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: Citrix 1Y0-326


: Citrix Password Manager 4.0 Administration

Version : R6.1

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1. Scenario: Your organization has 1000 concurrent Citrix Presentation Server users and 5000 desktop users. 600 of the desktop users are also Presentation Server users. Which type of licenses and how many need to be purchased to provide Password Manager support to all desktop and concurrent Presentation Server users? A. 5000 Named User licenses B. 5000 Concurrent User licenses C. 400 Concurrent User licenses, and 5000 Named User licenses D. 1600 Concurrent User licenses, and 3400 Named User licenses Answer: C

2. What are two requirements for configuring cryptographic data integrity assurance? (Choose two.) A. SSL web server certificate B. Identity verification question C. MetaFrame Password Manager Service D. Reverse look-up for DNS name resolution Answer: AC

3. Which statement is true when resetting your primary password using the self-service password reset feature? A. The answers to your security questions are case-insensitive. B. Once your password is reset, you will receive an email containing your new password and reset confirmation instructions. C. If you forget your password, you must answer at least two of the four security questions correctly in order to reset your password. D. The answers to your security questions must match the exact spelling, spacing and punctuation of those you entered when you first registered your answers to the security questions. Answer: A

4. Which two tasks must be completed to extend the Active Directory schema? (Choose two.) A. Configure the schema to allow updates

B. Run CTXADPREP from a command prompt C. Run CTXDOMAINPREP from a command prompt D. Run CTXSCHEMAPREP from a command prompt E. Configure and run discovery from the Password Manager console Answer: AD

5. Why should the Password Manager console be installed in the same location as the applications? A. To ensure that the AELIST.INI file is created B. To ensure that the APPLIST.INI file is created C. To eliminate the need to configure application definitions D. To eliminate inconsistencies that occur with application definitions due to operating system differences Answer: D

6. Which three settings are available for smart card encryption with Password Manager? (Choose three.) A. PIN as password B. DPAPI with profile C. Store on smart card D. Smart Card Data Protect E. Integrated with Active Directory profile Answer: ABD

7. When using the Password Manager Service Configuration Tool, what is the purpose of the user account with rights and privileges specific to data proxy? A. It resets user passwords. B. It connects to the data proxy. C. It hosts the Citrix XTE Service. D. It reads and writes data to the central store. Answer: D

8. The Password Manager console user configuration wizard provides the ability to assign _____ and

_____ to the users. (Fill in the blanks with the two correct options). A. password policies B. application definitions C. identity verification questions D. multiple question authentication Answer: AB

9. If you wish to enable data integrity on a central store that has pre-existing data that has never been signed, you must _____ before you _____. (Fill in the blanks with the correct pair of options.) A. enable data integrity on the console; sign the data with the signing tool B. sign the data with the signing tool; enable data integrity on the console C. disable data integrity on the console; unsign the data with the signing tool D. unsign the data with the signing tool; enable data integrity on the console Answer: B

10. When configuring a host application, how can the administrator configure the definition to submit an "Enter" before submitting credentials to the host? A. Type "@E" into the "Keys before" setting in the console B. Type "Enter" into the "Keys before" setting in the console C. Enable the "Use ENTER instead of TAB to move between fields on this form" setting in the console D. Disable the "Use ENTER instead of TAB to move between fields on this form" setting in the console Answer: A

11. Which three tasks need to be completed to enable self-service password reset in an existing Password Manager deployment? (Choose three.) A. Enable multiple question authentication B. Enable self-service password reset in Logon Manager C. Enable the self-service password reset feature license D. Enable self-service password reset for each user configuration E. Redeploy the agent software with the self-service password reset feature enabled

Answer: ADE

12. Which three components are required on the server running Password Manager for a successful implementation of the smart card software? (Choose three.) A. PC/SC software B. Citrix Presentation Server C. Microsoft Active Directory D. Smart card reader software drivers E. Cryptographic Service Provider software Answer: ADE

13. If multiple Password Manager administrators are using the console simultaneously, how does Password Manager ensure that changes are not lost? A. Password Manager restricts access to nodes already in use by other administrators. B. Password Manager console dynamically updates data as it changes. Administrators see the changes in real time. C. Password Manager uses an internal algorithm for conflict resolution. No further intervention is required by administrators. D. Password Manager generates a warning at save time if changes have occured since the console was opened. Administrators are required to run discovery before saving. Answer: D

14. Scenario: A user who logs on to two different workstations throughout the day reports that changes made to each of the workstations are not synchronized right away. You are required to resolve the user's problem and minimize the impact on network bandwidth. Which user configuration setting would meet this requirement? A. Disable the "Time between automatic synchronization requests" B. Enable the "Time between automatic synchronization requests" and set the "Minutes" value to 1 C. Enable the "Synchronize every time the users launch recognized applications or Logon Manager" D. Disable the "Synchronize every time the users launch recognized applications or Logon Manager"

Answer: C

15. Scenario: In an organization, 15 laptops are used by the remote workforce for field work. Password Manager is installed and named user licensing is implemented on the laptops. One laptop is lost and its named user license is checked out. What must be done to reclaim this license? A. Restart the license server. B. Wait until the disconnected mode expires and the license will be checked in automatically. C. Use the License Management Console license return function and select the hostname of the affected computer. D. Use the LMCONFIG -r command on the License server and provide the hostname of the affected computer as a parameter on the command line. Answer: B

16. Which statement about application definitions is true? A. Application definitions automatically launch applications. B. Application definitions can be created by both administrators and users. C. Application definitions automatically fix error conditions when they occur. D. Application definitions automatically supply user credentials to applications. Answer: B

17. What are two requirements when creating a host application definition? (Choose two.) A. Logon Manager B. SQL Server central store C. The Application Definition tool D. A terminal emulator that supports HLLAPI Answer: CD

18. When is it appropriate to disable the "Submit application credentials automatically" setting?

A. When static passwords are used B. When no user interaction is required C. When dynamic passwords are used D. When working in an unsecure environment Answer: C

19. Which type of object can have password policies assigned to it? A. Application Groups B. User Configurations C. Identity Verification Questions D. Multiple Question Authentication Answer: A

20. When configuring a web application that requires advanced matching to distinguish between web frames, which three criteria can be specified? (Choose three.) A. Text B. Rows C. HTML D. Attribute E. Columns Answer: ACD

21. Scenario: The Password Manager administrator has disabled the "Allow user to add applications not defined by the administrator" setting. Which two statements are true for the users accessing sites that are not defined in the environment? (Choose two.) A. Users are prevented from accessing the sites. B. Users can manually enter credentials for the sites. C. Users are prevented from authenticating to the sites. D. Users are prevented from using Logon Manager to authenticate to the sites.

Answer: BD

22. Which option in the Password Wizard page can be used to ensure that new passwords are generated and submitted without prompting or notifying the user? A. User-created only B. System-generated, silent C. System-generated, user informed D. System-generated with user-created option E. User-created with system generated options Answer: B

23. Which two parameters can you specify using the CTXFILESYNCPREP tool to create a NTFS shared folder as a central store location? (Choose two.) A. The local path B. The share name C. The permissions D. The file system type Answer: AB

24. Which statement is true for a Logon Manager configuration in the Password Manager environment? A. If an application requires only a user ID and password, users can configure logon credentials with Logon Manager. B. A user can define windows applications, host applications, web sites or online services in the Logon Manager and configure the logon credentials. C. After the Logon Manager agent is configured, the agent can only detect and recognize logon and password-change events for web applications and web sites. D. If an application, web site or online service needs to be configured with logon credentials, but does not appear in the drop-down list, an administrator must add the application and configure the logon credentials. Answer: A

25. Which service must be running to allow the use of the self-service password reset? A. Password Manager Licensing Service B. Self-Service Password Reset Service C. MetaFrame Password Manager Service D. Independent Management Architecture Service Answer: C

26. Scenario: An administrator configures the hot desktop environment such that Microsoft Excel resides in the transient process list and WordPad resides in the persistent process list. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are published in the environment. User1 logs onto a workstation with hot desktop session and launches Microsoft Excel, WordPad, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word. User1 logs off the workstation and User2 logs on to the same workstation. Which application is running when User2 logs on? A. WordPad B. Microsoft Excel C. Microsoft Word D. Microsoft PowerPoint Answer: A

27. Which two components must trust the SSL certificate issued to the MetaFrame Password Manager Service? (Choose two.) A. Agent B. Console C. Central store D. License server Answer: AB

28. Which two tasks must be completed in order to implement self-service password reset? (Choose two.) A. Automatic key recovery must be configured. B. Password policies for authentication questions must be configured.

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