rentals

The Great Escape

Embody your inner explorer & discover the perfect island getaway! Set your sights on pristine, white, sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and our exclusive private homes perfect ingredients for a luxury holiday. With an exclusive selection of rental properties and the seasoned expertise of our team, we will match your needs to one of the exceptional homes in our best-in-class portfolio. Celebrate your holiday in the comfort and privacy of a villa or apartment, with fine food, great wines and service beyond compare, discover the true meaning of coming Home for the Holidays.

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The Manyatta

For more details, contact any member of Our Brokerage Team: Dawn Allen Susan Armfield Andrea Chase Rachel Edwards Richard Fisher Patrice Gill Toni Jones Jeanie Mahon Sam Mahon Karyn Rezende Annalisa Sealy Anna-Lee Warren

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Terra Caribbean Somerley, Worthing, Christ Church BB15009 Tel: (246) 434-9000 |

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