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$1200 To Hand To Your Pest Professional Every Year So You Don’t Have To Do Anything. The above figures are just for the first year. Going with the pros, you are up for an annual cost of about $1200 for monitor checks and building inspection (assuming no termite strikes on any of the monitors). If you are DIY-ing, your involvement is to glance at your TermiteTraps (no charge) and if you need another lot of bait in the next 10-20 years, you are up for the $200+ cost. (The bait will keep for years in its original packaging). Extrapolating and playing with figures just to make the case for DIY termite control, using a professional service over 10 years can cost about $12,000 plus the initial outlay o say $2000, making it, say $14,000. By comparison, DIY is, say, the initial $440 and that’s it! (For consistency, assuming no termite strikes). But termites are a threat and you’d have to expect at least one or two strikes in 10 years. Therefore let’s add in a purchase of bait (or two) depending on the termite challenge in your neck of the woods. Ball park comparison? $14,000+ versus $1000. Even if you were able to get mates rates

— at $10K versus $1K, DIY is a 90% saving for essentially the same result: a home defended from termites. Of course, if you’re in denial about termites and do nothing, if they do get in, they are such sneaky, unobtrusive little housemates that by the time you notice them, the cost of treatment and repairs could make the $14K look like a small deposit. So is the cost of Australian labour high? Well this indicates that DIY Termite control saves you big money if you don’t charge yourself for ‘work’ you can do in your spare time. Phone 1800 20 30 20

1200 to hand to your pest professional every year so you don